Saturday, August 17, 2013

John Henthorn Family

Today I uploaded the John Henthorn family, using a GEDCOM file, to the RootsMagic5 genealogy program on my laptop computer.  Prior to today this file resided on my desktop computer in a RootsMagic3 file.

Henthorn researchers believe that the first two Henthorns to arrive in the British colonies were brothers, James and John. The John Henthorn family is the smaller of the two.

My genealogy files were originally created with the LDS program, Personal Ancestral File (PAF) version 2.31, on a computer running the DOS operating system. Getting from that point to today entailed years of work and many computer disasters. It's a relief to once again have the data at my finger tips.

A Descendant report created from this file, with place and every name indices is 508 pages.

Dick Henthorn
17 March 2013

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