Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Focused Search

I've been practicing with a way of entering search terms when I'm using Google search. I also tried it with Lycos. This method focuses the search on a particular website. It's very useful if you are doing genealogy.

You can use this search string to find all of the "Henthorn" occurrences on GenForum. To the left of the word "site:" enter "Henthorn" followed by a space and to the right of "site:" with no space enter the abbreviated (I leave off the "http://www".) URL of the website you want to search.

For Example:
Henthorn site:genforum.com

Here are some other websites where you might want to search:

site:mysite.verizon.net (webpages on Verizon)

site:home.comcast.net (webpages on ComCast)



site:tripod.com (webpages on tripod.com)



site:familysearch.org (LDS website)

site:lindapages.com (Marshall county, WV information)

site:facebook.com (to see how many folks with your surname are on FB)

site:blogspot.com (blog pages on Google Blogger)

site:groups.google.com (Google Groups)

site:sites.google.com (Google free websites)

Mr. Dickie

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