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French Morgan

French Morgan

PARENTS: Hezekiah Boyers Morgan and Manerva Jane Brunner
[Note: The mother's first name may have been, Minerva. REH]
(Source: FindAGrave)

BIRTH: 31 Aug 1880, at Palace Valley on the Buckhannon River, near Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV.

PARENTS: s/o Hezekiah Boyers Morgan and Minerva Jane (Bunner)
Information: Marla (McConnell) James Find A Grave contributor - 47003603
(Source: FindAGrave)

Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV;
Washington, DC at 2601 Brentwood Road, N.E.

MARRIAGE: 5 Sep 1906, Mary Geneva "Mattie" Pick

Norman D. Morgan, b. 1 Dec 1907
Arthur Raymond "Raymond" Morgan, b. 17 Apr 1913, d. 1928, buried, 1928 in Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV, Heavner Cemetery

In the Year Book Of Upshur County Historical Society, First Annual 1928, Buckhannon, WV, French Morgan is listed as a Charter Member, Upshur County Historical Society, also a Lorel N. Morgan was listed.
(Source: FindAGrave)

REFERENCE: “A History and Genealogy of the family of Col. Morgan Morgan, the first white settler of the State of West Virginia” — written by the other, non-Californian, French Morgan.
(Furnished by French Morgan of California, Aug 2007)

REFERENCE: RECOLLECTIONS OF BUCKHANNON, WEST VIRGINIA: 1888-1958, French Morgan. Edited by Upshur County Historical Society. 232 pages with index and photographs, Softbound. 2014.  $26.00
(Available from The Upshur County Historical Society as of May 2019)

REFERENCE: The History of West Virginia, Old and New, Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III, pg. 610.
[This is a French Morgan article.  See the record of Col. Morgan Morgan, born 1 Nov 1688 and died 17 Nov 1766 in this genealogy for the text to the entire article or use the URL below. Written by Richard E. Henthorn on 21 May 2019.]
(Shared to Richard E. Henthorn by Chris Castle on Facebook, 22 May 2019)

RESIDENCES: Lived in Upshur Co., WV and Washington, DC
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

RESEARCHER: Member of the Upshur County Historical Society. He wrote a genealogy of the Morgan family and a history of Buckhannon, WV (see References above).  He was probably also responsible for the 1923 article in The History of West Virginia.
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

Mr. French Morgan was born at Palace Valley on Buckhannon River, near Buckhannon, August 31, 1880. He graduated from the Buckhannon High School in 1898, then taught school a year, and in 1901 entered West Virginia Conference Seminary at Buckhannon, graduating in the classical course in 1903, and completing the business course the following year.

In 1906 Mr. Morgan married Mary G. [Geneva "Mattie"], daughter of George W. and Hatie (Townsend) Pick [George William Pick and Harriett M. ["Hattie"] Townsend], of Buckhannon, and to this union have been born two sons, Norman D., born December 1, 1907, and Arthur Raymond, born April 17, 1913.

For about twelve years after leaving school he was associated with his father and brothers in operating a planing mill at Buckhannon. At the beginning of the World war he disposed of his interest in this enterprise, and, going to Washington, worked one year for the auditor of station accounts for the Southern Railroad. Since then he has been in the Government service as an employe of the general accounting office, Navy Department Division. His home in Washington [DC] is 2601 Brentwood Road, N. E.
(Source: The History of West Virginia, Old and New, Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III, pg. 610)

DEATH: 7 Apr 1973, unknown place

BURIAL: Apr 1973, Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV, Heavner Cemetery

FINDAGRAVE: Memorial# 29997097

Posted 22 May 2019

Richard E. Henthorn

Sunday, February 3, 2019

H. H. Hardesty Book for Wetzel & Tyler Counties, West Virginia

The Hardesty Book for Wetzel & Tyler Counties, West Virginia
1 Feb 2019

Joe Haines owns a rare copy of the 136 year old, "Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, Illustrated, Special History of the Virginias, Maps and Histories of Tyler and Wetzel Counties, West Virginia." - H.H. Hardesty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo - 1883, 337 pages.

Cover page image on Facebook.

