Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Henthorn Family Homepage

I'm not certain who owns these webpages. You can't tell from any of the pages. The data shown is for the Henthorn family of Monroe county, Ohio.

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Spinner said...

This is one of two trees which claim to show the Henthorn Coat of Arms.

We do not have a Coat of Arms and it is not legal or ethical to use one. The only way we could have had a Coat of Arms would have been for the Monarch to award this to one of our ancestors, which would in turn only been able to be passed wont from the recipient to his elder son, who would in turn have had to apply for the arms to be transferred to himself and add his own addition to them.

We were never awarded such arms.

I presume these that are being claimed came from one of these companies that abound selling such items.