Monday, December 21, 2015

Lazarus Rine

As a Christmas gift I am sharing a 1062-page PDF (36.5 MB) genealogy of the family of Lazarus Rine with the members of my secret Facebook genealogy page.  I posted the URL link to the document on the Facebook page.

The file is stored on my Box account.  The link to the file will expire on 26 Dec 2015.  Viewing the file with the Box "preview" is garbled.  Once downloaded the file can be opened with the Acrobat Reader and viewed without problems.

I'm willing to share the file with readers of this blog provided that I know you and that we have a reciprocal sharing arrangement.  Contact me to request the link.  In your message identify yourself, provide your Email address and justify why I should share this information with you.

Dick Henthorn
21 December 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ancestry to Retire Family Tree Maker Software

Ancestry to Retire Family Tree Maker Software:

The latest genealogy news from  There will be thousands of people unhappy about this.

I suppose the company wasn't able to make enough money selling frequent updates.

I use the program RootsMagic7 and recommend it.  There is a "free"version of the program that you can try before buying the full-blown version.

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