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Henthorne Family - 2nd Installment (2 of 4)

Family Research in Monroe County ... by
Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak

HENTHORNE Family - 2nd Installment.
Thursday, November 26, 1970

Mrs. Grace SCHAFER asked me to write about the HENTHORNE Family in this column and lent me her notebook of information, so this is an attempt to get a family chart started. I notice that the HENTHORNE family had a reunion near Beallsville in August, so if there is a Family historian connected with that group, perhaps he (or she) can correct some of these assumptions.

The names of the children of James HENTHORNE; the Original Clarington Settler, are available in Hardesty's History, and based on the limited information available to me at this point, I would say that the birth dates for them probably were: James, Jr. born circa 1771; John, born in 1772; Henry, born in 1775; Ann, who married Daniel KIGER, born in 1776; Mary, who married Thomas KIRKPATRICK, born in 1778; Adam, born in 1780; and William, born in 1782. Those dates may not be correct, so don't quote me as the authority, I am merely trying to start a Henthorne Family Chart, and as more information is collected, perhaps some of these children will have to be changed around somewhat.

James, Jr. - according to Hardesty's History, he married Nancy BOWEN. I think he moved to Illinois. He is the ancestor of Mrs. Copus of Wisconsin and she is attempting to work out his line.

John, born in 1772 - he married Mary Eleanor JARRETT in Monroe Co. and then left this area between 1807 and 1810 as he is listed in the Monongalia Co. Va. census in 1810. He purchased land in Monongalia Co. in 1814, and when he sold it in Aug. of 1832 (see Monongalia Co. Deed Book 11, Old Series, page 461) the deed states: "John Henthorn and Mary Eleanor, his wife, of Monroe Co., State of Ohio, ... 30 acres, part of a 250 acre tract of land patented to Thomas & Richard Evans,

(Note: There seems to be a type setting problem at this point. The previous paragraph doesn't seem to have an end and the following text seems to be on a different subject)

(The next seems to be a continuation about John and Mary Eleanor HENTHORNE, stating that, "They are buried ... ".) on the HARTER Cemetery in Hannibal, and the tombstones show that John died July 23, 1846, aged 74 years and Mary HENTHORNE died June 21, 1867, aged 79 years. Their children were
(1) William and James, twins, born Jan. 11, 1806;
(2) John Jarrett HENTHORNE, born May 25, 1807 and married Persia M. DURKEE, July 20, 1830;
(3) Thomas J. HENTHORN, born Feb. 25, 1809;
(4) Nimrod Evans HENTHORNE, a physician at Clarington and Baresville (Hannibal) born Mar. 9, 1811;
(5) Ann HENTHORNE, born Sept. 7, 1813;
(6) Matilda HENTHORN, born Mar. 19, 1815, married Abraham KYGER;
(7) Adam HENTHORN, born Sept. 10, 1819 and married Cassandra, he was a stone mason by trade, and his children were: William, b. 1840; Alonzo, b. 1842; Nimrod, b. 1843; Charles, b. 1845; Mary, b. 1847 and Martha, b. 1850;
(8) Mary E. HENTHORN, born Sep. 11, 1821.

Mrs. SCHAFER is descended through #4, Nimrod Evans. Nimrod married Nancy Graves DURKEE or DIERKES, a sister of the Persia who married his brother, John. They were children of Benjamin DURKEE an 1812 soldier. They had three sons who served in the Civil War - James B., who died in service; Deming O'Connor HENTHORNE, Co. E. 116th Ohio Inf. and John Wesley HENTHORNE, who served in Co. H. 77th Ohio Inf. John Wesley HENTHORNE married Mary Jane RUSH and they were Mrs. SCHAFER'S ancestors.

Mrs. SCHAFER also had access to Dr. Nimrod's account book, and some of the items noted in that book were as follows: "July 26, 1865 - Fleming Harrison returned home from the Union Army, 180th Reg. O.V.I. with an honorable discharge, therefore the above bill of $18.85 is settled in full."

The same type of entry was entered with the name of Benjamin Howell of the 180th Regiment. In Sept. of 1851, it was noted that he purchased one barrel of whiskey containing 41 gallons for the sum of $7.89, (probably for medicinal purposes). In 1875, he discounted the bill owed him by Joseph Hicks in the amount of $41.50 "in consequence of getting his house burned and losing all his household goods." Dr. Nimrod HENTHORN and his wife are both buried at the HARTER Cemetery in Hannibal (Nimrod, b. 1811, died Mar. 1, 1879 and Nancy b. April 4, 1817, died Oct 15, 1892).

Henry, born circa 1775 - according to information in Mrs. SCHAFER'S notebook, he died in 1843 in Monongalia Co., W. Va. He was a stone mason and in the War of 1812 and was married to Sarah RIDGEWAY, daughter of Lot RIDGEWAY and Catharine FRAZIER. Sarah was born May 30, 1781 in Berkeley Co., W. Va. and died Sept. 1, 1861 in Monongalia Co., W. Va. Their children were (1) Lot - 1803-1867, married Ann STEWART; (2) Nancy, born 1810, mar. Charles STEWART who was born 1794 and died 3-3-1868; (3) John W. HENTHORN, born circa 1807, mar. Malinda West; (4) Julia Ann, born 1816, mar. John EVERLY; (5) Mary born May 1817, died Nov. 30, 1894; mar. (1st) David DURBIN and (2nd) Mr. DONALDSON.

Ann, born about 1776 - married Daniel KIGER in Monongalia Co. W.
Va. She and her husband moved to Vermilion Co., Illinois between 1833 and 1835, as evidenced by this deed record from the Monroe Co. Recorder's office: Book #1, page 213 - "Whereas on the 15th of March 1833 by deed of that date Daniel KIGGER of the County of Monroe and State of Ohio but now of the County of Vermillion in the State of Illinois, did for and in consideration of $500.00 to him paid by John HENTHORN ... fractional Section No. 24; Twp. 2, Range 3 ... and whereas Ann KIGGER wife of said Daniel who was at the ... wife of him, and is still living and remains the wife of said Daniel, and hath not heretofore joined with said Daniel in the conveyance of the subscribed tract of land hereby ... /s/ Ann Kigger, 29, July 1835 - deposition taken at Vermillion Co., Ill." (... indicates burned portions of this deed record.) Additional information on Daniel and Ann KIGER can be found in this column under date of Feb. 12, 1970.

Mary, born circa 1776 - married Thomas KIRKPATRICK in Monongalia Co., Va. I have no more information on her at this time.

William, probably born about 1782 - his wife was supposed to have been Susanna PARROTT, however, it could be that her last name was JARRETT, in view of the fact that Wm.'s brother married a Mary JARRETT. Mrs. BOLERJACK of California was interested in lining up his descendants. His middle name may have been David, and some records indicate that he moved to Vermillion Co. Ind. about 1830 and died there in 1842.


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Henthorne Family - 1st Installment (1 of 4)

Family Research in Monroe County ...
Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak
7590 West 85th Avenue
Crown Point, Indiana 46307

Newspaper Column Appearing
"The Spirit of Democracy"
Woodsfield, Ohio
19 Nov 1970

(This series about the HENTHORN surname began Thursday, 19 Nov 1970)

Note: Some surname capitalization added by REH.

HENTHORNE FAMILY - 1st Installment

Is your surname HENTHORNE? If so, perhaps you have some scattered bits and pieces to add to this family tree, as again we have a tangled web to unweave. In addition to Mrs. Grace SCHAFER of Hannibal, who is a descendant, I have heard from Mrs. Roy L. HENTHORN of 6905 N.W. 32nd, Bethany, Okla. 73008; Mrs. A.R. BOLERJACK of 4870 Tony, San Jose, Calif. 95124; and a Mrs. COPUS of Wisconsin who even called me long distance one day just to see if I could add any information to what she already had. Her address is 913 W. Fulton St., Edgerton, Wisc. 53534.

According to Hardesty's History, JAMES HENTHORNE, the Original Clarington Settler (hereinafter referred to as James-OCS, to minimize the confusion) came to Monroe Co. about 1798-9 and was a Revolutionary Soldier. At this time I can not prove either one of the statements. He did not make application for a pension, but the first general law regarding pensions was passed in 1818, and he was probably deceased by then. I have never found an application made by his widow either. That source also states that he came from the Fort on Wheeling Creek and that he had been at the Fort when Boggs was killed on Boggs Island by the Indians. In order to pinpoint dates, it would be necessary to sidetrack to history in order to back track on this genealogy, but that is another story, and will be the subject of other columns. Suffice to say that since this is not my family, and I do not have any history books dealing specifically with the Indian Wars around Wheeling, I leave that for you, if this is your family.

Hardesty's History also states that James HENTHORNE, the O.C.S. had the following children: James Jr., Henry, William, Adam, Ann, and Mary. Marriage records for Ann and Mary can be found in Monongalia Co. W. Va. -- Ann married Daniel KIGER, Feb. 9, 1796 and Mary HENTHORNE married Thomas KIRKPATRICK, Feb. 11, 1800. Hardesty also states that James Jr. married Nancy BOWEN in Salem Township in 1800 and William married Susan PARROTT in Monroe Co., in 1807. If you add those pieces of information together, it appears that James HENTHORNE, the O.C.S. lived in Monongalia Co., Virginia until the first part of 1800, and then came to Monroe Co.

The next step is to try to find some dates for this James, the O.C.S., and we now surmise that he was in Monroe Co. by 1800. The earliest extant census for the State of Ohio is 1820, but there still is one for Newport Township in Washington Co. Ohio for 1800. That township later went to form Monroe Co. in 1820. That 1800 census shows James HINTHORN, James HINTHORN, Jr. and John HINTHORN.

The next information I have is the 1818 tax list for Monroe Co. and there I found listings for James HENTHORN, Sr.; James HENTHORN Jr.; and two women, Margaret HENTHORN & Elizabeth HENTHORN. This still doesn't add up to much, so we go to the 1820 census, and there we find families headed by Adam HENTHORNE, over 45 years of age; John HENTHORNE over 45; James HENTHORNE over 45 - but he also had four children under 10; Margaret HENTHORNE over 45. She had children in her family who were born between 1804-1810, so I think we can discount her as being the widow of James the O.C.S. It also seems that we can discount the 1820 listed James as being the O.C.S. so we back track to the 1818 tax list, and there we had a James Sr. and ames Jr. but it is my contention that the Sr. in that year was really James, the son of the original James, and the Jr. was a third generation HENTHORNE. It begins to look as if James, the O.C.S. was alive in 1800 and listed in Newport Township as James HINTHORN, but deceased by 1818, with Elizabeth being his widow, but that she too was deceased by 1820. However, proving this is likely to be difficult, in view of the scarcity of early Monroe Co. records.

