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Conger, Elias

Summary of Elias CONGER - 21 Jul 2010

Name: Elias CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: David CONGER Jr. (1767 - 14 Oct 1833)
Mother: Sarah WELCH (1769 - 1844)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 4 Oct 1789 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Burial Nov 1869 (age 80) Cameron, Monroe Co., OH, Atkinson Cemetery
Death 17 Nov 1869 (age 80) Cameron, Monroe Co., OH

1. Margaret ATKINSON
Marriage 17 Jun 1815 (age 25) Monroe Co., OH
David Atkinson CONGER (25 May 1818 - 27 Aug 1895)
Charles Atkinson CONGER (3 Mar 1820 - 23 Jan 1894)
Levinah CONGER (24 Dec 1822 - )
Sarah Jane CONGER (3 Jan 1824 - 11 May 1869)
Aaron A. CONGER (1 Dec 1825 - 9 Jun 1892)
Elijah Atkinson CONGER (4 Feb 1828 - 26 Jun 1901)
Mary CONGER (12 Feb 1830 - )
Julia Ann CONGER (30 Apr 1835 - )
Stephen Laven CONGER (29 Oct 1838 - 30 May 1895)
Elizabeth CONGER (20 Aug 1841 - 31 Jul 1849)

Notes (Individual)
Elias Conger

PARENTS: David Conger, Jr. and Sarah Welch

RELATIONSHIP: According to Joyce Posey this Elias Conger was the nephew of Elias Darby Conger Sr., born 8 June 1763 in New Jersey. The younger was sometimes called Elias, Jr. to differeniate. Can it be proved that he was called Junior?

Problem: Joyce Posey lists his middle initial as, "D.". Can it be proved that his middle initial was, "D."?

AKA-BIRTH-DEATH: Ancestral File of Jan 1996 lists him as: Elias Darby Conger, Jr.; born 4 Oct 1790 in Middlesex, NJ; died 17 Nov 1869 in Monroe Co., OH; buried at Old Cameron Cem., Jamestown, Monroe, OH.

BIRTH-CONFLICT: Robert Guilinger lists the following dates: b. 4 Oct 1789, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ, d. 17 Nov 1869, Cameron, Monroe Co., OH. He has the estate record, dated Dec 1869. Clyde Decker lists the following dates: b. 3 Oct 1789, d. 17 Nov 1869. Others have listed a birth date of 16 Oct 1788. Maxine Crowell Leonard lists, b. 6 Sep 1789, Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ, d. 17 Nov 1869, Cameron, Monroe, OH (CFA I, p. 140), then corrects the birth date to, 6 Apr 1790 (CFA II, p. 715)

MARRIAGE-CONFLICT: Some say he was married in Green Co., PA and others in Monroe Co., OH. Ethel Conger Heagler listed, Green Co., PA. [Note: Robert Guilinger thinks that Mrs. Heagler was in error. He states, "No source quote for location of marriage, however Margaret moved as a young child with her father, Charles Atkinson, to Monroe Co., OH around 1799. Elias moved to Monroe Co. in the 1813 time period. There is no reason to believe they were not married in 1815 in Monroe County, OH."]
QUESTION: Who can cite a source for the marriage information?

TAX_LIST: 1820 Tax List of Monroe Co., OH
Gershom Conger, R4, T4, S25 SW, 80 acres
Elias Conger, Jr., R4, T4, S25, SW, 80 acres
(Furnished by Joyce Posey)

Julianna Conger Walton wrote that her father, Elias, and Uncle Gershom entered land together in Monroe county, Ohio. They built their houses and improved the land by clearing it. Elias bought out Gershom a few years later. Gershom went west, but spent the winter of 1847 with relatives in Ohio.
(Source: The Conger Family of America - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

LAND: Elias Conger, Jr. - Range 4, Township 4, Section 25, Part of Section: East 1/2 of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 79.96 Acres. Date of Entry: December 6, 1830. Land Office Where Sold: Marietta. Residence at the time of Entry: Monroe County, Ohio. (Located now (1990) in Monroe County, Switzerland Township, Ohio River Survey) Page 21.
(Source: Tract Book - Entries - Congress Lands - 22 Ranges & U.S. Military Survey - Volume 2 - Auditor of State of Ohio. - Furnished by Joyce Posey)

COURT: Records of Clerk of Common Pleas. Elias Conger - Grand Jury for this term Sept. 1834, page 72, Journal 2.
(Source: History of Monroe County, OH, by Catherine Fedorchak, page 42 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

COURT: Records of Clerk of Common Pleas. Elias Conger, appointed appraiser of personal estate of William Lippencott, dec'd. Journal 2, page 2.
(Source: History of Monroe County, OH, by Catherine Fedorchak, page 41 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

Journal 2, June term, 1835 (Court of Common Pleas) indicates that Elias Conger and wife sued Elizabeth Atkinson, Elijah Atkinson, Abel Atkinson et. al. The Elizabeth in this record is the widow of Charles, and her maiden name was Stephens. Elias Conger was married to Margaret Atkinson, a dau. of Charles. The suit was brought to prove whether the purported will of Charles Atkinson was true. Page 131 of the same Journal 2 indicates that the court found the will to be valid. The court records also show that Elizabeth, the widow, had declined to act as executor of the will, and the court appointed John Watson. He was married to Rebecca, another dau. of Charles and Elizabeth Atkinson. Perhaps he was a brother of David Watson who was possibly married to a Duvall - see the column on Conrad Duvall.
(Source: Court of Common Pleas, June term 1835, Journal 2, p. 123-124, 131)

