Thursday, December 30, 2010

GED-GEN: Family Tree Websites

"GED-GEN is a program that creates customized web pages. Use it to make your own family tree website. By publishing your genealogy on the Internet, you can easily share it with relatives and fellow researchers, who are often distant cousins."

Input to the program is a GEDCOM file created by your genealogy program. There are two versions of the GED-GEN program. One is a 30-day trial version of this shareware program. The other is the fully operational shareware version which costs $20.00.

Click on the Resources tab at the website and scroll down to find some sample websites created by several users of the program.

I haven't tried the program. I'm posting the link because it's another option that might be considered for sharing your genealogy. Keep in mind, of course, privacy issues before sharing anything on the Internet.

Mr. Dickie
30 Dec 2010

Monuments and Memorials

In order to have perspective, we must have monuments and memorials, places to return to and learn from and talk about and pass on. If we don't, we are destined to live rootless, fast-lane lives without much significance. (Charles R. Swindoll, Wisdom For The Way, p. 117)
30/Dec/2010 7:51

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Henthorns Rest: Divinity

Luckily, there is in this world, Divinity. Even more lucky is the fact there is more than one type of Divinity. Even more lucky is the fact that my aunt Louise is the worlds foremost expert in making the candy Divinity. You talk about being aptly named, it is heaven on earth. Right now there is a batch waiting on me at her house, a batch that didn't turn out to her standards. That means it is the second best batch of candy on the planet."

The Google Blog of Facebook friend, Rodney Henthorn.

Resolutions by Gerald Henthorn

This is from the WordPress blog "Gerald Henthorn's Blog" of Facebook friend, Gerald Henthorn.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stauffer Family of Pike County, Illinois


Here's some information about the Stauffer Family of Pike County, Illinois. At one time I was in touch with the Jan Hoeft, the person who posted this information.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Mr. Dickie's Blog: Christmas Greetings:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
19 December 2010

This is a link to our Christmas form letter. This year I posted it on Mr. Dickie's Blog.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome To My Box

Welcome to those folks I invited to have collaborator access to my genealogy information on My Box.

If you have any questions about how it works or any comments about the information in the files I'm sharing don't hesitate to send me an Email or post a private Message on Facebook.

I hope you will find something of interest in the material I'm sharing.

Dick Henthorn
14 Dec 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010



For several days I have been working with a floppy disk that contains "text" files about the "Other Henthorns." "Other Henthorns" includes Henthorn families that I am not related to in this country. That is to say, there is a good possibility that we are related via our ancestors in England. After some minor edits I'm uploading most of these files to My Box account on Box.Net. If you are already a registered collaborator watch your Email inbox for automatic notification messages or periodically check My Box to see if there is anything of interest.

Access to the files and folders of My Box is by invitation. I am open to suggestions or requests for granting access. Collaborators must be known to me.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hardesty's History of Monroe County, Ohio

Hardesty's History of Monroe County, Ohio
Published about 1882

This evening I uploaded extracts from Hardesty's History of Monroe County, Ohio to My Box. The paragraphs extracted pertain to families of interest that lived in this county about 1882 or prior. There are seven pages in this "text" file. The file resides in the MonroeCountyOhio folder.

Access to My Box is by invitation only.

Mr. Dickie
10 Dec 2010

Catharine (Foreaker) Fedorchak

Henthorn Articles

In November and December of 1970, Catharine (Foreaker) Fedorchak wrote four articles about the Henthorn family of Monroe County, Ohio which were published in The Spirit of Democracy in Woodsfield, Ohio. This afternoon I uploaded a a 7-page "text" file of these articles to My Box.

Access to the folder containing this file is by invitation.

Mr. Dickie
10 Dec 2010

Jennings Family

I uploaded a 46-page document (Text file) about the Jennings Family of Fayette county, Pennsylvania and points west to my Box today. There is a link between the Jennings and the Henthorn families.

Mr. Dickie
10 Dec 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Forefathers

We cannot fail to meet the same problems as did our forefathers, and learning their answers may help us to act upon them as intelligently as they did, and may even, perhaps, teach us to avoid making always the same mistakes. (Anne Fremantle, in The Promise of a New Day, 22 November)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jennings Family

Jennings Family

Today I posted a fourteen page file of Jennings Family information compiled by researcher, Clarice (Jennings) Carnahan to my Box. The Jennings family and the Henthorn family were joined in Fayette county, Pennsylvania.

Access to my Box is by invitation only.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wills and Other Court Documents

Wills and Other Court Documents

Today I uploaded a compilation of thirty-two wills and other court documents to my OtherHenthorn folder on my This text file consists of thirty-seven pages of court documents concerning members of the Henthorn family created during the period of November 1736 through 13 Dec 1930.

At one time I planned to include all of this information in the front of a genealogy I was planning to produce. That plan never came to fruition. Using the Internet to share these documents is a much better way.

Access to my is by invitation only. There are several ways that I can grant access. I can grant access to a particular file or to a particular folder. Or, I can share a link to a file or folder via Email. To gain access you must be known to me and you must have shared information about where your genealogy interest lies. Some friends have already been granted Collaborator access to my Box. I believe they receive a notice from when I post something new.

Dick Henthorn
7 Dec 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Harrison, Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry Harrison, one of the old and honored pioneers of Highland Township, residing on section 31, about five miles west of Perrysville, [IN] was born in Ohio County, West Virginia January 1, 1810.

His father, John Harrison, removed from Baltimore, Maryland to West Virginia, and later settled with his family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he died when the subject of this sketch was a child. He was a nailer by trade, and was engaged in the manufacture of nails in Pittsburgh. After his death the family returned to West Virginia, remaining there until 1819, then moved to Monroe County, Ohio.

The mother was a second time married to William Harris, who died in the United States Army, and to this union two sons were born, named Charles and Samuel.

In 1824 the mother immigrated with her family to Vermillion County, Indiana where she died April 9, 1861, at the advanced age of eighty six years.

Thomas Henry Harrison, whose name heads this sketch, arrived in Perrysville for the first time December 20, 1834. January 29, 1835, he was united in marriage to Miss Marinda Henthorn, a daughter of William D. Henthorn, who came to Vermillion County at the same time as the Harrison family. He then settled on land now occupied by our subject where he lived until his death, his wife also dying at the homestead some time before. Of the children born to Mr. and Mrs. Henthorn only four daughters are living at the present time.

Eleven children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, of whom seven are still living - Virginia, Richard, Susan, Marinda, Mary C., Charles and Margaret M.

Their eldest son, William M., was a member of Company K, One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry, in the war of the Rebellion. He was wounded at the battle of Perryville, Kentucky, but died of pneumonia at Gallatin, Tennessee, January 13, 1863, in his twenty-sixth year.

The remaining children who are deceased are - John, who died August 18, 1846 aged six years; Thomas B., died in his thirty second year, July 4, 1863, at Jonesboro, Arkansas, and one who died in infancy, unnamed.

In April 1835, shortly after his marriage, Mr. Harrison went to Porter County, Indiana, returned to Perrysville, Vermillion County, in October of the same year. In August 1838 he settled on the place where he has since resided, with the exception of one year. As will be seen Mr. Harrison has been a resident of Highland Township about fifty-four years, and is now the only representative of his father's family living in Indiana.

He has always been an active and public spirited citizen, being interested in all enterprises which tend toward the advancement of this township or county. In politics he was in early life a Whig, but in later years a Republican.
(Source: Biographical and historical record, Vermillion County, [IN] 1888 - furnished by Cassi Bauman, typed by Richard E. Henthorn)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Free family tree backup - BackupMyTree: "Preserve Your History for FREE

Fast, automatic backup and off-site storage for all of your family tree files. All of the popular family tree file formats are supported. Download your files at any time. FREE, simple, easy, safe & secure."

Mr. Dickie's Comment:
I'm not sure whether this is a good idea or not. This site, Backup My Tree, offers free storage for genealogy file backup. They say they will offer a more robust pay-for-use version later. I don't see the point of offering such a free service. (I also don't believe in the tooth fairy.) I wonder if there is any danger that they might later decide to publish or sell the data that they have been storing for free. While I like the idea of storing backup copies of my genealogy data on another computer I'm not certain that this is the way to go about it.

If anyone else knows anything about this service I'd like to hear your opinion.

Mr. Dickie
5 Dec 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I will teach you hidden lessons from our past -- stories we have heard and know, stories our ancestors handed down to us. We will not hide these truths from our children but will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord. (Psalm 78:2-4)

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Younger Generation

Parents who wonder where the younger generation is going should remember where it came from. (Sam Ewing)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ten Commandments of Genealogy - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Ten Commandments of Genealogy - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter:

"In the course of writing this newsletter, I get to see a lot of genealogy information. Most of what I see is on the Web, although some information is in books or in e-mail. Some of what I see is high-quality research. However, much of it is much less than that. Even the shoddiest genealogy work could be so much more if the compiler had simply spent a bit of time thinking about what he or she was doing."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be. (Abraham Lincoln)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Place in the Sun

You can't expect to make a place in the sun for yourself if you keep taking refuge under the family tree. (Claude McDonald)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tracing My Family Tree

Before most people start boasting about their family tree, they usually do a good pruning job. (O.A. Battista)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remember the Days of Long Ago

Remembering our history can give us strength when we face challenges. Reflections on the generations that have gone before gives us continued inspiration and motivation... (after Tamara Elizabeth Lewis in The Upper Room Disciplines - 2008, 5 November)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tracing My Family Tree

Author unknown
Copied from The Genie,
Published by ARK-LA-TEX Genealogical Association
April 1977

I started out calmly tracing my tree
To find, if I could, the making of me.
And all that I had was a great grandfather's name
Not knowing his wife or from which way he came.
I chased him across a long line of states
And came up with pages and pages of dates.
When all put together it made me forlorn.
I'd proven poor great grandpa had never been born.

One day I was sure the truth I had found
Determined to turn this whole thing upside down
I looked up the records of one of Uncle John
But found the old man to be younger than son.
Then when my hopes were fast growing dim
I came across records that must have been him.

The facts I collected then made me quite sad
Dear old great grandfather was never a dad!
I think maybe someone is pulling my leg.
I'm not at all sure I wasn't hatched from an egg.
After hundreds of dollars I've spent on my tree
I can't help but wonder if I'm really me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Atkinson, Stephen A.

