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This week I registered with WikiTree.  I became interested when I noticed there was some information about the Predmore family of Pike and Adams counties in Illinois.  At this point I don't know whether this is something I'll want to use.  I put this post together to help me, and hopefully others, learn more about the application.

WikiTree Webpages

WikiTree - Introduction

WikiTree - Sharing Data with GEDCOMs

I created a YouTube playlist for WikiTree videos I found.

Dick's WikiTree Playlist

Dick Eastman has written several articles about WikiTree.


GEDCOM Comparisons

Privacy Tools

Five Million Profiles

Automated Matching

Genea-Musings Blog of Randy Seaver

Exploring WikiTree Compendium

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Charles Leslie Conger

Compendium of History and Biography
Polk County, Minnesota
Maj. R.I. Holcombe, Historical Editor
William H. Bingham, General Editor
Copyright 1916
W.H. Bingham & Co.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Kiehle Library
University of Minnesota
Technical Institute
Crookston, Minnesota

Page 161-62
Charles L. [Leslie] Conger

Charles L. Conger, cashier of the Citizens State bank at McIntosh, [Minnesota,] was born at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, January 17, 1869, the son of William and Susan (Wright) Conger. He is the descendant of revolutionary and colonial stock, the Congers having been soldiers and patriots since the settling of the colonies by England, the residence of the family dating from 1640. In 1667 a John Conger located on land in New Jersey, near Woodbridge, and about a century later, in 1770, Gershom Conger, the great-grandfather of Charles L. Conger, removed from that state to Vermont. He was one of the followers of the Quaker faith who by their sturdy qualities played such an important part in the building of the nation, but despite his religious beliefs gave valiant service during the war for independence and died in Vermont in 1835.

His son, Asher Conger, was born in Danby, Vermont, in 1799 and his death occurred in 1852, in his native town, which was also the birthplace of his son, William Conger, who was born November 10, 1819. The latter went to Wisconsin in 1867, two years before the birth of his son, Charles Conger, and later removed to Northwood, Iowa, where he died on August 16, 1898. He is survived by his wife, a native of Utica, New York, born May 19, 1835. She now makes her home with J.P. Foote of Crookston, who is her son by a previous marriage.

Charles L. Conger was two years of age when the family removed to Northwood, Iowa, and was reared and educated in that place. In September, 1891, he came to Crookston, where his half-brother, Mr. Foote, resided, and in the same month secured the position of assistant cashier in the Citizens State bank of McIntosh, of which Mr. Foote is president.

Mr. Conger has since devoted his business career to the able discharge of his duties as cashier, his successful association with this institution winning him recognition in the financial circles of this section.

The position of assistant cashier of the Citizens State bank has fitted a number of the influential bankers of the state for more important positions; among the former occupants of these positions are, Alfred Hoel, now vice president of the First National bank at Gilbert; First National of Biwabik, Minnesota, and State Bank of Arura, Minnesota; Charles Hoel, cashier of the Miner's National bank at Eveleth; A.J. Hoel, assistant cashier of the First National bank at Cass Lake; A.I. Solberg, cashier of the Farmers State bank at Winger, and T.A. Thompson, who was the first assistant cashier appointed in the McIntosh bank and has held the office of registrar of deeds of Polk county for ten years.

Mr. Conger is further identified with the business interests of the county as a landowner and farmer and is the proprietor of two farms, of 240 and 160 acres, and several tracts of land in St. Louis and farm lands in Pennington counties. He takes great interest in the management and the direction of the work of improvement of his farms, which are occupied by tenants. He is a member of the Democratic party and is widely known for his services in the political field and is active in conventions and in the direction of party affairs, he has never sought the honors of office, but has served as mayor for the past seven years and as treasurer for the past fourteen years, and has also served on the school board. He was appointed by Governor Hammond to the board of visitors to the state institutions but recently resigned from his membership in that body.

Mr. Conger's favorite recreation is a good game of the national diversion of baseball, which he enjoys from the standpoint of a former player, and he has given his support and influence to the encouragement of local enthusiasm and the home team.

In fraternal circles he was one of the organizers of the local lodge of the Knights of Pythias and is Past Chancellor and a member of the Grand Lodge. He is a Royal Arch Mason and a member of the Elks lodge at Crookston.

Mr. Conger was married at Litchfield, to Leona Halverson, and her death occurred on September 14, 1902. His second marriage was solemnized with Louise A. Heiser of Albert Lea, Minnesota, December 8, 1903. He has one child, William L. Conger, who was born in 1901 and is a student in the junior year of the McIntosh high school.

Mr. Conger is a member of the board of managers of the Minnesota Society of the Sons of the Revolution. He is also a member of the executive council of the State Bankers association from the Ninth congressional district, and has served as president of the Ninth district group of bankers. He also served as vice president and director of the Northern Minnesota Development association and as president of the Commercial club.

[Note: Paragraph breaks added by researcher, Richard E. Henthorn on 24 July 2013. Mr. Henthorn makes the observation that the paragraph listing the other assistant cashiers of the Citizens State bank is very unusual in this type of biographical sketch.]

Raymond Martin Bell

Raymond Martin Bell

Wednesday, April 14, 1999
[Washington, PA "Observer-Reporter"]

Washington & Jefferson professor, genealogist, historian
Raymond Martin Bell, 92, of Coralville, Iowa, died Monday, April 12, 1999, in University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, following complications from a stroke on Saturday.

Dr. Bell was born March 21, 1907, in Weatherly, a son of the Rev. Frank and Marion Estelle Seibert Thompson.

