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George Washington Henthorn & Lucinda J. Smith

Descendant List of George Washington HENTHORN - 30 Apr 2008
1-George Washington HENTHORN
b: 29 Dec 1848 in Washington Twp., Monroe Co., OH
d: 13 Jan 1928 in Sylvan, Richland Co., WI
+Lucinda J. SMITH
b: 21 Oct 1855 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH
m: 11 Aug 1872 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH
d: 9 Oct 1921 in , , WI
2-Minnie Myrtle HENTHORN
b: 20 Dec 1876 in Sylvan, Richland Co., WI
d: 9 Dec 1933 in La Crosse, Bad Axe Co., WI
+David Palmer GANDER
b: 8 Aug 1877 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
m: 30 May 1900 in North Clayton, Crawford Co., WI
d: 28 Jan 1961 in Richland Center, Richland Co., WI
3-Fay Dean GANDER Sr.
b: 30 Apr 1901 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
d: Apr 1993 in , , WI
3-Dennis Kale GANDER
b: 25 Mar 1903 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
d: 5 Apr 1980 in Lodi, Columbia, WI
b: 1 Jan 1904 in , , WI
d: 1 Jan 1904 in , , WI
3-Bertha GANDER
b: 21 Dec 1905 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
d: 6 Nov 1991
3-Elma May GANDER
b: 11 Aug 1907 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
3-Della GANDER
b: 29 Oct 1909 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
3-Mabel GANDER
b: 10 Mar 1911 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
b: 7 Mar 1913 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
d: 15 Jul 1965 in Madison, Dane Co., WI
3-Ethra GANDER
b: 15 Sep 1915 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
3-Naomi GANDER
b: 3 Oct 1916 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
d: 10 Mar 1997 in Whitewater, Walworth Co., WI
b: 17 Jan 1918 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
3-Hubert GANDER
b: 16 Aug 1920 in Clayton Twp., Crawford Co., WI
d: 9 Jun 1995 in Sauk City, Sauk Co., WI

Prepared by:
Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn
5403 76th Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705


Revised: 26 Sep 2009

Joseph Henthorn & Ruth Ann Boughner

Summary of Joseph HENTHORN - 30 Apr 2008

Name: Joseph HENTHORN
Sex: Male
Father: Adam HENTHORN (Jan 1781 - 12 Aug 1830)
Mother: Nancy HOOD (4 Jul 1783 - 4 Sep 1847)

Individual Facts
Birth bet 1810-1812 , Monroe Co., OH
Death 1852 Salem Twp., Monroe Co., OH
Ref # P2DR-9S

1. Ruth Ann BOUGHNER
Marriage abt 1830 , Monroe Co., OH

  • Andrew Wilson HENTHORN (abt 1831 - 5 Aug 1898)
  • Emiline HENTHORN (4 Apr 1833 - 25 Mar 1905)
  • Mary HENTHORN (abt 1835 - )
  • Nancy HENTHORN (17 May 1837 - 12 May 1866)
  • Ephraim H. HENTHORN (5 Dec 1839 - 29 Dec 1886)
  • Sarah Jane HENTHORN (1 Sep 1838 - 1 Mar 1879)
  • Amelia HENTHORN (abt 1842 - 1893)
  • Anna Malinda HENTHORN (abt 1844/45 - )
  • Margaret HENTHORN (bet 1845 and 1847 - )
  • Armazy HENTHORN (bet 1845 and 1847 - 1868)
  • Minerva HENTHORN (abt 1850 - bef 1860)
  • Cornelia Ellen HENTHORN (1852/53 - 28 Feb 1908)
Joseph Henthorn

Census: 1840, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp.
Joseph Henthorn
00-05, 0; 05-10, 0; 10-15, 1; 15-20, 0; 20-30, 1; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 0; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
00-05, 3; 05-10, 0; 10-15, 1; 15-20, 0; 20-30, 1; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 0; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
[Note: Next door to his mother, Nancy Henthorn. REH]
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County
Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

LEGAL_MATTER: Notice of Partition:
NOTICE OF PARTITION: Eli Baldwin and Anne, his wife vs. Joseph Henthorn, Elizabeth Henthorne, Andrew Henthorne, Margaret Ullom, Phebe Henthorne, Mary Clark and Daniel Clark, her husband, Jane Henthorne, and Daniel Henthorne. The defendant Jane Henthorne who is a resident of the State of Virginia will take notice that the petitioner Eli Baldwin and Ann, his wife, on the 13th day of January, 1848, filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe Co., Ohio their petition in which they as heirs of Adam Henthorne deceased, ask for partition of real estate therein described as land of which the said Adam Henthorne died siezed. Petition for hearing will be at the June term, 1848 of said court.
(Source: Spirit of Democracy, 10 Jun 1848, from Fedorchak, Vol. IV, p. 42)

Census: 1850, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp. #205/205, 10 Sep 1850.
Joseph Henthorn, 38, m. farmer OH; Ruth, 40, f. PA; Willson, 19, m.
OH; Emeline, 17, f. OH; Mary, 15, f. OH; Nancy, 13, f. OH; Sarah, 12, f.
OH; Ephraim, 10, m. OH; Amelia, 8, f. OH; Ann, 5, f. OH; Margaret, 3, f.
OH; Armazy, 2, f. OH; Minerva, 2/12, f. OH.

BIRTH-DEATH: Henthorn/Bell document gives the dates as: b. 1812, d. ABT 1855.

Prepared by:
Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn
5403 76th Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705

Revised: 26 Sep 2009
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Daniel Gorby & Elizabeth Anguish

Summary of Daniel GORBY - 30 Apr 2008

Name: Daniel GORBY
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth 1815 Ohio Co., VA
Death 1895 Marshall Co., WV
Burial New Bethel Cemetery, Bowman Ridge, Marshall Co., WV

1. Elizabeth ANGUISH
Marriage 4 Aug 1838 Marshall Co., VA1

  • Anne GORBY (1839 - )
  • Lydia GORBY (1841 - 1887)
  • Jane GORBY (1845 - 19 Sep 1901)
  • Vincent Parsons GORBY (15 Oct 1847 - 14 Oct 1900)
  • Samuel GORBY (1856 - )
  • Mary E GORBY (1861 - 9 Sep 1901)

Marriage 27 Nov 1879 Marshall Co., WV

Marshall Co 1840 census page 31
Gorby, Daniel 20-30, female 0-5, female 15-20

#367 Marshall Co 1850
Gorby, Daniel 34 PA, Elizabeth 29 VA, Anne 11 VA, Lydia 9 VA, Jane 5 VA, Vincent 2 VA, Lydia Anguish 26 VA

#729 Marshall Co 1860
Gorby, Daniel 45 VA, Elisabeth 39 VA, Jane 15 VA, Vincent 12 VA, David 10 VA, William 6 VA, Samuel 4 VA, Mary E 1 VA

#168 Meade Dist Marshall Co 1870
Gorby, Jonathan 56 OH, Elizabeth 48 VA, David 19 VA, William 15 VA, Samuel 14 VA, Mary 12 VA

#37 Meade Dist Marshall Co 1880
Gorby, Daniel 65 OH PA PA, Lydia 55 wife VA VA VA, David 30 (m) son VA OH VA, Ida C 4 gdau WV, Mary L 2 gdau WV, Viola 3/12 gdau WV, Nancy Blake 17 mistress VA VA VA, Elora Blake 9/12 dau WV VA VA

1. Marriage Records, Marshall Co, WV, bk 1 pg 18.

Prepared by:
Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn
Using Data Supplied By:
T. Vernon Anderson
Glen Dale, WV

John Henthorn (Hinthorn) & Margaret Downard

Summary of John HENTHORN - 30 Apr 2008

Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth 26 Dec 1752 , Frederick Co., MD
Death 19 Nov 1820 Newark, Licking Co., OH
Ref # 3T4K-KH

Margaret DOWNARD
Marriage 1 Jun 1776 Fairfield, Licking Co., OH

  • William H. HINTHORN (abt 1777 - 16 Nov 1859)
  • Mary HINTHORN (17 Aug 1780 - 25 Oct 1848)
  • Isaac H. HINTHORN (12 Mar 1783 - 15 Dec 1848)
  • Rebecca HINTHORN (18 Jul 1785 - 18 Feb 1864)
  • John W. HINTHORN (1787 - 1837/38)
  • Sarah HINTHORN (4 May 1790 - 16 Jul 1873)
  • Stephen Downard HINTHORN (19 Nov 1792 - 19 Dec 1838)
  • Adam HINTHORN (17 Apr 1794 - 15 Sep 1857)
John Henthorn

BIRTH: 26 Dec 1752, Frederick Co., MD
(Furnished by Norma Henthorn)

BIRTH: The Ancestral File (3T4K-KH) shows, b. [1733]. He is also in the file as, John Henthorn, b. Abt 1752 (Q50M-PB).

1782 Jun 7 - adjoinee in deed, Nottinghame Twp. Washington Twp., Washington Co. PA

1782 - Private in Washington Co., PA Militia, 5th Battalion, in Capt. Robert Ramsey's company - PA VI 2 (Source: Pennsyvlania Archives, 6th Series, V. II, p. 185)

1787 - taxed in Ohio Co., (W) VA

1800 - taxed in Newport Twp., now Monroe Co., OH

1801 - in summer moved his family to Licking Co., OH

1804 - administrator for brother, James Henthorn of then Belmont Co., OH (now Monroe Co., OH) (Source: Letters of Administration, Book O, p. 33, Belmont Co. OH - furnished by Norma Henthorn)

1806 abt - built a small grist mill on Spencer's Run, Licking Co., OH (Source: History of Licking Co. by N.N. Hill, 1881, p. 578)

1806 - taxed in Licking Twp., Fairfield (now Licking) Co. (Source: Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, V. 1 #2, p. 68)

1820 Nov 19 - died near Newark, Licking Co., OH

1829 fall - all family members, except Mary Archer, left Licking Co., OH to move to Illinois. They eventually settled in McLean Co., IL

MILITARY: He served in the Washington county, PA, militia during the Revolutionary War, in the 5th Battalion.