Hardesty's History also has another bit of information which shows that James, the O.C.S. was deceased by 1822. That source states that the site of Clarington was willed by James HENTHORNE to his son William, who in turn sold it to David PIERSON, who laid out the town of Clarington in 1822.

Now we can try to find out when James, the O.C.S. was born. A general rule of thumb allows 30 years for a generation, but of course families in those days always had several children, so a parent could generally be around 20 years older than this oldest child, and 40 years older than his youngest child, but don't count on it. Hardesty's History also mentions a man who was 92 years older than his youngest child.

But, if this is the only thing to go on, you have to at least give it a try. The 1820 census shows James HENTHORNE over 45, so he had to be born at least by 1775. We fare better with John, as we have specific dates for him. He is buried in the HARTER Cemetery in Hannibal and was born Nov. 7, 1772 and died in July of 1846. The son, Adam, is also buried in the HARTER Cemetery, and his tombstone shows that he was born in 1780. The birthdate for Henry is placed circa 1775-80, and since Ann and Mary were married in 1796 and 1800 respectively, I suppose they were a few years younger than Henry. I have no date yet for William.

I would think that James, Jr. was the eldest son - Juniors generally are - so we can move his birth back a few years and still be within a safe range. Now we can surmise that James (the OCS) and his wife were probably married circa 1770, and if you again surmise that they were normal human beings, with normal instincts and were married when they were around 20 years of age, if we add another 17-20 years, we come up with a possible birthdate for them of around 1750, give or take a few years either way. Now we have a possible span of years in which they lived out their lives - 1750-1820, the proverbial three score years and ten.


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Winland, Henry

Born - Abt 1743 Germany
Died - Abt 1783 Buffalo Twp., Lycoming, PA
Note - Heinrich Windlandt, AKA: Henry Winland

BIRTH-CONFLICT: 1750 in unknown place or Abt. 1743 in Germany

AKA: Heinrich Windlandt; Henreich Windlandt; Henry Windland or Windlandt.

RESEARCHER-REFERENCE: In her 23 Apr 1982 column Mrs. Fedorchak wrote about Henry Winland and his descendants, sharing information supplied by Mr. Marshall McCoy of Seattle, WA.
(Source: "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio," by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak, Vol. V, p. 261)

IMMIGRATION: Arrived in America at the Port of Philadelphia on 17 Apr 1771 aboard the ship, "Minerva," from Rotterdam, Germany with Thomas Amot as Captain. Migrated to Ohio Abt. 1809.
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Families, p. 313 - written by Stella E. Mercer)

DEATH-CONFLICT: 1787 in unknown place or Abt. 1783 in Lycoming Co., PA

RESEARCHER: Marjory Ann Austen was interested in the genealogy of the Winland family. She provided a Descendant Chart to the USGenWeb site of the Monroe Co., OH Genealogical Society.

Heinrich Windlandt - Progenitor of Monroe County, Ohio Winlands

During the summer of 1771, Heinrich Windlandt boarded the sailing ship, Minerva, in Rotterdam harbor to search for a better life in America. The ship, under Thomas Arnot, master, made an itermediate stop in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, and reached the Port of Philadelphia in mid-September 1771. On September 17, 1771, Heinrich signed an oath of abjuration (required of all non-British emigrants to Pennsylvania) in front of the Hon. Thomas Willing, Esq. in Philadelphia.

Soon after arriving Heinrich Anglicized his name to Henry Windland or Winland (the name is spelled both ways in Pennsylvania records) and married Dorothy, "Dolly," Driess. Their first place of residence was in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, where their first children were born. Records show that Henry Winland later paid taxes on 300 acres of land in Buffalo Township, Northumberland County, PA for the years 1778 through 1782. At that time Buffalo Township covered the greater part of what is now Union, Center, Snyder, Mifflin, and Lycoming Counties and the specific location of this land is not known. Dorothy Winland was a taxable in Nippenose Township, Northumberland County, in 1787. This was after the reorganization of Buffalo Township and the family may still have been living at the same place.

Henry Windland served at least three different enlistments in the Pennsylvania militia during the Revolutionary War. One of these enlistments was in the company of Captain James Bovard and another in the company of Captain John Beatty. Henry Winland is listed in the Pennsylvania Archives as on of the soldiers of Pennsylvania's Continental Line during the Revolutionary War.

The time and circumstances of the deaths of Henry Winland and his wife, Dorothy, are not known. Apparently Henry died between 1782 (when he was taxable) and 1787 (when Dorothy was taxable). He was born in Germany about 1750, thus he died a fairly young man.

Their children, Jacob (1773-1821) and Maria Catherine, "Mary," (1774-1859) were baptized in Friedens Union Church at Wesnerville (now, Stony Run), Albany Township, Berks County, PA.
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Families, p. 312 - written by H. Dale Winland)

sp- Dorothia DRIESS
Born - Abt 1753
Mar. - Abt 1772 PA
Note - AKA: Dolly; Doretha Dreiss; Dorothia Dries; Dorothea (or Dolly) (Driess?) by Catharine Fedorchak, 23 Apr 1982 column in The Spirit of Democracy.

Henthorn, Sylvanus

Born - Abt 1863/1864 Belmont, OH

Problem: Is Sylvanus Henthorn the son of Elijah and Nancy Henthorn who lived in Green Twp., Monroe Co., OH 206-205, in 1870 when the census was taken? He was 7 years old at the time of the census which would make his birth Abt 1863. The family is still in Green Township at the time of the 1880 cenus, 140-155, with Sylvanus Henthorn listed as 17 years old, OH OH OH.

MARRIAGE: Index to Marriage Records of Marshall Co., WV, page 199. Sylvanus Henthorn and Rebecca Stine were wed in 1885. Their marriage record is in Book C, page 382.

MARRIAGE: Sylvanus Henthorn, 21, b. Belmont Co., OH, m. Rebecca Stine, 18, b. Belmont Co., March 9, 1885, living in Marshall Co., WV. From Marshall Co., WV marriage records.
(Furnished by Betty Cronin)

CENSUS: 1910 in Wetzel Co., WV, Proctor District, -67
Sylvanus Henthorn, 47, married twice, 3 years, OH OH OH, farmer
Martha, 33, married once [sic], 1-1, WV WV WV
Peral, s-da, 10, WV WV WV
Walter, sn, 14, WV OH OH, laborer
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

sp- Rebecca STINE
Born - Abt 1867 Belmont, OH
Mar. - 9 Mar 1885 Marshall, WV
Note - QUESTION-PARENTS: Who were the parents of Rebecca Stine?

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Henthorn Website - Google Group

Henthorn Website - Google Group

This link is to the Henthorn Website group on Google.

The Henthorn Website - Google Group is a place where people with common genealogy interests can post and share information.

I am interested in Hagstrom/Carlson, Henthorn(e) and Hinthorn(e) family history and genealogy. I also am interested in: Conger, Yoho, Watson, Jackson, Mozena.

There are many connections between the Henthorn, Yoho and Conger families in Monroe county, Ohio and in Wetzel and Marshall counties in West Virginia.

If you are interested in any of these surnames I encourage you to consider joining the Henthorn Website group. As of October 2009 there are only twelve members of the group and there has been very little posting.

Group members can post to the Discussions, and to the Files and Pages areas. In certain cases it may be necessary to coordinate with me in order to affect the post. So far I am the only person posting to Files or Pages. There has been some posting to the Discussions.

At this time membership in the group is by request or invitation only. This allows me to maintain control of who has access to the group.

If you are a current group member I hope you will consider posting more frequently. If you aren't a member I hope you will consider taking part.

Mr. Dickie

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Ralph Higginbotham, spouse of Mary Henthorn

Discussion about this couple on Does anyone have information about this branch that you are willing to share? That is to say, has anyone put together some genealogy on this branch?

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Morgan, T. (Thomas) Clifford

T. Clifford Morgan one of my good friends in genealogy passed away on Monday, 21 Sep 2009 at Sedelia, MO. Clifford was very interested in the history and genealogy of the Morgan and Kyger families.

He shared his information with me (Richard Henthorn) and other researchers. He wrote twelve stories about the Morgan family which he shared. For many years they were available, on my AOL genealogy website. Recently I returned the stories to the Internet. You can find them on my genealogy "News" blog. Scroll down until you see the "Labels" area in the sidebar on the right. When you see the "Clifford" label click on it. That will gather a set of all the stories. Henthorn-Website-News.

A copy of the obituary is available on my "Obits" blog. Henthorn-Website-Obits

Mr. Dickie

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"FRANK HENRY ELDER'S lines include: Elder1, Carson, Stephenson/Stevenson, Sweem, Henthorn, Nance, Smith1, Miller, Martin, Allen, Finnell, Wilburn, Sneed, Crenshaw, Perkins, Tate, Morton, Venable, Davis," [Note: Quote from the homepage.]

This is the genealogy webpages of Rebecca Bangsund. There's a photo of the James L. Henthorn, III, grave at Miller Cemetery in Monroe county, Ohio.

In an 11 October 2003 message Rebecca wrote:
"It is the stone of James L. Henthorn. Also known as James Henthorn III. He is buried next to Jacob Miller and wife, Rebecca Martin Miller. This is in the Miller Cemetery in Bethel Township, Monroe County, Ohio. The death date on the stone is September 11, 1859.

The picture was taken by Ken and Rebecca Bangsund in May 2003. To get to the cemetery we had to go to the John Burkhart farm, walk through a horse pasture behind the house, then climb a hillside. The cemetery had been cleaned by the Miller family a year earlier but the brush grows up very quickly here and there is no road to it. There are perhaps 80 other burial sites here. Most of the stones have fallen and are crumbling. Washington Township is very close to Bethel Township so families could possibly live in either one."