He received his A.B. degree in 1928 at Dickinson College in Carlisle and his doctorate in physics from Pennsylvania State University in 1937.

From 1937 until 1975, Dr. Bell was a professor of physics at Washington and Jefferson College.

He was a fellow of the American Society of Genealogists and historian emeritus with the Western Pennsylvania United Methodist Conference.

Dr. Bell was a longtime contributor to local history and genealogy through his research and writing, and he was honored with a Life Membership in the Genealogical Society of Southwestern Pennsylvania in Washington.

On March 28, 1942, in Wilmore, he married Lillian Mae Kelly, who survives.

In 1995, he and his wife moved to Coralville and became members of Coralville United Methodist Church.

Surviving are a son, Dr. Edward F. Bell of Iowa City, Iowa; two daughters, Carol B. Macomber of Prairie Village, Kan., and Martha B. Butler of Elkton, Va.; five grandchildren, Kelly, Jeffrey, Adam, Lauren and Justin; and three great-grandchildren.

Funeral Notices

BELL - Friends of Raymond Martin Bell of Coralville, Iowa, who died Monday, April 12, 1999, will be received after 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m., the hour of services, Wednesday, April 14, in Lensing's Oak Hill Funeral Service, Coralville, Iowa, with the Rev. Don Hodson officiating. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery. Memorials may be directed to Washington and Jefferson College.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Research Your Family Tree Online

Research Your Family Tree Online:

This is an online user's guide from MakeUseOf.

I'm sharing the link without taking time to read the guide.  You'll have to be the judge of whether it is useful or not.

You are welcome to leave "comments" to this post if you form an opinion, one way, or the other.

'via Blog this'

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Send Me Everything You've Got!

Lately I've received several of those "send me everything you've got" genealogy requests. The person requesting the information almost never provides enough information to place them in the family tree and they don't offer to exchange information.

I've been working on genealogy for nearly twenty years and my head still just about explodes every time this happens. As this year comes to a close, I'm at the point where I think, for my own sanity, I should just "delete" these requests and go back to whatever it was I was doing.
3 December 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bible Lineages

What do we learn from the lineages of Jewish leaders [as recorded in the Bible].

  • They remained connected to their heritage.
  • They saw their place in history and gained perspective from it.
  • They were able to honor and pay respect to their forefathers.
  • They saw their lineage as a family blessing and passed on their blessing.
  • They used their heritage to provide a sense of stability for their children.
  • They sensed tendencies of ancestral giftedness and calling.
  • They could retain their identity even when exiled to a foreign land.

(John C. Maxwell, Leadership, 1 September)
28 November 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'll Be Brief

Using abbreviations in your genealogy file isn't a good idea. There's no guarantee that your readers will be able to understand your abbreviations. I've used the RootsMagic edit option to find and expand some abbreviations in the notes in my own files.

Contrary to what I'm writing, I chose to use the Postal Service two letter state abbreviation in the place names of my own work. I've read that this isn't recommended and sometimes worry about my choice.

Dick Henthorn
1 November 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Copyright Notice

I include the following Copyright Notice in the "note" of the patriarchs in my genealogy files.

COPYRIGHT: This report, created from the RootsMagic genealogy file of Richard E. Henthorn, is copyrighted by the compiler.  This means you can't post a PDF report created by Mr. Henthorn on the Internet or sell any reports shared with you without his written permission.  Thank you for your consideration.

This doesn't mean I think I own the information in my genealogy files. Rather, it means that I own the format of the compiled information and wish to control how it is disseminated.

When reading one of my reports you may see more than one Copyright notice in the report. This happens because more than one patriarch is in the genealogy file.  This is particularly true in the case of Ahnentafel reports.

Dick Henthorn
30 October 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

William Bonar Family of West Virginia

I'm adding information about the William Bonar family of West Virginia to my Yoho, Baker, Rine genealogy file.  The source of the information is a 96-page descendant chart shared by friend and researcher T. Vernon Anderson on the webpages of Linda (Cunningham) Fluharty.

I've discovered that some of the Bonar branches link to the Gorby family.  I've gathered information about this family for many years.  A Gorby register report, with name and place indices, produced by RootsMagic from my genealogy file, is over one thousand pages.

Dick Henthorn
29 October 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Richmond Edits

Today I completed the edits to the records of people with the Richmond surname in my Yoho, Baker, Rine file.  There still may be collateral surnames that require editing.  I can prepare an indexed Register Report of just over 500 pages for this West Virginia family.

I found a biographical sketch for William Henry Richmond on the webpages of Linda Fluharty and incorporated the sketch and the information it contains into my file.  Thanks Linda for sharing.

Dick Henthorn
6 October 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Genealogy Regrets - I have a few

While working on edits and repairs to my Yoho, Baker, Rine genealogy file I've been reflecting on how I got to this point and what it all means to me.

If my recollection is correct, I started working on genealogy about 1987 when I got a personal computer and installed the LDS program Personal Ancestral File (PAF).  Has it really been twenty-six years?

Staying With Personal Ancestral File Too Long

Now, as I am learning to use RootMagic5 for my genealogy, it's more and more evident that I stuck with version 2.31 of PAF too long.  The PAF program wasn't designed to produce a genealogy.  It was designed to support the LDS goal of gathering ancestral information for church purposes.  There was no provision for producing a Register report for example.  Another short-coming was the fact that, for no apparent reason, it was possible to develop a file condition called "cross linked notes."  In my experience it was never evident when this serious file corruption crept into a file.  LDS provided a standalone program to check file integrity and another to correct the cross linked notes.  My success with correcting this issue has been disappointing.

