Friday, March 5, 2010

Henthorn, Rezin Alvin - A Plea For Nebraska

For Nebraska
Composed and Read by Rezin Alvin Henthorn
at the
Bell Party
Fairmont, Nebraska
December 31, 1881.


Ladies and gentlemen; girls and boys,
Please listen now to me.
And I will tell you what I think
About Nebraska in my plea:
I've been here now past ten years,
And hardships I've passed through,
But give me Nebraska every time,
Nebraska, good and true.

How very foolish some men talk,
And sometimes women too.
Because grasshoppers came so thick.
They can't tell what to do.
Although grasshoppers came as thick
As ever they have been;
Just keep your courage up my boys,
Nebraska is bound to win.
Align Center
Although the wind may howl and blow.
And clouds of dust may rise,
What matter that? We'll not give up.
Nebraska she's bound to take the prize:
It's true that fuel now is scarce,
And fruit does not abound,
But I think the time will come,
When both in abundance will be found.

Just plow and sow as you have done,
And turn Nebraska's sod.
And sow your wheat and barley too,
And put your trust in God,
And you'll come out all right at last;
Now never have a doubt,
For your Nebraska she's all right
As good a state as there is out.

Now men and women, old and young.
Farmers, merchants, one and all,
Please do not let our fair young state
Be left to totter and to fall,
And to show to all our sister states,
We're bound to make it pay,
And even in Nebraska state
We'll do as well as they.

Why let the grasshoppers run you out,
And drive you from our state?
For well you know if you go east,
Chinch bugs will be your fate:
Although grasshoppers come as thick
As stubbles in the field,
I never will give up our state:
No never, never will I yield.

What few days I have to live
In this vile world below,
I think I'll surely spend them here.
Where Nebraska breezes blow:
And I think this is the state
For anyone to come
Who wants to try their luck with stock,
And make themselves a home.

No two-wheel wagons here you'll see,
Come rolling up the street;
No mud nor mist here you'll find;
Nebraska's roads they can't be beat;
And now I think it will be right.
Before I take my seat,
To give a verse on woman's rights
To make my little piece complete.

Nebraska women's just as good
And handsome as you'll find
In any of the sister states
Anywhere along the line;
In women's right she can't be beat;
Our women here are smart.
And when they undertake a thing,
You bet your life they'll do their part.

And now I think I've said enough
To convince you all that I
Am a stong Nebraskan.
And will be till I die;
And now I'll close my little piece,
And bid you all farewell;
A happy New Year may you have,
And get a good big bell.

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Marty Voss said...

This is my Great Grandfather. My Moms maiden name was Hanthorne. Her Dads last name was Henthorne and was changed by the military by accident to Hanthorne.