Yesterday I uploaded an article about Stephen A. Atkinson of Monroe County, Ohio that I extracted from page 31 of the 1882 Hardesty History of Monroe County, Ohio. This five-page PDF is available from my Box account. Access to my Box is by invitation only.

A copy of this document is also available on this blog. Use the search box in the side bar to search for "Stephen Atkinson."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Publications of H. Maxine (Crowell) Leonard

H. Maxine (Crowell) Leonard published The Conger Family of America (CFA) in two volumes about twenty years apart. She was also the editor / publisher of the newsletter Conger Confab. Copies of these genealogical publications are available at libraries in various parts of the country.

I compiled a list of the names of the libraries and the names of the donor of the book whenever I could obtain it. This list is available, in a PDF document, to Conger researchers, upon request.

If you can add information to the list your sharing would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Converting HTML to PDF

I'm trying to find an easy method of converting HTML files that I used to share on my AOL website to PDF files that I can share on my account.

Today I discovered that I can upload an HTML file to Google Docs and easily convert it to the Google Docs format. The converted file can then be downloaded from Google Docs to my computer in the PDF format.

As a test I created the PDF document, CFA.PDF and then uploaded it to the Conger folder in my Box account. I was able to retain bullet lists in the document with very little work on my part.

In the days ahead I'm looking forward to converting more of my HTML files.

Mr. Dickie
12 Sep 2010

Ask Me About

If you are interested in the same surnames as I am, ask me about

If you wish you'd downloaded information that used to be on my AOL genealogy website, ask me about

I am currently adding genealogy information to my account and sharing access with genealogy researchers who are well-known to me.

Mr. Dickie
12 Sep 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Box Net Notification Options

Box Net Notifications

People who accept my invitation to my Box.Net account may want to limit the number of notifications they receive. There are a number of options. Here's a summary of the options shared with us by my friend Diane.

Comments & Discussions:
Notify on every event
Notify on daily digest

Notify of 1st event only per login per day
Notify on daily digest

Notify on 1st event only per login per day
Notify in one daily digest

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Henthorns Rest

"Welcome to Henthorns Rest - Named for one of the first pieces of property bought by Henthorns in America."

Blog of Rodney D. Henthorn.

Sunday, August 29, 2010



What Is Box.Net

Box.Net (hereafter called, Box) is a file storage and collaboration application available on the Internet. Box offers free of charge 1Gb of file storage space (1024 Megabytes). For $9.95 per month you can upgrade to 5Gb with a yearly price of $99.95 if you pay for a year in advance. They also offer a further upgrade to 15 Gb for $15.00 a month.

An account holder can use the storage space to store files that are only available to himself. Or he can choose to share files for collaboration with others. Files can be shared at the file level and at the folder level. Different collaborators can be assigned different levels of access.

The Box account holder can share the URL of a single file via Email or via a web link. For example I host two PDF documents for the Wichita High School - East, Class of '57. The URLs are shared in the links section of the Class of '57 Group on Facebook. Anyone with access to the Group can view the two documents without further action on my part.

I can also invite people to collaborate at the file or folder level. Collaboration rights grant access to a file or folder without further action by the Box account holder.

While Box can be used to backup files on a remote computer it isn't designed as a backup facility. There are other services that do a better job if that's what you need.


To become a collaborator a person must agree that they want to be granted access to my box and they must provide the account holder (me) with the Email address they will use to sign-on..

After receiving an invitation, when the collaborator visits the site for the first time, they provide Box with a password to associate with the Email address. The password doesn't have to be the password used with the Email account itself. The Box account holder (me) doesn't have access to the password.

There are two types of collaborators: Viewers and Editors. As the words imply, the viewer can look at the files in the account while the editor can make modifications. I anticipate that most of the access I grant will be to Viewers.

Documents I Might Share

Some of the file extensions I might upload to the Box.
  • TXT - text files
  • HTM - HTML webpages that you can view with your browser
  • CSV - Comma Separated Value files
  • PDF - Adobe Acrobat - Portable Document Files
  • GED - the GEDCOM genealogy data communication format

Over the years I have created genealogy reports in the PDF format using the following programs
  • Descend
  • PAFAbility
  • Ahentafel
  • RootsMagic
  • FastPDF Builder
  • Google Docs

Why Use Box.Net

Box.Net fills several needs that have come to mind since the days when I had a genealogy website on AOL.
  • Box allows me to control who has access to my work
  • Gaining access is relatively easy
  • Random Internet surfers don't have access
  • By controlling access I show respect for the privacy of others
  • I can host documents in support of the Class of '57 and other friends.


Another genealogy friend and I tested the Box together. My role was as account administrator and her role was to act as one of my clients. Our mutual goal was to determine whether Box would serve my needs and whether it would be easy for users to become collaborators. We reported in the affirmative to both questions.

Quality Of My Reports

The reports I make available were produced over a long period of time. As a result the formats are not always as polished as I would like. Unfortunately because of numerous computer problems I am not able to produce every report again using the newer software tools. Therefore, "What you see, is what you get." I hope you can accept a few hanging indents and so on.

I started out doing genealogy with the LDS program Personal Ancestral File (PAF) and stopped with the DOS version 2.31. This version leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to printed output. I used auxiliary report programs Descend and PAFAbility to get around these report short-comings. The report output from these programs didn't lend itself to perfect conversion to the PDF format.

PAF 2.31 didn't handle breaks between paragraphs properly in the Note field. The paragraphs would run together in printed reports. To work around this issue I learned to put a period (.) in position one of any line that I wanted to be blank. In many of my older reports you will see those periods on the page. This sometimes results in odd word wrap issues. You'll notice this whenever a word or couple of words appear by themselves on a line. All of the text is there, it just doesn't have a polished professional look. I regret this.

I also used a free PDF program to prepare some of the reports. This program printed an ad for the program at the end of the reports. There are better ways to create a PDF report now without ads.

Some of my genealogy files have been converted from PAF and moved to the very nice RootsMagic genealogy program. The PDF output from this program is outstanding. You'll notice the difference between the older reports and the newer reports immediately.


Box sends Notifications to your Email box whenever I add or modify a file in a folder where you are granted access. This may prove annoying.

Both of us have some control over this.

I noticed a check-off box where I can turn off notification, on a one-time basis, as I am posting something new.

Individual users can set their notification preferences. If you need help with this we can learn the steps together.

Google Group and Site

Months ago I established a genealogy Group and a genealogy Site on Google. Access to both was by membership only. Neither proved popular. As time permits I'll probably move the documents from both sites to the Box and then shutdown the Google applications.

The Google Site contains about fifty PDF genealogy reports that I can move to Box without the need for any modification. As time, and interest, permit I'll work on this task. Some of the reports that are available now came from this source.

Invitations To The Box

To gain access to the Box I must know who you are. That is to say I must know your name, your Email address, where your genealogy interests lie and we must have established some kind of a genealogy exchange. Put blunty, if you aren't willing to share information about yourself and where you fit into your family tree save us both some time and frustration, don't bother to contact me.

I will determine whether to:
  • Send you the URL for a file
  • Grant you access to a low-level folder
  • Grant you access to a higher level folder
  • Post a URL to a blog or social networking site

Comments and Observations

If you decide to request access to my Box and then use it please don't hesitate to provide me with feedback. This would be very helpful as I learn to use the application to share more of my genealogy information.


Mr. Dickie
26/Aug/2010 10:03

Schueths Rice Conger Schindler Genealogy

Genealogy pages of researcher, Douglas W. Schueths. We share interest in the Conger family.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Box.Net Online File Storage -

"There are many different online file storage and sharing services available online today, some free and some you have to pay for, but we recently stumbled upon a free service called Box.Net. We recently did a review of Microsoft's beta version of Windows Live Skydrive, but we thought we would take a look at a competitor, Box.Net."


I'm going to have more to say about Box.Net in the near future. I think this review is a pretty good introduction to the product. It's better than anything I found on the Box.Net site.

At the end of the review, if you click on "Next" you will go to a similar review for the MS SkyDrive. I haven't read that one yet.

I have an account for both products.

Both companies offer file storage and sharing using their computers. If you are looking for automatic file backup there are other products that provide that functionality.

Mr. Dickie

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Michael & Hannah (Alton) Stine

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Michael & Hannah (Alton) Stine

Researcher, Kelly, and I share a common interest in this Monroe county, Ohio couple. Kelly is related. I'm interested for several linkage reasons. As many of you know, I am not related to anyone in Monroe county. I just got interested in the genealogy of the Henthorn families there. That interest lead to: Conger, Watson, Yoho and many other surnames.

Mr. Dickie
18 Aug 2010

I Seek

Often when I want to learn about how something works I need help.
  • Sometimes I need a "tester."
  • Sometimes I need a "proofreader."
  • Sometimes I need a "collaborator."
For example:
  • I want to learn more about how to use Box.Net.
  • I want to learn more about how to share files on Google Sites.
If you are interested in taking on such a role I'd like to hear from you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: COSLA: eBook Feasibility Study for Public Libraries

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: COSLA: eBook Feasibility Study for Public Libraries:

"COSLA: eBook Feasibility Study for Public Libraries

Libraries everywhere are struggling as the world switches from printed books and magazines to e-publishing. Where do libraries fit into this brave new world?

Now a study by the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) suggests that libraries can grow and thrive by focusing on eBooks. The study suggests that libraries need to anticipate this shift and become part of the eBook story."

[Note: If you are planning to do something with your genealogy research, and we all should be, this study will be of interest. How will you publish: 1) on paper, 2) on the Internet in a blog or on a website, 3) on a commercial genealogy site, 4) on CD-ROM or DVD, or 5) as an eBook. Where will your output ultimately reside? Will others be able to find it? Once found will they be able to access the publication? Richard E. Henthorn]

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GEDCOM 101 - What is a GEDCOM and How Do I Use It?

"One of the biggest advantages to using the Internet for genealogy research is the ability it provides to exchange information with other researchers. One of the most common methods used for this information exchange is the GEDCOM, an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunication. In simple terms it is a method of formatting your family tree data into a text file which can be easily read and converted by any genealogy software program.

The GEDCOM specification was originally developed in 1985 and is owned and managed by the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The current version of the GEDCOM specification is 5.5 (as of November 1, 2000) but the LDS Church will soon be releasing version 6.0XML."