Also at the June term of court, 1835, Elizabeth Atkinson appeared and proved to the satisfaction of the court that Charles Atkinson, late a Revolutionary pensioner, had died 25 April 1834, leaving her, the said Elizabeth, his widow.
(Source: Court of Common Pleas, June term 1835, Journal 2, p. 119) (Fedorchak column, The Spirit of Democracy, 2 Mar 1972)

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 124/124, 23 Jul 1850
Elias Conger, 59, m. farmer, $2000, NJ; Margaret, 56, f. PA
Julia, 17, f., OH; Laven, 11, m., OH

Census: 1860, in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp., 515/515, p. 76, 6 Jul 1860
Elias Conger, 69, m. farmer, 600/350, NJ; Margaret, 66, f. domestic, PA
Stephen L., 21, m. farm laborer, /100, OH
Mary E. Ferry, 14, f. OH
(Census furnished by REH)

CEMETERY: "ELIAS CONGER; DIED; Nov. 17, 1869 AGED; 80 Ys. 1 Mo. 14 Ds" - 1812 soldier (Fedorchak comment - married Margaret Atkinson - B. 6-17-1793, died June 20, 1872, also supposed to be buried at this Cameron cemetery, but I didn't find a stone for her)
[Note: The information in quotes was verified by a photograph taken by Robert Guilinger in 1987. The only part that was unclear was the number of days. Birth date calculated from this data is: 3 Oct 1789. JoNelle Linnaus lists the number of days as, 11. REH]
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Old Cameron/Atkinson Cemetery survey conducted in Aug 1961, unknown volume - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

BURIAL: Elias Conger who is buried at the Old Cameron Cemetery has a veteran's marker on his grave, although I could not find a pension application for him. He was born about 1789, as the inscription on his marker reads: "Died Nov. 17, 1869, 80 years, 1 mon., 13 days." He was married to Margaret Atkinson (sister of Mrs. Gilbert McCoy, (above). Margaret Atkinson Conger was born June 17, 1793 and died June 20, 1872. She is also supposed to be buried at Cameron, but I did not find a marker for her.
[Note: Calculated birth date, 4 Oct 1789. REH]
(Source: Catherine Fedorchak, Vol. 5, 1967, page ? - furnished by Robert Guilinger)

BURIAL: Elias Conger, d. 17 Nov 1869, 80 y, 1 mo, 19 da., Old Cameron Cemetery
[Note: Others have read the number of days as, 14. REH]
(Source: Monroe County Navigator, June 1991, Vol. 4, No. 2, page 32 - furnished by Joyce Posey)

BURIAL: Cemetery notes from Atkinson Burying Ground (Jamestown) Cameron, OH;
Elias Conger, died 17 Nov 1868 at the age of 80 years, 1 month, 1 day.
[Note: This extraction of what the tombstones says does not agree with what several others report. It seems to have an error in the year of death, which probably reads 1869, and the number of days he lived, which probably reads, 13. or 14. REH]
(Furnished by: Delbert Henthorn)

COURT: Legal Notice
David A. Conger of Washington Co., Ohio; Charles A. Conger, Lavinia Dougherty, wife of Joshua Dougherty, and Aaron A. Conger, all of the State of Illinois, Elijah A. Conger of the State of Kansas, Mary Purtlebaugh, wife of George of the State of Indiana, Stephen L. Conger, whose place of residence is unknown, Julia K. (sic) Walton, wife of Richard K. Walton, James M. Boughner, John M. Boughner, Margaret Boughner, Mary Boughner, Julia A. Boughner, Thomas J. Boughner, Mazy Boughner, Lavinai Boughner, Michael Boughner, and Margaret Conger all of the State of Ohio, Monroe Co. will take notice that a petition was filed against them on the 2nd day of Dec. in the court of Common Pleas by Michael Boughner for partition of N 1/2 of NE 1/4 S.12, T.3, R.4 - 80 acres.
(Source: Spirit of Democracy, 21 Dec 1869, found in Fedorchak, unknown volume - furnished by Robert Guiliinger)

Elias Conger (1789-1869), the great-great grandfather of researcher, Robert Guilinger, apparently left Washington Co., PA about 1813 and moved to Monroe Co., OH. There he resided and worked on the farm of his uncle, Elias Darby Conger (1763-1843). It is my opinion that Elias Conger left Pennsylvania in 1813 to avoid being drafted to serve in the War of 1812. Elias, being the oldest son of David Conger (1767-1833), was the first in line to inherit the family farm. I think his father gave Elias his inheritance as a lump sum when he left home.

Elias married a few months after the end of the War of 1812 on 17 Jun 1815 and bought a farm in Monroe Co., OH. He and his wife, Margaret Atkinson, had 10 children, all born in Monroe Co., OH.

I am descended from David A. Conger (1818-1895), the oldest son of Elias and Margaret.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

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