Friday, October 23, 2009

Morgan, T. (Thomas) Clifford

T. Clifford Morgan one of my good friends in genealogy passed away on Monday, 21 Sep 2009 at Sedelia, MO. Clifford was very interested in the history and genealogy of the Morgan and Kyger families.

He shared his information with me (Richard Henthorn) and other researchers. He wrote twelve stories about the Morgan family which he shared. For many years they were available, on my AOL genealogy website. Recently I returned the stories to the Internet. You can find them on my genealogy "News" blog. Scroll down until you see the "Labels" area in the sidebar on the right. When you see the "Clifford" label click on it. That will gather a set of all the stories. Henthorn-Website-News.

A copy of the obituary is available on my "Obits" blog. Henthorn-Website-Obits

Mr. Dickie

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