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Descendant Chart for Margaret Yoho and David Twibell

1 - Margaret YOHO
Born - 20 May 1797 Wetzel, WV
Died - 24 Jun 1864/1866 Harrison Twp., Blackford, IN
Bur. - Jun 1864/1866 Harrison Twp., Blackford, IN, N. Twibell Cemetery
Note: The parents of Margaret Yoho were Henry Yoho and Catherine Baker.
sp- David TWIBELL
Born - 14 Oct 1792 Wood, Baltimore, MD
Mar. - 6 Feb 1817 Belmont, OH
Died - 13 Aug 1855 Harrison Twp., Blackford, IN
Bur. - Aug 1855 Harrison Twp., Blackford, IN, N. Twibell Cemetery
Son of John TWIBELL & Elizabeth CURRIER
2 - Luther TWIBELL
Born - 1 Feb 1821/1822 Tyler, VA
Died - 31 Aug 1914 Keystone, Wells, IN
Bur. - 3 Sep 1914 Montpelier, Blackford, IN, IOOF Cemetery
sp- Sarah BOWMAN
Born - 15 Jun 1812 Greene, PA
Mar. - 7 Mar 1841 Wells, Miami, IN
Died - 18 May 1903 Wells, IN
3 - David Henry TWIBELL
Died - Aug 1914
sp- Emailine Boyd
4 - Lura Belle TWIBELL
sp- Isaac J. BEEDY
5 - Rose BEDDY
sp- Edward J. RANKIN
6- Dorothy RANKIN
Note: Member of DAR based on Yoho ancestor. Corresponded with
Betty Cronin in November 1980 and February 1981. She retired from
teaching French and Latin after a 39 year career. In 1981 she lived
on Hughbert street in Norman, OK and on a 180 acre farm (cattle ranch)
near Tecumseh, OK where they raised French Charolais cattle.
sp- Harold M. GAY
Born - 18 Jan 1908 Holdenville, Hughes, OK
Mar. - 30 Jun 1941, OK
Died - Aug 1989 Norman, Cleveland, OK
Note: Harold M. Gay was commissioned a Lieutentant (Junior Grade) USNR
and served in WWII from 30 Oct 1941 until the end of the war. After doing
the electrical design work on a Generation Station, he taught in the school of
Electrical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He was promoted to
Commander and recalled to active duty in 1951 during the Korean War. He
retired in 1968 to cattle ranching and genealogy. He and Dorothy had four
children. He was the son of James Newton Gay and Caroline Mary Word.
3 - Mary E. TWIBELL
Born - Abt 1846
sp- Unknown ELLISON
3 - William M. TWIBELL
Born - Abt 1848

Yoho and Rine Books in DAR Library

Two books that I co-authored are in the collection of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, DC. One is about the Rine Family and the other about one branch of the Yoho family. According to the catalog, both were donated to the DAR by member Clarice V. (Eller) Stanley. Thank you Clarice.

Dick Henthorn

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Descendants of Demming Owen Henthorn & Olive Jane Mozena


3 - John Richard MOZENA Jr.
Born - 6 Nov 1849 OH
sp- Margaret Jane HOWELL
Born - 11 Jul 1853
4 - Olive Jane MOZENA
Born - 14 Aug 1889 Hannibal, Monroe, OH
Died - 7 Nov 1975 Shadyside, Belmont, OH
Bur. - 10 Nov 1975 St. Clairsville, Belmont, OH, Belmont Memorial
sp- Deming Owen HENTHORN
Born - 7 Jul 1888 Hannibal, Monroe, OH
Mar. - 26 Feb 1913 New Martinsville, Wetzel, WV
Died - 17 Jan 1963 Martins Ferry, Belmont, OH
Bur. - 21 Jan 1963 St. Clairsville, Belmont, OH, Belmont Memorial
Son of Demming O'Conner HENTHORN & Delilah Melissa RUSH
5 - Mary Irving HENTHORN
Born - 6 Jan 1914 Wheeling Island, Ohio, WV
sp- Thomas James O'HARE
Born - 1914 Middletown, Columbiana, OH
Mar. - 20 Mar 1937
Died - 13 Nov 1977
6 - Thomas James O'HARE Jr.
sp- Rose Pao BURCHER
6 - David Lee O'HARE
sp- Hazel WUMDER
6 - Sally Ann O'HARE
sp- Ashby EVERHART
6 - Mary Ellen O'HARE
sp- Kenneth WAGGENOR
6 - Richard Owen O'HARE
5 - Richard Lorenzo HENTHORN
Born - 6 Jan 1914 Wheeling Island, Ohio, WV
sp- Gay Audrey WOODY
6 - Richard HENTHORN
sp- Adelaide E. WEISAL
Mar. - 1950
Dau of Frank WEISAL & Augusta HUFFMAN
5 - Merle Catherine HENTHORN
Born - 21 Apr 1919 Wheeling Island, Ohio, WV
sp- Joseph Francis MOZENA
Born - 27 Aug 1917 Monroe, OH
Mar. - 19 Oct 1940 Bridgeport, Belmont, OH
Son of Joseph Franklin MOZENA & Myrtle Isabelle SUTER
6 - Donna Jean MOZENA
Born - 10 Jan 1943
sp- Wayne BRYAN
6 - Carol Sue MOZENA
Born - 8 Aug 1946
sp- James Patrick SWEENY
Mar. - 24 Aug 1968 Wheeling, Ohio, WV
6 - Michael Francis MOZENA
Born - 2 Apr 1952
5 - Delilah HENTHORN
Born - 19 Jul 1916 Hannibal, Monroe, OH
sp- Albert Ellis MEIGH
Born - 29 Dec 1914 Lansing, Belmont, OH
Died - 1954 Wheeling, Ohio, WV
Bur. - 1954 St. Clairsville, Belmont, OH, Belmont Memorial
Son of Ernest MEIGH & Elizabeth RUSHTON
sp- American Anthony MEL
Died - Bef 1989
Son of Attilio MEL & Maria D-ARSIE
sp- Unknown COSTA
Died - Aug 1993 Wheeling, Ohio, WV
5 - Edith Belle HENTHORN
Born - 18 Nov 1920 Hannibal, Monroe, OH
sp- Walter Roger LEWIS Jr.
Mar. - 21 Jun 1941 Barnesville, Belmont, OH
Son of Walter Roger LEWIS Sr. & May LEWIS
6 - Linda Jane LEWIS
sp- Marvin Gary FIELDING
6 - Rebecca Ann LEWIS
sp- Dale L. GOUDY
Son of Adam GOUDY
6 - Janice Elizabeth LEWIS
sp- Thomas BALTZELL
6 - Walter Roger LEWIS III
sp- Kitty JONES
Dau of Dale M. JONES & Helen UNKNOWN
6 - Edward Owen LEWIS

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Rush Family Forum

"Welcome to the Rush Family Forum. This site is intended to share information about the Rush family, specifically the Rush lines of Pennsylvania and Ohio. I am especially interested in those who passed through or settled in Monroe County, Ohio. All Rush family information is welcome."

This is the Google website of Karen J. Romick. It's a nice example of what you can do with the free web space on the Google Sites application. Karen is the editor of The Navigator, the newsletter of the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. The societie's library is housed in the county library at Woodsfield, OH.

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Colonel Everton J. Conger and Lincoln's Assassin

"In the early morning hours of April 27, 1865, Colonel Everton J. Conger, a Secret Service agent, raced through the streets of Washington, D. C., heading for the War Department to report the capture and death of John Wilkes Booth. A relieved and grateful Secretary of War Edwin Stanton announced to a grieving nation that President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin was dead."

How to write a compelling family history - Helium

"Writing a compelling family history is much like almost any heavy writing task. First, you have to know your subject. Second you need to have a vision of how you will present it. And third, you have to present it with your audience in mind. Let's see how these three principles apply to writing a compelling family history."

First of twenty-one articles about this subject found on

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Creating Family Web Sites For Dummies | Books | Creating Family Web Sites For Dummies

Creating Family Web Sites For Dummies by Janine Warner
As photo albums turn digital and email addresses become commonplace, modern families are building their own Web sites, contributing to an increasingly popular part of the Internet where you can find everything from elaborate wedding invitations to vacation pictures to the first photo of a newborn.

Henthorn, James

James Henthorn Descendant Chart
Created by R. Bangsund.

"1 James Henthorn
........ 2 James Henthorn Burial: Probably Clarington, Salem Township, Monroe County, Ohio
............ Mary b: Abt. 1710 m: Abt. 1732
................... 3 James L. Henthorn d: September 11, 1859
....................... Nancy Bowen m: 1800 in Salem Township, Monroe Co., Ohio
............................. 4 Stephen Henthorn b: February 09, 1812 in Monroe County, Ohio d: March 09, 1874 in Sylvan, Richland County, Wisconsin Burial: Sugar Grove Cemetery, Clayton, Crawford Co., WI
................................. Sarah Randal b: December 31, 1810 in Greene, Pennsylvania m: Abt. 1830 in Salem Township., Monroe County, Ohio d: January 29, 1880 in Sylvan, Richland County, Wisconsin Burial: Sugar Grove Cemetery, Clayton, Crawford Co., WI"

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Yoho, Wilbert Wiley

Wilbert Wiley Yoho

Some information about the Wilbert Wiley Yoho family found on the freepages of

Focused Search

I've been practicing with a way of entering search terms when I'm using Google search. I also tried it with Lycos. This method focuses the search on a particular website. It's very useful if you are doing genealogy.

You can use this search string to find all of the "Henthorn" occurrences on GenForum. To the left of the word "site:" enter "Henthorn" followed by a space and to the right of "site:" with no space enter the abbreviated (I leave off the "http://www".) URL of the website you want to search.

For Example:

Here are some other websites where you might want to search: (webpages on Verizon) (webpages on ComCast) (webpages on (LDS website) (Marshall county, WV information) (to see how many folks with your surname are on FB) (blog pages on Google Blogger) (Google Groups) (Google free websites)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy: My Accomplishments with Genealogy

Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy

Susi's Accomplishments with Genealogy

I thought you might enjoy reading what my friend Susi wrote today about her genealogy accomplishments.

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This Drives Me Nuts!

It drives me nuts when someone publishes a genealogy or posts a genealogy website without including their name, address and other contact information. I've seen it happen often enough to know it isn't uncommon. Everyone ought to give themselves credit for all of the hard work.

The Henthorn Family Homepage

I'm not certain who owns these webpages. You can't tell from any of the pages. The data shown is for the Henthorn family of Monroe county, Ohio.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ahnentafel Chart of Pheobe (Conger) Allen

Ahnentafel Chart of Pheobe (Conger) Allen

Pheobe Conger, born September 20, 1807 in New York; died August 20, 1883 in Allenton, Berlin Twnshp, St. Clair County, Michigan. She was the daughter of Jesse Conger and Delight Benedict. She married (1) Douglass Allen October 19, 1829. He was born April 05, 1807 in New York, and died September 03, 1850 in Armada, Michigan.