Failing to Document And Maintain Contacts

Over the years of doing genealogy I made many new friends.  Some graciously exchanged genealogy information with me.  I corresponded via telephone, snail mail and Email.  Without the willingness of others to share it wouldn't have been possible to compile information about thousands of people.  I regret that I haven't done a good job of documenting the contact information that would allow me to stay in touch.  Because I failed to cultivate and maintain the contacts it's difficult, in the Fall of 2013, to contact someone if I have a question or want to share information.

Dick Henthorn
29 September 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cemetery Place Name and Burial Date Issues

Burial Date Issue

Sometimes it's possible to determine the full date of burial from an obituary.  More often than not the cemetery name is found in the obituary but not the burial date.  My current genealogy program, RootsMagic5, has a field for storing information about the place and date of burial.

The way RootsMagic5 handles the burial date is driving me a little crazy.  I don't understand why the program doesn't assume that "burial" always follows "death" whenever the burial date I enter is incomplete.  In any narrative report I always want the death information to print out before the burial information.

There's a way to fix the problem, but it's very tedious.  There is a "Sort Date" field in which you can insert a date to control the order in which "events" display  So far, it seems to me, to be best to enter a date near the end of the month into the "Sort Date" field whenever I don't know the full date of burial. I use the 28th for February burials and the 30th for all of the other months.

If anyone else has dealt with this issue and can add to my understanding feel free to add your comments to this post.

Place Name Issue

It's my practice to record the burial place names in this manner.

Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH, Pioneer Cemetery

I enter the cemetery name as the last item of place name information, rather than the first item.  I do this because I want all events that took place in a particular town or city to be grouped together in any sorted list of place name information.

Dick Henthorn
16 September 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Status Report - Yoho, Baker, Rine File

I'm working on a major project, trying to salvage my Yoho, Baker, Rine file, which was damaged while residing on my old desktop computer.

I've moved the file to RootsMagic5 on my laptop computer where I have been working on various edit projects for a couple of weeks. Some records seem to be beyond repair.  I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about the project, reminding myself to stay focused on what can be recovered rather than on what's lost.

The file consists of the following:

  • People - 52,195
  • Families - 18,995
  • Events - 54,969
  • Places - 4,900

From time to time I'll post comments about the project and insights I've gained into the RootsMagic5 program.

Dick Henthorn
12 Sep 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hugh Jackson, Sr.

I completed extensive edits to my genealogy file for Hugh Jackson, Sr. and his descendants. The file has been moved to RootsMagic5, thus improving my ability to update the file and to share information with others.

There are 4283 individuals, 1450 marriages, 842 place names in the file.  A descendant report with notes and name and place name indices is 476-pages.

There were marriages to Henthorns, Watsons and Ganders in the Jackson family.

During the course of my edit project I discovered that some living members of the Utah Jackson family can trace their ancestry to Latter-day Saints patriarch, Orson Pratt.  Among many contributions made to the LDS by Orson Pratt was urging members to record their genealogy.  There is a very nice Pratt family website, created with RootsMagic. Orson Pratt and his brother, Parley P. Pratt were sons of Jared Pratt.  It was Parley who converted Orson at the age of nineteen.

Jared Pratt Family Association

Dick Henthorn
26 August 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thomas Clegg

Today I posted a link to a five-generation (51-page PDF) descendant chart for the family of Thomas Clegg to the Collateral Families page on the Henthorn  Family Wiki. Additional information is available by contacting the compiler.  The report was generated from my "charts" file.

One small branch of the Henthorn family is included in the report.

Dick Henthorn
22 August 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Files In RootsMagic5

Project Update: I've completed moving and editing two more files.

Years ago I obtained some records from the LDS Ancestral File and loaded them into Personal Ancestral File (2.31).  I wanted to see how useful this information would be.  I was disappointed to discover that the quality of the work wasn't very good.  Too much time has passed to remember how much use I got out of the data. At any rate I still have the genealogy file, named Anstfile.  I'm reporting that I have successfully moved a copy of this file to RootsMagic5 on my laptop computer.  There are 498 individuals and 184 families in the file.

More significantly I'm reporting that another file, named Charts, has been moved to RootsMagic5 on the laptop.  This file consists of 6,227 individuals and 2,290 families.  I created this file from some of the information in the 1997 book, Ancestor Charts - Volume 2, published in 1997 by the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (MCCOGS).  I, along with a number of collaborators, submitted many of the charts in this book.  Other researchers, working on collateral lines, also submitted charts. The charts showed either four or five generations. It was often possible to link information from chart to chart. Once the charts were available in my genealogy program I could produce Ahnentafel charts of eight or nine generations in some cases.  That was the reason for creating the file, to show a broader picture of the family relationships. My file includes "Notes" from many sources which adds to the value of any reports prepared from this file.

Dick Henthorn
21 August 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mozena Family

I successfully copied the Mozena family to my laptop computer where I loaded the GEDCOM into RootsMagic5.  This family has strong connections to Monroe county, Ohio and links to these other families: Foote, Buskirk, Henthorn, R. David Thomas (founder of Wendy's, who married a Buskirk).

Dick Henthorn
18 August 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

John Henthorn Family

Today I uploaded the John Henthorn family, using a GEDCOM file, to the RootsMagic5 genealogy program on my laptop computer.  Prior to today this file resided on my desktop computer in a RootsMagic3 file.

Henthorn researchers believe that the first two Henthorns to arrive in the British colonies were brothers, James and John. The John Henthorn family is the smaller of the two.

