Thursday, September 12, 2013

Status Report - Yoho, Baker, Rine File

I'm working on a major project, trying to salvage my Yoho, Baker, Rine file, which was damaged while residing on my old desktop computer.

I've moved the file to RootsMagic5 on my laptop computer where I have been working on various edit projects for a couple of weeks. Some records seem to be beyond repair.  I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about the project, reminding myself to stay focused on what can be recovered rather than on what's lost.

The file consists of the following:

  • People - 52,195
  • Families - 18,995
  • Events - 54,969
  • Places - 4,900

From time to time I'll post comments about the project and insights I've gained into the RootsMagic5 program.

Dick Henthorn
12 Sep 2013

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