Edwin Hurd Conger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edwin Hurd Conger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Edwin Hurd Conger (March 7, 1843 – May 18, 1907) was a Civil War soldier, lawyer, banker, Iowa congressman, and United States diplomat. As the United States' minister to China during the Boxer Rebellion, Conger, his family, and other western diplomatic legations were under siege in Beijing until rescued by the China Relief Expedition."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sarah Jane (Pike) Conger

Sarah Jane (Pike) Conger:

"Born in Painesville, Ohio July 24, 1843, Sarah Jane Pike was brought up in Galesburg, Illinois, the daughter of New England-born Edward Pike, a fruit tree dealer, and wife Laura Burridge. She attended Lombard College, graduating in 1863, and Bryant and Stratton Business College in 1864. She fell in love with Edwin Pike [sic, Hurd] Conger, a fellow student at Lombard (to which his parents were founding donors), waited for him to return from the Civil War, and married him in Galesburg on June 21, 1866."

Ernest Eugene "Gene" Conger - Family Webpage

"Enos Conger, descendant of John Belconger of England, came to Appanoose County, Iowa with his brother from Ohio fairly early on, about 1845-46. A census was taken in 1850 and the most persons of same name in Caldwell township were Congers. At that time there were 29 Conger souls in Caldwell with a few others here and there in that area and some were just across the state line in Missouri."


On 7 October 2009 I received an Email from Gene Conger informing me that he moved his webpages to Tripod. It was very nice to hear from Gene again. We'd been out of touch for a while. Conger family members are sure to enjoy Gene's very nice website.

Note: To reduce the size of the text when viewing the descendant pages on Gene's website you can try using the (Control and Minus) keys on your browser. This worked for me from Firefox.

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"Welcome to gene@pedia: everything you ever wanted to know about blogging and genealogy but were afraid to ask! gene@pedia is a communal information resource directory for the genealogy community that anyone can edit!"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Genealogy Blog Finder | Recently Updated Blogs

Another genealogy blog finder. Thumbnails of each registered blog are shown at the left.

My "Obits" blog is registered on this one.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Is GeneaBloggers?


People interested in genealogy are now creating and posting to their own genealogy blogs. If you wondered what blogging is all about and if you've ever considered whether blogging is something you might enjoy as part of the genealogy hobby I recommend you pay a visit to this site.

After you've set up your genealogy blog you can register it at GeneaBloggers and others will be able to quickly find your blog via the sites search box. You can find my genealogy "News" blog and the new "Congers Worldwide" blog with the search.

The link below will take you to the "About" page rather than the "Home" page. Use the buttons on the gray toolbar to move around the site.

If you want to start blogging I suggest looking at WordPress or Google Blogger. I'm using Google. Job Conger chose WordPress for "Congers WorldWide."

Have fun with your genealogy.


