Monday, August 26, 2013

Hugh Jackson, Sr.

I completed extensive edits to my genealogy file for Hugh Jackson, Sr. and his descendants. The file has been moved to RootsMagic5, thus improving my ability to update the file and to share information with others.

There are 4283 individuals, 1450 marriages, 842 place names in the file.  A descendant report with notes and name and place name indices is 476-pages.

There were marriages to Henthorns, Watsons and Ganders in the Jackson family.

During the course of my edit project I discovered that some living members of the Utah Jackson family can trace their ancestry to Latter-day Saints patriarch, Orson Pratt.  Among many contributions made to the LDS by Orson Pratt was urging members to record their genealogy.  There is a very nice Pratt family website, created with RootsMagic. Orson Pratt and his brother, Parley P. Pratt were sons of Jared Pratt.  It was Parley who converted Orson at the age of nineteen.

Jared Pratt Family Association

Dick Henthorn
26 August 2013

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