There are several libraries that list this book as part of their collections.
Virginia Historical Society Library - Richmond, VA
West Virginia University Libraries - Morgantown, WV
Bethany College - Bethany, WV
Yale University Library - New Haven, CT
University of Michigan William Clements Library - Ann Arbor, MI

Joe graciously scanned and shared some of the biographical articles with us on the "Wetzel County, West Virginia Genealogy" closed Group on Facebook.

I like to include the information from Hardesty articles in the Note field of my genealogy file and assume that others might want to do so also. I used the Google OCR capability of Google Docs/Drive to convert some of the articles into "text" files. I proofread each file and corrected any conversion errors that I noticed.  To improve readability I added blanks lines between what I considered to be paragraphs.

As of 1 Feb 2019 I converted approximately 80 articles. I plan to share the results as individual files to the Files area of this Group. This will take place over time. As of this date, Joe continued to scan and post additional articles from the book.

If you find any typos that I missed please let me know. I always need proof reading help. You can post your comments to the Group, just be sure to include my Facebook name in the post so I won't miss the post.

Joe Haines prepared an index list of the names found in the book. This information is included below.
* = image uploaded to Facebook by Joe Haines [some images included more than one article]
+ = text file uploaded to Facebook by Richard E. Henthorn [one article in each file]


TYLER COUNTY - Centreville District

Thomas Jefferson Anderson
George M Baker
Ralph Baker
Barney B Bond
Lorenzo D Cain
Alpheus Conaway
E B Conaway MD
Rees Cooper - he's in the tree [of Joe Haines] as he's the "husband of niece of husband of 3rd great-grandmother". In short, he married a Grimm.
Andrea Lynn Corbly
GeorgeF Cumberledge
Bowers Davis
Andrew W Duty
Ingram L Fordyce
James T Holt
Jacob W Hudson
*Nathan Ireland
Noah R James
Isaac Smith Jones MD
Nathan Joseph
Caleb Perkins
Daniel Ripley
James M Smith
George Stathers Sr
Solomon Stewart
William L Vancleve
Canada Vandegrift
William W Waters
Daniel Weekley
Stephen C Wilcox
End of Tyler County - Centerville District

TYLER COUNTY - Ellsworth District

Charles Ervin Barr
R E Billingsley
James Andrew Burgbacher
James Burns
Benjamin Engle
Abner Headley
John Henderson
David Hickman
Jarrett Ingram
Benjamin F Leach
John F Lewis
John McHenry
Myron Rees Maloy MD
*Jeremiah Milton Martin
*Reuben Alexander Martin
*Robert BF Martin
George Mason
Samuel Mayfield MD
T N Parks
Sidney M Peterson
William Meredith Powell
Eli Roberts MD
Henry A Ryder MD
James Davis Shaw
John Shepherd
Ambrose Smith
Arthur Boreman Smith
Sidney M Smith
John Stamm
James Stealey
Benedict Swan
Joseph William Twyman
Francis Marion Weekley
Cyrus M Wilcox
Jacob Williams
End of Tyler County - Ellsworth District

TYLER COUNTY - Lincoln District

Edwin A Barr
Felix E Boyles
John N Cutter
Elmor H Fetty
James T Forsyth
David C Garman
William W Givens
*Sylvanus Hood
Samuel Lasure
Nelson Martin
John Wesley Meredith
William Miller
Jeremiah Murphy
End of Tyler County - Lincoln District

TYLER COUNTY - McElroy District

Osborn Allen
Noah Booker
Charles I Conaway
Jesse L D Gatewood
+*Absalom George
+*John B Gorrell MD
Christopher Hays
James D Johnson
Rev George W McIntyre
Jacob McIntyre
*Lloyd W Parks MD
John E Piatt
John Seckman
John M Smith
William M Stealey
Rev James Stewart
Daniel C Sweeney
J C Underwood
John G Underwood
*Zane Underwood
*James H Weekly
*Jesse White
End of Tyler County - McElroy District

TYLER COUNTY - Meade District

John G Ash
Charles W Carse
Aaron W Cornell
Charles Eberhart
Alfred C Evans
Barnett W Fox
John Amos Funk
Moses Galloway
John W Garrison
John Jacob Gorrell
Moses Gorrell
William Archer Gorrell
John Johnson Haddox
Silas Henderson
Lycurgus Hill
John Wesley Loneburger
Eli B Long
Joseph H Marshall
John Odell
Joseph Owens
William Ira Robinson
Anthony Smith
William King Smith
Richard Stealey
End of Tyler County - Meade District