This link points to several very well written pages about GEDCOM. If you want to learn more about this topic I think you will find that this is a good place to start.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Conger, Charles Greenwood Barker

Summary of Charles Greenwood Barker CONGER - 26 Jul 2010

Name: Charles Greenwood Barker CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Seymour Beach CONGER (abt 27 Sep 1825 - 7 Aug 1864)
Mother: Mary Abigail BARKER (17 Nov 1828 - 5 Dec 1913)

Individual Facts
Birth 13 Jun 1849
Death 22 Aug 1906 (age 57)

Notes (Individual)
Charles Greenwood Barker Conger

RESEARCHER: Charles Greenwood Barker Conger was one of the early Conger researchers. Little is known about him, other than he was a bachelor. He published the records of his line in a typeset volume in 1903. He probably obtained most of his data from the efforts of Samuel Hayes Conger. Apparently he worked for the government, as there are copies of several letters in the Conger files seen by Maxine Leonard that give his address as, Room 553, War Department, Washington, DC, dated 1899, before his book was published.

In one of these letters he mentions the "Conger Union" which he must have formed. He said his only interest was the tribe of Job, but that he kept names and addresses pertaining to other lines.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, page 1-a - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

MARRIAGE: Never married.

RESEARCHER-RELATIONSHIP: According to Robert Guilinger, Franklin Barker Conger (1889 - 1936) was living in Washington, DC and doing Conger research in the 1930's. He was the 1st cousin, 1 generation removed, of another researcher, Charles Greenwood Barker Conger. Their common ancestor was Rev. Enoch Conger.

RESEARCHER-RELATIONSHIP: Charles Greenwood Barker Conger and Shea Smith, the man who printed the 1903 Conger book, were 3rd cousins. There common ancestor being, Job Conger.

REFERENCE: Charles Greenwood Barker Conger was the compiler of "A Record of the Births, Marriages and Deaths of the Descendants of John Conger of Woodbridge, N.J. Through his Grandson, Job Conger of Woodbridge, N.J. and Albany Co., N.Y." This 165-page book was published in 1903. The page after the cover page lists: "Compiled by Charles G.B. Conger, Descendant, Washington, D.C.; Printed by Shea Smith, Descendant, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A. 1903." A copy of the book was found, by Richard E. Henthorn on 17 Aug 1999 at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. Much of the information in this book is not available in either volume of CFA. Mr. Henthorn believes he added all of the information from the book to his own genealogy file.

Unfortunately the book does not list place names and has few source citations. There is very little textual information in the book, with the exception of occasional lists of the units in which men served in the military.

There were approximately 1,820 people listed in Charles G.B. Conger's book that weren't listed in either volume of "The Conger Family of America."

Page 3 of the book, a brief introduction reads, as follows: "The following record, while not as complete as could be wished, is, it is believed, as accurate as patience and painstaking can make it, so far as it goes.

The collector of these "statistics" desires to acknowledge the kindness and courtesy of the various members of the family which have enabled him to collate this record. To some he is deeply indebted for a more active interest, without which the record would not have been possible. To mention all of these would make too long a list; to speak of a few would be unjust to the others.

It is a tradition of the Conger family, which for good reasons seems worthy of belief, that the family came from Alsace (then a French province) to Holland about the date of the massacre of St. Bartholomew, the name being Koniger, and the family of German origin. From Holland the Konigers went to England, and the name was anglicized into Conger. It is said the Congers are numerous in Lincolnshire and in the neighborhood of Bristol.

John Conger, "primus," was probably one of the soldiers of the Commonwealth Army, and came to Woodbridge, N.J. in 1667, with his wife, Mary and one son, Enos. He was not one of the original proprietors who founded Woodbridge, but was one of the first settlers and participated in the first distribution of lands, his patent to 170 acres bearing date March 18, 1669. He held various offices of trust in the township, became a member of the first (Presbyterian) church and died about September, 1712."
[Note: Koniger was spelled with the two dot accent mark above the "o" in the type set version of page 3. REH]

OBITUARY: Washington Star, Washington, DC (CFA I, p. 238)

Conger, Job

Summary of Job CONGER - 26 Jul 2010

Name: Job CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Job CONGER (9 Jun 1694 - 1758)
Mother: Mary Keziah THORP (abt 1694 - )

Individual Facts
Birth bet 1725-1728 Rahway, Union Co., NJ
Death abt 1802 (age 77) , Albany Co., NY

Marriage abt 1750/51 (age 26) Rahway, Union Co., NJ
Keziah CONGER (1751/52 - )
Mary CONGER (abt 1754 - )
Reuben CONGER (4 Apr 1756 - abt 7 Apr 1829)
Uzziah CONGER (14 Jan 1758 - 12 Jul 1834)
James CONGER (11 Jan 1760 - 11 Nov 1813)
Nancy CONGER (1763/64 - )
William CONGER (27 Apr 1766 - 30 Sep 1840)
Elizabeth CONGER (1769 - )

Notes (Individual)
Job Conger

PARENTS: Job Conger and Mary Keziah Thorp

BIRTH: Abt. 1728, per Harold Murton Hyde
BIRTH: 1728 according to Charles G.B. Conger.

EMIGRATION: Job Conger, Jr. removed to Albany County, New York. CFA I, p. 275

MARRIAGE: 1751 to Mary Carrington, according to Charles G.B. Conger.

EMIGRATION: In 1759 Job and Lydia Conger moved to Nine Partners (Now Millbrook, NY) where a syndicate in which he had an interest had purchased land. His younger brother, Moses Conger, went with them. After several years Moses moved to Danby, Vermont and Job moved to Albany Co., NY. (From Franklin Barker Conger's notes.)
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, 276 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Conger, James

Summary of James CONGER - 26 Jul 2010

Name: James CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Job CONGER (bet 1725 and 1728 - abt 1802)
Mother: Lydia CODDINGTON (abt 1732 - abt 1800)

Individual Facts
Birth 11 Jan 1760 Rahway, Union Co., NJ
Death 11 Nov 1813 (age 53) , Albany Co., NY

1. Elizabeth MC_NAB
Margaret CONGER (abt 1786 - 1872)
William CONGER (7 Mar 1788 - 30 Sep 1871)
Uzziah CONGER (22 Aug 1789 - 13 Mar 1864)
John CONGER (abt 1792 - )
Hugh CONGER (9 Jan 1796 - 31 Mar 1848)
Lydia CONGER (1800 - )
Christian CONGER (7 Feb 1805 - 28 Feb 1864)

2. Sally DALY
Children Samuel CONGER (abt 1808 - )
Betsey CONGER (abt 1810 - )

Notes (Individual)
James Conger

PARENTS: Job Conger & Lydia Coddington

MILITARY: James Conger served as a Private with Capt. John Van Wies (3d
Rensselier) Co., Schuyler's 1st Albany Reg. N-Yr Troops, Rev. War.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 251 - Maxine Crowell

MILITARY: Van Wie's (3d Rensselaerwyk) Company, Schuyler's (1st Albany Co.)
Regiment New York Troops, Revolutionary War. See p. 347, Vol. I, Archives of
New York. Per Charles G.B. Conger.

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Member of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Albany.

Conger, Reuben

Summary of Reuben CONGER - 26 Jul 2010

Name: Reuben CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Job CONGER (bet 1725 and 1728 - abt 1802)
Mother: Lydia CODDINGTON (abt 1732 - abt 1800)

Individual Facts
Birth 4 Apr 1756 Rahway, Union Co., NJ
Death abt 7 Apr 1829 (age 73) , Albany Co., NY

1. Magdaline DE_VOE
Marriage 1780 (age 24)
Lydia CONGER (abt 2 Nov 1782 - 3 Mar 1868)
Job CONGER (21 Aug 1785 - 2 Aug 1854)
Benjamin CONGER (17 Feb 1787 - 16 Apr 1865)
David CONGER (28 Aug 1790 - 24 Feb 1880)
Esther CONGER (16 Oct 1792 - 23 Dec 1838)
John CONGER (1 Dec 1794 - 16 Aug 1872)
Paulina CONGER (4 May 1798 - 11 Mar 1876)
Elizabeth CONGER (4 Jan 1800 - abt 25 Apr 1877)
Jotham CONGER (17 May 1803 - 25 Jul 1837)

Notes (Individual)
Reuben Conger

MILITARY: Served as a Sgt. in Capt. John Van Weis' 3rd Rensselier Company of Gen. Schuyler's 1st Albany Regt., New York, 1776
(Source: Conger Confab, Vol. II, Mar 1996 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Problem: Was the date of death 7 Apr 1829 or 4 Jul 1820? Both dates listed, in CFA I. Ancestral File lists, 7 Apr 1828. Charles G.B. Conger lists, 7 Apr 1829.

MILITARY: Sergeant of Van Wie's Company (5th Rensselaerwyk) of Schuyler's (3d Albany Co.) Regiment, New York Troops. Revolutionary War. See p. 347, Vol. 1, Archives of New York. Per Charles G.B. Conger and CFA I, p. 433.

Conger, William

Summary of William CONGER - 26 Jul 2010

Name: William CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Job CONGER (bet 1725 and 1728 - abt 1802)
Mother: Lydia CODDINGTON (abt 1732 - abt 1800)

Individual Facts
Birth 27 Apr 1766 Rahway, Union Co., NJ
Death 30 Sep 1840 (age 74)

1. Margaret MC_NAB
Marriage 1791 (age 25)
Kate CONGER (1792 - 11 Mar 1813)
Mary CONGER (1794 - )
Nancy CONGER (19 Mar 1796 - 11 Apr 1868)
William CONGER (14 Jun 1798 - 5 Oct 1869)
James CONGER (1800 - Nov 1830)
Margaret CONGER (1801/2 - Dec 1880)
Hugh CONGER (bet 30 Mar 1802 and 1804 - 29 Nov 1869)
John CONGER (25 Aug 1806 - 25 Mar 1874)
David CONGER (14 Mar 1809 - 4 Jul 1876)
Alfred CONGER (1811 - 6 Jan 1865)
Katherine CONGER (abt 27 Apr 1813 - 21 Jan 1882)

Notes (Individual)
General: PARENTS: Job Conger and Lydia Coddington

Conger, Uzziah

Summary of Uzziah CONGER - 26 Jul 2010

Name: Uzziah CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Job CONGER (bet 1725 and 1728 - abt 1802)
Mother: Lydia CODDINGTON (abt 1732 - abt 1800)

Individual Facts
Birth 14 Jan 1758 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Death 12 Jul 1834 (age 76) Cato, Cayuga Co., NY
Burial Jul 1834 (age 76) , Cayuga Co., NY, Ira Hill Cemetery