REFERENCE: "About the year 1806 Mr. John Henthorn built the first mill on Spencer's Run. It was a mere corn cracker, about twelve feet square, with buhrs or millstones about the size of a large grindstone."
(Source: History of Licking County, Ohio, compiled by N.N. Hill, 1881, page 578, Newton Twp. - furnished by Ruth Hanthorne)

REFERENCE: History of Licking Co., OH by E. Brister, Vol. I, Newton Twp. About the year 1806, John Henthorn built a grist mill on Spencers Run. It was a mere corn-cracker, about 12' square with buhrs or millstones about the size of largestones.
(Furnished by Ray Alfred Stewart)

Census: 1820 in Licking Co., OH, Washington Twp.
John Hinthorn; 1 male 18 to 26; 1 male 26 to 45; 1 male over 45
1 female 16 to 26; 1 female over 45
(Furnished by Norma Henthorn)

COMMENT: The courthouse in Licking Co., OH burned 3 Apr 1874/1875, destroying most records. They have attempted to reconstruct as many records as they could.

AKA: It is thought that the descendants of this John Henthorn spell the surname with an "i," Hinthorn. He is sometimes listed as "John Henthorn (the lesser).

RESIDENCES: Henthorn/Bell lists the place of death as: Licking Co., OH. He lived in Ohio Co., VA and Licking Co., OH.

MARRIAGE: Esther Hinthorne lists the date and place of marriage as: 1 Jun 1776; Fairfield, Licking Co., OH. She lists the date and place of death as: 19 Nov 1820, Licking Co., OH and the place of burial as Licking Co., OH.

CONFLICT: Some have reported that he died at Uniontown, Fayette, PA.
This seems highly unlikely in light of the fact that he had moved the family to Licking Co., OH in 1801.

RESIDENCES: Evidence of Henthorn / Hinthorn in Licking Co. OH (Furnished by Ray Alfred Stewart)

John Henthorn was acting Justice of the Peace in Etna.

John Henthorn was a bondsman for John Mentser (Heir of David Mentser) 24 Aug 1839,w/ Samuel Pee and John Guthrie.

Isaac Hinthorn was a bondsman w/James Porter for William Porter, James, McFadden, 21 Jun 1831

John Hinthorn was appraiser for estate of Daniel Warner. Richard Lamson and Calvin Warner were administrators, 20 Nov 1834.

John Henthorn was adm. w/Thomas Halmes and Martin Lincoln for George Hill.
Bond set at $400.00, 27 May 1837.

John Henthorn was appointed as Administrator w/Richard Lamson for Joshua H. Goodridge. Bond set at $60.00. 27 May 1837

EMIGRATION-CHILDREN: All but one of the offspring of John and Margaret Henthorn moved to McLean county, Illinois where they settled in Money Creek Township.

COMMENT: The Union Chapel and Hinthorn Cemetery, located on the banks of Lake Bloomington, McLean County, IL holds a significant place in the history of the Hinthorn(e) family. The following two articles provide information about the history of the church and cemetery.

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Lake Chapel Service To Center on Mural
Services at Hinthorn Union Chapel at Lake Bloomington Sunday will be focused on a mural of the Last Supper, an itinerant sign painter's gift to the church some years ago.

History has it that George Swan of Peoria offered to paint a picture for the church in return for a pair of overalls, his board, paints, and whisky. The offer was accepted and he was given a small Sunday school card of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" to copy, the Rev. Frank Breem director of East Bay Camp, said.

"What took Da Vinci 10 years to do, he did in a week - very crudely of course," Mr. Breen added. Swan died a couple years later while still in his 20s, a victim of alcoholism.

The Sunday service will center on interpreting the picture in song and story. Mr. Breen will lead the meditation on the four groupings of disciples in the painting, and the meditation on Christ will be led by the Rev. Roger Leham, associate pastor of the Cemtral Christian Church of Danville.

[Note: the article is headed by a picture of the mural and the altar.
Retyped by Rex K. King Jan, 2000]
(Source: Article from Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, McLean, IL. Saturday, Aug. 12, 1961)

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Loyal Friends Restore Chapel By June Simpson
A country chapel at the south edge of Lake Bloomington owes its restoration to a few women with a strong sense of family tradition.

Hinthorn Union Chapel, built in the first decade of the twentieth century, had ceased to be used for church services in the 1940s.

In 1954 a ladies aid was formed with only six active members. Many of these women were decendants of the Hinthorn and Vandegraft families, pioneers in the Lake Bloomington, Hudson area.

Prime Mover in the restoration of the church interior was the late Mrs. Emmett Hinthorn of 1203 N. Park. She served as the first president of the Ladies Aid. Assisting her was Mrs. Henry Geiger of Lexington.

Mrs. Hinthorn's daughter, Mrs. Alberta Johnson of the Park address, is carrying on her work.

Mrs. Hinthorn's other three daughters, Mrs. Dale Jennings of 1405 W. Graham, Mrs. Francis Canull of 107 S Linden, Normal, and Mrs. Tom Gaffney of R R 3, are also active members of the society.

Land for the cemetery, adjoining the church, was donated on June 1, 1887, by Charles E. Cox, Effie D. Cox, J.W. Aldrich, Flora S. Aldrich, Jackson Vandegraft and Mary Vandegraft. Jackson Vandegraft was the great grandfather of Mrs. Johnson and her sisters.

Land was donated as a free burial ground for descendants of the donors, and for members of the community.

The chapel is called Hinthorn because a member of that family was the first person buried there.

By 1958, after four years of staging ham and chicken suppers and ice cream socials, there was enough money to restore the interior of the nondenominational church. It was wired, lighting fixtures were purchased, floors were treated for termites, sanded and finished, carpeting was bought for aisles and altar, stoves were put in, roofing was completed and draperies purchased.

All this was made possible through the efforts of these few women.

There is no congregation at the church though church services are held in the summer time by the Rev. Frank Breen and Robert Johnson. Persons from the East Bay area attend.

The Ladies Aid Society will hold an ice cream social on July 29 from 4 to 8 p.m. Funds from this will be used to paint the interior of the church.

Note: the article above is accompanied by six pictures

  • Picture 1; frontal view of chapel-captioned, Nondenominatiol Chapel Was Built at Turn of Century.
  • Picture 2; four women inside chapel-captioned, Decendants of Jackson Vandegraft include four sisters, Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Canull, and Mrs. Gaffney. They presented the planter above as a memorial for their mother.
  • Picture 3; two women-captioned, Mrs. Ed Weber, left is president of the society. Right is Mrs. Charles Arbuckle whose father cared for the cemetery and church.
  • Picture 4; view of cemetery-captioned, Lake Bloomington Lies to North of Chapel Cemetery.
  • Picture 5; Large painting of The Last Supper-captioned, Painting of the Last Supper was done in the church by an itinerant drunkard, who for the paint, overalls and liquor, painted the huge work in one week.
  • Picture 6; view of large head stone-captioned, Jackson Vandegraft, who lies in the chapel yard was an original donor.
[Retyped by Rex K. King Jan, 2000]
(Source: Article from Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, McLean, IL. Sunday, July 22, 1962)

Prepared by:
Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn
5403 76th Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705

Revised: 26 Sep 2009
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Charles H. Atkinson