My genealogy files were originally created with the LDS program, Personal Ancestral File (PAF) version 2.31, on a computer running the DOS operating system. Getting from that point to today entailed years of work and many computer disasters. It's a relief to once again have the data at my finger tips.

A Descendant report created from this file, with place and every name indices is 508 pages.

Dick Henthorn
17 March 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Conger File Conversion

My John Belconger (Conger) file, consisting of 44,780 records and 16,989 families is now loaded to RootsMagic5 on my laptop computer.

Here's a example of the amount of information available, a descendant report, in the PDF format, for Job Conger, son of John Belconger, is 2,279 pages.

I used GBridge to move the Conger GEDCOM file from my desktop computer to my laptop computer.

This is a major achievement in my long-standing battle to convert my genealogy information from Personal Ancestral File (PAF) version 2.31 to RootsMagic and move the data to the laptop.

Dick Henthorn
5 August 2013

George Lemley & John Otho West

Today I added a descendant chart for George Lemley & John Otho West to the Lemley section of the Collateral Families page on the HenthornFamily Wiki. To the same area I also added a link to an Ahnentafel chart for Rufus Lemuel West. There is a connection to the Yoho family.

Several years ago this information was shared by Samuel Lee West of Benson, AZ. Thanks to Mr. West for his willingness to share.

Dick Henthorn
5 August 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A RootsMagic Caution


RootsMagic only prompts you to backup your databases when you exit the program. If you edit a database and are ready to close it, but not exit the program, you must run the backup program from the File, Backup menu before closing the database.

The above Caution is from the RootsMagic5 documentation. I just noticed that there was no Backup prompt and did the research to learn why. It's nothing serious once users are aware of how it works.

Mr. Dickie
4 August 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Transitioning to RootsMagic 5

Some comments about moving my genealogy files from my old desktop computer to my newer laptop computer and from older versions of genealogy programs to my latest genealogy program.

My current genealogy program is RootsMagic 5. The majority of my genealogy files are still on my desktop computer in either PAF 2.31 format or RootsMagic 3. There are many issues with the desktop computer which should encourage me to move on with the transition.

Yesterday I resolved an issue with RootsMagic 5. I didn't have the folder structure set up correctly on my laptop. With Email help from my friend in West Virginia, Vernon Anderson, I was able to understand and fix the problem. RootsMagic 5 suggests the creation of five folders and details how to make them work with Windows 7 and it's Library and Folder design. I created:

  • Backup
  • Data
  • Multimedia
  • Reports

I created a sixth folder which I named "GEDCOMin." I'll use this folder to stage incoming GEDCOM files that I plan to load into RootsMagic 5. The GEDCOM folder is where RootsMagic 5 writes any GEDCOM files that the program creates.

During some recent testing I discovered that a good way to move a RootsMagic 3 file to the laptop computer for loading into RootsMagic 5 was via GEDCOM. The steps I followed were as follows:

  1. Create GEDCOM file from RootsMagic 3 (old computer)
  2. Send the GEDCOM file to myself, using Gmail attachment (old computer)
  3. Download the Gmail GEDCOM file into my Download folder (new computer)
  4. Move the GEDCOM file to my GEDCOMin folder (new computer)
  5. Import the GEDCOM file to RootsMagic 5 (new computer)
  6. Compare counts for People, Families, Events, etc. (old & new computers)
  7. Create a backup GEDCOM with RootsMagic5, in my GEDCOM folder (new computer)
  8. Create a backup using RootsMagic 5, in the Backup folder (new computer)
The file I moved today (31 July 2013) was my Henthorn, Carlson, Hagstrom, Marquinez file. This file consists of:
  • 5216 people
  • 1939 families
  • 5602 events
  •   838 places
Mr. Dickie
31 July 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Conger Family Ahnentafels

Today I'm announcing the creation of thirteen ahnentafel charts for deceased Conger family researchers. The charts were produced using version 3 of RootsMagic.

Links to the ahnentafels, in the PDF format, can be found in the second Conger section of the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

A review of the charts will give readers a good understanding of where these major Conger researchers fit into the family tree.

There are charts for:

  • Samuel Hays Conger
  • Shea Smith
  • Elijah Hagens Conger
  • Charles Leslie Conger
  • Charles Greenwood Barker Conger
  • Franklin Barker Conger
  • Ethel (Conger) Heagler
  • Helen Maxine (Crowell) Leonard
  • Joyce (Powell) Posey
  • JoNelle (Wagner) Linnaus
  • Grace Sidney Conger
  • Shirley J. (Keevert) Craib
  • Clement Ellis Conger

Dick Henthorn
30 July 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gershom Conger & Ann DeSigney Descendant Chart

I added a link to a 9-generation descendant chart for Gershom Conger & Ann DeSigney to the Collateral Families section of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

Dick Henthorn
14 June 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Henthorn Family of Lancashire, England

I added a descendant chart for the Henthorn Family of Lancashire, England to the Henthorn Family Websites page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

I acknowledge and thank the following researchers in England for their willingness to share their information with me: Clive Henthorne, Eileen Williams and Peter Rathbone and others. I regret that I never had the pleasure of being in contact with Mr. Rathbone who is now deceased.

I'm aware that this descendant chart lacks much information. It is my hope that someone else will be inspired by my efforts to add information and be willing to share it on the Internet.

Dick Henthorn
13 July 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Morgan Family of Virginia/West Virginia, Illinois, Missouri

I added a section for the Morgan Family of Virginia/West Virginia, Illinois, Missouri to the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki. This is the family that founded Morgantown, WV. There is a link to the Henthorn family via Brooky Kyger.

