Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delicious Genealogy

I was able to add bookmarks to pages on my Google genealogy group to Delicious. That's nice because the bookmarks allow me to write a description of the file I am referencing.

Tags make it possible to focus on a topic within my bookmarks. For example, If someone wants to see all of my bookmarks that have a tag for the "Yoho" family entering this URL is all it takes.

You can also search for more than one tag by entering a plus sign (+) between tags. For example: to find all of my bookmarks pointing to the articles about "PDF" written by Dick Eastman use this URL.

After trying this URL enter the following line without the word "Eastman" to see the difference. This one finds all of the pages about "PDF."

This ability to gather all of the links together in one set is very powerful. You could think of the bookmarks of "MrDickie" as a website with pointers to all of the webpages he's either found or posted himself. This website doesn't have a structure, like a tree or organizational chart. Rather the website is dynamic or virtual. The visitor searches for the topic of interest using a tag or tags and Delicious presents a display, similar to a Google search, which gathers all of the pages about the topic of interest together.

There's more to it than I'm writing about here. Once you are at Delicious you will see lists of tags, a place to key in tags, counts of the number of times the tags were used and much more.

If you take a look at what I have done so far I'd appreciate hearing your opinion. Did you find it useful? Was it easy to learn and use?

Mr. Dickie

Friday, February 20, 2009

Genealogy Publishing with PDF

I've started a project to post bookmarks to websites of interest on the social bookmarking website: Delicious.

This link presents a series of websites that would be useful if you are interested in using PDF to publish genealogy or anything else. A number of articles written by Dick Eastman are very useful. There are three sites for affordable PDF publishing programs. One of them, Ancestral Author, uses a GEDCOM file to publish a hyper-linked genealogy report.

To display PDF website links from Mr. Dickie's bookmarks on Delicious click the link below.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who Reads This Blog?

I wonder if there is a way to install a visitor counter on Google blogs? That could be very handy. Without a counter or some feedback there is no way to tell if anyone is reading what's posted on a blog.

If you visited, feel free to add a comment to let me know whether you found anything of interest. I'd appreciate the feedback.

I'm trying to encourage myself to get busy posting to the two Google genealogy blogs I created and the Google genealogy group I created.

Dick Henthorn

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Allen County Public Library - Fort Wayne, IN

It's been months since I posted anything to this blog. I think I am ready to post something from time to time. At the present time I am not actively working on genealogy. I do, however, have many documents and other information that I can share. Let's see where this takes me.

If you are interested in Henthorn genealogy and are fortunate to be able to visit the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, IN you can review five documents with information about the Henthorn family.

"Henthorn family: James Henthorn II, of Monroe County, Ohio" by Richard E. Henthorn and Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack.

"Joseph Fox, his descendants and related families: including: Ammons, Barr, Berdine, Crane, Dulaney, Haines, Henderson, Hennen, Henthorn, Lemley, Michael, Myers, Nuzum, Phillips, Smith, Stephens/Stevens, Tennant & etc." by Charles Scott Fox.

"Five Methodist families of western Pennsylvania, 1785: Henthorn, Jones, Lackey, Murphy, Pumphrey" by Raymond Martin Bell.

"The Henthorn family, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia: with notes on Cresap and Quinn families" by Norma L. Henthorn.

"Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and related families: Craft, Dunaway, Fuller, Henthorn and McCleary" by Albert G. Macdonald.