I Charles H. Atkinson b: Jan 27, 1797 in Cumberland County PA. d: Jul 26, 1880 in Marietta, OH
.. +Nancy Henthorn b: Feb 13,1796 in Monroe Co, OH m: Aug 8,1816 d: Aug 17,1845 in Washington Co. OH
....... 2 William Atkinson b: May 3,1817 in Washington Co. OH
........... +Jane Templeton b: 1818 in Washington Co. OH m: Mar 8,1838 in Washington Co. OH d: 1848 in Washington Co. OH
................ 3 Nancy Atkinson b: 1839
................ 3 Martin Atkinson b: 1840
.................... +Sarah b: 1841 m: Abt. 1860
............. ... 3 Leander Atkinson b: 1841
................ 3 Margaret Atkinson b: 1846
................ 3 Robert Atkinson b: 1848
*2nd Wife of William Atkinson:
........... +Theda Patterson b: 1817 in Washington Co. OH m: Oct 4, 1849 in Washington Co. OH
....... 2 James H. Atkinson b: Jan 7, 1819 in Washington Co. OH d: Mar 26, 1882 in Spencer, WV
........... +Margaret Templeton b: 1816 in Washington County, OH m: Nov 1, 1838 in Washington County, OH d: 1897 in Spencer, WV
................ 3 Mary Ann Atkinson b: Aug 9, 1841 in Washington Co. OH d: Sep 26, 1933 in Roane Co, WV
.................... +James H. Stanley b: Apr 2,1841 in Washington Co, Ohio
..... I . *2ndHusband of Mary Ann Atkinson:
.................... +John House
................ *3rd Husband of Mary Ann Atkinson:
... +E. D. Washburn
................ 3 William Atkinson b: 1842 d: Jul 23, 1864
................ 3 Charles Atkinson b: Dec 17, 1843 d: Jul 30, 1916 in Reedy, WV
.................... +Sara Evelsizer b: 1859 in Roane County, WV m: May 10, 1879 d: Mar 20,1933 in Reedy, WV
................ 3 George Templeton Atkinson b: Oct 20, 1846 in Washington Co. OH d: Feb 20, 1924 in Combs, Ritche County WV
.................... +Sarah Agnes Britton b: May 28,1848 in Washington Co. OH m: Nov 26,1868 in Washington Co. OH d: Oct 28,1912 in Ritchie Co. WV
................ 3 James Atkinson, Jr. b: 1848
................ 3 Cyntha Atkinson b: 1849
................ 3 Nancy Atkinson b: 1850
................ 3 Elizabeth Ellen Atkinson b: 1854
.................... +Bert Dalrymple b: Nov 17,1851 in Warren, PA m: 1877
................ 3 Sarah Atkinson b: Sep 3, 1854 d: Apr 6, 1928
.................... +Thomas McGraw b: Mar 31, 1856 in Elizabeth, WV m: Dec 16, 1880 d: Jul 24, 1942 in Parkersburg, WV
................ 3 Leander Locke Atkinson b: Jul 20, 1858 in Meigs County, OH d: Feb 14, 1942 in Reedy, WV
.................... +Elizabeth Jane Nester b: Jul 8,1860 in Spencer, WV m: Nov 14,1880 in Spencer, WV d: Mar 13,1951 in Reedy, WV
....... 2 Elizabeth Atkinson b: Mar 2, 1821 in Washington Co. OH d: Aug 10, 1845 in Washington Co. OH
........... +Unknown Anderson m: Oct 13,1842
....... 2 Cynthia Atkinson b: Apr 12, 1823 in Washington Co. OH d: Aug 12, 1849
... +? m: Jul 27,1843
....... 2 Mary Ann Atkinson b: May 14, 1825

+? m: Feb 14, 1839
....... 2 Nancy E. Atkinson b: Jan 25, 1827
. ....... 2 Leander L. Atkinson b: Nov 13, 1829
....... 2 LaFayette Atkinson b: Jan 15, 1833 in Washington Co. OH d: Mar 11, 1850 in Washington Co. OH
....... 2 Washington Atkinson b: Jan 15, 1833 in Washington Co. OH d: May 28, 1833 in Washington Co. OH

*2nd Wife of Charles H. Atkinson:
.. +Hannah Rogers b: Oct 15,1811 in Washington Co. OH m: Jul 18,1851 in Washington Co. OH d: Jan 14,1859 in Washington Co. OH
....... 2 Mary E. Atkinson b: 1852
....... 2 Nancy Atkinson b: 1853
*3rd Wife of Charles H. Atkinson:
+Mary Ann Wood b: Dec 23,1814 in Washington Co. OH m: Sep 1, 1859 in Washington Co. OH d: 1896 in Washington Co. OH

Shared by: Bill M. Atkinson

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Asenath (Arsenah) Conger & Thomas Goldsmith

I have the following information from: Becker, John (1994). "Goldsmith: A Genealogy Becker, born in 1632, great grandson of Tabitha Goldsmith (1840-1930)." Becker Associates, Concord, Ontario. October 1994. ISBN 0-919387-25-X

Asenath (Arsenah) CONGER b: 22 Dec 1755, Piscataway NJ. dau of David Conger and Rachel Willson (Wilson) m: Thomas Goldsmith c1776 (son of Thomas Goldsmith and Phoebe Gilbert)

Asenath & Thomas Goldsmith removed to Canada in 1786 with two children (Stephen and Rachel) and with Asenath's parents - David & Rachel Conger. Asenath and the children traveled with the Conger family while Thomas struggled to herd cattle through the Wilderness - and losing all but one heifer.

They eventually received land grants in Hallowell Twp., Prince Edward Co., Midland District.

When the first Methodist church was built in Hallowell near Picton in 1809 it was built on the corner of David Conger's farm. The church, known as Whites Chapel, still stands today as an Historical Monument. Stephen Goldsmith, the oldest son of Thomas (UE) and grandson of David Conger contributed his labor as a young man to the building of this chapel and his efforts are recorded in the "day book" kept by Stephen Conger for the expenses of building the chapel.

I also have a note that David Conger's name was struck off U.E. List: OC 28 Feb 1805. - I think that was listed in Reid.

I recommend Becker's work. I received a copy through interlibrary loan. Becker is descended through Thomas and Asenath's first born son Stephan who married Elizabeth Hagerman and also their daughter Sabra Ann Gardiner Goldsmith who married Richard R. Clute.

I have these notes because I'm trying to locate the ancestors of Eliza Goldsmith.
Eliza Goldsmith b. abt 1825. - died 3 Jan 1890 in her 65th year m: Jan 13, 1844 - Aaron Spike Marriage Certificate reads: I certify that I married Aaron Spike and Eliza Goldsmith, both of Portland this 13 of January 1844 By publication of Banns in presence of William Goldsmith and Hester A. Wortman as witness.
My Hand Robert Perry Esq. Witnesses Present - William Goldsmith, Hester A Wortman.

William could be father, brother or other male relation.Hester is unrelated as far as I have been able to determine.

Spike papers also have a reference to a John Goldsmith in Aaron's father's will c1840.

Aaron and Eliza named their children: Phoebe (Phebe Ann); William Bryan; Eliza Phadila Jane; and Mary Ida Maud Spike. William, Bryan, and Mary are all names in the Spike family - also Elizabeth. Phoebe, Phadila, Jane, Ida, & Maud are not found in previous generations of Spikes.

Do you have any information of the descendants of Thomas and Asenath, esp. sons John m: Phoebe Orser and Thomas m: Mary?

Becker makes a reference to a publication "The Descendants of David Conger" compiled by Beach Conger in 1968. I haven't seen a copy of the document yet.

(Source: Posted by Valerie (Unknown) on GenForum Aug 2000 -

Isa Charlene Young - Ahnentafel

Ahnentafel of Isa Charlene YOUNG - 20 Apr 2008

First Generation
1. Isa Charlene YOUNG: born on 4 Jan 1923 in Silver Hill, Marshall, WV; died on 22 Nov 1994 in Steubenville, Jefferson, OH.

Second Generation
2. Covert Woodburn YOUNG: born on 3 Oct 1902 in Pleasant Ridge, Marshall, WV; married on 4 Dec 1922 in Moundsville, Marshall, WV; died on 23 Apr 1969 in Steubenville, Jefferson, OH, Ohio Valley Hospital.
3. (Minnie) Leota Mae MILLER: born on 4 Oct 1903 in Silver Hill, Wetzel, WV; died on 21 Mar 1976 in Mingo Junction, Jefferson, OH.

Third Generation
4. Elijah Burge YOUNG: born on 20 Nov 1855; married on 11 Sep 1879 in Adeline, , WV; died on 25 Feb 1945 in Pleasant Ridge, Marshall Co., WV.
5. Virginia Belle NEELY: born on 20 Aug 1864; died on 27 Sep 1938.

Fourth Generation
10. Isaac NEELY: born in 1830; died in 1916.
11. Susan Jane ANGUISH: born on 20 Aug 1847.

Fifth Generation
22. William ANGUISH: born in 1778.
23. Elizabeth GORBY: born in 1810; died in 1891.

Prepared by:
Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn
5403 76th Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20784-1705

Alton Paul Yeater, Sr. - Ahnentafel

Ahnentafel of Alton Paul YEATER Sr. - 20 Apr 2008

First Generation
1. Alton Paul YEATER Sr.: born on 16 Nov 1904 in Proctor, Wetzel Co, WV; died on 13 Nov 1968 in Moundsville, Marshall Co, WV.

Second Generation
2. Thomas Wiley YEATER: born on 7 Feb 1881 in Adaline, Marshall Co, WV; married on 17 Jan 1904 in Bride's Home, Howard, Marshall Co, WV; died on 21 Nov 1967 in Reynolds Memorial Hosp, Glen Dale, Marshall Co, WV.
3. Etta Margaret YOHO: born on 24 Aug 1882 in Howard, Greenfield Rdg, Marshall Co, WV; died on 6 Jul 1963 in 1210 4th St, Moundsville, WV.

Third Generation
4. Nathaniel Walker YEATER: born in Jun 1852 in Adaline, Marshall Co, VA; married on 17 Jul 1879 in Marshall Co, WV; died on 6 Oct 1930 in Kausooth, Marshall Co, WV.
5. Sarah Emma MASON: born on 3 Apr 1860 in Fish Ck, Marshall Co, VA; died in 1928 in Marshall Co, WV.

Fourth Generation
10. Job C MASON: born on 6 Jan 1823 in Ohio Co, VA; married on 7 Dec 1845 in Marshall Co, VA; died on 4 Jan 1885 in Liberty Dist, Marshall Co, WV.
11. Anne RUCKMAN: born on 28 Mar 1824 in Ohio Co, VA; died on 21 May 1889 in nr Adaline, Marshall Co, WV.

Fifth Generation
20. Jacob MASON: born on 13 Nov 1795 in Washington Co, PA; married on 25 Nov 1819 in Ohio Co, VA; died on 4 Jan 1885 in Liberty Dist, Marshall Co, WV.
21. Hannah GORBY: born in 1798 in Washington Co, PA; died after 1880 in Liberty Dist, Marshall Co, WV.

Sixth Generation
42. Job GORBY: born in 1760 in Chester Co, PA; married about 1793 in Washington Co, PA; died in 1841 in Hiramsburg, Noble Co, OH.
43. Nancy (Hannah) RICHMOND: born in 1770 in Lancaster, PA; died in 1856 in Hiramsburg, Noble Co, OH.