I included a link to the Stories page, on the Wiki, where you can find the very interesting stories written by T. Clifford Morgan.

Dick Henthorn
12 July 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Parsons and Gorby

I added Parsons and Gorby to the Collateral Families section of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

Dick Henthorn
11 July 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mary Evangela & Mary Ernestine Henthorne

I added a webpage about Catholic Sisters of Charity, Mary Evangela and Mary Ernestine Henthorne to the Most Wanted section of the homepage of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

This information hasn't been available on the Internet since the Fall of 2008.

Feedback is welcome.


Dick Henthorn
10 July 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

New HenthornFamily Wiki Links

Today I added five links to descendant charts, to the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki

  • 6 generation chart for Job & Mary Keziah (Thorp) Conger
  • 7 generation chart for Joseph & Mary (Marsh) Conger 
  • 6 generation chart for John & Hannah (Foote) Mozena
  • 6 generation chart for Michael & Christine (Fisk) Stine
  • 7 generation chart for Thomas & Elizabeth (Baskins) McCoy

These charts haven't been available on the Internet since the Fall of 2008. This is part of my continuing project to restore some of my information to availability.

Dick Henthorn
8 July 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

John Belconger and John Conger, Jr. & Mary Tuttle - Descendant Charts

Today I added a link to a three-generation descendant chart, with textual notes, for John Belconger to the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki

I also added a link to a six-generation descendant chart for John Conger, Jr. & Mary Tuttle to the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

These charts haven't been available on the Internet since the Fall of 2008. This is part of my continuing project to restore some of my information to availability.

Dick Henthorn
7 July 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Johannas Yoho & Susanna Catherine Lau - Descendant Chart

Today I added a link to a four-generation descendant chart for Johannas Yoho & Susanna Catherine Lau  to the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

This chart hasn't been available on the Internet since the Fall of 2008. This is part of my continuing project to restore some of my information to availability.

Dick Henthorn
6 July 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lazarus and Elizabeth Rine Descendant Chart

Today I added a link to a five-generation descendant chart for Lazarus and Elizabeth Rine to the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.  This chart hasn't been available on the Internet since the Fall of 2008.

Dick Henthorn
5 July 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Capt. John Baker & Elizabeth Ann Sullivan Descendant Chart

Today I added a link to the Baker section of the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

This five generation descendant chart is for the family of Capt. John Baker & Elizabeth Ann Sullivan. Prior to the fall of 2008 this chart was available as two webpages when I was using web space provided by AOL. I combined the two-page chart into one page and expanded the word "Cemetery" where necessary.

I'm pleased to be able to once again make this information available to visitors to my Wiki.

Dick Henthorn
4 July 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Centennial Reminiscences

Centennial Reminiscences

I posted two webpages (I prepared in 2002) to the Baker section of the Collateral Families page on the HenthornFamily Wiki. I'm pleased to announce that these pages, which were last posted on the Internet in 2008, are once again available. Thanks to researcher, Clarice (Eller) Stanley who provided a copy of the original newspaper clipping which I believe was written 137 years ago, in 1876.

If you are working on the Baker family of the Ohio River Valley these pages should be of interest.

The pages are:

  • Centennial Reminiscences - A Talk With Col. Samuel Baker of Marshall County
  • Comments About Centennial Reminiscences - A Talk With Col. Samuel Baker of Marshall County 
It is the opinion of this researcher that Col. Samuel Baker was Samuel Parr Baker who married Caroline L. Tomlinson.

Dick Henthorn
3 July 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

Updates to HenthornFamily Wiki

Yesterday I added additional links to the Collateral Families page of HenthornFamily Wiki.  I added links to information about the Yoho family.
  • There are links to Yoho pages I shared on this blog. 
  • There is a link to an Ahnentafel report for researcher, T. Vernon Anderson and a link to his extensive collection of descendant charts. 
  • There is a link to the webpages of researcher, Tim Yoho. 
  • There is a link to the webpages of researcher, Billy Lee Yoho. There is another link to a piece that Billy Lee Yoho wrote about deceased researcher, Denver Clayton Yoho.
I hope you've discovered the Wiki and that you are finding it useful. I like that it allows me to present links to the available information in a more organized way. Your comments are welcome. Do you know that you can also make additions and corrections to the Wiki? I don't think anyone has done this yet.

Dick Henthorn
1 July 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Okey Family of Monroe County, Ohio

Today I added a set of eleven links to Okey family information on the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki. This will make it easier for anyone interested in the Okey family to find the information I shared.

Dick Henthorn
28 June 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's A Mess

It's A Mess

When computers fail, when you use more than one genealogy program, or you change from one genealogy program to another, It's A Mess.  I'm going to write at least two posts of my observations concerning some of the issues and problems I must deal with if I'm going to continue to record new genealogy information and if I want to be able to take advantage of the latest technology for sharing on the Internet.

My Genealogy Programs

I have two working computers, an old desktop with some issues and a relatively new Toshiba laptop. 

On the desktop computer I have three genealogy programs installed: 
  1. Personal Ancestral File (PAF) version 2.31 a DOS genealogy program which I run in a Window
  2. RootsMagic version 3 which I used to convert some of my files to the RootsMagic format and to create some new files
  3. Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for Windows (version 5.2 I think) which I used for experimentation.
On the new laptop I have RootsMagic version 5 installed. I'm using this program to learn about the features of this version and to experiment with moving my files from the desktop to the laptop computer. I was never proficient with version 3. I'm aware that I continue to fall further behind and that the latest version of RootsMagic is version 6.

