Monday, April 7, 2008

Frances (Low) Henthorn

RELATIONSHIP: Frances Low was named for her grandmother, Frances Johnson, who was married to Daniel Johnson. She was called Fanny by her grandson, Rev. James Quinn, in his recollections.

Problem: The last name has been reported as: Low and Lowe.

RELATIONSHIP: Frances Low was the niece of Hannah Johnson who married Thomas Cresap, Sr. This is the link between the Henthorn family and the Cresap family. Thomas Cresap was a leader of the folks from Maryland who became involved in a border dispute between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Thomas Cresap was imprisoned in Philadelphia for his part in the affair. It is reported by some that his wife and children lived with some of the Henthorns at Cordurus, PA while he was in prison. The various exploits of Thomas Cresap and his sons are quite well documented.

DEATH: She died soon after the birth of her daughter, Sarah in 1744.

LAND-DEATH: Some say she died about 1745. This is because on the conveyance, selling "Providence," dated 3 May 1745, the wife testifying was named: Margarett. Nothing is known of this woman, but it is assumed that John, being a widower with 4 children, would have remarried. "Providence" was located on Codorus River (Creek) in Baltimore Co., MD in what is now the area of York, PA.

REFERENCE: "Lapidum, Another Chapter in Harford County History," by A.P. Silver a pamphlet found at the Library of Congress in June 1966 by Ruth Hanthorne. It was a reprint of a paper A.P. Silver read before the Harford County Historical Society in 1888. [Note: As of Jan 1996, it is not known what information about the Low and Johnson families was in this document or whether there is sufficient cataloging information at the Library of Congress to find it again. REH]

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