Seventh Generation
86. John RICHMOND: born in 1737; married.
87. Hannah SMITH.

Eighth Generation
174. Thomas SMITH: married.
175. Elizabeth SANDERS.

Prepared by:
T. Vernon Anderson
Moundsville, WV

Earl D. Stiles - Ahnentafel

Ahnentafel of Earl D. STILES - 20 Apr 2008


First Generation
1. Earl D. STILES: born on 1 Sep 1901.

Second Generation
2. Louise STILES: married on 26 Oct 1900 in Norwalk, Huron, OH.
3. Florance Ellin BENSON: born on 28 Mar 1877.

Third Generation
6. Myron E. BENSON: married on 1 May 1874 in Hartland, Huron, OH.
7. Harriet E. BRIGGS: born on 29 Sep 1855 in Hartland, Huron, OH; died on 19 Jan 1889.

Fourth Generation
14. Sewell Chester BRIGGS Jr.: born on 18 Feb 1831 in Trumbell, , OH; married on 26 Oct 1854 in Fitchville, Huron, OH; died in 1868 in Hartland, Huron, OH.
15. Sarah M. BLAKEMAN: born in 1838; died in 1905.

Fifth Generation
28. Sewell Chester BRIGGS Sr.: born in 1783 in Oakham, Worchester, MA; married on 13 Feb 1817 in , Washington, OH; died on 21 Dec 1845 in Williams, , OH.
29. Nancy KYGER: born in 1796 in , Monongalia, VA/WV.

Gershom Conger & John J. Conger

Notes for Gershom CONGER

OCCUPATION: horse breeder, farmer, storekeeper

MARRIAGE: On 17 Mar 1882 at Jackson Co., WV, Gershom Conger, age 22, born in Monroe Co., OH, residence, Wiseburg, married Nancy Lockhart, age 23, born in Jackson Co, VA/WV.
(Source: Copied from Jackson Co., WV records by Mrs. Robert Francy of Toronto, OH - Fedorchak column 23 Feb 1979, p. 4)

CEMETERY: United Methodist Church, Limestone Cemetery, Wood Co., WV


Notes for John J. CONGER

MARRIAGE: On 13 Aug 1865 in Jackson Co., WV, John J. Conger, age 24, farmer, born in Monroe Co., OH, son of Stephen and Mary, married Margaret Hughes, age 19, born in Jackson Co., VA/WV, daughter of William and Malinda.
(Source: Copied from Jackson Co., WV records by Mrs. Robert Francy of Toronto, OH - Fedorchak column 23 Feb 1979, p. 4 - furnished by Joyce Posey)


Gander & Henthorn - Ahnentafel

16 Aug 2000
Note: 1st and 2nd Generation omitted for privacy reasons.


4 Harvey H. SHERWOOD: b 16 Oct 1906 Gays Mills,Crawford,WI; m 17 Nov
1928 Gays Mills,Crawford,WI; d 12 Jun 1981 Whitewater,Walworth,WI
5 Bertha GANDER: b 21 Dec 1905 Clayton Twp.,Crawford,WI; bu Nov 1991
Gays Mills,Crawford,WI

10 David Palmer GANDER: b 8 Aug 1877 Clayton Twp.,Crawford,WI; m 30 May
1900 North Clayton,Crawford,WI; d 28 Jan 1961 Richland Center,
11 Minnie Myrtle HENTHORN: b 20 Dec 1876 Sylvan,Richland,WI; d 9 Dec
1933 La Crosse,La Crosse,WI

20 Nathan Henry GANDER
21 Sarah UNKNOWN
22 George Washington HENTHORN: b 29 Dec 1848 Washington Twp.,Monroe,OH;
m 11 Aug 1872 Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH; d 12 Jan 1928 Kickapoo,Vernon,
23 Lucinda Jane SMITH: b 21 Oct 1855 Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH; d 9 Oct
1921 Readstown,Vernon,WI

44 Stephen HENTHORN: b 9 Feb 1812 ,Monroe,OH; m Abt 1830 Salem Twp.,
Monroe,OH; d 9 Mar 1874 Sylvan,Richland,WI
45 Sarah RANDALL: b 31 Dec 1810 ,Greene,PA; d 29 Jan 1880 Sylvan,
46 Ledger O. SMITH: b 24 Mar 1832
47 Lucinda WAITE: b 17 Aug 1836; bu Dec 1855 ,Lake,IL,Grant Cemetery

88 James L. HENTHORN III: b 8 Jun 1775 ,,VA; m Abt 1800 Salem Twp.,
Monroe,OH; d 11 Sep 1859 Washington Twp.,Monroe,OH
89 Nancy BOWEN

176 James HENTHORN II: b 1735 ,Baltimore,MD; m Abt 1770/1771; d Abt 1818
Newport Twp.,Monroe,OH
177 Elizabeth UNKNOWN: d Abt 1804/1820 Newport Twp.,Monroe,OH

Estel Ault - Ahnentafel


1 Estel AULT: b 14 Feb 1890; d 25 Oct 1928

2 Morgan AULT: b Abt 1862 ,,OH; m 12 Nov 1882
3 Emma BOUGHNER: b 9 Nov 1864 ,,OH; d 28 Feb 1948 Sunsbury Twp.,Monroe,

4 Peter AULT: b Abt 1818 ,,OH
5 Katharine UNKNOWN: b Abt 1819 ,,PA
6 Stephen Thaddeus BOUGHNER: b 2 May 1841 Green Twp.,Monroe,OH; m 17
Oct 1861; d Abt 2 May 1913 Columbus,Franklin,OH
7 Mary Amelia WARD: b 13 Sep 1839 Cameron,Monroe,OH; d 10 Nov 1908 ,

12 John Martin BOUGHNER II: b 30 Sep 1804 ,,PA; m Abt 1823/1824 ,Monroe,
OH; d 13 Oct 1884 Cameron,Monroe,OH
13 Mary HARTLINE: b 27 Feb 1807 ,,NY; d 8 Apr 1885 Cameron,Monroe,OH
14 James W. WARD: b 24 Nov 1808 ,Belmont,OH; m 1 Jul 1830 ,Monroe,OH; d
4 Sep 1887 Salem Twp.,Monroe,OH
15 Phebe MARTIN: b Abt 17 Apr 1811 Wayne Twp.,Monroe,OH; d 17 Jul 1888
Adams Twp.,Monroe,OH

24 John Martin BOUGHNER: b 1762 ,Sussex,NJ; m Aft 1797; d 1838
25 Sarah Catherine UNKNOWN: b Abt 1786/1787 ,,PA; d 1857
28 Seth WARD: b Abt 1774/1792 Charlotte,,VA; m Belmont,Monroe,OH; d Mar
1834 Belmont,Monroe,OH
29 Rebecca WILLIS
30 Joseph MARTIN: b 20 Oct 1776 Hampshire,,VA; d 1861 Salem Twp.,Monroe,
31 Christina PLANK: b 1773 ,,PA; d 6 Feb 1861 ,Monroe,OH

48 Daniel BOUGHNER: b Abt 1735 ,Sussex,NJ; d Abt 1799
49 Catherine HOWELL

Daniel Gorby & Elizabeth Anguish

First Generation

1. Daniel GORBY was born in 1815 in Ohio Co, VA. He died in 1895 in Marshall Co, WV. He was buried in New Bethel Cemetery, Bowman Rdg, Marshall Co, WV.

Marshall Co 1840 census page 31
Gorby, Daniel 20-30, female 0-5, female 15-20

#367 Marshall Co 1850
Gorby, Daniel 34 PA, Elizabeth 29 VA, Anne 11 VA, Lydia 9 VA, Jane 5 VA, Vincent 2 VA, Lydia Anguish 26 VA

#729 Marshall Co 1860
Gorby, Daniel 45 VA, Elisabeth 39 VA, Jane 15 VA, Vincent 12 VA, David 10 VA, William 6 VA, Samuel 4 VA, Mary E 1 VA

#168 Meade Dist Marshall Co 1870
Gorby, Jonathan 56 OH, Elizabeth 48 VA, David 19 VA, William 15 VA, Samuel 14 VA, Mary 12 VA

#37 Meade Dist Marshall Co 1880
Gorby, Daniel 65 OH PA PA, Lydia 55 wife VA VA VA, David 30 (m) son VA OH VA, Ida C 4 gdau WV, Mary L 2 gdau WV, Viola 3/12 gdau WV, Nancy Blake 17 mistress VA VA VA, Elora Blake 9/12 dau WV VA VA

Daniel GORBY and Lydia ANDERSON were married on 27 Nov 1879 in Marshall Co, WV. Lydia ANDERSON was born in 1829.

Daniel GORBY and Elizabeth ANGUISH were married on 4 Aug 1838 in Marshall Co, VA. Elizabeth ANGUISH was born in 1821 in VA.

Daniel GORBY and Elizabeth ANGUISH had the following children:

+2 i. Anne GORBY, born in 1839, Marshall Co, VA; married Andrew CECIL, on 4 Mar 1858, Marshall Co, VA; died Glen Easton, Marshall Co, WV.

+3 ii. Lydia GORBY, born in 1841, Marshall Co, VA; married Joseph Boyles BLAKE, on 26 Jan 1860, Marshall Co, VA; died in 1887, Wetzel Co, WV.

+4 iii. Jane GORBY, born in 1845, Marshall Co, VA; died on 19 Sep 1901.

