Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Henthorn Website - Google Group

Henthorn Website - Google Group

This link is to the Henthorn Website group on Google.

The Henthorn Website - Google Group is a place where people with common genealogy interests can post and share information.

I am interested in Hagstrom/Carlson, Henthorn(e) and Hinthorn(e) family history and genealogy. I also am interested in: Conger, Yoho, Watson, Jackson, Mozena.

There are many connections between the Henthorn, Yoho and Conger families in Monroe county, Ohio and in Wetzel and Marshall counties in West Virginia.

If you are interested in any of these surnames I encourage you to consider joining the Henthorn Website group. As of October 2009 there are only twelve members of the group and there has been very little posting.

Group members can post to the Discussions, and to the Files and Pages areas. In certain cases it may be necessary to coordinate with me in order to affect the post. So far I am the only person posting to Files or Pages. There has been some posting to the Discussions.

At this time membership in the group is by request or invitation only. This allows me to maintain control of who has access to the group.

If you are a current group member I hope you will consider posting more frequently. If you aren't a member I hope you will consider taking part.

Mr. Dickie

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Elizabeth Joslin said...

my great grandmother was harriett elizabeth henthorn from monroe county ohio,married joshua mellott.her father was alexander henthorn and her mother was mary meeker,both from monroe county ohio.dont have any info beyond that.