Marriage 19 Jan 1780 (age 22) New York
Job C. CONGER (19 Nov 1780 - 15 Jun 1845)
Elizabeth CONGER (1783 - 1783)
Nancy Ann CONGER (15 Mar 1786 - 7 Feb 1870)
James CONGER (1789 - )
Enoch CONGER Rev. (15 Feb 1792 - 17 Apr 1872)
Sabrina CONGER (1 Feb 1794 - 2 Sep 1875)
Lucy CONGER (20 Oct 1796 - 7 Nov 1847)
Mary CONGER (9 Dec 1797 - abt 3 Jul 1878)
Silas CONGER (7 Jan 1800 - 25 Nov 1869)
Lydia CONGER (3 Mar 1802 - 1 Apr 1848)

Notes (Individual)
Uzziah Conger

MILITARY: Served as a Corporal in Capt. Van Weis' 3rd & 5th Rensselier Company of Gen. Schuyler's 1st Albany Regt., New York, 1776-1783
(Source: Conger Confab, Vol. II, Mar 1996 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

BIOGRAPHY: Uzziah Conger was born in Woodbridge, N.J., and with his father's family removed before the Revolution to New York, finally settling in Albany County. He served in the Revolution for some seven years, part of said service being as Corporal of 5th (Rensselaerwyck) Company (Vanwies) of the 3rd Albany County (Col. Philip Schuyler's) Regiment, New York Troops. See p. 347, Vol. 1, Archives of New York. He removed with his family after the Revolution to Cayuga County, New York, where he died at Cato. He was a Revolutionary pensioner.
(Source: Book of Charles G.B. Conger, p. 45)

Uzziah Conger removed with his father's family from Rahway, NJ to Dutchess Co., New York about 1770, and finally settled in Albany county, NY.

He served in the Revolution for seven years, a part of said service being as corporal of Van Wie's Co. of 3rd Albany Co., Regiment Troops. He also served in the 5th Resselaerwyck Regt (Page 347, Vol. I., Archives of New York).

He removed with his family after the Revolution to Cayuga county, New York, where he died at Cato. He was a Revoluntionary Pensioner.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 493 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

He was known as, Deacon Uzziah Conger, due to being a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church.

A Presbyterian Church founded in 1836 at Meridan, NY was a branch of the Ira Hill Church founded in 1807.

In 1836, Nancy Ann Conger Bradt, Sabrina Conger Cogswell, Mary Conger Elwell and Lydia Conger Van Wie brought their certificates to the Meridan Church. They were daughters of Uzziah and Mary (Hungerford) [Conger].

Nancy was dismissed 17 Mar 1845; Mary dismissed 9 Jul 1837; Sabrina d. 1 Apr 1848. [What does the "d." abbreviation mean? REH] They are buried in the Meridan Cemetery.

The Ira Church ceased to function sometime about 1876. No records of that church have been found, but that Ira Church must have been the Presbyterian Church where the two Job Congers were deacons. There were two Job Congers living there in 1820, along with Uzziah, John, Benjamin, Hugh and William Conger. They all had families in the 1820 census.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 221 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

DEATH-CEMETERY: Date of death, 12 Jul 1834, from the tombstone inscription at Ira Hill Cemetery, Cayuga Co., NY. (CFA II, p. 723)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conger, Elias

Summary of Elias CONGER - 21 Jul 2010

Name: Elias CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: David CONGER Jr. (1767 - 14 Oct 1833)
Mother: Sarah WELCH (1769 - 1844)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 4 Oct 1789 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Burial Nov 1869 (age 80) Cameron, Monroe Co., OH, Atkinson Cemetery
Death 17 Nov 1869 (age 80) Cameron, Monroe Co., OH

1. Margaret ATKINSON
Marriage 17 Jun 1815 (age 25) Monroe Co., OH
David Atkinson CONGER (25 May 1818 - 27 Aug 1895)
Charles Atkinson CONGER (3 Mar 1820 - 23 Jan 1894)
Levinah CONGER (24 Dec 1822 - )
Sarah Jane CONGER (3 Jan 1824 - 11 May 1869)
Aaron A. CONGER (1 Dec 1825 - 9 Jun 1892)
Elijah Atkinson CONGER (4 Feb 1828 - 26 Jun 1901)
Mary CONGER (12 Feb 1830 - )
Julia Ann CONGER (30 Apr 1835 - )
Stephen Laven CONGER (29 Oct 1838 - 30 May 1895)
Elizabeth CONGER (20 Aug 1841 - 31 Jul 1849)

Notes (Individual)
Elias Conger

PARENTS: David Conger, Jr. and Sarah Welch

RELATIONSHIP: According to Joyce Posey this Elias Conger was the nephew of Elias Darby Conger Sr., born 8 June 1763 in New Jersey. The younger was sometimes called Elias, Jr. to differeniate. Can it be proved that he was called Junior?

Problem: Joyce Posey lists his middle initial as, "D.". Can it be proved that his middle initial was, "D."?

AKA-BIRTH-DEATH: Ancestral File of Jan 1996 lists him as: Elias Darby Conger, Jr.; born 4 Oct 1790 in Middlesex, NJ; died 17 Nov 1869 in Monroe Co., OH; buried at Old Cameron Cem., Jamestown, Monroe, OH.

BIRTH-CONFLICT: Robert Guilinger lists the following dates: b. 4 Oct 1789, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ, d. 17 Nov 1869, Cameron, Monroe Co., OH. He has the estate record, dated Dec 1869. Clyde Decker lists the following dates: b. 3 Oct 1789, d. 17 Nov 1869. Others have listed a birth date of 16 Oct 1788. Maxine Crowell Leonard lists, b. 6 Sep 1789, Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ, d. 17 Nov 1869, Cameron, Monroe, OH (CFA I, p. 140), then corrects the birth date to, 6 Apr 1790 (CFA II, p. 715)

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: Some say he was married in Green Co., PA and others in Monroe Co., OH. Ethel Conger Heagler listed, Green Co., PA. [Note: Robert Guilinger thinks that Mrs. Heagler was in error. He states, "No source quote for location of marriage, however Margaret moved as a young child with her father, Charles Atkinson, to Monroe Co., OH around 1799. Elias moved to Monroe Co. in the 1813 time period. There is no reason to believe they were not married in 1815 in Monroe County, OH."]
QUESTION: Who can cite a source for the marriage information?

TAX_LIST: 1820 Tax List of Monroe Co., OH
Gershom Conger, R4, T4, S25 SW, 80 acres
Elias Conger, Jr., R4, T4, S25, SW, 80 acres
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

Julianna Conger Walton wrote that her father, Elias, and Uncle Gershom entered land together in Monroe county, Ohio. They built their houses and improved the land by clearing it. Elias bought out Gershom a few years later. Gershom went west, but spent the winter of 1847 with relatives in Ohio.
(Source: The Conger Family of America - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

LAND: Elias Conger, Jr. - Range 4, Township 4, Section 25, Part of Section: East 1/2 of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 79.96 Acres. Date of Entry: December 6, 1830. Land Office Where Sold: Marietta. Residence at the time of Entry: Monroe County, Ohio. (Located now (1990) in Monroe County, Switzerland Township, Ohio River Survey) Page 21.
(Source: Tract Book - Entries - Congress Lands - 22 Ranges & U.S. Military Survey - Volume 2 - Auditor of State of Ohio. - Furnished by Joyce Posey)

COURT: Records of Clerk of Common Pleas. Elias Conger - Grand Jury for this term Sept. 1834, page 72, Journal 2.
(Source: History of Monroe County, OH, by Catherine Fedorchak, page 42 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

COURT: Records of Clerk of Common Pleas. Elias Conger, appointed appraiser of personal estate of William Lippencott, dec'd. Journal 2, page 2.
(Source: History of Monroe County, OH, by Catherine Fedorchak, page 41 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Journal 2, June term, 1835 (Court of Common Pleas) indicates that Elias Conger and wife sued Elizabeth Atkinson, Elijah Atkinson, Abel Atkinson et. al. The Elizabeth in this record is the widow of Charles, and her maiden name was Stephens. Elias Conger was married to Margaret Atkinson, a dau. of Charles. The suit was brought to prove whether the purported will of Charles Atkinson was true. Page 131 of the same Journal 2 indicates that the court found the will to be valid. The court records also show that Elizabeth, the widow, had declined to act as executor of the will, and the court appointed John Watson. He was married to Rebecca, another dau. of Charles and Elizabeth Atkinson. Perhaps he was a brother of David Watson who was possibly married to a Duvall - see the column on Conrad Duvall.
(Source: Court of Common Pleas, June term 1835, Journal 2, p. 123-124, 131)

Also at the June term of court, 1835, Elizabeth Atkinson appeared and proved to the satisfaction of the court that Charles Atkinson, late a Revolutionary pensioner, had died 25 April 1834, leaving her, the said Elizabeth, his widow.
(Source: Court of Common Pleas, June term 1835, Journal 2, p. 119) (Fedorchak column, The Spirit of Democracy, 2 Mar 1972)

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 124/124, 23 Jul 1850
Elias Conger, 59, m. farmer, $2000, NJ; Margaret, 56, f. PA
Julia, 17, f., OH; Laven, 11, m., OH

Census: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 515/515, p. 76, 6 Jul 1860
Elias Conger, 69, m. farmer, 600/350, NJ; Margaret, 66, f. domestic, PA
Stephen L., 21, m. farm laborer, /100, OH
Mary E. Ferry, 14, f. OH
(Census furnished by REH)

CEMETERY: "ELIAS CONGER; DIED; Nov. 17, 1869 AGED; 80 Ys. 1 Mo. 14 Ds" - 1812 soldier (Fedorchak comment - married Margaret Atkinson - B. 6-17-1793, died June 20, 1872, also supposed to be buried at this Cameron cemetery, but I didn't find a stone for her)
[Note: The information in quotes was verified by a photograph taken by Robert Guilinger in 1987. The only part that was unclear was the number of days. Birth date calculated from this data is: 3 Oct 1789. JoNelle Linnaus lists the number of days as, 11. REH]
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Old Cameron/Atkinson Cemetery survey conducted in Aug 1961, unknown volume - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

BURIAL: Elias Conger who is buried at the Old Cameron Cemetery has a veteran's marker on his grave, although I could not find a pension application for him. He was born about 1789, as the inscription on his marker reads: "Died Nov. 17, 1869, 80 years, 1 mon., 13 days." He was married to Margaret Atkinson (sister of Mrs. Gilbert McCoy, (above). Margaret Atkinson Conger was born June 17, 1793 and died June 20, 1872. She is also supposed to be buried at Cameron, but I did not find a marker for her.
[Note: Calculated birth date, 4 Oct 1789. REH]
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Vol. 5, 1967, page ? - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