TYLER COUNTY - Union District

Capt. William A. Beagle
Nelson H Brown
Benjamin Cornell
Frances Hissam
Daniel D Johnson
J L McCollum MD
Joseph Martin
William Martin
Benjamin S Morgan
David C Smith MD
John C Way
*James Washington Williamson
End of Tyler County - Union District

WETZELCOUNTY - Centre District

+*Daniel Lindsay Anderson
+*Richard John Anderson
David Barr
James M Burch
+*John L Carney
+*Matthew Carney
+*Solomon Carney
+*Stephen Carney
+*Ellis Dulaney
+*Pete Glover
+*PH Glover
Theophilus P Horner
*Caleb Jackson
Franklin Jackson
William C Jackson
*Amos Jolliff
John Haines
Enos Perry Haught
James D Hays MD
Eugene Hibbs
Joseph Washington Homan
John Hudson
Thomas J Hudson
*Ira Jolliff
James Kimpton
William Latzsch
*William W Lemasters
Richard Lemley
Crawford McHenry
Gilbert Melott
Lindsay Merrill
Silas Miller
Solomon C Miller
Edgar D Musgrave
William A Newman
James Park
*John Phillips
*William Spencer Phillips
Hugh Snider
Wilson Snodgrass
Zachariah Stewart
William Street Swann
*Samuel Taylor
John D Thompson
James A Wood
Alonzo N Wade MD
*James Willey

Misc. Wetzel - Bartin Oliver
Misc. Tyler - Alexander C Ullum
End of Wetzel County - Centre District

WETZEL COUNTY - Church District

Francis J Black
Jacob Carpenter
Hugh K Cosgray
+*William L Cunningham
Benjamin Earnshaw
+*E J Freeland
+*Joshua Garner Jr
Lamech Glover
William H Haskins
Alexander Haught
*William Himelrick
John H Hinegardner
Levi K Hoge
Charles Horner
James A Johnston
William H Lee
Morgan B Lemley
Patrick McDonnell
Samuel S Main
George W Mariner
Jacob Matthews
*Isaac Moore
*David McCollough
*Eli Roberts
John W Roberts
Morris Rose
William G Snodgrass
*Joshua R Thomas
George F Throckmorton
James Vanhorn
End of Wetzel County - Church District

WETZEL COUNTY - Clay District

Richard L Adams
Lewis Anderson
Elijah Albaugh
George Albaugh
+*Reason Bissett
M M Dunlap
James J Freeland
Eli Gorby
Benjamin F Jackson
Samuel M Hatfield
William Henderson
John Hendrix
P D Kane
Abraham Kimbel
John G Liston
*John Megee
George Pettit
John F Reger MD
William McReynolds
David A Rush
Henry R Thompson
Thomas Tucker
*Wenman Wade
End of Wetzel County - Clay District

WETZEL COUNTY - Green District

+*Thomas H Alley,
Allen Bell,
+*Levi Booth,
James Cochran,
Oliver Cochran,
John Cosgray,
Frederick Fox,
James Hager,
*Thomas Harrison,
*Anthony Hart,
*William Hart,
*Anthony Headley,
*Caleb Samuel Headley,
*Charles Kiger,
Jasper Newton Kincade,
*Thomas E Liston,
Thomas W McAlister,
Andrew L Mooney,
*Mrs Elisha Morgan,
*Stephen Morgan,
*Rolley W Postlethwait,
*James Clark Robinson,
*Jacob S Schamp,
*Alfred Bowen Steel,
*Augustus B Streight,
*Isaac J Workman.
End of Wetzel County - Green District

WETZEL COUNTY - Magnolia District

*Andrew Jackson Ashby
*Henry Briggs
*Abraham P Brookover
*Abraham Presley Craig
*Samuel Davis
*Septimus Hall
*Joseph S Harman
*Joseph Edward Hart
*George Hitchcock
*Walter Harvey Hitchcock
*Nathan Hanes
*Jacob Koontz
*John McCaskey
*James W McIntire
*Elijah Morgan
*John Moser
*John Murphy Jr
*James W Newman
*Theophile Probst
*Andrew Rist
*Samuel J Robinson
*William W Selby
*James H Sharp
*George W Shepherd
*Levi Shuman
*Washington Snodgrass
*Alpheus M Snodgrass
*James Steepleton
*Marshall Whiteman
*Francis E Williams
*Christian Yost
End of Wetzel County - Magnolia District