If the date of publication is fairly recent you may not be able to find a copy of some items yet at the library listed in the Source:. There are two possible reasons for this. A number of genealogy societies are willing to have loose pages professionally hard bound, especially if the donor is also willing to provide funds for the binding. Therefore, the item may still be out for binding. In the case of the Latter-day Saints Library in Salt Lake City, UT they are also interested in copying the pages of donated material to film, before hard binding, in order to make it possible to request film copies of the document for use at their Family History Centers. This step could further delay the availability of an item.
Ancestor Charts of the Monroe County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society, Vol. 1. Published by the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, Box 641, Woodsfield, OH 43793. 1991.
  • Contents: Photo copies of Family Group Sheets of members of the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.
  • Includes: Charts submitted by: Denver Yoho, Lana Drum, Shirley Keevert Craib, Eleanor Schindler, Helen Josephine Butcher, Patrica J. Bugher, J. Francis Mozena, Virginia Antonio, Thadeus L. Hartman, et al.
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number F497 .M67A5 1991)
Ancestor Charts of the Monroe County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society, Vol. 2. Published by the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, Box 641, Woodsfield, OH 43793. 1997.
  • Contents: Photo copies of 295 pages of 4 or 5 generation Pedigree Charts of members of the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.
  • Includes: Charts submitted by: Vern C. & Marisa Simmons Back, Bradley Carroll, Blaine L. Clegg, Willa (Henry) Craig, Richard E. Henthorn, Betty (Goudy) Cronin, Wilma (Stine) Davis, Wilma (Drum) Egger, Esther (Foggin) Sharps, Robert R., Guiling
    er, Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack, Ray Alfred Stewart, Emanuel Wilbert Baldwin, Paul Conner Henthorne, John Ogden, Ralph (Jay) Suter, Bonnie (Ross) Van Orden, Sharon (Mobberly) Watson, Elizabeth (Estlack) Mullett, Ruth (Stage) Emmons, et al. Includes index.
  • Source: Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Bell, Raymond Martin, 1907-. Five Methodist families of western Pennsylvania, 1785: Henthorn, Jones, Lackey, Murphy, Pumphrey. Coralville, Iowa: R.M. Bell, 1997. 14 leaves: 1 map; 28 cm.
  • Contents: Five Pennsylvania Methodist families.
  • Includes: Bibliographical references (leaf 13) and index, Genealogy.
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Bolerjack, Mary Josephine (Henthorn) 1918-. My Story. Produced by Richard E. Henthorn, Hyattsville, MD, Sep 1994, 116 p.
  • Contents: Pedigree charts, family group records, Genealogy of Mary Edith (Gilliland) Henthorn Evans and her descendants, My Story narrative account of the life of Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack.
  • Includes: Henthorn, Bolerjack and allied families.
  • Source: LDS Library at Salt Lake City, UT; Mrs. Bolerjack and Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Booher, Emma (Rich), 1895-. Rich Hill Westmoreland County Virginia 1740 to Rich Hill Noble County Ohio 1880. c1976 Senecaville, OH, 167 p., 23 cm.
  • Contents: Jacob Reich born in Germany in 1706 came to America in about 1725. He settled in March 1740 in Westmoreland County, Virginia an area which was redistricted in the 1700's to become German township, Fayette county, PA. He married Anne Craft and may have had a 1st wife. He had 13 offspring, the last of which was Abraham Rich who was born 11 Jun 1792 and died 27 Apr 1873 on his farm in Seneca township, Noble county, OH. Abraham Rich married Anne Thompson, 10th child of James Thompson and Mary Jackson, who was born 5 Nov 1798 and died 12 Dec 1843.
  • Includes: Reich, Rich, Jennings, Miley, Jackson, Thompson, Henthorne, Coquelin, Cockley, Kackley, Millhone, Craft
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number F497. N6 B66)
Booth, Viva (Sechrist), Memorial to Abraham Thompson Secrest. 1959, 243+ p.
  • Contents: Abraham Thompson Secrest studied the history and genealogy of several families in Guernsey county, Ohio. He published one book, The Spaid Family in America. in 1922. Mrs. Booth used portions of his book as the basis for her work which added to the recorded data on the Spaid, Secrest and Thompson families.
  • Includes: Spaid, Secrest, Trenner, Thompson, Frye, Albin, Cather. Includes index.
  • Source: Handley Library in Winchester, VA; Guernsey County District Public Library, Cambridge, OH
Briggs, Ethel L. Ohio Valley Richmonds - Their Kith and Kin.. Published by Ethel L. Briggs, Route 1, Box 2, New Martinsville, WV 26155. 1976. 275 p.
  • Contents: History and genealogy of the Richmond family of Wetzel and Marshall counties, West Virginia.
  • Includes: Baker, Briggs, Gorby, Garner, Parsons, Paugh, Richmond, Siburt, Yoho, and table of contents at the back of the book, labeled, General Index.
  • Source: Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's and Mrs. Vicki Hodgman's personal possession.
Brown, James Edgar, 1865-. Genealogy of the Brown family, of Prince William county, Virginia; being a history of William Brown and seven generations of his descendants. Chicago, Press of G.E. Brown & co., 1898. 143, [1] p. ports. 24 cm.
  • Contents: Brown family genealogy.
  • Includes: William Brown, d. ca. 1732; Watson. Mentioned is the family of David and Sarah Watson who came to Virginia from Frederick Co., Maryland. Listed is a person named Henthorn Watson who some researchers believe was, David Henthorn Watson. There may also be a 1930 version of this genealogy.
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number CS71.B88 1898) (LCCN: 98-000306); also available on Microfilm 84/8336 (C).
Carnahan, Clarice (Jennings), The Tree of Life. summer 1982, 89 p.
  • Contents: David Jennings (b. 1741 - d. 1824) of Fayette County, Pennsylvania served in the Revolutionary War during the period 1778-1783. He married Mary Henthorn (b. 1739) in 1762 and they had 9 children. Some of their descendants later settled in Morgan County, OH and subsequently in Vernon County, Wisconsin.
  • Includes: Jennings, Henthorn, Woodward, Piper, Wise, Clancy, Nash, Larry, Silbaugh, Guist, Grandstaff and others.
  • Source: Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Clegg, Blaine L. (Blaine Lamarr), 1923-. Cleggs of the Upper Ohio Valley: A family genealogy,. Published: [Largo, Fla.] (10822 Harborside Dr., Largo, FL 34643) : B.L. Clegg, c1990. v, 377 p., [1] leaf of plates: ill.; 26 cm.
  • Contents: This genealogy attempts to identify movements of the descendants of Thomas Clegg (about 1750-1830) and his four sons who arrived in western Pennsylvania from Ireland between 1790 and 1800. More specifically, it is the descendants of his second son, Samuel (1774-845), that are tracked and identified.
  • Includes: Clegg and related families. Includes index.
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number: CS71.C6228 1990) (LCCN Number 90-093373); Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Cresap, Joseph Ord and Cresap, Bernarr, (Compilers). The History of the Cresaps, Revised Edition. Published by The Cresap Society, Gallatin, TN, 1987. 803 p.
  • Contents: Hard bound genealogy and history of Thomas Cresap, Maryland Pioneer. Includes the text of A Biographical Sketch of the Life of the Late Capt. Michael Cresap. Michael was a son of Thomas Cresap. The Michael Cresap book
    was written by John J. Jacob, 10 Mar 1826. John J. Jacob was husband of the widow of Capt. Michael Cresap.
  • Includes: Cresap and related families, Indexed
  • Source: Library of Congress; Public Library at New Martinsville, WV; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession; also available from the Cresap Society.
Combined History of Monroe County, Ohio, H.H. Hardesty & Co., 1882, and Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio. Reprint (1st work) originally published in Chicago by H.H. Hardesty, 1882. Reprint (2nd work) originally published in Mount Vernon, Ohio by Atlas Publishing Co., 1898.
  • Contents: Contains historical and biographical sketches of Monroe County, and also maps showing ownership of property. Includes index.
  • Source: Film at Salt Lake Library - 0928565, item 9
Fedorchak, Catharine (Foreaker) 1918-1994. Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio - Vol. I and Vol. II.
  • Contents: A set of 2 volumes of reprints of the newspaper column "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio" which appeared in The Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, OH. Vol. II contains columns which appeared during the period 15 Jul 1973 - 14 Jun 1977.
  • Source: The DAR Library in Washington, DC has Volume II.
Fedorchak, Catharine (Foreaker) 1918-1994. Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio - Vol. 1. Indexed and reprinted by the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, Box 641, Woodsfield, OH 43793. 1997
  • Contents: A one volume set of reprints of the newspaper column "Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio" which appeared in The Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, OH, 29 Jun 1967 to 28 Jun 1973. Includes Table of Contents and Index.
  • Source: The Monroe County Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society; Mr. Henthorn's personal possession.
Fedorchak, Catharine (Foreaker) 1918-1994. Monroe County, Ohio Records - Vol. I to XVII.
  • Contents: A set of 17 volumes of extracts made from various documents, records and newspapers in Monroe County, Ohio published over a period of 20 years, sometimes with co-authors. Vol. VII contains a 27 page index to the Hardesty history of
    Monroe County. Vol. XV contains the genealogy of Mrs. Fedorchak and Mrs. Wilma S. Davis. For a number of years Mrs. Fedorchak also wrote a column on local history and genealogy for the "Spirit of Democracy," Woodsfield, Monroe Co., Ohio. One series
    of articles dealt with researching the HENTHORN family in Monroe county.
  • Source: Library of Congress has some of the volumes. The DAR Library in Washington, DC has most of the volumes.
Focht, Harry A. and Freeland, Ernest W.; Freeland, H. Frank; Watson, William B. 1923-1993. A Freeland History: being a genealogical record of the descendants of Mary (Pollock) Freeland of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1746-1971. Hummelstown, PA,
Printed by Thoroughbred Press, 1971, x, 356 p. illus. 25 cm.
  • Includes: Freeland, Watson.
  • Source: Library of Congress.
Gander, Charles Harrison, 1928-. The history and genealogy of the Gander families. Baltimore (1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202: Gateway Press), 1987. xii, 1044 p., ill., 24 cm.
  • Contents: Award winning, hard bound, history and genealogy of the Gander families.
  • Includes: Gander, Thompson, Secrest, Henthorn
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number CS71. G1926 1987)
Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives, Published by the National Archives Trust Fund Board, U.S. General Services Administration, Washington, DC. 1982. xiii, 304 p.: ill. (some col.), facsims. ; 28 cm.
  • Contents: The National Archives of the United States document American history from the time of the First Continental Congress and hold the permanently valuable records of the three branches of the federal government. The archives are preserved and made available because of their continuing practical use in the necessary processes of government, for the protection of public and private rights, and for the uses that can be made of the information contained in them by scholars, students, and the general public.
    The records amount to more than 1 million cubic feet. They are in the custody of the National Archives and Records Service and are housed in the National Archives building in Washington, D.C., in the archives branches in the Washington National Records Center in Suitland, MD., at the new Archives II in College Park, MD, and in eleven regional archives branches located in Federal Archives and Records Centers around the country. They are described in the comprehensive Guide to the National Archives of the United States (Washington: National Archives and Records Service, 1974). In each of the National Archives repositories, additional finding aids are available. There include inventions, preliminary inventories, special lists, indexes, and supplemental guides on specific subjects.
  • This work superseded the 1964 Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives, compiled by Meredith B. Colket, Jr. and Frank E. Bridgers. A complete revision and enlargement, this guide includes records not described in the earlier editiion, particularly records of genealogical value in the regional archives branches. It also contains illustrations and photographs, citations to microfilm publications, and expanded and clarified descriptions of the records.
  • Includes: Appendices. Includes index.
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number: Z5313.U5 U54 1982 CS68) (LCCN Number 82-021040); Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession
Headlee, A.J.W. (Alvah John Washington), 1902-. George Lemley and wife Catherine Yoho and their descendants for two centuries. Morgantown, WV: Headlee, 1975. 219 p.: ill.; 22 cm.
  • Contents: Hard bound genealogy of the family of George and Catherine (Yoho) Lemley.
  • Includes: Lemley, Yoho, Headlee, Hadley; includes index
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number CS71.L547 1975); Dewey No: 929 /.2/ 0973; (LCCN: 75-322356)
Heagler, Ethel C. (Conger) 1881-. Conger History 1664-1941. compiled by Ethel C. Heagler, Broadlawn Farm, Cooksville, IL, 1941.
  • Contents:
    Mrs. Ethel (Conger) Heagler wrote: The compiler of this history has written hundreds of letters and spent years of research to obtain the information contained in this small volume. Mrs. Heagler has been for twenty-five years, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Chapter at Bloomington, IL and has served the Chapter as Historian and Librarian. She also has membership in the Institute of American Genealogy in Chicago, and is a Charter member of the McLean County, Illinois Home Bureau and taught in the public schools of the county.
  • Includes: Conger and related families.
  • Source: State Library of Ohio, 65 Front Street, Columbus, OH 43226-0334; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Henderson: family genealogical data, 1513-1967. undated. 83 p.
  • Contents: Edward Henderson (1776-1840), of Scottish lineage, immigrated from Ireland to Ripley County, Indiana and married Mary S. Richards. Descendants to 1967 lived in Indiana, Illinois, Washington, DC and elsewhere. Transcript of 83 leaves is held at the Ripley County Historical Museum, Versailles, Indiana.
  • Includes: Henderson, Bruner, Henthorn, Plumley, Roberts, Williams.
  • Source: Film at Salt Lake Library - 1312800, item 33
Henthorn, Herman William 1916-1997. South of Lone Oak. Produced by Richard E. Henthorn, Hyattsville, MD, May 1995, 40 p.
  • Contents: Pedigree charts, Genealogy of Isaac William Henthorn and his descendants, South of Lone Oak narrative account of the life of Herman William Henthorn.
  • Includes: Henthorn and allied families.
  • Source: LDS Library at Salt Lake City, UT; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Henthorn, Norma (Latham) 1924-1992 and Raymond M. Bell. The Henthorn Family - Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia - with notes on Cresap and Quinn families. 1990. 33 p.
  • Contents: Two young men, John and James Henthorn, set out from Ireland for the New World about 1730. The first record of John is on the 1732 New Garden, Chester County tax list. In 1734, both John and James are listed in adjoining London Grove Township. James married about 1732 and became a blacksmith. John married in 1738 and was a farmer. There are extensive notes on the Cresap family. Thomas Cresap was an early frontiersman who probably influenced the Henthorns to settle in Pennsylvania. A John Quinn married Sarah (Henthorn) Parr and their oldest son, James Quinn, became a well-known Methodist preacher in western Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • Includes: Henthorn, Cresap, Quinn. Includes table of contents and index.
  • Source: Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession. Library of Congress (LC Call Number CS71.H5279 1990)
Henthorn, Richard E., 1939- and Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack, 1918-. Henthorn Family - James Henthorn II of Monroe County, Ohio . Hyattsville, Maryland, 10 Dec 1996, 780 p.
  • Contents: Researchers believe that James Henthorn, II, of Monroe County, Ohio was the son of James Henthorn I who along with his brother John was the first Henthorn in the colonies. This work is the genealogy and history of James Henthorn II as of December 1996.
  • Includes: Henthorn, Bolerjack and allied families; every name index
  • Source: LDS Library, Salt Lake City, UT (probably on roll film only); National Genealogical Society (NGS), Arlington, VA; Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, Woodsfield, OH (hard bound into 2 volumes); Wetzel County Genealogical Society, New Martinsville, WV (hard bound into 2 volumes) ; Mrs. Jospehine Bolerjack's personal possession; Mr. Henthorn's personal possession; Mrs. Elizabeth Mullett's personal possession; Mr. E. Delbert Henthorn's personal possession.
Henthorn, Richard E., 1939-. Hinthorn / Hinthorne Family Genealogy. Hyattsville, Maryland, 1995, 242 p.
  • Contents: Genealogy and history of the Hinthorn / Hinthorne families of America with emphasis on branches of McLean Co., IL: Independence, KS and the west coast.
  • Includes: Hinthorn and Hinthorne family; every name index
  • Source: McLean County Genealogical and Historical Society Library, McLean Co., IL. (hard bound)
Henthorn, Richard E., 1939-. Genealogy of David and Sarah Watson.
Hyattsville, Maryland, Jul 1996, 282 p.
  • Includes: Watson family; every name index
  • Source: National Genealogical Society Library, Arlington, VA
in St. Louis, MO.]
Henthorn, Richard E., 1939-. Yoho Family. Hyattsville, Maryland, Jun 1995, 578 p.
  • Contents: Compilation of Yoho family genealogy and history gathered from the work of many different Yoho family researchers and personal research of the author. Prepared for donation to the silent auction held at the June 1995 Yoho Family Association reunion held at New Martinsville, WV.
  • Includes: Yoho and allied families
  • Source: Hugh L. Yoho's personal possession; Additional copy donated to the Southern California Genealogical Society, Burbank, CA by Mr. Hugh L. Yoho.
Henthorn, Richard E., 1939- and Clarice V. (Eller) Stanley, 1923-. Rine (Ryan) Family History - 1998 Edition. Hyattsville, Maryland, 20 Jun 1998, p. 421
  • Contents: Compilation of the genealogy and history of the Lazarus Rine family of Marshall and Wetzel counties, WV. Prepared for donation to the silent auction held at the June 1998 Yoho Family Association reunion in New Martinsville, WV.
  • Includes: Rine, Yoho and allied families; every name index
  • Source: LDS Library, Salt Lake City, UT; Wetzel County Genealogical Society, New Martinsville, WV; Mr. Finley L. Ryan Jr.'s personal possession; Daughters of the American Revolution Library donated by Mrs. Clarice V. (Eller) Stanley; Mr. Ralph E. (Red) Hunter and his wife, Charlotte A. (Rine) Hunter's personal possession; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Henthorn, Richard E., 1939- and T. (Thomas) Vernon Anderson, 1951-. Yoho Family - Henry Yoho and Annabelle Buchanan. Hyattsville, Maryland, 21 Jun 1997, 375 p.
  • Contents: Compilation of the genealogy and history of the Henry Yoho and Annabelle Buchanan of Marshall County, WV and their descendants. Prepared for donation to the silent auction held at the June 1997 Yoho Family Association reunion in New
    Martinsville, WV.
  • Includes: Yoho and allied families; every name index
  • Source: LDS Library, Salt Lake City, UT; Wetzel County Genealogical Society, New Martinsville, WV (hard bound); Moundsville Public Library, Moundsville, WV (3 ring notebook); Claude Ray Burton's personal possession; Rev. Mike Yoho's personal possession; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Henthorn, Richard E., 1939- and T. (Thomas) Vernon Anderson, 1951-. Yoho Family - Henry Yoho and Annabelle Buchanan. Hyattsville, Maryland, 20 Jun 1998, p.546
  • Contents: Compilation of the genealogy and history of the Henry Yoho and Annabelle Buchanan of Marshall County, WV and their descendants. Prepared for donation to the silent auction held at the June 1998 Yoho Family Association reunion in New
    Martinsville, WV.
  • Includes: Yoho and allied families; every name index
  • Source: Library of Congress (LCCN: 98-186389); Denver Clayton Yoho's personal possession; Sullivan Blair Yoho's personal possession; Daughters of the American Revolution Library donated by Mrs. Clarice V. (Eller) Stanley; Mrs. H. Jean (Yeater) Anderson's personal possession; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Henthorn, Roy 1922- and Norma (Latham) Henthorn 1924-1992. History and Descendants of Amos and Elizabeth Sharp Henthorn, 1816-1959. Bethany, Oklahoma, 1959. 40 p. Sometimes referred to as: "The Amos Tree."
  • Contents: James Henthorn came from Europe in 1720 and settled near Martinsburg, West Virginia where he died in the year 1776.
  • Includes: Henthorn, Williamson and allied families. Includes index.
  • Source: Film at LDS Library at Salt Lake City, UT - 0928424, item 3; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Henthorn, Ruth Evelin (Carlson) 1901-1994, Recollections of Ruth Evelin (Carlson) Henthorn, 25 Mar 1901 - 16 Apr 1994. Produced by Richard E. Henthorn, Hyattsville, MD, June 1994, 18 p.
  • Contents: Narrative recollections of Ruth Evelin (Carlson) Henthorn, mother of genealogy researcher, Richard E. Henthorn, written over the period, 3 Sep 1988 to 19 Sep 1991 with Epilogue written on 7 June 1994.
  • Includes: Henthorn, Carlson/Hagstrom family
  • Source: LDS Library at Salt Lake City, UT; Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Henthorne, Stephen E. 1945-. Henthorn(e) Family History - The New World - 1705-1989. Alexandria, Louisiana, 22 Nov 1988. p. 30.
  • Contents: James and John Henthorn, brothers came from Northern Ireland about 1730 and settled in London Grove, Chester County, PA.
  • Includes: Henthorn, Tuttle, Remy, Watson, Jackson.
  • Source: Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Jennings, Eileen (Stockman) 1938-. The Jennings Family. Marceline, MO, Walsworth Pub, c1976. 158 p., ill., 29 cm.
  • Contents: Descendants of David Jennings of western Pennsylvania.
  • Includes: Jennings, Henthorn, Alexander, Bridges, Moore.
  • Source: Library of Congress.
Johnson, Virginia Bondurant. Harriett Lucretia White and Charles Jacob Newman, their family. / compiled by Virginia Bondurant Johnson. c1972. 161 p.
  • Contents: Descendants of Charles Jacob Newman, born 1870 Kingwood, WV and
    Harriett Lucretia White, born 1868.
  • Includes: Newman, White, Guseman, Stewart, Henthorn, Ridgway. Includes index.
  • Source: Book at Salt Lake Library - 929.273 N462j Library of Congress
Kilpatrick, Marian Douglas (Jones). The Kilpatrick Family. 1930.
  • Contents: Ancestors and Descendants of Marian Douglas Jones and Robert Jackson Kilpatrick. Compiled from genealogical notes which she assembled but had not put in book form when the Reaper came.
  • Includes: Downard, Jackson, Kilpatrick, Henthorn, Thompson.
  • Source: Library of Congress
Kramer, Valerie Jean (Charnock) 1949-. Descendants of Captain John Baker. Published by Valerie Jean Kramer, Port Orford, OR., January 1999. 321 pages with extensive every-name and placename index.
  • Contents: The descendants of Captain John Baker and Elizabeth Sullivan of Ohio county, West Virginia and Monroe county, Ohio.  There is an historical Baker's Station sign on the West Virginia side of the Ohio river.
  • Includes: Henthorn, Baker, Yoho, Rine, colored photos
  • Source: Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession; Cumberland Trail Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 576, St. Clairsville, OH 43950; Washington County Public Library, 615 Fifth Street, Marietta, OH 45750-19730; The New York Public Library, 11 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018; Monroe County Chapter OGS, Box 641, Woodsfield, OH 43793. As of 6 October 2012 copies were still available, with color photos, $32.95, with black and white photos, $22.95, from Valerie Jean Kramer, P.O. Box 49, Port Orford, OR 97465 or order online at: Order Genealogy
Larson, F.H. (Fritz Herbert) 1905-. A Journey Back in Life: A tribute to my heritage.. Published by F.H. Larson, Lincoln, NE; 140, [20] p.: ill.; 22 cm.
  • Contents: Story of the life of F.H. Larson and his ancestors who homesteaded on the western Nebraska prairie. Includes genealogy of his family and that of his wife, Amy Althea (Carlson) Larson.
  • Includes: Larson, Hagstrom, Carlson, Henthorn
  • Source: Library of Congress (LC Call Number: CT275.L2764 A35 1981) (LCCN Number: 83-243743); Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Leonard, Helen Maxine (Crowell) 1919-. The Conger Confabs Quarterly Newsletters, Vol. 1, ed. 1 (Mar. 1975) - Vol. 20, no. 4 (Dec. 1994). Author's edition. Janesville, Iowa (West Barrick Road, Janesville, IA 50647), Conger Publications, 1994.
854 p. illus. 29 cm.
  • Contents: Maxine (Crowell) Leonard of Janesville, IL was the editor/ publisher of The Conger Confab, the quarterly Conger family newsletter for a period of 20 years. She donated copies of the newsletter to the Library of Congress. Cove
    r title: The Conger Confabs News Letters, 1975-1994. The Library of Congress has a hard bound copy, with at least one issue either bound out of place, at the back, or included twice.
  • Includes: Conger and allied families. Includes index.
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  • Contents: Conger researchers believe that all Congers in the United States descended from John Belconger and his sons. This two volume set of information about the members of the Conger family consists of Family Group Record type information gathered by long time Conger researcher and publisher, Maxine (Crowell) Leonard. Both volumes can be requested with the same accession number. Be sure to specify that you want both volumes.
  • Includes: Conger and allied families. Includes index.
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Macdonald, Albert G. (Geddes) Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and related families - Craft, Dunaway, Fuller, Henthorn, and McCleary. undated and unpaged.
  • Contents: Hugh Jackson Sr. came from Ireland about 1750, and settled in Maryland.
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Monroe County, Ohio Families. Published by the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, Box 641, Woodsfield, OH 43793. 1992. 351 p.
  • Family history book of the people of Monroe County, Ohio. Over 960 family histories
  • and stories and photographs in the words of the contributors.
  • Includes: Index
  • Source: Address above. Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Mullett, Elizabeth (Estlack) 1935- and Helen Jane Estlack 1929-1993. The Henthorns - A Tip of the Iceberg. 1990. 101 p.
  • Contents: A small portion of the descendants of the Henthorn brothers, James and John. The Estlack family lives in Tyler and Wetzel County, West Virginia and the focus of the document is on West Virginia and Ohio Henthorns.
  • Includes: Atkinson, Baker, Brown, Burkham, Campbell, Cockrell, Estlack, Goudy, Hart, Henthorn, Jennings, Johnston, Kyger, Mansfield, Mathews, Mullett, Rumple, Sanderson, Smith, Stewart, Stine, Thompson, Ullom, Underwood, Watson, Wright, Yoho,
    York. Includes Index.
  • Source: Mr. Richard E. Henthorn's personal possession.
Owens, Ivan C. Easton-Avery Community History 1963. 1964.
  • Contents: History of the Easton-Avery Community.
  • Includes: Everly, Hanway, Henthorn, Jarrett, Ridgeway, Stewart.
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Pankau, Edmund J. Check It Out!. Chicago; Contemporary Books. c1992.
  • Contents: Without a badge, gun, or subpoena, you can get detailed, factual information about any person or organization -- quickly and legally -- through the same publicly available sources that America's top investigative agencies use
    to identify frauds, thieves, and even killers.