I own a copy of the book Getting The Most Out of RootsMagic version 4 even though I've never owned that version of the program. I've found the book to be quite helpful.

The LDS church has announced that as of July 15, 2013 they will discontinue support and downloads of Personal Ancestral File. Something tells me it might be useful to download and install their program one last time before the program is no longer available.

Dick Henthorn
27 June 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Amos Tree - Revisited - 2nd Installment

More comments about the document, History and Descendants of Amos and Elizabeth (Sharp) Henthorn - 1816-1959 sometimes called The Amos Tree, by Roy Lee and Norma (Latham) Henthorn.

I think the quality of the 44-page document, The Amos Tree was quite good considering that it was created before the advent of personal computers and genealogy programs. I particularly like the four-page name index and all of the textual information. 

That said, there are some issues with readability. This is because the numbering system used is difficult to follow. Arabic numbers are used to designate more than one generation and the oldest person in a line doesn't have a number. 

For example:

     1. THIS IS HIS SON (or daughter)
         1. THIS IS HIS GRANDSON  (or grand daughter) (sometimes this level doesn't use a number)
             1. THIS IS HIS GREAT GRANDSON (or daughter) (sometimes this level doesn't use a number)
This isn't too hard to follow on a single page but gets quite confusing when the family is large enough to cover several pages.  

Entering the information from an older genealogy report into a computer genealogy program improves clarity of the prior researcher's work and makes it much easier for readers to follow the family structure. The challenge, for the person doing the data entry, is to "get it right."  Success in the task depends on the ability of the person doing the data entry to read and interpret the numbering system used in the source document.

Years ago I entered the information from The Amos Tree into my DOS Personal Ancestral File (PAF version 2.31). In June 2013, as part of a project to learn how to use version 5 of RootsMagic, I keyed the data a second time.  I also extracted additional information from my own file and added it to my new file. 

I produced a 46-page PDF report with RootsMagic version five which is now available from the "Henthorn" page on the HenthornFamily Wiki. This four-generation report is for Robert and Mary (Nicholson) Henthorn, the parents of Amos Henthorn. It includes an every name index and a place name index. The report was limited to four generations. A report including additional generations is available, on request, to researchers who are known to me and who are willing to share their own research information.

Robert and Mary (Nicholson) Henthorn

Dick Henthorn
25 June 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Amos Tree - Revisited - (1st Installment)

The Amos Tree - Revisited - (1st Installment)

In 1959, Roy Lee and Norma (Latham) Henthorn of Bethany, Oklahoma published, - History and Descendants of Amos and Elizabeth (Sharp) Henthorn - 1816-1959 sometimes called The Amos Tree.

In March 2013 Mrs. Lola May (Ivy) Senatro sent me some sheets of genealogy information prepared by her deceased sister, Margaret Grace (Ivy) Barnes.  

I needed a project to help me learn more about using version 5 of RootsMagic which is the genealogy program I have installed on my laptop computer. I decided to create a new file for the information of Mrs. Barnes. As I became familiar with the data shared by the Ivy family I realized that Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Henthorn had shared information. I located my three-ring notebook with a paper copy of The Amos Tree. My review reminded me that although I'd keyed the information from The Amos Tree into a Personal Ancestral File (PAF) years ago I hadn't included all of the textual data. This realization inspired me to enlarge my RootsMagic project to include keying the data from The Amos Tree.

I'm planning to post several messages about my experiences with The Amos Tree project and the project to learn more about how to use RootsMagic version 5.

Dick Henthorn
24 June 2013

Updates to HenthornFamily Wiki

Numbering Systems

I added two links to the Numbering Systems section on the first page of the HenthornFamily Wiki. One link points to the genealogy numbering systems page on Wikipedia and the other points to the Ahnentafel page on the Wiki itself.

Story by Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack

On the Stories page of the HenthornFamily Wiki I added a link to a 48-page PDF file written by Mrs. Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack in October 2005, titled, The Irish & The Dutch.

During one of my many computer disasters this file was misplaced. Yesterday I found it on a thumb drive that I paid a computer shop to load with data from one of my failing laptops. I converted the file to PDF yesterday to get it ready for uploading today.

Have you considered writing stories or recollections about your family? I urge you to undertake the project. If you don't do it, who will?  If you are willing to share your stories on the Internet I will include a link on the HenthornFamily Wiki.

24 June 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Personal Ancestral File (PAF) —

The end of downloads and support for Personal Ancestral File (PAF) on 15 Jul 2013 is announced.

What will you do about it?  I'm still trying to convert my PAF 2.31 files (before Windows version) to RootsMagic 3 and RootsMagic 5.  It's a data processing nightmare and I may never finish the projects.

Personal Ancestral File (PAF) —

Here's some help from RootsMagic

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Root System

How stable is your root system?
(Harry & Emily Griffith, This Love We Share, 17 February)
19 May 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reference Materials

I'm working on the Reference Materials page on the HenthornFamily Wiki. Today I made the first entries on this page. I listed the eleven volumes, I own, of Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak.

As time goes by I plan to list other reference materials in my possession.

I'm willing to do limited look-ups for people I know.

Visitors to the Wiki are encouraged to list their own Reference Materials. If you need help to make the post, just ask and I will try to help out.

Dick Henthorn
3 April 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Shutdown Of Henthorn Website - Google Group

Today, 1 April 2013, I closed the Henthorn Website - Google Group.

I download the Email addresses and modified the file by manually adding the Display Names everyone used to make myself a record of those who participated. All Group participants did not supply their names.

