Thursday, October 1, 2009

Change, Upload, Discovery

Shari, one of my friends in genealogy, suggested that I consider making some changes in the sidebar organization on my Google blogs. I decided to move the Links box to the top of the screen and my Profile box to the bottom. I also set the colors for the Followers box to make the text more readable. Thanks Shari for caring enough to make some suggestions.

Deceased researcher, Maxine (Crowell) Leonard published the two-volume "The Conger Family of America." She was also the editor/publisher of "The Conger Confab." When I worked at The Library of Congress I discovered that she had donated the two-volume set and copies of the "Confabs" to the library. Later I found a list of libraries that have a copy of Volume One along with the names of the donors. Yesterday I returned this page of information to the Internet. It had been part of my website on AOL.

Thomas Lambert, another friend in genealogy, prepared a 61-page document about the Atkinson - Lippincott families of Monroe county, Ohio which he posted to the Internet. It's been there for some time. I just noticed it yesterday and posted a link to this blog. He gives credit for co-authorship to: himself, Robert Guilinger, Richard Henthorn and Gary Chesney. We all corresponded and exchanged information several years ago. Anyone interested in these Monroe county families owes a debt of gratitude to Thomas for his work.

Mr. Dickie

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