Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ernest Eugene "Gene" Conger - Family Webpage

"Enos Conger, descendant of John Belconger of England, came to Appanoose County, Iowa with his brother from Ohio fairly early on, about 1845-46. A census was taken in 1850 and the most persons of same name in Caldwell township were Congers. At that time there were 29 Conger souls in Caldwell with a few others here and there in that area and some were just across the state line in Missouri."


On 7 October 2009 I received an Email from Gene Conger informing me that he moved his webpages to Tripod. It was very nice to hear from Gene again. We'd been out of touch for a while. Conger family members are sure to enjoy Gene's very nice website.

Note: To reduce the size of the text when viewing the descendant pages on Gene's website you can try using the (Control and Minus) keys on your browser. This worked for me from Firefox.

Mr. Dickie

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