Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ice's Ford - Cheat River Valley, West Virginia

Ice's Ford - Cheat River Valley, West Virginia

Ice's Ford, which had been founded prior to 1769 by the brothers Andrew and Frederick Ice, was a rude frontier outpost located at the foot of the beautiful hundred-mile-long Cheat River Valley, [In what is now (1996) part of West Virginia.]

There were a number of temporary lean-tos and tents but the only structure of any permanence was a log cabin which had been built by the Ice brothers. It served the combined function of a store, meeting house, drinking place and message center. In actuality, it was little more than a brief stopping point for traders, trappers, scouts and adventurers, either preparing for that last big step into the wilderness or making a welcome first contact with white civilization after having spent an interlude in the unknown country.

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hirammaine59 said...

Credit should be given the author: Allan W. Eckert "The Frontiersmen," 1967 (1981 edition); Bantam Books; p. 25; the quote is from the day of 1july1771 - Monday.