    Renowned investigator Edmund J. Pankau explains how to run a thorough, confidential, and completely legal background search on someone, locate a person you haven't seen in years, determine whether your spouse is being faithful, and much more. You'll find
    out which public records to access, where to find them, what to look for, and professional techniques for doing your research quickly and efficiently. You'll also learn to identify the signals that can alert you to steer clear of someone who could invol
    ve you in financial loss, personal misery, or public humiliation. When your health, wealth, and happiness might be at stake, you'll have the know-how to check it out.
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Peer, Marie J. John Rudy and Mary Gahman - Their Ancestors and Descendants. 1990. Marie J. Peer; Box 1021; Craig, CO 81626, xii, 587 p.: ill. maps; 28 cm
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    d sorrows we grow in love and understanding. Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson.
    For three years Harriet Webster listened to the moving, powerful, and often painful secrets of dozens of families. Homosexuality. Alcoholism. Illegitimate children. Suicide. These are the kinds of things that families hide from themselves and from others, but at high psychological cost. Their stories show us how secrecy, which is often meant to deflect pain, perpetuates and exacerbates it, while truth can have the power to heal.
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  • Includes: Quinn, Henthorn, Robinette
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  • Contents: Genealogy and family history researcher, Denver Clayton Yoho, born 1 Jun 1913, wrote this collection of "tall tales and memories." The dominant theme of the stories is growing up and making a living during the Great Depression, but it contains some of his earliest memories (around 1916-1917) and some of the stories told to him by his elders. The relationship between the teamster and the animals he owned is also a main theme.
  • Includes: Table of Contents and appendix
  • Source: Personal possession of Mr. Richard E. Henthorn

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Ahnentafel Chart for Abigail F. "Abba" Yoho

Ahnentafel Chart for Abigail F. "Abba" Yoho of Monroe county, Ohio

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Ahnentafel Chart for Charles Atkinson

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Charles Atkinson lived in Marietta, Ohio and was married three times.