Google didn't provide a way to archive the contents of the Group. I saved the most interesting messages by Emailing them to one of my Email accounts. I haven't decided whether this information is something I might make available on the HenthornFamily Wiki.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this genealogy experiment.

Dick Henthorn
1 April 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shutdown Of Henthorn Website - Google Group

Today, 20 March 2013, I sent a group Email to members of the Henthorn Website - Google Group announcing my intention to shutdown the group at the end of March.

Overtime Google modified how the group worked. In my opinion, at this time it is no longer serving our needs.

Until I shutdown the group I'll leave the link to the group in the sidebar of this page. Links to the group from my other three Google blogs were removed today.

Dick Henthorn
20 March 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

PAGES by Andrea Zonn - YouTube

PAGES by Andrea Zonn - YouTube:

Here's a video of Andrea Zonn singing Pages.

Have you considered that everyone, at the beginning of their life, is given a set of blank pages? Have you written anything on these pages?

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Posts On HenthornFamily Wiki

Additional links to "Collateral Families" posted yesterday and today to the HenthornFamily Wiki. Look for "Cresap" and "Powell."

I'm enjoying how I can use the Wiki to present my information in a more organized (I hope) manner. I have files stored all over the Internet and I have links to the files of others. I discovered a few broken links to pages shared by other researchers.  I deleted the broken links from my posts. (You are always welcome to inform me of any broken links you encounter on my pages.)
16 February 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cresap Links

I added a set of links to information about the family of Thomas Cresap - Maryland Pioneer to the Collateral Families page of the HenthornFamily Wiki. One of the links explains the relationship of Frances (Low) Henthorn to the Cresap family. Two of the links are for Major General Edward Otho Cresap Ord for whom Fort Ord, California, was named.
15 February 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Memories of the Olden Days

Before they are allowed to collect social security, every parent and grandparent alive should be required to sit down with their children and record their memories of the olden days. The tapes should be played at every birthday--the tribal storytellers telling the stories of their family's earlier days so that a child can have a family memory. (Lewis B. Smedes, A Pretty Good Person, p.104) 10 February 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 Ways To Keep A Personal Journal

7 Ways To Keep A Personal Journal: - Make Use Of article about blogging and journaling written by Aaron Couch.

When a person, working on genealogy, has the good fortune to find a diary or journal written by a family member they are very lucky. Have you considered leaving a record behind for your own family? Using your computer to keep a journal or blog is worth trying. Blogs or journals can be either public or private. Give thought to whether you will want to print your posts at some point. Some of the suggestions in the article might not be easy to print.

The article didn't mention using Google Blogger which I use for four public blogs and one private blog.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

HenthornFamily Wiki

John Henthorn (Hinthorn) & Margaret Downard

On 4 February 2013 I added a link to a RootsMagic website I created for John Henthorn and Margaret Downard. Descendants in this family all spelled the surname, Hinthorn(e). Living descendants live in McLean county, Illinois, around Independence, KS and on the west coast.

This RootsMagic website consists of 1166 files. The source file resides on my old desktop computer which has some issues. After the website was created I used the freeware program, 7-Zip, to compress the files into one Zipped file. I used my Gmail account to send this file to myself, thus in effect, moving the website components from the old computer to my laptop computer. I unzipped the compressed file onto the laptop and checked to determine whether I could open the website.

The RootsWeb Editor was used to create a folder for johnhinthorn on my FreePages account. Then I used the FireFTP application of Firefox to execute the batch upload of the 1166 files to the new folder.

The link to the website is on the Henthorn Family Websites page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.  

This project has been on my To-Do List for several years. In order to achieve this goal many components had to be in place and I needed to understand and master how to use various software tools.

If you'd like to go directly to the website, rather than visiting the Wiki, here's the link.

Dick Henthorn
\4 February 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

John Henthorn Website


Yesterday I achieved a long-standing goal, going back many years. I uploaded, to my FreePages space, a small website that I create in 2006 using  Personal Ancestral File (PAF).  As of February 1st, 2013 this file will be available for viewing for the first time on the Internet.


The website is made up of approximately twenty HTML files, generated by PAF. This includes two sets of seven files each plus the graphic images for the navigation buttons and the cloud/sky page background.

Problems Encountered

I encountered three problems during the project yesterday. The Email address shown on the first page of the website was out-of-date. There was a one line Introduction at the top of the first page that needed to be brought up-to-date. And, the blue sky and cloud background for each page didn't work, even though the images of all of the buttons appeared. I discovered the name of the background file was listed as Clear Day Bkgrd.jpg in the HTML of each page. The uppercase letters in the file name caused the problem. Fortunately I am able to read some HTML code. After I identified and understood the problems I used the RootsWeb Online Editor, for the first time, to make the necessary modifications to the already uploaded files.

The Family

The website shares information about the family of John Henthorn and Frances Low. We believe that John Henthorn and his brother, James Henthorn, were the original Henthorns in the colonies, first being found in Maryland.

Link To The Website

The link to the website will be located on the Henthorn Family Websites page of the HenthornFamily Wiki. Here's the link in case you'd like to visit from this blog page.

Next Website Project

Now that I understand the process and steps involved in uploading an entire genealogy website I'm ready for another project. My current genealogy program is RootsMagic. This program also can create a website. I intended to upload a website created by this program and make it available in the same way. It may be of interest to some to compare the styles of the two websites.

Dick Henthorn
1 February 2013


On the Stories page of HenthornFamily Wiki I posted a 50-page PDF document titled, A Collection of Documents about Members of the Conger Family, compiled by Richard E. Henthorn and Robert Guilinger.