BURIAL: Elias Conger, d. 17 Nov 1869, 80 y, 1 mo, 19 da., Old Cameron Cemetery
[Note: Others have read the number of days as, 14. REH]
(Source: Monroe County Navigator, June 1991, Vol. 4, No. 2, page 32 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

BURIAL: Cemetery notes from Atkinson Burying Ground (Jamestown) Cameron, OH;
Elias Conger, died 17 Nov 1868 at the age of 80 years, 1 month, 1 day.
[Note: This extraction of what the tombstones says does not agree with what several others report. It seems to have an error in the year of death, which probably reads 1869, and the number of days he lived, which probably reads, 13. or 14. REH]
(Furnished by: Delbert Henthorn)

COURT: Legal Notice
David A. Conger of Washington Co., Ohio; Charles A. Conger, Lavinia Dougherty, wife of Joshua Dougherty, and Aaron A. Conger, all of the State of Illinois, Elijah A. Conger of the State of Kansas, Mary Purtlebaugh, wife of George of the State of Indiana, Stephen L. Conger, whose place of residence is unknown, Julia K. (sic) Walton, wife of Richard K. Walton, James M. Boughner, John M. Boughner, Margaret Boughner, Mary Boughner, Julia A. Boughner, Thomas J. Boughner, Mazy Boughner, Lavinai Boughner, Michael Boughner, and Margaret Conger all of the State of Ohio, Monroe Co. will take notice that a petition was filed against them on the 2nd day of Dec. in the court of Common Pleas by Michael Boughner for partition of N 1/2 of NE 1/4 S.12, T.3, R.4 - 80 acres.
(Source: Spirit of Democracy, 21 Dec 1869, found in Fedorchak, unknown volume - furnished by Robert Guiliinger)

Elias Conger (1789-1869), the great-great grandfather of researcher, Robert Guilinger, apparently left Washington Co., PA about 1813 and moved to Monroe Co., OH. There he resided and worked on the farm of his uncle, Elias Darby Conger (1763-1843). It is my opinion that Elias Conger left Pennsylvania in 1813 to avoid being drafted to serve in the War of 1812. Elias, being the oldest son of David Conger (1767-1833), was the first in line to inherit the family farm. I think his father gave Elias his inheritance as a lump sum when he left home.

Elias married a few months after the end of the War of 1812 on 17 Jun 1815 and bought a farm in Monroe Co., OH. He and his wife, Margaret Atkinson, had 10 children, all born in Monroe Co., OH.

I am descended from David A. Conger (1818-1895), the oldest son of Elias and Margaret.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Erlewine, Abraham

Summary of Abraham ERLEWINE - 19 Jul 2010

Name: Abraham ERLEWINE
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth bet 1740-1745 Maryland
Death abt 1819/20 (age 80) Ohio Co., VA
Burial abt 1819/20 (age 80) Ohio Co., VA, Earlywine Cemetery

1. Eva Catherine GASSER
Marriage 19 Apr 1767 (age 27) York, York, PA
Frederick ERLEWINE (1769 - 14 May 1786)
Barnhart ERLEWINE (1770 - abt 1834)
David ERLEWINE (1772 - Apr 1850)
Mary ERLEWINE (12 Mar 1783 - 7 Aug 1857)
Jacob Earl ERLEWINE (1784 - 1867)

2. Catherine SAILOR
Marriage , Washington Co., PA
John ERLEWINE (1784 - )
Sarah ERLEWINE (1791 - )
Francis ERLEWINE ( - )
Adam ERLEWINE ( - )
Margaret ERLEWINE ( - )
Abraham ERLEWINE ( - )
Susannah ERLEWINE ( - )
Elizabeth ERLEWINE ( - )
Jacob S. ERLEWINE Sr. (bet 1799 and 1801 - )

Notes (Individual)
General: Abraham Erlewine

BIRTH: Researchers have suggested that he was born in Germany, PA and MD.

AKA: Abraham Earlewine; Earleywine; Old Abraham

MARRIAGE: 19 Apr 1767 to Eva Catherine Gasser at Christ Lutheran Church of York, PA.

MARRIAGE: To Catherine Sailor in Washington Co., PA

QUESTION: Which of his two wives was the mother of the children of Abraham Erlewine? Catherine Sailor was the second of the wives.

DEATH: Abt. 1819/1820 in Ohio Co., VA in an area which later became part of Marshall Co., VA/WV.

Conger, Gershom

Summary of Gershom CONGER - 19 Jul 2010

Name: Gershom CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: John BELCONGER (8 Sep 1633 - abt 27 Aug 1712)
Mother: Mary KELLY (12 Feb 1641 - bet 1685 and 1689)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1685 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Death abt 1710/11 (age 26) , Union Co., NJ

David CONGER (15 Mar 1707 - abt 1747)
Phoebe CONGER (22 Sep 1708 - )
Gershom CONGER (5 Apr 1711 - Jan 1735)

Notes (Individual)
Gershom Conger

PARENTS: The parents of Gershom Conger were, John Belconger and Mary Kelly.

BIRTH: Birth place of Newark, NJ and Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ have been listed.

BIRTH-COMMENT: A Greshom [sic] Conger, b. 1711 at Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ and d. Dec 1735 is listed as a son of John Belconger and Sarah Cawood in the Ancestral File.

BIRTH-DEATH: b. Abt. 1685, d. Abt. 1711, per Harold Murton Hyde.

Cawood, Thomas (III)

Summary of Thomas CAWOOD III - 19 Jul 2010

Name: Thomas CAWOOD III
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas CAWOOD II (abt 1670 - )
Mother: Ruth ADAMS (1672 - )

Individual Facts
Birth bet 1690-1694 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Death 1747 (age 57) Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ

1. Rachel CONGER
Marriage abt 1716 (age 26) Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Ruth CAWOOD (bet 1720 and 1730 - )
Rachel CAWOOD (abt 1722 - )
Thomas CAWOOD (abt 1725 - )
Benjamin CAWOOD (abt 1727 - )
Phebe CAWOOD (abt 1729 - )
Sarah CAWOOD (abt 1731 - )

Notes (Individual)
Thomas Cawood

AKA: Thomas Cawood III, CFA II, p. 722.

RELATIONSHIP: Thomas Cawood III and his wife, Rachel Conger were 1st cousins. Their common ancestor being Thomas Cawood I.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. II, p. 722 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Conger, Benjamin

Summary of Benjamin CONGER - 19 Jul 2010

Name: Benjamin CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: John BELCONGER (8 Sep 1633 - abt 27 Aug 1712)
Mother: Sarah CAWOOD (1660 - aft 1710)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1700 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Death abt 10 Mar 1762 (age 62) Morristown, Morris Co., NJ

1. Experience FOORD
Marriage abt 1728/29 (age 29) Morristown, Morris Co., NJ
Daniel CONGER (bet 1728 and 1730 - 1 May 1785)
Abigail CONGER (abt 1732 - 7 Dec 1810)
Benjamin CONGER (bet 1736 and 1738 - bef 1762)
David CONGER (abt 1738 - )
Noah CONGER (5 Mar 1743 - )
Enoch CONGER (10 Aug 1744 - 12 Dec 1801)
Lydia CONGER (17 Aug 1746 - 3 Oct 1823)
Elizabeth CONGER (bet 3 Mar 1751 and 1757 - )

Notes (Individual)
Benjamin Conger

PARENTS: The parents of Benjamin Conger were, John Belconger and Sarah Cawood.

Problem: Was the date of death, 10 Mar 1762 or as listed in Ancestral File, 19 Mar 1762?

Very little is known of the early life of Benjamin Conger. He was perhaps about twelve years old when his father, John Conger, died. He is mentioned in his father's will, and is given one-half of the farm home, but with the express provision that his brother, Joseph, was to have the use and improvement of Benjamin's portion for the ensuing ten years, when it would revert to Benjamin.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 34 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Benjamin Conger's children, mentioned in his will in 1762, include among others: Daniel, Enoch, Sarah, Elizabeth and Lydia. In the case of Lydia, she was to be paid 50 pounds on her marriage day. If she were to die unmarried the 50 pounds would go the grandchildren, Sarah and Martha Goble, daughters of Simeon and Abigail (Conger) Goble; to Lydia, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Conger) Goble; to Zipporah and Abigail, the daughters of Daniel and Mary Conger.

Benjamin's will, dated at Morristown, was proved 10 Mar 1762. He described himself as Yoeman. To his wife, Experience, he left one third of the proceeds of his personal estate, and the use of the profits of one third of his real estate.

To his son, Daniel, he left the use of 10 acres at the east end of his plantation, adjoining Jonathan Wood. At Daniel's death it was to go to his son, Jonas. Another piece of land was given to Daniel for life, then to go to his son, Benjamin.

To Enoch he left wearing apparel and the rest of his real estate.

To daughters, Abigail and Elizabeth, 10 pounds each; to daughter, Lydia, unmarried, 50 pounds as mentioned.

Executors, son Enoch and friend, Jonathan Stiles. Witnesses: Samuel Oliver, John Primrose and Ezekiel Cheever.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 34 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Sutton, John

Summary of John SUTTON - 19 Jul 2010

Name: John SUTTON
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth 20 Apr 1674 Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ
Burial Dec 1750 (age 76) Stalton, , NJ
Death 19 Dec 1750 (age 76) Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ

1. Elizabeth CONGER
Marriage 1695 (age 21) Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ
Moses SUTTON (2 Feb 1696 - 1740)
Aaron SUTTON (2 Jul 1699 - abt 1746)
John SUTTON (19 Sep 1701 - 1761)
David SUTTON (31 Jul 1703 - Dec 1775)
Sarah SUTTON (21 Jul 1706 - )
James SUTTON (9 May 1709 - abt 1791)
Jesse SUTTON (6 Jul 1711 - )
Elizabeth SUTTON (10 Oct 1713 - )
Mary SUTTON (15 Aug 1717 - )
Ephriam SUTTON (7 Dec 1719 - 1790)

Notes (Individual)
John Sutton

PARENTS: His parents might have been, William Sutton and Damiris Bishop. Can anyone cite a source?

MARRIAGE: 1695 at Middleses, Piscataway, County, NJ is listed in Ancestral File. Does this make sense?