+5 iv. Vincent Parsons GORBY, born on 15 Oct 1847, Marshall Co, VA; married Sarah J; died on 14 Oct 1900.

+6 v. Samuel GORBY, born in 1856, Marshall Co, VA; married Mary J; died Glen Easton, Marshall Co, WV.

+7 vi. Mary E GORBY, born in 1861, Marshall Co, VA; married Henry MCCARDLE, on 3 Apr 1875, Marshall Co, WV; died on 9 Sep 1901.

Prepared by:
T. Vernon Anderson
Glen Dale, WV

Friday, April 18, 2008

Roy J. Kyger

Born - 1882
Died - 1959

RESIDENCES: 316 Chandler, (probably in Danville, IL)

RECOLLECTIONS: Kyger's Mill Gone But Not Forgotten

Few and obscure are the landmarks today of pioneer days when settlers flooded into the rolling hills of the Midwest.

One of the familiar sights in this area a century ago was Kyger's Mill, near Grape Creek on the Vermilion River, six miles southeast of Danville, [IL] - then a village of only a few hundred.

Amid scenic beauty, the three-story frame building housed a huge grist mill that ground wheat and corn night and day. Through a smaller structure adjacent to it passed thousands of logs to be sawed into rough lumber.

The first mill was built on the site by William Sheets and Thomas Morgan of Georgetown, [IL] in 1835. When Henry T. Kyger purchased the mill in 1850, he enlarged the building, installed new machinery and formed a partnership with the two brothers, Daniel and Tilmon Kyger.

The original Kyger family was Henry T. Kyger and wife, their five daughters and two sons. Of these, two sons and a daughter survive: Mrs. Charles T. Bushong, 602 Buchanan St., R.J. Kyger, 316 Chandler and Willet T. Kyger, Pocahontas, Ark.

Power to run the grindling burrs and sawmill was furnished by two turbine shells driven by water impounded in a large fore-bay or mill race. Water was forced into it by a dam built across the river at an angle to the mill.

Both corn and wheat were ground by stone burrs. Lumber was cut by a "gate-saw" fitted into a huge frame about eight feet high and six feet wide. The sawmill turned out about two thousand feet of lumber a day, considered good in those days. The price was 50 cents per hundred feet, or a share.

Other buildings used in the milling business included a millbarn to house the horses and oxen, a cooperage for making barrels to ship flour, a wheat granery and barracks for millhands.

Henry Kyger sold the mill after operating it more than 30 years, but it continued to be used until the turn of the century when the structure weakened by age, fell of its own weight into the river. Only memories of its existence remain.
(Source: Written by R.J. Kyger and published in the Danville Commercial News, Danville, IL on 25 Nov 1951 - furnished by T. Clifford Morgan)

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Conger, Moses - Various Men Named Moses Conger

Various Men Named Moses Conger
From the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) of
Richard E. Henthorn; 5403 76th Avenue; Hyattsville, MD 20784
(Note: Four report lines for each person.)
29 Aug 2000
1)Name Spouse or *Father Name
2)Birth Date & Place
3)Death Date & Place
4)Burial Date & Place

CONGER,Moses Elizabeth MARSH
Abt 1732 Rahway,Union,NJ
1809 Harrison,,OH

1765 Rahway,Union,NJ
8 Feb 1815 Batavia,Genesee,NY


10 Feb 1861 ,,IA
Nov 1932

CONGER,Moses Maria Wilson PERRY
27 Mar 1818 Milan,Dutchess,NY
Mar 1893 Stissing,Dutchess,NY

CONGER,Moses Elizabeth POWELL
Abt 1791 ,Washington,PA
1850 ,Appanoose,IA

CONGER,Moses Catherine CHATSEY
Abt 1770 ,Dutchess,NY
1813 Charlotte,Chittenden,VT

12 Aug 1807 ,Preble,OH
22 Aug 1901 ,Preble,OH

CONGER,Moses Lorinda DALE
Abt 1806 ,,NJ

1806 Danby,Rutland,VT

Abt 1795 ,Middlesex,NJ
1841 Metuchin,Middlesex,NJ

CONGER,Moses D. Sevillar MC GEE
9 Apr 1864 ,Appanoose,IA
13 Jul 1947 Hammond,Lake,IN

CONGER,Moses P. Martha WOOD
12 Feb 1826 Collins,Erie,NY


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Genealogy Software

Here are hyperlinks to three genealogy sites that offer popular software that you might want to investigate. The Personal Ancestral File program is distributed more or less free of charge by the LDS. RootsMagic was formerly sold as: FamilyOrigins. Wholly Genes Software sells The Master Genealogist.
Wholly Genes Software - support for this program will come to an end in 2014
RootsMagic Genealogy Software
LDS Online Catalog - Software & Databases

John Everly & Julia Ann Henthorn

1 - Samuel EVERLY
sp- Margaret HOARD
2 - John EVERLY
Born - 1802 VA
Died - 1879/1880 Ironton, Lawrence, OH
Note - John Everly

John's father was Captain Samuel Everly of the Monongalia Militia. He was the grandson of Simeon (Simson?) (1762-1846) Everly one of the first settlers in Granville (below Morgantown) in 1814.

OCCUPATION: John Everly was a farmer and teamster.

John and Julia lived 3/4 of a mile south of Ice's Ferry Pike, to the east of
Morgantown, WV. He was a cooper by trade and made nail kegs at his shop at the
mouth of Maple Run.

They had four children.

The Everlys moved to Ohio in 1845.
(Source: Easton-Avery Community History - 1963, p. 81)

Problem: One source gives the birth as 1802 and another 1804, VA. Date of death also may not be correct as 1879.

The Everlys remained in Monongalia, WV until shortly after 1850. Then they
removed to Scioto County, OH, Green Twp., where Julia's brother, Lot, was
living. In 1870, they had moved to Lawrence County, OH and evidently John
Everly died in the area of Ironton, OH between 1870 and 1880.

Problem: One source gave the date of birth as 1804, VA and death as 1870-1880, OH.

Census: 1840 in Monongalia Co., WV.
Census: 1850 missing.
Census: 1860 in Scioto Co., OH, Green Twp., Wheelersburg
Census: 1870 in Lawrence Co., OH, Elizabeth Twp.

sp- Julia Ann HENTHORN
Born - Abt 1816 Monongalia, VA
Mar. - 1 Nov 1832 Monongalia, VA
Dau of Henry HENTHORN & Sarah RIDGEWAY

  • 3 - Sarah Ann EVERLY - Born - 1834 VA
  • 3 - James EVERLY - Born - 1835 VA
  • 3 - Margaret EVERLY - Born - 1837 VA
  • 3 - Mary EVERLY - Born - 1841 VA
  • 3 - Amanda EVERLY - Born - 1848 VA
  • 3 - Malinda EVERLY - Born - 1845 VA
  • 3 - Lot EVERLY - Born - 1851 OH; Note - Census: 1880 in Lawrence Co., OH, Elizabeth Twp.; OCCUPATION: Lot Everly was an ore miner.
    sp- Bertha UNKNOWN
    Born - Abt 1851 OH
  • 4 - Julia EVERLY - Born - Abt 1872 OH
  • 4- James EVERLY - Born - Abt 1873 OH
  • 4 - Edwinna EVERLY - Born - Abt 1875 OH
  • 4 - Charles EVERLY - Born - Abt 1877 OH
  • 4 - Sarah EVERLY - Born - Abt 1880 OH
    Note - BIRTH: Sarah Everly was 7 months old at the time the 1880 census was taken.
  • 3 - George EVERLY - Born - 1854 OH
    Note - Census: 1880 in Lawrence Co., OH, Elizabeth Twp.
    sp- Alice UNKNOWN - Born - Abt 1855 OH
  • 4 - John EVERLY - Born - Abt 1877 OH
  • 4 - Sadie EVERLY- Born - Abt 1880 OH
    Note - BIRTH: Sadie Everly was 4 months old at the time of the 1880 census.
  • 3 - John EVERLY - Born - 1859 OH
    Note - OCCUPATION: John Everly was an ore miner.
    CENSUS: He was married at the time of the 1880 census and his 66 year old
    mother, Julia, was living with them.
    Census: 1880 in Lawrence Co., OH, Elizabeth Twp.
    sp- Elizabeth UNKNOWN
    Born - Abt 1863
  • 4 - George EVERLY - Born - Abt 1880
    Note - BIRTH: George Everly was 8 months old at the time of the 1880 census.

    From the Personal Ancestral Files of:
    Richard E. Henthorn
Revised: 26 Sep 2009

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Ivan Albert Conger

Researcher Ivan Albert Conger wrote on 23 Aug 1969:

I was the one who gathered all the information for the first copy of our Conger History -- Descendants of Job A. Conger. It was published in March of 1959 after about two years of gathering information. Some of the chapters were written by members of that particular branch and then I put them all together and had them published. Seven of us advanced the money for printing and then we got our money back as they were sold. We still have approximately 30 copies left and with the proceeds from these we plan on getting a family tree made up for distribution.

Genealogy is very interesting and can also be very nerve - racking, due to the many sources of information and the many different dates for one single part. I enjoy it very much but do not have much time for it. I am especially interested because I now am the president of our Shiawasse County Historical Society. This all ties very closely with genealogy. I think it is just wonderful that there have been so many members of the family over the years who have had so much of an interest in getting this information all put together."