I apologize for the fact that a blank page appears in the document. This was probably caused by the program I was using to generate the PDF.

I'm gathering GIF images that I used years ago on some of my webpages. I renamed some of them to group similar buttons in sets. Some of the images have already been uploaded to my RootsWeb Freepages space and you will see them on pages I have been sharing on the Wiki. (I used one of those images on this page.)

For years I've wanted to upload a set of webpages created by one of my genealogy programs to a website to learn more about the steps in that process. I now have the tools in place to carry out this project. I located a set of PAF pages suitable for the experiment. I'll make this my next combined Freepages and HenthornFamily Wiki project.

31 January 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jackson Family

I continued to add more information to HenthornFamily Wiki. Yesterday I made available a PDF of Recollections and Comments About Jackson Genealogy by Albert Geddes Macdonald.  The Jackson family links to the Henthorn family of Pennsylvania.

It pleases me to be able to once again share some of the projects I accomplished in the past.

Mr. Dickie
30 January 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cemetery Information

Years ago I created three cemetery reports for:

  • Henthorn(e) / Hinthorn(e)
  • Yoho
  • Conger
The three reports are once again available on the Internet. Visit the Cemeteries page on the HenthornFamily Wiki.  At this time I don't intend to update or add to these webpages.

Use the the sidebar links to visit the Wiki.
29 January 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

HenthornFamily Wiki

Extractions Page

I created another page on the HenthornFamily Wiki titled Extractions. I uploaded links to information extracted from documents which haven't been available since the Fall of 2008. They were written by:
  • Norma L. Henthorn and Raymond M. Bell
  • Albert G. Macdonald
28 January 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Collateral Families

HenthornFamily Wiki

Today I added links to many webpages about Atkinson, Conger, McCoy, Yoho, Erlewine, Henthorn Families of Monroe County, Ohio which when studied comprehensively will reveal links between the Atkinson family and other early families of Monroe county, Ohio.

27 January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Collateral Families

HenthornFamily Wiki

I created a Collateral Families page on the HenthornFamily Wiki where I posted links to articles written by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak about the following Monroe County, Ohio families:
  • Atkinson
  • Baker
  • Kyger
  • Yoho
The webpages, which I created, are hosted on the website of the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.
26 January 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

HenthornFamily Wiki

New Stories

Today I added links to six stories on the Stories page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.  These stories were last shared on the Internet in the Fall of 2008.

Five of the stories were written by siblings, Herman Henthorn and Mary Josephine (Jo) (Henthorn) Bolerjack.  One of the stories was written by yours truly, Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn. Jo Bolerjack and Richard Henthorn collaborated on Henthorn genealogy for many years. Richard served as typist and editor on the stories written by Jo and Herman.

25 January 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013


HenthornFamily Wiki

The Recollections of Ruth Evelin (Carlson) Henthorn are once again available on the Internet. The link is on the "Stories" page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.

24 January 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HenthornFamily Wiki

New Pages

I'm pleased to announce that there is a new page, Letters, on the HenthornFamily Wiki as of 23 Jan 2013.

After nearly five years I am once again making available the letters of:
  • Reverend Daniel Hitt
  • Charles Otto Henthorn
The Daniel Hitt letters are of particular interest to anyone studying the early history of the Henthorn family in America because some of them were written by family members who resided in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Notice there is a button near the bottom of each webpage which will return you to the HenthornFamily Wiki.

23 January 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FreePages Project

FreePages Project

This morning I posted a link to the Civil War Diary of William Lock Henthorn on the HenthornFamily Wiki.  I create a new page, Stories, on the Wiki where links to stories will be posted.  Look for Stories in the left hand column.  The Civil War Diary file resides in my FreePages space on RootsWeb.  When you view the webpage you'll discover that there is a navigation button at the bottom of the page which you can click to return to the Stories page on the wiki.

To assist in navigation from by Google blogs a link to the HenthornFamily Wiki was added to the sidebar "Links" area of the four blogs.

As time and my interest permit I plan to upload other files, created prior to the Fall of 2008, to the Internet thus making them available once again to anyone who's interested.

As always your feedback is welcome.

You can send me Email at:

22 January 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013


My FreePages Project

I'm working on my RootsWeb FreePages account. 

1) accessed my FreePages using the RootsWeb editor
2) accessed the FreePages using FireFTP
3) in the Misc community (the default area) created sub-directories for "testing" "henthorn" and "graphics"
4) uploaded nine GIF files I used in my genealogy HTML to "graphics"
5) uploaded one HTML file to "testing"
6) created a folder structure on my computer for storing the components

I believe this completes all of the housekeeping steps that needed to be accomplished.

Next, I'll edit one of my old HTML files from the days when I had a genealogy website on AOL to get it ready for upload to FreePages.

My current plans are to grant access to anything I post on FreePages via the:
HenthornFamily Wiki
Further testing will be necessary to determine whether this will work or not.

Mr. Dickie
20 January 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Using Google Search with RootsWeb FreePages provides free space where you can build a genealogy website.  The service, part of Rootsweb, is called FreePages.

Here's a Google search command you can use to find pages with the word Henthorn in the FreePages area of RootsWeb. To look for another surname simply replace Henthorn with the surname of interest. (Note: It is important to put a space (blank) between the "/" and the surname Henthorn. This may not evident in my post, depending on how the long search term appears on your screen.)

site: Henthorn

As of 18 January 2013, when I tested this search there were over 800 hits.

18 January 2013