COMMENT-CONFLICT: The John Sutton family, as found in Ancestral File, of Jan 1996, was the source of the information shown here. Bluntly speaking, the family structure of the Sutton family, as shown in the Ancestral File, is a mess. Any researcher should consider the information shown in Ancestral File and in the work of Richard E. Henthorn as unverified. Much additional work would be necessary to confirm the various relationships.
(Written by Richard E. Henthorn)

AKA: David Sutton by Douglas Schueths

CHILDREN: At least four of John Sutton's sons were Baptist ministers. They moved together to Pennsylvania. They worked in or near Uniontown, PA, in conjunction with at least one Baptist Church, Mt. Moriah. [Note: No source citation given. REH]

Hafer, Israel

Summary of Israel HAFER - 19 Jul 2010

Name: Israel HAFER
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth bet 1781-1784
Death 7 Oct 1865 (age 84) , Guernsey Co., OH
Burial Oct 1865 (age 84) , Guernsey Co., OH, Salem Baptist

1. Hannah J. CONGER
Marriage abt 1807 (age 26)
Jacob HAFER (abt 1810 - )
Joseph HAFER (abt 1814 - )
Elias HAFER (bet 1817 and 1819 - 1870)
John HAFER (22 Nov 1824 - 13 Feb 1898)
Sarah Jane HAFER (2 Sep 1826 - 25 Dec 1863)
Rhoda J. HAFER (abt 1827 - )
Samuel HAFER (abt 1829 - )
Israel HAFER Jr. (abt 1829 - )
Charlotte HAFER (abt 1835 - )
Hester HAFER (abt 1837 - )

Notes (Individual)
Israel Hafer

AKA: Israel Hofer

RESIDENCES-CHILDREN-RELATIONSHIP: According to John Knisely, they lived in Greene Co., PA; then in Morgan Co., OH and later in Guernsey Co., OH. He lists the birth date of Israel Hafer as, Abt. 1781 and of Hannah as, Abt. 1794. The states, "Among their children were John Hafer, m. Jane McBride; Elias Hafer; and probably Joseph Hafer. ... I suspect that my ancestor, Sarah Jane Hafer, b. 2 Sep 1826, PA, d. 25 Dec 1863, Greene Co., PA, who married William Knisely, is also one of Israel and Hannah's children."

He also states, "Israel was the brother of Joseph Hafer and (probably) the brother of Jacob Hafer, b. c1795, m. Elizabeth Simpson and lived in Greene Co., Pennsylvania.".

Further, "There was a widow, Lydia Hafer on the 1840 census of Morgan Co., OH. I think it's likely she's a relative of Israel; perhaps she's the widow of his brother, Joseph."

CHILDREN: It is known from the biographical sketch of John Hafer, the husband of Jane McBride, that he was the son of Israel Hafer and Hannah Conger.

CHILDREN: Researcher John Knisely lists the children of Israel Hafer and Hannah Conger as: Jacob (probably); Joseph (probably); Elias; John; Sarah Jane his ancestor (possibly/probably); Rhoda J.; Samuel (possibly); Israel Jr.; Charlotte; Hester. Further research will be necessary to prove the members of this family.

Erlewine, Isaac

Summary of Isaac ERLEWINE - 19 Jul 2010

Name: Isaac ERLEWINE
Sex: Male
Father: Jacob S. ERLEWINE Sr. (bet 1799 and 1801 - )
Mother: Ruth CONNORS (bet 1796 and 1801 - )

Individual Facts
Birth 27 Feb 1827 Ohio Co., VA
Death 6 Feb 1890 (age 62) Grant, Perkins Co., NE
Burial 7 Feb 1890 Grant, Perkins Co., NE, Fairview Cemetery

1. Louisa MC_COY
Marriage 19 Feb 1854 (age 26) Cameron, Monroe Co., OH
Gilbert Siler ERLEWINE (26 May 1855 - 19 Jul 1930)
Charles Augustus ERLEWINE (27 Oct 1857 - 20 Jan 1942)
Ruth Arabelle ERLEWINE (3 Mar 1860 - 16 Aug 1925)
Mary Eleanor ERLEWINE (18 Jul 1862 - 7 Apr 1939)
William Isaac ERLEWINE (10 Oct 1864 - abt 6 Jul 1943)
Louisa Amanda ERLEWINE (10 Oct 1864 - 4 Dec 1943)
Nancy Jane ERLEWINE (20 Nov 1868 - 7 Apr 1939)
Minnie Catherine ERLEWINE (21 Jul 1871 - 19 Jul 1919)
Clement Walter ERLEWINE (9 Mar 1876 - 2 Jun 1943)

Notes (Individual)
Isaac Erlewine

Census: 1870, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 49-47
Isaac Earlewine, 41, WV; Louisa, 35, OH, keep house
Gilbert, 15, OH, farm work; Charles, 13, OH; Ruth R., 10, OH
Mary, 8, OH; William, 6, OH; Amanda, 6, OH; Nancy, 2, OH
Mary McCoy, 55, OH, infirm
[Note: Mary McCoy was the unmarried older sister of Louisa, she was born Abt. 1815. REH]

EMIGRATION: Isaac and Louisa Erlewine moved to Illinois sometime after Jul 1871 and were residing in Nebraska in 1874. Their son Walter was born there in Mar 1876.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

BIBLE: Dates of birth and marriages of the Isaac Erlewine children from an Erlewine family Bible. It is not known who had possession of the Bible.

RESEARCHER: Laura Jean (Trudell) Frye a descendant of Isaac Erlewine provided a family group sheet to Robert Guilinger.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wright, Reuben

Summary of Reuben WRIGHT - 18 Jul 2010

Name: Reuben WRIGHT
Sex: Male
Father: Reuben WRIGHT (26 May 1733 - 16 Sep 1807)
Mother: Hannah GRAVES (1733 - )

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1765 Northfield, , MD
Death abt 1827 (age 62) Monroe Co., OH

1. Mary E. CONGER
Marriage abt 1791 (age 26) Morris Twp., Washington Co., PA
Elizabeth WRIGHT (18 Dec 1799 - )
David WRIGHT (1794 - )
Nancy WRIGHT (abt 1796 - )
Gershom WRIGHT (abt 1797 - )
Mary WRIGHT (abt 1801 - )
Catherine WRIGHT (abt 1803 - )
Hannah Jane WRIGHT (bet 1804 and 1807 - aft 1880)
Reuben WRIGHT (abt 1805 - )
John Conger WRIGHT (16 May 1811 - 14 Jul 1890)

Notes (Individual)
Reuben Wright

PARENTS: Reuben Wright and Hannah Graves

Problem: Was he born Abt. 1765 or Abt. 1771? Robert Guilinger believes the date should be Abt. 1765 or earlier, based on the fact that he was listed "as age 45 & up" in the 1810 Greene Co., PA census. He also points out that his son, John C. Wright lists the birth place of his father and MD and of his mother as NJ in the 1880 census of Appanoose Co., IA. Dortha Walters lists, b. 1771 at Northfield, Maine. She did not list a source for this information.

Problem: Was his first name, Reuben or Ruben? Robert Guilinger states that Reuben is the most common usage.


MARRIAGE: Abt. 1791, in Morris Twp., Washington Co., PA

CHILDREN: Reuben and Mary Wright had 9 children over a 20 year period.

RESIDENCES: Abt. 1796 in Morris Twp., Greene Co., PA

COMMENT: Sometimes there is confusion about where events took place, before and after 1795, in Greene and Washington counties in Pennsylvania. Greene Co., PA was formed by splitting Washington Co., PA in two in 1795. The county seat of Greene county is Waynesburg and of Washington county it is Washington.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Census: 1800, in Greene Co., PA, Morris Twp.
(Furnished by Tom Stevens)

Census: 1810, in Greene Co., PA, Morris Twp.
Reuben Wright, listed as age 45 & up
1 female, listed as age 26-44
1 male 0-9; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 16-25; 1 male 45 & up
1 female 0-9; 1 female 10-15; 1 female 16-25; 1 female 26-44
(Furnished by Delma Bayley; 3223 So. 296th Place; Auburn, WA 98001, in 1992 to Joyce Posey)

EMIGRATION: The family moved to Ohio about 6 weeks after the birth of John C. Wright on 16 May 1811

RESIDENCES: Abt. 1812 in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp.
(Furnished by Tom Stevens and others)

CHILDREN: Children according to Tom Stevens were: Elizabeth, David, Nancy, Gersham, Catherine, Mary, Reuben, Hannah, John C.

The rolling hills of Green County, PA, were a stopping point for Reuben Wright. There he met and married Mary Conger, the Conger family having arrived in Washington County/Greene County in 1790, led by Elias D. Conger his wife and 5 children who were accompanied by: David Conger, Jr., his wife and 1 child; Mary E. Conger the sister of Elias and David; and their mother, Mary (Darby) Green Conger.

They lived in Morris Township. Several of their children were born in Green County, including my great-great-great-grandfather, John C. Wright, who was their ninth child, born 16 May 1811.

A frontiersman, Reuben Wright seemed to have an urge to move on. The family probably boarded a flatboat and went down the river to Marietta. From there, they traveled north over hilly terrain, squatting in Monroe County, Adams Township in 1812. It is not clear if all nine children accompanied them. Elizabeth, the oldest may have been out of the home by then, as well as David, the second child. The only record we have is that of John.

We speculate that Reuben squatted in Monroe County, which he could legally do in those days, for there seemed to be an adequate amount of government land available. ...
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Families, p. 317, submitted by Eric A. Stevens, with modifications to the first paragraph made by Robert Guilinger for REH)

COMMENT-DEATH: It has been reported by some that a Reuben Wright died in 1845 at Wayne Twp., Warren Co., OH. According to researcher Joyce Posey that Rubin Wright was a negro with 22 people living in the househould. She believes that Reuben Wright who married Mary Conger died in Monroe Co., OH.

Yoho, Sarah Ann (Henthorn)

Summary of Sarah Ann HENTHORN - 18 Jul 2010

Name: Sarah Ann HENTHORN
Sex: Female
Father: Elijah HENTHORN (abt 1835 - )
Mother: Nancy UNKNOWN (abt 1835 - )

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1858 Monroe Co., OH

1. Raleigh YOHO
Marriage 21 Jan 1884 (age 26) , Marshall Co., WV
Mary YOHO (abt 1886 - )
Frank YOHO (abt 1889 - )

Notes (Individual)
Sarah Ann Henthorn

CENSUS: Appears in the 1860 census of Monroe Co., OH as Sarah A., age 2.