On 28 October 1970 he reported that, the descendants of Job Conger and Harriet Jewell met at his house in June for the 8th year in a row. He wrote, "The first year (1963) we had ... 20 people present -- an increase of 8 over 1962. We had 76 this year, an increase of 20 over last year. I had put in a swimming pool. We had many new ones for the first time and many who hadn't been to a reunion for a good many years. I was just overjoyed! They all love to come here to our home. We have a large back yard and plenty of shade. Have a park right behind me if some want to go play there. Everyone really has a ball and says, 'they didn't know what they were missing but will be back again.' Each year they vote to come back without even asking if they can. They just insist! We love it even if it is a lot of work. Besides, with results like that -- 20 to 76 -- how could we ever think of refusing?"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Zackquill Morgan

Problem: Was his first name, Zacquill or Zackquill?

MARRIAGE: First marriage to Nancy Paxton/Paxon in 1755.
MARRIAGE: Second marriage to, Drusilla Springer, Abt. 5 Sep or 5 Oct 1765.

RESIDENCES: Zackquill Morgan built a stone house on his land in Berkeley County, West Virginia before moving in 1773 to the present day Rivesville, Marion County, West Virginia. In 1799, he moved to Monongalia County and founded Morgantown, West Virginia.

According to Delbert Henthorn this Zacquill Morgan was from the family of
Morgans that founded Morgantown, WV.
[Note: It appears that he "was" the Zackquill Morgan who founded Morgantown, VA/WV. REH]

The Monongalia Story

Fort Morgan. Most of the details of Zackquill Morgan's life are well documented, but exactly when he built his fortified cabin in Morgantown is an open question. Sometime between 1767 and 1774, he became the first permanent settler in Morgantown, began farming and business operations on a scale large enough to have his holdings described as a "plantation" in contemporary accounts, and erected two or three homes for himself and his fellow settlers. About 1770, or possibly a year earlier, he enlarged one of these into a small stockade. Fort Morgan was about 275 feet north of the northeast corner of University Avenue and Fayette Street, about where the B'nai B'rith Hall now joins a bottling plant [1974]. It was located specifically by the late Lawrence Cox, and is remembered by many local citizens.
(Source: "The Monongalia Story, Vol. 1, by Earl Lemley Core, p. 354)

"The commissioners appointed to adjust claims to unpatented lands in the counties of Monongalia, Yohogania, and Ohio held several meetings during 1781. The first meeting of the board had been held at Redstone Old Fort in December 1779. The meeting of the Virginia commissioners at this site (now Brownsville, Pennsylvania) may have been to emphasize the claims of Virginia to the territory. At any rate, claims were approved of many settlers residing in what is not Fayette, Washington, and Greene counties, Pennsyslvania. (see Monongalia Story, vol. I, chapter VIII).

In April [1781] the board met at the mouth of Elk Creek, in a community beginning to be called Clarksburg. The place was named for the famous pioneer general George Rogers Clark. ... In October a meeting was held at the home of Samuel Lewellin and a final meeting later in the year at the home of Colonel John Evans.

The records of claims approved at these meetings have been largely presented in Vol. I of this work (pp. 156-332), in chronological order as to the recorded date of the first settlement. Several claims had no dates affixed and they
are listed below."
[Note: Two items of interest, concerning the Morgans are extracted below. REH]
  • David Morgan, assignee to Zackquil Morgan, 1,000 acres by preemption, adjoining lands of Zackquil Morgan.
  • Zackquil Morgan, assignee to James Stockwell, 1,000 acres by preemption, on east side of the Monongalhela River.
(Source: The Monongalia Story, Chapter Five: 1781, by Earl Lemley Core p. 70-73 - furnished by Bill L. Yoho)

The War of 1812

"The War of 1812 ...quickly revived the martial spirit throughout the country and especially to the west of the Alleghenies, where the conquest of Canada was regarded as a summer excursion. Monongalia County was no exception. Volunteers rushed to enlist in the Virginia militia; as a matter of fact, most of the membership of the fifty-two companies were from western Virginia. "West Virginians fought on land and sea in all the major battles of the war."

Volunteers who enlisted at Morgantown joined county companies for muster day drill on the county drill grounds on Spruce Street, where one of the most popular drill masters was Captain Zackquill Morgan, son of the founder of Morgantown.

Three Monongalia County companies were included in a militia regiment of western Virginians commanded by Colonel Dudley Evans in the campaign of General William Henry Harrison in the northwest in 1812-13. Commanders of the three companies were Captain Jesse Ice, Captain James Morgan, and Captain Samuel Wilson. "Great hardships were often experienced in their marches. At times the men had to cut bushes to lie on at night, to keep themselves out of the water."

Captain Jesse Ice's company was composed of fifty-nine officers and privates. Captain James Morgan's company included thirty-nine officers and privates. Captain Samuel Wilson's company was the largest, being made up of seventy-two officers and privates." Among the privates in Captain Samuel Wilson's company were Henry Henthorn and Zackwell Pierpoint. They were brothers-in-law as a result of their marriages to Ridgway sisters, Sarah and Dorcas, respectively.
(Source: "The Monongalia Story," by Earl L. Core, Chapter Thirty-six: 1812 - furnished by Bill L. Yoho)

Col. Morgan Morgan

Birth: 1 NOV 1688 Glamorgan,,,Scotland
Death: 17 NOV 1766 Frederick,,VA

Colonel Morgan Morgan

REFERENCE: "Pioneers of Leslie Co. Kentucky" by Sadie Stidham, Library of Congress #86-082565.

REFERENCE: "The Descendants of Col. Morgan Morgan" by French Morgan, page 120.

PROBATE: Will written 31 Oct 1829 and probated Sept. term 1829.

Problem: Was he born in Scotland or Wales?

Born during the reign of Queen Anne and immigrated to Delaware where he married.
Problem: Was the date of birth, 1 Nov 1688 or 9 Jan 1688

Problem: Dispute in family Bible, death 1796. Other dates of death have been given: 17 Nov 1766 or 1 Nov 1766 at Bunker Hill, Berkeley Co., WV.

World Book Encyclodedia - Red Letter Dates in West Virginia, 1726, Morgan Morgan, the state's first settler, built a cabin at Bunker Hill, in Berkeley County. (Furnished by Pat Bugher)

Morgan, Col. Morgan, was born Nov. 1, 1688 and died Nov. 17, 1766. His wife was Catherine Garretson, born May 16, 1692 and died May 16, 1773. He was one of the founding fathers of Old Frederick County. He lived on Mill Creek in present day Berkeley County, WV.
ource: Tombstone inscription in Morgan Chapel Cemetery at Bunker Hill, WV. Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia, Revised by Wilmer L. Kuns, Ph.d. (Furnished by Pat Bugher)

[Note: The asterisks (*) in the following notes indicate which source citation applies. REH]
Morgan Morgan (b. 1 November 1688) married Catherine Garretson in 1713 c., had eight children and died on 17 November 1766. Catherine, the daughter of Henry Garretson who had settled near Bridgeton, New Jersey, was born on 16 May 1692 and died on 16 May 1773. While living in Christiana, New Castle County, Delaware, Morgan was appointed County Coroner for the years 1726 through 1729 and was yet when he moved to Orange County, Virginia. On 5 November 1730, he sold his acre lot (with dwelling) located in Mill Creek Hundred to John Harris for 35 pounds and "considering him thereunto moving."[*] This statement indicates that Morgan moved to the Opequon Creek area in 1730.
(Source: [*] The Berkeley Journal, Issue 6, 1977, pp. 44-88 - furnished by Kay Bolls)

On 12 November 1735, Morgan Morgan acquired a 1,000-acre patent from the Colony which was signed by Governor Gooch;[*] the document is now in the possession of Berkeley County Historical Society, Martinsburg, West Virginia. This land was surveyed by Robert Brooke on 12 November 1734,[**] (Tract 57, Map 5) and is located in Berkeley County, West Virginia on Torytown Run (a branch of Mill Creek) about 3/4 mile west of Bunker Hill, West Virginia. Interstate Highway 81 is on the east side of the tract, Berkeley County Highway 26 runs through the center of the tract, and Berkeley Highway 24 crosses the western part.
(Source: [*] Virginia Land Patent Book 16, p. 398; [**] Brooke, Robert, Book of Surveys, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia - furnished by Kay Bolls)

On 9 November 1744, Morgan sold 208 acres of the 1,000-acre patent land to his son Charles Morgan for 40 pounds.[*] Charles then sold it to Lewis Moore on 3 September 1754 for 75 pounds.[**] Moore sold 18 acres of it to Ogden Nash, recorded on 4 May 1763.[***] (Tract 57A)
(Source: [*] Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 1, p. 130; [**] Ibid., Book 3, p. 347; [***] Ibid., Book 8, p. 380 - furnished by Kay Bolls)

Morgan sold 200 acres of the 1,000-acre patent land to his son David for 100 pounds on 7 August 1745.[*] (Tract 57A)
(Source: [*] Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 1, p. 282 - furnished by Kay Bolls)

On 4 April 1748, Morgan sold 200 acres (of the 1,000-acre patent land) to Terrance Reily and Farrel Reily for 40 pounds.[*] (Tract 57C) They later sold the 200 acres back to Morgan on 4 August 1752 for 100 pounds.[**] Then Morgan sold the 200 acres to his son Zackquill Morgan on 1 May 1761 for 100 pounds.[***] Zackquill, his wife Drusilla and mother Catherine Morgan jointly sold the 200 acres to Robert Rutherford for 300 pounds on 5 February 1768.[****] On 10 October 1769, Rutherford sold it to James Seaton for 300 pounds.[*****]
(Source: [*] Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 1, p. 383; [**] Ibid., Book 2, p. 518; [***] Ibid., Book 6, p. 248; [****] Ibid., Book 12, p. 156; [*****] Ibid., Book 13, p. 235 - furnished by Kay Bolls)

