Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bible Lineages

What do we learn from the lineages of Jewish leaders [as recorded in the Bible].

  • They remained connected to their heritage.
  • They saw their place in history and gained perspective from it.
  • They were able to honor and pay respect to their forefathers.
  • They saw their lineage as a family blessing and passed on their blessing.
  • They used their heritage to provide a sense of stability for their children.
  • They sensed tendencies of ancestral giftedness and calling.
  • They could retain their identity even when exiled to a foreign land.

(John C. Maxwell, Leadership, 1 September)
28 November 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'll Be Brief

Using abbreviations in your genealogy file isn't a good idea. There's no guarantee that your readers will be able to understand your abbreviations. I've used the RootsMagic edit option to find and expand some abbreviations in the notes in my own files.

Contrary to what I'm writing, I chose to use the Postal Service two letter state abbreviation in the place names of my own work. I've read that this isn't recommended and sometimes worry about my choice.

Dick Henthorn
1 November 2013