This person might have been, Sarah Ann Henthorn, who married Raleigh Yoho.

Census: 1910 in Marshall Co., WV, Franklin District, 185 186 on Pine Ridge Road
Sarah Yoho, 48, mother of 4, 3 living, b. in WV, father born in WV,
mother born in WV, cannot read or write
Mary Gatts, daughter, 24, Marital status = W, mother of 4, 4 living,
born in WV, father born in WV, mother born in WV, cannot read or write
Frank Yoho, son, 21, single, b. WV, farm laborer, 4 months unemployed,
rented house
Lizzie Yoho, GD, 10, single, b. WV, father b. WV, mother, b. WV
James Yoho, GS, 6, single, b. WV, father b. WV, mother, b. WV
Willie Yoho, GS, 3, single, b. WV, father, b. WV, mother, b. WV
Lulu Yoho, GD, 1 3/12, single, b. WV, father, b. WV, mother, b. WV
Charles Henthorn, bro, 34, single, b. WV, father, b. WV, mother, b. WV
farm laborer, 3 months unemployed, cannot read or write

Problem: Who were the parents of Sarah Ann Henthorn? Could they have been Elijah and Nancy Henthorn who were living in Green Twp., Monroe Co., OH 206-205 at the time of the 1870 census? They had a daughter, Sarah A., age 11, which would make her date of birth, Abt 1859. Rolly Yoho was also born in 1859.

Henthorn, Elijah

Summary of Elijah HENTHORN - 18 Jul 2010

Name: Elijah HENTHORN
Sex: Male
Father: Jesse HENTHORN (15 Jan 1803 - 29 May 1878)
Mother: Hannah Jane WRIGHT (bet 1804 and 1807 - aft 1880)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1835 Monroe Co., OH

1. Nancy UNKNOWN
Eliza J. HENTHORN (abt 1857 - )
Sarah Ann HENTHORN (abt 1858 - )
Wilson Shannon HENTHORN (Jun 1860 - )
Sylvanius HENTHORN (abt 1863 - )
Mary HENTHORN (abt 1865 - )
Unknown HENTHORN (30 Dec 1868 - )
Albert HENTHORN (abt 1869 - )
Hannah HENTHORN (abt 1871 - )
John HENTHORN (9 Apr 1874 - )
Charles HENTHORN (3 Dec 1877 - )

Notes (Individual)
Elijah Henthorn

Census: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp. (P.O. Clarington) #1004/1004, p. 147, 24 Jul 1860
Elijah Henthorn, 25, m. farmer, /100, OH; Nancy, 24, f. domestic, OH
Eliza J., 3, f. OH; Sarah A., 2, f. OH; Shannan, 1/12, m. OH
(Furnished by June Thompson and Gordon Paul)

Census: 1870, in Monroe Co., OH, Green Twp. #205-206, p. 99
Elijah Henthorn, 35, OH laborer
Nancy, 35, OH, keep house
Eliza J., 13, OH, help mother
Sarah A., 11, OH, help mother
Wilson S., 9, OH
Sylvanus, 7, OH
Mary, 5, OH
Albert, 1, OH
John, VA live w/nephew
(List of names and ages from the census furnished by Denver C. Yoho With additional data from Estral Tennant)

Census: 1880, in Monroe Co., OH, Green Twp. #140

Gordon Paul found that Elijah and Nancy Henthorn of Green Twp., Monroe Co., OH had an unnamed child on 30 Dec 1868 in Clarington (followed by a ?). It was not reported whether the child lived or died?

PROBATE-LAND: Jesse Henthorn died in fee simple. A Quit Claim deed by Andrew J. to Hannah Henthorn was recorded in Vol. 37, page 67. A Quit Claim deed by Hannah Henthorn and all to Elijah Henthorn was recorded 30 Jul 1880, Vol. 37, page 72. A Warranty deed from Elijah Henthorn to John W. Shaw was recorded on 15 May 1884, Vol. 41, page 336.
(Furnished by Shirley J. Craib)

QUESTION: Is if possible that this Elijah was married twice?
MARRIAGE: Elijah Henthorn and Mary Ann Snively were married on 13 Dec 1885 in Monroe Co., OH. Andrew J. Henthorn made application for license.
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Marriage Records, Book 3 - furnished by Betty Cronin and Ray Alfred Stewart)

There was a Mary A. Snively, 51, OH living as head of household, 274-271, in Ohio Twp., Monroe Co., OH at the time of the 1870 census. There were 5 people between the ages of 30 and 17 living with her, all with the Snively surname.

Henthorn, Andrew Jackson

Summary of Andrew Jackson HENTHORN - 18 Jul 2010

Name: Andrew Jackson HENTHORN
Sex: Male
Father: Jesse HENTHORN (15 Jan 1803 - 29 May 1878)
Mother: Hannah Jane WRIGHT (bet 1804 and 1807 - aft 1880)

Individual Facts
Birth abt Oct 1832 Monroe Co., OH
Death 18 Oct 1910 (age 78) Jerusalem, Monroe Co., OH

1. Jane MC_COY
Marriage bef 2 Jul 1854 (age 21) Monroe Co., OH
Elizabeth E. HENTHORN (Feb 1857 - )
Charles Githens HENTHORN (abt 1861 - )
Nathan HENTHORN (abt 1866 - )

Notes (Individual)
Andrew Jackson Henthorn

Problem: Was the middle initial J. or G.?

QUESTION: In what year was Andrew Henthorn born? The available information is not conclusive. A date of Abt. Oct 1832 is used here
Andrew Henthorn's data
1850 census, age 18, indicates born Abt. 1832
1860 census, age 27, indicates born Abt. 1833
1870 census, age 38, indicates born Abt. 1832
1900 census, age 61, indicates born Oct 1838
1910 death, age 80, indicates born Abt. 1830

Wife, Jane McCoy Henthorn's data
1870 census, age 44, born Abt. 1826

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp. #5/5, 4 Sep 1850
Jesse Henthorn, 46, m. farmer, $300, VA; Hannah, 46, f. PA;
Merinda, 20, f. OH; Andrew, 18, m. farmer OH: Elijah, 15, m. farmer, OH;
Isaac, 13, m. OH; Nancy, 7, f. OH; Julia, 4, f. OH

MARRIAGE: Bef. 2 Jul 1854, based on the fact that the will of Gilbert McCoy mentions his daughter, Jane Henthorn.

Census: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp. (P.O. Youngs Mill), #573/573, 10
Jul 1860, page 85
Andrew J. Henthorn, 27, m. Farmer, /$100, OH
Jane, 34, f. Domestic, OH
Elisabeth, 3, f. OH
(Furnished by Gordon Paul)

Census: 1870, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp. #58/58
Andrew Henthorn, 38, OH, farmer; Jane, 44, keep house
Elizabeth, 14; Charles, 9; Nathan, 4
(1870 Census data provided by Estral Tennant)

Census: 1900, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp. #51, 52, ED Sheet 88
Andrew Henthorn, b. Oct 1838, age 61, married, b. in OH, father b. OH,
mother b. OH
Elizabeth E. Holland, b. Feb 1857, age 43, married 28 years, b. in OH,
father b. in OH, mother b. in OH
James Holland, b. Jun 1856, age 43, married 28 years, b. in OH
Source: (Note: Birth month and year for the Hollands taken from this census. James Holland and his marriage to Elizabeth also obtained from the census. Birth month of Andrew Henthorn from this census. Census furnished by Gordon Paul. REH)

PROBATE-LAND: Jesse Henthorn died in fee simple. A Quit Claim deed by Andrew J. to Hannah Henthorn was recorded in Vol. 37, page 67. A Quit Claim deed by Hannah Henthorn and all to Elijah Henthorn was recorded 30 Jul 1880, Vol. 37, page 72. A Warranty deed from Elijah Henthorn to John W. Shaw was recorded on 15 May 1884, Vol. 41, page 336.
(Furnished by Shirley J. Craib)

PROBATE: The surname of Mr. Henthorn appears in the Last Will and Testament of Gilbert McCoy, his father-in-law.

DEATH: Andrew J. Henthorn Dies
A.J. Henthorn, 80Y, died at son-in-law's home, James Holland of Rt. 3, Jerusalem, 18 Oct 1910, Civil War Veteran.
(Source: Spirit of Democracy, 20 Oct 1910)

McCoy, Gilbert

Summary of Gilbert MC_COY - 18 Jul 2010

Name: Gilbert MC_COY
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth bet 1775-1777 Rye Twp., Northumberland Co., PA
Burial May 1857 (age 82) Cameron, Monroe Co., OH, Atkinson Cemetery
Death 19 May 1857 (age 82) Monroe Co., OH

Marriage abt 1814 (age 39) Monroe Co., OH
Jane MC_COY (abt 1826 - )
Louisa MC_COY (9 Sep 1835 - 5 Feb 1910)

Notes (Individual)
Gilbert McCoy

Problem: Was the birth year, 1775 or 1776 or 1777?
Robert Guilinger believes the year, 1777, is the most likely. Two pieces of information support this. First, his age in the 1850 census is listed as, 73. Second, when he appeared before Eliel Headley, J.P., on 30 Nov 1850, to file an application for bounty land he stated that he was 73 years old. If this was the case the two Catherine Fedorchak articles, quoted here that state he died at the age of 82 should have read, "he died at the age of 80."

RELATIONSHIP: Mitchell McCoy married Keziah Atkinson and his brother, Gilbert McCoy, married her sister, Mary E. Atkinson.

LAND: On 14 Jul 1814, Gilbert McCoy bought land in Belmont Co., OH; R4, T4, S25. [Note: Part of Belmont Co. became part of the new Monroe Co., OH in 1815. REH]
(Source: "Purchasers of Land in Southeastern Ohio," by E. & O. Berry - furnished by Joyce Posey)

RESIDENCES: A Brief History of Adams Township, Monroe Co., OH
Adams Township was organized on 6 Mar 1826. Sunfish Creek flows through the middle of Adams Twp. Piney Forks is a tributary of Sunfish Creek. The township is bordered by Sunsbury, Switzerland, Salem, Green and Center townships.

Early settlers of Adams township were Charles and James Atkinson, Gilbert and Mitchell McCoy, Elias Conger, Christian Hartline, Phillip Noland, Robert Norris, Samuel Bracey and the families of Mellott and Powell.