Morgan Morgan sold 10 acres (of the 1,000-acre patent land) to Lewis Moore for 10 pounds on 4 October 1760.[*] (Tract 57D)
(Source: [*] Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 6, p. 244 - furnished by Kay Bolls)

On 30 September 1764, Morgan sold a 100-acre part of the patent land to his son Evan Morgan for 50 pounds.[*] Evan sold it to his brother Morgan Morgan (II) on 6 July 1772.[**] Tract 57E) Morgan also sold 182 acres (of the 1,000-acre patent land adjacent to Lewis Moore) to his son Morgan for 100 pounds on 30 September 1764.[***] (Part of Tract 57B)
(Source: [*] Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 10, p. 205; [**] Berkeley County, West Virginia, Deed Book 1, p. 451; [***] Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 10, p. 208 - furnished by Kay Bolls)

On 1 October 1764, Morgan sold 100 acres of the patent land to his son Henry Morgan for 50 pounds,[*] who sold it to his brother Zachquill for 60 pounds on 14 November 1766.[**] On April 1773, Zachquill and his wife Drusilla sold the 100 acres after they had moved out of Berkeley County, West Virginia.[***] (Source: [*] Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 10, p. 231; [**] Ibid., Book 11, p. 371; [***] Berkeley County, West Virginia Deed Book 1, p. 507 - furnished by Kay Bolls)

David Morgan of Delaware and Virginia

Birth: 12 MAY 1721 Christiana, New Castle, DE
Death: 8 MAY 1813 Rivesville, Marion, VA
Burial: MAY 1813 Marion, VA, Morgan Cemetery

David Morgan was one of the earliest settlers of the frontier. He was a man of great energy, of character, and of sterling worth.

Later in that same month [April 1770], a settlement was established by the Prickett-Hall-Ice party on the Monongahela River, five miles below the mouth of the Tygart River at the mouth of the stream they named Prickett's Creek. Fearful of being attacked, they petitioned for government protection and, later in the summer, a small fortification called Prickett's Fort was established adjacent to the settlement by David Morgan, built under direction of Col. William Byrd on the Monongahela adjacent to the settlement.
[Amplification Notes: Prickett's Settlement and Prickett's Fort were located at the mouth of present Prickett's Creek, five miles below present Fairmount, [WV] and about a mile below the village of Baxter, Marion Co., WV. REH]
(Source: "That Dark and Bloody River," by Allan W. Eckert, 1995, p. 19)

Problem: The death date of, 5 or 8 May 1813, is disputed by a Bible entry showing 1796. Pat Bugher has the date of death as, 19 May 1813 in Rivesville, Marion, VA. Pat obtain the date from the grave marker which states: David Morgan, Deceased, May 19, 1813, Aged 92. The marker is located in the Morgan family cemetery, on the farm of his son, Stephen Morgan, near Rivesville, Marion Co., VA (WV).

Hugh Jackson, Jr. & Elizabeth Hayes

Birth: 19 JUN 1744 , Fremanagh, , Ireland
Death: 1 MAY 1812 , Fayette, PA
Burial: MAY 1812 Searights, Fayette, PA, Grace Episcopal

Hugh Jackson, Jr. was one of five children born to Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. as listed in his father's Will filed at Annapolis, MD in Book TS I, p. 130.

He was born on June 19, 1744 and died on May 1, 1812 as determined from the inscription on his tombstone located in the Grace Episcopal Church cemetery, Searights, PA. It is not known where he was born, but it was probably Ireland in that his older brother, Robert, was born there. This parents did not come to the colonies until about 1750 according to notes found in the original folder of Albert G. Macdonald.

About 1760 the parents were living in the area around Frederick (Frederick Town), Maryland as the "Calendar of Maryland State Papers," also known as "The Black Book #1," reflects on page 141, that Hugh Jackson (Sr.) and his son, Robert Jackson (Sr.) were among the numerous petitioners to Governor Horatio Sharpe. Hugh Jr. was too young to be a signer. In the same book, on page 194, it shows that Hugh Jackson Senior and Junior and others were petitioners in 1766 to Governor Sharpe regarding the issuing of bills to pay creditors.

Hugh Jackson, Jr. married Elizabeth Hayes about 1770 as their first child, Mary, was born in 1771. Hugh and his bride lived in the Fayette County, PA area as "The Ten Mile Country and It's Pioneer Families," shows the tax assessment list for 1772 for Springhill Township, Bedford County, PA. It further states that Springhill Township included part of the present Fayette County area lying south of Redstone Creek to the mouth of Jacob's Creek. This tax list is also shown in the Pennsylvania Archives, Series III, Vol XXII and in Veech's "Monongahela of Old." The Pennsylvania Archives, Series III, Vol XXII, page 450 lists for the year 1783 the inhabitants of Manallen [sic] Township, Westmoreland County. This lists, Hugh Jackson (Jr.). On page 556 is listed Hugh Jackson under the Return for Fayette County, Menallen Township. (Fayette County was created from Westmoreland County in September 1783.)

When Hugh Jackson Jr. went to Menallen Township, he settled on Dunlap Creek. The Land Grant map for Menallen Township shows the original patents to land. This map reflects that a warrant dated November 7, 1785 was given to Hugh Jackson for 273 acres and allowances. A patent was granted on May 7, 1788 and the tract was known as "Dauphin," and is recorded in Patent Book 13, p. 128. I obtained a copy of the map at Uniontown, PA. It is also available at the Department of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, PA.

Hugh and his wife, Elizabeth, continued to live in Menallen Township during their lifetime. They had a large family of at least 11 children. The administration of his estate is filed in the Orphan Court Records at Uniontown, PA, in Volume I. Since he did not leave a Will, a petition was entered by his son, Henry. The petition, filed on page 120 of Volume I, reflects the following heirs: wife, Elizabeth; Children: Mary, Robert, Margaret, David, Ann, Henry, Elizabeth, Sarah, Phebe and Rachel. There is also mentioned the five children of a daughter, Rebecca (Jackson) Poland, namely: Ann, John, Elizabeth, Samuel and David. (Rebecca had died before 1812.)

It is interesting to note that sons, Robert and David, married sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth Fuller and that two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, married brothers, Daniel and Stacy Rogers.

Hugh Jackson Jr. and Elizabeth Jackson are both buried in the Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery on U.S. Route 40 about 3 miles south of Searights, PA. In 1969 Albert G. Macdonald went to this cemetery and found that the church building had been completely removed and its location was marked by a brick altar with a brass plate bearing the inscription:

  • "Grace Episcopal Church
  • Log Church on this site used before 1793
  • Brick Church erected 1840 used until 1939
  • This altar erected 1965 as a memorial to those whose faith
  • built the church and cemetery"

This property was originally owned by Robert Jackson Sr., a brother of Hugh Jackson Jr. The property consisted of 3/4 acres of the original land grant. It was inherited by Robert Jackson Jr. In 1838, Robert Jackson Jr. and his wife, Margaret (Henthorn) Jackson deeded the property to the Trustees of the church.
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)

CEMETERY: Tombstone inscription found at the Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery at Searights, Fayette Co., PA. Hugh Jackson; May 1, 1812; Age 67 yrs. 10 mo. 12 da.
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)


Elizabeth Hayes
Birth: ABT 1752, New Garden Twp., Chester,PA
Death: 1 JAN 1829, , Fayette, PA
Burial: JAN 1829, Searights, Fayette, PA, Grace Episcopal

Elizabeth Jackson, the wife of Hugh Jackson, Jr. was born in 1752 according to the original folder of Albert G. Macdonald. This was confirmed by the date and inscription on her tombstone.

According to Cousin Jessie Hamilton it was concluded by her sister, Helen Williams, that Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry and Ann (Strode) Hayes and that she was born in New Garden Township, Chester County, PA. Her reference was page 52 of "The Hayes Family," by Royal S. Hayes. Albert Macdonald located this book at the Library of Congress.

Mr. Macdonald also located "The Proceedings of the Bi-Centennial of Henry Hayes, 1906" and searched New Garden and other Quaker Meeting records. These records show that, Elizabeth was the second child born to Henry and Ann Hayes who were married September 17, 1748 at New Garden. It is logical that Elizabeth could have been born in 1752 but no date is given in any of the records. "The Hayes Family," page 52 reflects that Margaret Hayes, born about 1726, and a sister of Henry, married Jeremiah Starr in 1746 and married again in 1769 to John Jackson. Because we know that Hugh's wife was Elizabeth, I believe the reference is in error. Also I doubt that Elizabeth Hayes married Hugh. The above books reflect that Ann Hayes died in 1766 at Wilmington, Del., and Henry remarried in 1768 and lived in Darby, PA. Elizabeth probably continued to live with her father until she married and there seems to be no logical reason why either she should go to Fayette County or why Hugh would go to Chester County to meet and marry.