WETZEL COUNTY - Proctor District

John Burris,
+*Albert G Calvert,
+*Oliver Calvert,
Robert Carpenter,
Clement Foster Clark,
Friend E Clark,
Jacob Finch,
Joseph M Garrett,
William Green,
Rev James Guthrie,
John Hafer,
Joseph Hammon,
*Thomas Harlan,
*Jacob Higgins,
*Isaac Huff
*Michael Huff
*Thomas Huff,
John Hurley,
William Laflen,
Marcus Lambey MD,
*Isaac Lemasters,
Asbury Marshall,
Oliver G Mason,
*Anthony T Morris,
John Miller Null,
Michael Oppman,
John W Palmer,
Seth J Parsons,
*Joseph Postlethwait,
*Michael Pyles,
M L Shriver,
*Enoch St. Clair,
*David F Suter,
John Wiley Yater MD,
Rev Harrison Yoho.
End of Wetzel County - Proctor District

Written by Richard E. Henthorn - 1 Feb 2019
Revised - 3 Feb 2019

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Year-End Backups

Year-End Backups

Today, in order to get 2019 off to a good start, I'm doing Backup on some of my genealogy files.

 I ran the Database Tools on the last eleven genealogy files I'd opened. RootsMagic keeps track of the file names of the most recently opened files.

 Then I backed up those eleven files to my laptop.

 Then I made copies to three external media
1) 4GB Sandisk thumb drive with green smiley face sticker
2) 30 GB Dell external drive
3) Box cloud account

I made notes in my Steno notebook to remind me when and how I did this backup. I spent about an hour doing this task.

Dick Henthorn
1 Jan 2019

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Fun of Sharing

John Ogden posted a Facebook request for a photo of William Henry Montgomery of Monroe Co., OH. I posted information about him from Find A Grave to my file. During that process I made a discovery and linked a daughter of William to the Jeffers, Jackson and Henthorn families that I have worked on for many years. Here's what I wrote to John Ogden. William Harvey Montgomery and Sarah Ann Stephens had a daughter, Margaret Maudena Montgomery, b. 17 Apr 1871 in Monroe Co., OH. I found her in Find A Grave. Here's the fun for me. She married James L. Jeffers, no date of marriage. He was born on 19 Aug 1863 in Monroe Co., OH. Surname is also spelled, Jeffries. I don't know if the couple had children. The paternal grandmother of James L. Jeffers was Deborah (Jackson) Jeffers whose grandparents were: Robert Jackson, Sr. and Mary Ann (Henthorn) Jackson. Some of the Jacksons became LDS and went to Utah. Years ago I worked on Jackson genealogy with Judge Norman Jackson of Salt Lake City. I met face to face with Norman a couple of times when he was in Washington, DC.. Dick Henthorn 18 sep 2018

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Enlarging a Newspaper Clipping

Sometimes, when newspaper clippings are shared on Facebook, they are hard to read or the bottom part isn't visible. Here's what I try to remember when this happens.

Downloading the image gives me more control. I can open the image with IrfanView. This "free" program has an option that allows me to, gain control of, and enlarge, the image. Almost every time this allows me to make the text large enough for easy reading. My goal is to be able to type the article in order to include the text in the Note field of my genealogy file.

Dick Henthorn
18 Aug 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tennant Genealogy

I did a test run to see how many pages of information I have about the Tennant family.

The information is stored in one of my RootsMagic files.

A narrative descendant report includes an every name index and a place name index.

In general, my policy is to exchange information only with people who have done substantial work on recording their own genealogy and who are willing to share.

The current page count for the Tennant family is - 1571 pages.

Dick Henthorn
7 Aug 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018

THE Monroe County Ohio, Connection Site by Alan Berry

Here's a link to a very nice website with information about families of Monroe County, Ohio.  It's part of the RootsWeb - WorldConnect Program.

THE Monroe County, Ohio Connection Site by Alan Berry

Dick Henthorn
4 Aug 2018