The village of Cameron was established in 1837 by James and Mary (Brown) Atkinson. James was an early settler and a Revolutionary War veteran. Cameron was originally named Jamestown.

The first church in Adams Twp. was built near Cameron in 1825. Other churches: Mt. Zion Church of Christ (formerly known as the Bracey Church), Goudy Church of Christ, Mellott Ridge Church of Christ, Pleasant Grove Methodist Church, Cameron Church of Christ.
(Source: The Navigator, Monroe County Chapter OGS, June 1991, Vol. 4, No. 2 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 42/42, 17 Jul 1850
Gilbert McCoy, 73, m., farmer, $2000, PA
Mary, 28, f. OH; Jane, 24, f. OH; Charles, 22, m. Boatman, OH;
Louisa, 15, f. OH;
Samuel Ross, 14, m. OH; David Ross, 12, m. OH; James Ross, 9, OH
[Note: The Ross children were probably the grandchildren of Gilbert and Mary McCoy. REH]

Sharron E. Wood wrote: Gilbert McCoy was born in 1775 (sic) in Cumberland County, PA, the son of Thomas McCoy and Elizabeth Baskins. He and his brothers, John, William and Mitchell were some of the earliest settlers on Sunfish Creek, Adams Twp., Monroe Co., OH, arriving about 1817 (sic).
CONFLICT: Robert Guilinger believes that the McCoy family arrived about 1814.

Gilbert was a veteran of the War of 1812. As a sergeant, he was left on Putin Bay on the 3rd of March 1814, not being able to leave because of the ice.
(Source: "Monroe County Ohio Families," page 224, submitted by Sharron E. Wood)
COMMENT: Robert Guilinger points out that he arrived in Monroe County earlier than 1817. It was probably about 1814, right after he was released from the army, after the War of 1812. His marriage took place in 1814 in Monroe Co., OH. He also bought land in 1814 in part of Belmont Co., OH which later became part of Monroe Co., OH.

BIOGRAPHY: Gilbert McCoy, who died on May 19, 1857 in his 82nd (sic) year, and is buried in the old Cameron Cemetery was also a veteran of the War of 1812. He filed application for bounty land on the 30th day of November, 1850, before Eliel Headley, J.P. Headley may have been his son-in-law, as he was married to a Rebecca McCoy. McCoy stated he was 73 years old when making the application. This would put his birth about 1777, but the information on his tombstone would lead one to believe he was born about 1775. If your care to speculate on this with these two different bits of information, he could have been born between May and Nov. in 1776. He stated he had been a Seargeant (sic) in the company commanded by Capt. John Howell in the Regiment of Militia commanded by John Delong in the war with Great Britian declared by the United States on the 18th of June, 1812. He was drafted and joined the army at St. Clairsville, Ohio, on or about the 3rd day of Sept. 1813, for the term of 6 months. He served for 6 months and 5 days and was left on Putin Bay on the 3rd of March, 1814, on account of not being able to leave because of the ice "As will appear on the muster rolls, my being left on the island is the reason I did not get a discharge - I was left in the Detroit ship as a guard." He signed his own name to his application and received bounty land warrant #20277 for 80 acres of land for his service.

Gilbert McCoy was married to Mary Atkinson, daughter of the Revolutionary soldier, Charles Atkinson and his second wife, Elizabeth Stephens. Mary Atkinson McCoy died Jan. 10, 1849 in the 60th year of her age, and is buried in the old Cameron cemetery along with her husband.
CONFLICT: Robert Guilinger believes that there is an error in the first line of the Fedorchak article. He believes Gilbert McCoy was in his 80th year when he died.
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Vol. V, page ?, 1967 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

CEMETERY: Gilbert McCoy - died May 19, 1857 in his 82nd (sic) year - 1812 soldier and Mary McCoy, wife of Gilbert McCoy, died Jan. 10, 1849, in the 60th year of her age.
CONFLICT: Robert Guilinger believes that there is an error in the first line of the Fedorchak article. He believes Gilbert McCoy was in his 80th year when he died.
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Old Cameron/Atkinson Cemetery survey conducted in Aug 1961, Volume IV - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

PROBATE: Gilbert McCoy Will
In the name of the Benevolent Father of all I Gilbert McCoy of Monroe County Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item 1st I give and devise to my grandchildren Samuel Ross, Mary Jane Ross and David Ross one full Seventh part of my property real and personal to be divided between them as follows To Samuel Ross one half of said share also 1 bed and beding to David Ross and Mary Jane Ross the other half of said share to be equally divided between them.

Item 2nd I give and devise to the heirs of Stephen McCoy my son who is deceased one dollar.

Item 3rd I give and devise to my Daughter Mary McCoy in addition to her one Seventh part of my property one bed and bedding and one Bureau the same is now in the house.

Item 4th I will and devise to my Son William McCoy in addition to his one Seventh part of my property one ? ? of not more than fifty dollars in value.

Item 5th The remainder of my property I give and devise as follows to Rebecca Headley one full Seventh Share of all my property both real and personal to Nancy Erlewine one full Seventh part of all my property both real and personal to Mary McCoy one full Seventh part of all my property both real and personal in addition to what was mentioned in Item 2nd to Jane Henthorn one equal Seventh part of my property both real and personal to Louisa Erlewine one equal Seventh part of all my property real and personal to be divided between them if they can agree if they cannot agree in the division of the property and Estate aforesaid then they may call on three disinterested persons who will make the division which division when made Shall be conclusive between the ? ? ?

I do hereby revoke all former wills made by me. In Testimony hereof I have ? ? my hand and seal this 2nd day of July AD 1854. s/Gilbert McCoy ? and acknowledged by Said Gilbert McCoy as his Last will and testament in our presence and Signed by us in his presense
Jacob S. Erlewine
Susanna Headley
State of Ohio Monroe County
(Will Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

COMMENT: Nine children of Gilbert and Mary McCoy have been identified. In his will Gilbert McCoy writes of dividing his estate into sevenths, and then proceeds to name at least 9 people. According to Robert Guilinger the estate was divided as follows:
1) 1/7 Ross grandchildren, i.e.; the children of Sarah: Samuel (1/14th), Mary Jane (1/28th), and David (1/28th)
2) No share, His son, Stephen McCoy was mentioned in the will and given $1.00.
3) 1/7 Mary McCoy a daughter
4) 1/7 William McCoy a son
5) 1/7 Rebecca Headley a married daughter
6) 1/7 Nancy Erlewine a married daughter
7) Mary McCoy, with reference to Item 2nd, which was the Stephen McCoy bequest of $1.00
This was probably Mary Ellen McCoy, who was not identified as a daughter in the 2nd reference made to her.
8) 1/7 Jane Henthorn a married daughter
9) 1/7 Louisa Erlewine a married daughter
Charles McCoy, a 3rd son of Gilbert, is not mentioned in the will.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Conger, David Atkinson

Summary of David Atkinson CONGER - 18 Jul 2010

Name: David Atkinson CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Elias CONGER (abt 4 Oct 1789 - 17 Nov 1869)
Mother: Margaret ATKINSON (17 Jun 1793 - 20 Jun 1872)

Individual Facts
Birth 25 May 1818 Monroe Co., OH
Burial Aug 1895 (age 77) Reno, Washington Co., OH, Yankeeburg Cemetery
Death 27 Aug 1895 (age 77) Newport Twp., Washington Co., OH

1. Catherine LIPPINCOTT
Marriage 13 Apr 1840 (age 21) Monroe Co., OH
Elisha Lippincott CONGER (3 Mar 1841 - 1898)
Charles Crogan CONGER (24 Jul 1843 - 6 Sep 1924)
Evaline CONGER (25 Nov 1845 - )
Christine D. CONGER (21 Aug 1848 - 1934)
Mary E. CONGER (22 Aug 1850 - )
Elias Jasper CONGER (9 Nov 1852 - )
Julia Ann CONGER (9 Oct 1855 - 8 Jan 1937)
John Clark CONGER (9 Feb 1858 - 21 Feb 1858)
Atkinson W. CONGER (18 Oct 1859 - 20 Aug 1875)
Margaret Emmaline CONGER (31 Mar 1863 - 1 Feb 1927)

Notes (Individual)
David Atkinson Conger

BIBLE: David Conger b. 25 May 1818 and Catherine Lippincott b. 6 Sep 1820 from Conger family Bible. Dates of 4 May 1818 and 15 Sep 1820 respectively had previously been cited.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

D.A. Conger was born in Monroe county, Ohio, in 1818, and removed to Washington county, [OH] in 1857, settling in Newport township on a farm in sections twenty-one and twenty-seven. For ten years he was in the oil business. His wife, Catherine Lippincott, was born in 1820. They have had ten children, eight of whom are living.
(Source: History of Washington County, Ohio, 1788-1881, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, H.Z. Williams Bros., Publishers, 1881, Sponsored by The Washington County Historical Society, Marietta, Ohio, p. 571 - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 125/125, 23 Jul 1850
David A. Conger, 34, m., farmer, OH; Catharine, 28, f. OH
Elisha, 10, m. OH; Crogen, 8, m. OH; Everline, 6, f. OH;
Caroline, 4, f. OH
Living next door to his father and mother. Everline is probably a misspelling.

EMIGRATION: Left Monroe Co., OH in 1857 and settled in Newport Twp., Washington Co., OH.

RESIDENCES: After Sep 1857, a few miles south of Marietta, Newport Twp., Washington Co., OH with 7 children

NAME: Robert Guilinger suggests that his middle name may have been: Atkinson.

LAND: David A. Conger of Washington Co., Ohio; Charles A. Conger, Lavinia Dougherty, wife of Joshua Dougherty, and Aaron A. Conger, all of the State of Illinois, Elijah A. Conger of the State of Kansas, Mary Purtlebaugh, wife of George of the State of Indiana, Stephen L. Conger, whose place of residence is unknown, Julia K. Walton, wife of Richard K. Walton, James M. Boughner, John M. Boughner, Margaret Boughner, Mary Boughner, Juila A. Boughner, Thomas J. Boughner, Mazy Boughner, Lavinia Boughner, Michael Boughner and Margaret Conger all of the State of Ohio, Monroe Co. will take notice that a petition was filed against them on the 2nd of day of Dec. in the court of Common Pleas by Michael Boughner for partition of N 1/2 of NE 1/4 S.12, T.3, R.4, 80 acres.
(Source: Spirit of Democracy, 21 Dec 1869, found in Fedorchak - furnished by Robert Guilinger)