[Note: It is not clear what point Mr. Macdonald was trying to make in this paragraph. REH]
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)

CEMETERY: Tombstone inscription found at the Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery at Searights, Fayette Co., PA. Elizabeth Jackson; Jan 1 1829; age 7_
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)

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Daniel Kyger - Will

PROBATE: Will of Daniel Kyger

I Daniel Kyger of the County of Vermilion and State of Illinois now haveing perfect mind and memory considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and the certainty of death do now make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following to wit:

1st that all my just debts be paid

2- I give unto my daughter Nancy Suel C- Briggs one dollar

3- I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah Kyger thirty-five acres of land of the North end of the East half of the South East quarter of Section 22- and also twenty acres of the North end of the East half of the South West quarter of Section 22 - in Range Eleven W - township No. Eighteen North

4th I give unto my son John Kyger one dollar

5th I give unto my daughter Sidney Walton one dollar

6- I give unto my son James Kyger fifty dollars

7- I give unto my son Henry Kyger one hundred dollars

8- I give unto my daughter Brooky Morgan sixty dollars

9- I give unto my daughter Eliza Sheets one dollar

10th- I give unto my daughter Maryan Kirkpatrick one dollar

11- I give unto my daughter Marmaduke seventy dollars

12- I give unto my son Dan Kyger one hundred and fifty dollars

13th I give and bequeath unto son Adam Kyger forty acres of land of the South end of the East half of the South East quarter of Section 22 - also forty acres of the south end of the West half of the South East quarter of Section twenty-two also sixty acres of the South end of the East half of the South West quarter of Section twenty-two all in Range Eleven West township No. 18 N

14th I give unto my daughter Manurve Kyger one hundred and fifty dollars

Now whereas I have given unto my daughter Hannah Kyger and my son Adam Kyger certain tracts of land my will and wish is for them to pay unto my Executor the sum of five hundred and eighty five dollars that is Hannah to pay one hundred and ninety-five dollars and Adam three hundred and ninety dollars which will enable my executor to pay all the sums I give unto my other named children my will and wish is for Hannah and Adam to pay this money yearly each in proportion to their sum that is one hundred dollars a year until paid, my wish is for all my personal property to be at the disposal of my wife Anna Kyger

I also appoint my son John Kyger my Executor to this my will now revoking all former wills by me made Signed and Sealed and Executed in the presence of Jacob Brazelton and William Stowers on this 7th day of March in the year of our Lord AD - 1837
Attest Daniel Kyger {seal}
Jacob Brazelton
William + Stowers
Whereas I Daniel Kyger the above testament have heretofore given my children certain property and that now when my will is executed and settled and paid that I have made an equal distribution amongst my children. Dan Kyger

REFERENCE: Additional information on the Kyger family can be found in Mrs. Fedorchak's column of 12 Feb 1970.

CEMETERY: The McKendree Cemetery is located, 3 miles east and 1 mile north of Georgetown, Vermilion, IL. This area lies in what was once Georgetown Twp. it became known as McKendree Twp. Abt. 1912.
(Information provided by Nancy Michael)

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Daniel Kyger

Daniel KYGER
Born - Abt 1762
Died - 27 Apr 1849 Georgetown, Vermilion, IL
Bur. - Apr 1849 Mc Kendree Twp., Vermilion, IL, Mc Kendree Cemetery

MARRIAGE: Daniel Kiger and Ann Henthorn were married on 9 Feb 1796 in Monongalia Co., VA. Marriage solemnized by James Fleming. [Note: That the surname was spelled, Kiger, on this document. REH]
(Source: List obtained in April 1997 by Monongalia County Clerk, Morgantown, WV 26505 - furnished by Diane Wilson)

Problem: Henthorn/Bell gives the marriage date as: 9 Feb 1796. The marriage is recorded in Monongalia, WV. Others list 2 Sep 1796, which seems to be in error. Probably cause by reading or writing the date 2/9/1796 as 9/2/1796.

12 Feb 1798. James Henthorn, of Mason, KY, by John Henthorn, his attorney in fact, to Daniel Kiger. Cites a 1 Oct 1796 power of attorney authorizing John to sell 1000 acres in Monongalia, now Harrison Co. [WV], on a right hand branch of Big Sandy, adjoining Samuel Lleuellen. Tract patented to Samuel Hanway, 20 Jun 1787, and sold by him to Christian Wireman, 9 Aug 1790; sold by Wireman to James Henthorn, 17 August 1790. Consideration: $1500. Signed: John Henthorn. Witnesses: none. Acknowledged in court. No delivery shown. Recorded: Old Series 1:353-354.

[Note: John Henthorn, brother of James Henthorn, had died in Apr 1786 so John Henthorn, the person holding the Power of Attorney, was probably the son of the desceased John, his son John Henthorn. REH]
(Source: Monongalia County (West) Virginia Deedbook Records 1784-1810 (Old Series Volumes 1-4) by Rick Toothman, Heritage Books, Inc., p. 47)

... September Court 1800 ordered that James Tibs, John Ramsey, Nicholas Vandevort and Daniel Kyger be appointed to view and lay out a road from Ice's Ferry to Samuel Hanway's Mill the nearest and best way and report to next Court to meet the first Saturday in next month. The court goes on to say that they accomplished that task and it is entered in the court record October 1880.
[Note: It is not known if this is the Daniel Kyger that married Ann Henthorn. REH]
(Source: unknown, furnished by Nancy Fratt to Joan Young of NJ who in turned passed the item to Kay Bolls, who shared)

Problem: Some give the surname as: Kyger and others as: Kiger.

LAND: The first school in Salem Twp., Monroe Co., OH was built in 1815 on land of Daniel Kyger, about 2 1/2 miles up Sun Fish Creek.
(Source: Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio, published at Mount Vernon, OH in 1898)

Census: 1820, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp.
Daniel Kyger
00-10, 2; 10-16, 2; 16-18, O; 18-26, 1; 26-45, 0; 45&up, 1
00-10, 2; 10-16, 1; 16-26, 2; 26-45, 1; 45&up, 0
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

Census: 1830, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp.
Daniel Kiger
00-05, 0; 05-10, 0; 10-15, 1; 15-20, 0; 20-30, 3; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 0; 60-70, 1; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
00-05, 1; 05-10, 1; 10-15, 0; 15-20, 2; 20-30, 1; 30-40, 1;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 1; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

LAND: Monroe County Ohio Deed Book E, page 147. Daniel Kyger to John Henthorn, 1830, 47 acres on Ohio River. Wit: Rich Kirkpatrick, John Jerrott Henthorn
(Furnished by Betty Cronin)

LAND: Daniel Kyger Sells Land to Adam Henthorn

Adam Henthorn bought land from Daniel Kyger. Daniel was the husband of Ann Henthorn, daughter of James, the second. Adam died without receiving a deed for the property. The Deed Book was burned extensively when the court house in Woodsfield, OH burned in 1868. The following extract was copied from the burned volume by, Leila Francy of Toronto, OH.

Deed Records, Deed Book C., Monroe Co., OH. "28 Mar 1818 Acknowledged 23rd day of .... 1832.

Daniel Kyger of Monroe Co., OH to Adam Henthorn, then of said Co. and State, but since deceased ... which the said Adam Henthorn agreed by a certain article between the two parties, on the date aforesaid ... to said Daniel Kyger, which said sum when so paid was to be for said purchase and the said Daniel Kyger covenanted him, Adam Henthorn now deceased on said payment to make said Henthorn a good and sufficient deed for the promises which afterward to witt; said Adam Henthorn did ... on the 18th day depart this life without obtaining or receiving the deed so stipulated ... lawful issue and heirs; Elizabeth Henthorn, Margaret Henthorn who is intermarried with one Joseph Ollum, Joseph Henthorn ...[M]ary Henthorn who is intermarried with one Daniel Clark, ...orn, Ann Henthorn, Daniel Henthorn, Jane Henthorn and Andrew Henthorn, children and heirs as aforesaid this indenture between. All of Monroe Co. W. Part N.E. Sec. ... Signed; Daniel Kyger
Ann (X) Kyger Recorded 1832"
[Note: It is not clear whether the surname was spelled, Henthorn or Henthorne in this document. The Adam Henthorn referred to here is the spouse of Nancy Hood. REH] (Source: Delbert Henthorn, also Fedorchak, Vol. XII, page 72)
Also indexed in "Gateway to the West - Vol. 2" by Ruth Bower and Anita Short, page 175.

LAND: Deed Records - Book C (burned records) - Page 321 indicates that: Daniel Kyger and Anne, his wife of Monroe Co. to Mary Durkee 10-19-1832.

LAND: Deed Records - Book C - Page 357 indicates that: Daniel Kyger and Ann, his wife to Sebastian Baury - Oct. 19, 18_2, SE 1/2 of S.36, T.2, R.3.
(Source: Fedorchak, Vol. XII, p. 66)

LAND: Deed Records - Book C - Page 380 & 384 indicates that: Daniel Kyger and Ann, his wife of Monroe Co., to Henry Koch, Oct. 19, 1832.
(Source: Fedorchak, Vol. XII, p. 67)

COURT: William C. Walton, husband of Synda (Sidna) Kyger, was named as the guardian, in place of Daniel Kyger, of the minor children of Adam Henthorn, in 1833. Adam's son, Andrew Henthorn, also chose him as guardian.

They moved to Vermilion Co., IL between 1833 and 1835, as evidenced by a deed record from the Monroe Co., Recorder's office: Book #1, page 213.

"Whereas, on the 15th of March, 1833 by deed of that date, Daniel Kigger of the County of Monroe and State of Ohio but now of the County of Vermillion in the State of Illinois, did for and in consideration of $500.00 to him paid by John Henthorn ... fractional Section No 24, Twp. 2, Range 3 ... and whereas Ann Kigger wife of said Daniel who was at the time wife of him, and is still living and remains the wife of said Daniel, and hath not heretofore joined with said Daniel in the conveyance of the subscribed tract of land hereby... /s/ Ann Kigger, 29, July, 1835 - deposition taken at Vermillion Co., ILL." (The ... indicates burned portions of this deed record.)

RESIDENCES: They lived in Monroe Co., OH and Vermilion Co., IL.

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