Ahnentafel Chart for Caroline Beall Conger

Early Evidence of the Henthorn Family in America

Early Evidence
of the
Henthorn Family

Irish Migration to the Colonies

It was to Pennsylvania, the Quaker colony, that the great bulk of the Ulster migration came. They began to reach there before 1710 and by 1720 thousands had come into the colony by way of Newcastle, Delaware (then in PA). At first, they settled in the townships of London Britain, New London, Londonderry, London Grove, East and West Nottingham, etc., in Chester Co., PA.
(Source: Ohio Valley Genealogies, Charles A. Hanna, 1900, published privately)

Henthorn Family at London Grove Twp., Chester Co., PA

James Henthorn and his wife Mary, and his brother John Henthorn, a single man, were inhabitants of London Grove Twp., Chester Co., PA. Chester Co. was established as one of the three original counties in Pennsylvania in 1682. The first settlement in London Grove took place in 1714.
(Source: History of Chester Co., Pennsylvania, Davis)

The Maryland/Pennsylvania Border Dispute

23 Nov 1736
"Sir - Mr. Henry Mundy,
We the undersigned subscribers, being informed that there is some vacant lands and plantations near the Susquehanna River that were settled by some Dutch families, and the said lands were by them located by warrants issuing from the land office in the Province of Maryland, as of the right and property of the said Lord Baltimore; and that since the said Dutch families hath disclaimed the right and property of the said Lord Baltimore, and hath taken umbrage under the Proprieta... ... Penns; that we are informed that the absolute fee and Right to the said land is within the limits and bounds of the Lord Baltimore's charter or patent; that the Lord's agent hath and doth give encouragement for the resettling the said vacant plantations and land, we therefore pray and request that you will in our behalf and stead intercede with the Governor and agent to settle in such vacant land or plantations ... shall all be willing to pay such fee or rent charge as his Lordship usually ... and we should with our lives and fortunes defend the same, and be subject to ... of the province, and defend his right for which service we shall be very much ..."

Thomas Charlton;
John Charlton;
Edward Charlton;
John Charlton Jr.;
Thomas Charlton Jr.;
Arthur Charlton;
Richard Sedgwich;
Moses Starr;
Thomas Scarlett;
Henry Charlton;

Wm. Betty;
Wm. Betty Sr.;
James Downard;
James Starr;
Dan'l Oneal;
Geo. Bond;
Richard Ryan;
Joseph Moss;
James Henthorn;
Richard Pope;

Thomas Linnis;
Wm. Linnis;
John Linnis;
John Coates;
Robert Jessop;
Geo. Moore;
Gibbons Jennings;
Saml. Williamson;
John Carter
(Source: History of Chester Co. Pennsylvania, J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Pope, 1881, Philadelphia, PA, Louis H. Everts)

25 Nov 1736
Henry Munday, of London Grove, sadler, age about 48, being examined on Nov. 25, 1736, stated that about the latter end of September, Thos. Thompson of London Grove, told him of meeting at Wm. Miller's with Rev. Jacob Henderson (his brother-in-law) and Benjamin Tasker, Esq. of Maryland, then on their way to Philadelphia. Thompson mentioned a desire for some land for himself and sons, whereupon Tasker gave him a letter to some person in Maryland, now supposed to be Cresap. Thompson with John Starr and Wm. Downard, went toward Lancaster, and crossing the Susquehanna River, called upon Cresap, who showed them some vacant plantations and others inhabited by Dutch people. Starr then proceeded to Annapolis, and on his return informed that Gov. Ogle had agreed to grant these lands to Starr, Thompson, Downard, Thompson's two sons, and these other persons, who are friends or relatives of Starr and Downard, to wit, James Starr, James Henthorn, John Henthorn, Nathaniel Dawson, James Downard, and ? Savor, an Atty. at Law.

24 Nov 1736
"an extra session of the assembly was called to join with the Council in a representation of the troubles between the two provinces of the King."

Edward Leet, of Marlsborough, yeoman, age about 71 years, being examined by the council stated that Munday had shown him a petition about a month past, signed by several of his neighbors; and a few days after, Charles Higgenbotham came and asked him to go to Annapolis about some lands in Maryland. He wishing to take up some land, not only for himself, but for eight of his cousins, agreed to go and with him went John Smith, John Henthorn, Hugh Kaine, John Kaine and James Nicholson.

Upon calling on Gov. Ogle of Maryland, he told them he intended to disposses the Dutch on the Susquehanna, and would give to Leet and his companions each, 200 acres of their lands. While at Annapolis, Henry Munday came and presented a paper to the governor signed by several persons for the lands on the Susquehanna, and seemed displeased that Higgenbotham had been there before him in his application.

James and John Henthorn took up lands on the Susquehanna. They located on Codorus Creek, 3 miles west of the present city of York, PA. At that time the location was in Baltimore Co., MD and it now lies in York Co., PA. This was in the area disputed by Maryland and Pennsylvannia.

The examination of Sarah Southby upon her oath saith yt upon ye 16 day of this instant, 9 br (Sept.), at ye house of Willm Downard, John Owen ye highe sherife, being there as he heard, to take Charles Higgenbotham, she saw John Star take down a gun, but saw him do no more, and saw John Henthorn knock down a man so yt ye blod run out of his head, and saw James Henthorn and Mary Henthorn strick with sticks, and saw Jean Downard throw scalding broth and a stone at ye high sherife which hit his shoulder, and saw Daniel Oneal strick ye sherife with his fists and then went and got a how and threned to strick any yt came near him, and then went and calld the Henthorns who knew nothing of it before. Taken before me Abra; Emmit
(Source: History of Chester Co. Pennsylvania, J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Pope, 1881, Philadelphia, PA, Louis H. Everts, p 47-48)

1736 (Additional version of Henry Munday's statement)
An account of the transactions and affairs that I now am charged with and stand committed. That in Sept. last, the Rev. Mr. Jacob Henderson and Esq. Tasker of Maryland, upon their journey from Maryland lodged at the house of Wm. Miller of New Garden, where he met with John Thompson who is brother-in-law to the said Mr. Henderson. He sd Thompson applyed to him for advice in the settling or buying a plantation. Sd. Parson Henderson referred to Esq. Tasker, who immed. wrote a letter to some person in Maryland to show him some plantations near Susquehanna R. He being a stranger, John Starr and Wm. Downard did joyn with him (Thompson) and viewed the land. John Starr did proceed his journey to Annapolis and of the Governor did procure an order for the settling of ye sd Starr, Thompson, Downard, and James Starr, James Down, James Henderson, John Henthorn, Nathaniel Dawson, ? Savor, atty at law, that upon the return of sd John Starr and the good account he gave of the land, and that there is land to be taken up for to supply several families, and that the Governor would order 200 acres to be surveyed for each person at 4 shillings quit rent and the contigent charges for the surveying and patent, that he would maintain them in the possession and give them a lawful right that he esured them that said lands were within the limits of the Lord Baltimore charter. I then made some reflections on my unhappy circumstances and that it was occasioned by an expensive suit in chancery.
(Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. I, Series I, page 502)

Connections to the Lowe(e), Johnson, and Cresap Families

The marriage of John Henthorn to Frances (Fanny) Low established the connection to the Cresaps and Johnsons. Daniel Johnson resided in 1698 in Spesutia Island but soon afterwards removed to the Susquehanna, at Lapidum, the country at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. (Note: Lapidum is just north of present day Havre de Grace, Maryland on the west bank of the Susquehanna River. REH) Daniel and Frances Johnson had six daughters:
  • Sarah married Richard Touchstone;
  • Hannah married Thomas Cresap, the great hero of the border warfare;
  • Elizabeth married John Lowe, whose arrest, together with that of his sons, Daniel and William, was the occasion of one of the worst outbreaks during the boundary troubles;
  • Rachel married Edward Evans;
  • Sophia married Robert Cannon;
  • Frances married William Cannon,
all of whom took a conspicuous part in connection with Cresap in defending the rights of Lord Baltimore on the northern frontier.

Daniel Johnson died, 14 Sep 1715. Frances, his widow, married Edward Harris in 1719 and he died 1723-1724. She then married Hugh Grant and fourth, married Miles Foy.
(Source: Lapidum - Aborigines)

Thomas Cresap was on the Susquehanna as early as 1726. He went to Virginia and tried to associate in business with the Washingtons, but failed to do so. He returned to Maryland and married Hannah Johnson, 30 Apr 1727.

About 1730, Cresap got a tract of land from the Governor of Maryland near Wright's Ferry on the Susquehanna River, opposite Columbia. On 26 Nov. 1732 a Pennsylvania sympathizer attacked him. Again in 1733, he was attacked and a child of John Lowe was almost killed. Later, Cresap was captured and held in Philadelphia. He was released in 1737. In 1739, he took out patents on several choice pieces of land in Western Maryland. The first was "Longmeadows," 500 acres located on Antietam, 2 miles from Hagerstown. Henry Munday was with him. He lost his property for debts.

20 May 1740, Cresap bought, "Indian Seat" from John Charlton for 100 pounds. Charlton was a Penna. Capt. Indian Seat became the permanent home of Cresap.

In 1752, following explorations by Christoper Gist, Cresap built a road from Willis Creek to the Monongahela, but a year earlier, in 1751, he had founded Redstone Old Fort on the right bank of Redstone Creek.

In 1763, the government issued a proclamation that no whites were to settle west of the Alleghany mountains, but Cresap had a private treaty with the Indians and had secured a large tract of land. He was friendly with the Indians because he traded with them. His land grant was in the vicinity of Redstone Creek. As the settlement was illegal no patents could be taken out.

In 1766, he surveyed the land and began bringing in families to settle, and although this was illegal, the settlers continued to come and made their claims stick.

There is a town named, Cresaptown, in Allegany Co., MD as of 1992, just to the southeast of Cumberland, Maryland.

Henthorn Land Transactions

10 Mar 1738, but extended to 27 Aug 1739, John Henthorn received patents on two pieces of land in Prince Georges Co., MD, which at that time was in the "Reserve" of the Province. "Hanthorn's Rest," 100 acres, (Source: Liber L G. # B, folio 235, Land Office Records, Annapolis, MD). And, "Saint John," 150 acres, (Source: Liber L G # B, folio 216). "Hanthorn's Rest" was on or near the Potomack River, 210 perches (5 1/2 yards) above the mouth of Tonoloway Creek. "St. John"s" was a tract near the wagon road leading from the Potomack River by Stull's Mill and near the property of Capt. Higgenbotham. Rent on "Hanthorn's Rest" was 4 shillings and on "St. John's" 6 shillings, annually.

21 May 1740, John Lowe, a citizen of Prince William Co., Virginia sold "Providence," a tract of 372 acres to John Henthorn of Baltimore Co., MD. The tract originally surveyed for John Lowe, 7 Aug 1735, lying in the "Reserve," as laid for Lord Baltimore on the W. side of the Susquehanna, north of a line extended west from that part of the said river which is opposite to and over against the mouth of Conestoga Creek, beginning at a bounded white oak standing on a hill near the wagon road leading from Susquehanna towards Potomak. Now lies in York Co., PA. (Parts of 1740 Baltimore Co., MD now are in Lancaster Co., PA)
(Source: Provincial Court Deeds, Liber E. I No. 3, folio 135)

James and John and their families lived on "Providence" on the Codorus River (Creek) in Baltimore Co., MD. James rented from John. It is thought that Fanny, wife of John, died about 1745. This is because on the conveyance, selling "Providence," the wife testifying was named: Margarett. Nothing is known of this woman, but it is assumed that John, being a widower with 4 children would have remarried.

3 May 1745, John Henthorn sold, "Providence." He sold 272 acres to Mathias Smiser for 160 pounds, Pennsylvania money. William Rogers and Nick T. Rogers witnessed. He sold the remainder of "Providence," about 100 acres to his brother, James, for 20 pounds Pennsylvania money. Wm. Rogers and Nick T. Rogers also witnessed this deed along with George Buchanan and Charles Ridgeley.

26 Apr 1746, less than a year after he purchased part of "Providence" from John Henthorn, James Henthorn sold his 100 acres to Jacob Hoak for 100 pounds. Witnessed by Thomas Tradway and Isaac Butterworth. James' wife, Mary Henthorn, gave her consent to the transaction.

20 May 1746, John Henthorn sold, "Hanthorn's Rest" to Charles Polke. The deed says that John is a citizen of Lancaster Co., PA and Polke is of Prince Georges Co., MD. The property contained 100 acres. John received 45 pounds in Maryland currency. The transaction was witnessed by Joseph Chapline and Morris Moran. On 31 May 1746, John Henthorn and Margrett his wife, of Lancaster Co., PA acknowledged the indenture.
Witnesses were: Joseph Chapline and Thomas Cresap.

After John Henthorn sold "Hanthorns Rest" and "Providence," he had only one piece of property left, "St. John's, the property he owned on Tonoloway Creek in Prince Georges county Maryland. It has been suggested that he lived there until approximately 1761-1762.

1748, the county of Frederick, MD was created from part of Prince Georges Co., MD.

1752, James Henthorn was still living on Codorus Creek, 3 miles west of York, PA.
(Source: Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 2, Series III, p. 190)

29 Sep 1760, James Hinthorn ("i" is intentional) leased from Jacob Plunk, 171 acres for a term of 21 years. Annual rent 1 pound, 3 shillings, 5 pence.
(Source: Records of Dorchester County, MD - Vol. II, Maryland Records by Brumbaugh, p. 46) (Note: The location of Dorchester Co., MD on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay and quite removed from the location of James I and John I raises considerable question as to who this James Hinthorn might have been. It is not James, the son of James I, for he was in Frederick Co., MD. No location is known in 1760 for James II, son of James I, so it is either him or a different family.)

30 May 1761 (Recorded 27 Jun 1761), John Henthorn, farmer, Frederick Co, MD, sold to Christian Wellday, of Lancaster Co. MD (?) his property, called Saint John's, for the sum of 218 pounds current money of MD. Situate and lying in Frederick Co., MD (when John bought the property it was in Prince George Co., MD) consisting of 218 acres, beginning at a hickory sapling on a hill on the east side of the wagon road that leaves from the Potomack River to Stull's Mill, next to Capt. Higgenbotham's. Witnessed by Thomas Norris and Mor Chapline. (Source: Liber G, folio 80, Land Records, Frederick Co., MD) (Note: No wife of John Henthorn signed this release, as was required by law, so Margarett was evidently deceased by this date.)

Henthorn Military Service

13 Aug 1757, French and Indian War. The manuscript from which the following list is taken is a book of 109 pages, which was apparently made up for the General Assembly of Maryland. It is undated, but on page 28 is an entry, "To Capt. Elias Delashnut, Muster Roll, Aug. 13, 1757," and further on there is an account for 1758. It appears that this is a record for actual services. The first seven pages are given over to the claims of those on whom soldiers were quartered, while the remainder is devoted almost exclusively to muster rolls.

Capt. Joseph Capline's Muster Roll
  • To Adam Henthorn - 47 days service, 2 pounds, 7 shillings
  • To Adam Henthorn - 8 days service, 8 shillings
  • To Adam Henthorn, Cpl. - 6 days service, 8 shillings
  • To James Henthorn - 6 days service, 6 shillings
  • To John Henthorn, of Frederick - no entry, 1 pound, 12 shillings, 6p
(Source: Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. IX, p. 260)

Court Records

5 Mar 1757, James Gilliland, his administration bond in common form by Hannah Gilliland, his administratrix with John Henthorn and James Henthorn of Frederick Co., Maryland for surators in sum of 300 pounds sterling, dated 5th day of March 1757. The surators sued Hannah for several years after 1757 to collect something due the estate. She had remarried, William Polk.
(There may be a further connection of Gilliland to Philip Henthorn but the note didn't explain it.)
(Source: Testamentary Proceedings, Maryland Hall of Records.)

12 Aug 1758, John Henthorn, farmer, Frederick Co., MD loaned John McIntyre, 23 pounds Maryland currency and took a mortgage on McIntyre's stock. Witnessed by Ralph Higgenbotham, Brice Bler.
(Source: Liber F, folio 513, Maryland Hall of Records)

24 Aug 1758, John Henthorn, farmer, Frederick Co., MD loaned John McIntyre, same county, 23 pounds, currency money and took a mortgage on McIntyre property, "Smith's Choice." Witnessed by, Joseph Smith and Pat Bainbridge.
(Source: Liber F, folio 530, Maryland Hall of Records)

19 Jun 1762, John Henthorn, of Frederick Co., released John McIntyre from the mortgage on "Smith's Choice," when Mc Intyre repaid him 23 pounds. Witnessed by ? Butler and Jas. Wailpn (last name not clear).
(Source: Liber H, folio 48, Maryland Hall of Records)

17 Jun 1763, "Thomas, Lord Fairfax did on the 17th day of June 1763 execute a ... for a term of lives unto a certain Frederick Huckleberry, of Frederick Co., Virginia for a tract or parcel of land, lying in said county, 278 acres being part of a larger tract of 2875 acres lying on Potomack Riber, there in Frederick county, since called Berkeley county. Whereas, the said Frederick Huckleberry did sell and dispose of said lease estate to a certain James Henthorn of Berkeley county."
(Source: Deed Book 13, p. 198, Martinsburg, WV)

(Note: The exact location of the property of James Henthorn, described above, is not known. It is supposed that being on the banks of the Potomack, as stated in James's will, that it was near the property of his brother John, near Tonoloway Creek, in the area of Berkeley Springs, VA/WV.)

All Saint's Parish, Frederick County, Maryland

In 1742, the "Back Inhabitants" of Prince Georges Parish, Prince Georges County, MD petitioned in the General Assembly that an act might be passed to divide Prince Georges Parish and set up a new parish. (Maryland Archives, XLII, p. 278) The act was passed by the Assembly at its session, September - October 1742, for erecting a new parish, called by the name of All Saints' Parish. The following bounds were determined for the new parish:

"Beginning at Great Senecar Run Mouth, and running by and with the said Run to the Head thereof, from thence with a due east line to the Head of one of the Draughts of Patuxent River, and so binding all around as the upper part of the said County is bounded, shall be, and is by this Act separated, constituted, erected, and made in a Parish to be called All Saints' Parish."

All Saint's Church, 1750 West Church Street, Frederick, Frederick Co, MD.
Shortly after the establishment of All Saints' Parish in 1742 the Rev. Joseph Jennings was appointed by Governor Bladen as the first incumbent of the parish. He served the parish from 1742-1745, but his efforts were confined to old Monocacy Chapel near the present Poolville, former chapel of ease (?) of Prince Georges Parish. In December 1746, Rev. Samuel Hunter arrived at All Saints's Parish and finding no church building standing within the limits of the parish, urged the vestry to petition the General Assembly for a tax upon the inhabitants in order that a church could be erected. A petition was accordingly presented, and an act was passed at its session of May - Jul 1747 empowering the vestry of All Saint's Parish to purchase three separate acres of land in the said parish for a parish church and two chapels of ease to have a tax of three hundred pounds current money levied for building of same. A lot in Frederick Town, on All Saint's Street about one half mile from the present All Saint's Church was secured for the parish church.

In 1750, an act was passed by the General Assembly authorizing another tax for completing the building in Frederick Town. The church was completed about 1750 and was used by the congregation until 1814.

1761-1763, Petition #966, Sundry inhabitants of the Parish of All Saints', Frederick Co., MD to Governor Horatio Sharpe and the upper and lower houses of assembly. Petition for three new levies to build two chapels, one below Monacacy; three previous levies raised enough to repair the church at Frederick town; since the two chapels cannot be repaired they will need 12,000 pounds of tobacco in three payments, 1761, 1762, 1763.
Signed by:
Thomas Prather, Van Swearingen Jr., Charles Swearengen, John Stull, James Winder, Daniel Mc Coy, Jos. Perry, James Henthorn, John McIntyre, Joseph Helms, John Rullen, Thomas Scarlett, James White, Thomas Hankins, John Henthorn, Ralph Higgenbotham, Michael Rittlacrer, James Christie, James Henthorn, Jr., son of John, John Perins, Edward Dawson, Wm. Norris, Zacharias Rickets, Nathan Chiver, Thomas C. Canteau, Jeremiah Duvall, Robert Jackson, Hugh Jackson, Joseph Logan Jr., etc.
(Source: Maryland Archives, LVI , p. 502, 504, Also, Maryland Black Books, p. 141)


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