Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Ancestors are the people in your tree who came before you.

You have 32 great-great-great grandparents

Descendants are people who come after you.

Here's a great article about Ancestors by Dick Eastman


Dick Henthorn
10 Sep 2019

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

West Virginia Couples Who Married in Greene County, Pennsylvania

West Virginia Couples 
Who Married 
Greene County, Pennsylvania

"Some important info for those who may not know this. The reason so many people from Monongalia, Wetzel & Marshall Counties went over to Greene County to get married (this is all prior to the year of 1885) was because there was no Law requiring a Marriage License to get married there (prior to 1885)...

Thousands of marriages took place there from the early 1800's right up to the year of 1885 simply because if you lived in the Western end of Monongalia County, or the Central & Eastern part of Wetzel County, or the Eastern part of Marshall Count, it was a 'heck' of a lot easier to just go over the Greene County Border just to get married, then it was to take a 1 or 2 day trip to the respective Court Houses in Morgantown, New Martinsville and Moundsville to get a marriage License, as no waiting period, or no Marriage License was needed to get married in Greene County any place just along the Border, and all that was needed was a Justice of the Peace or a Preacher to marry you there and it was a "Legal Marriage"... The large number of marriages performed prior to 1885 was NOT recorded in the Court System and the only records of these marriages was put in the Docket Books of the J. P.'s and the Records kept by some of the Preachers and most of those Books are no longer existent and was not recorded by the official Court Records... That's one reason many people can't never find a marriage record of their WV Ancestors who went over the Border to get married and there are no records of them found... In 1885, was when they first started to issue Marriage License's in Greene County and it put a big slow-down on the large number of people from the adjoining 3 WV Counties as to going there to get married just over the Border as it was a lot easier and quicker to do that... I'm sure that many people are not aware of this situation and I would like for the ones who are not aware of this to be informed. "
(Source: Information from Historian and Genealogist Lloyd Roupe - April 27, 2015)
(Used by permission of Lloyd Roupe to Richard E. Henthorn on Facebook, 24 Jul 2019)

Monday, July 8, 2019

Clarice Vivian (Eller) Stanley

Clarice Vivian (Eller) Stanley

An ancestor report for deceased researcher, Clarice Vivian (Eller) Stanley, with name and place name indexes is currently 198-pages.
Clarice and I collaborated on updating her original work on the Rine family. I have that data in my PAFYOH file. There is probably a copy of the first compilation in the genealogy room of the library at Wheeling, WV. I think Clarice donated a copy of our project to the DAR library in Washington, DC.

Dick Henthorn
8 Jul 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Joseph Elsworth Ice

Joseph Elsworth Ice

I've been working on the family of Joseph Elsworth Ice of Indiana. I have enough information to create a 31-page descendant report for him and his wife, Melvina Surber.

Here's a summary for Joseph.

Joseph Elsworth Ice

PARENTS: Benjamin Shreve Ice and Susanna Fortney

BIRTH-CONFLICT: Tombstone photo shows dates: 1868 - 1940
(Source: FindAGrave)

BIRTH: 15 May 1867, Delaware Co., IN

MARRIAGE: 13 Dec 1887 in Summitville, Madison Co., IN to Melvina Surber


DEATH: 10 Jul 1940, in Summitville, Madison Co., IN

BURIAL: Jul 1940 in Delaware Co., IN, Zion Chapel Cemetery

FINDAGRAVE: Memorial# 34667740

Dick Henthorn
4 Jun 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019

May 2019 File Backups

May 2019 File Backups

Today I ran the RootsMagic Database Tools on the nineteen files that I've updated since January 2019. 

For the first time ever I got a message about a file problem with one of my largest files, the one where I currently do the majority of my updates. I continued to run all of the database tools on this file and then returned to the first tool, where the error was reported, and ran that first test again. Fortunately the error was corrected by one of the other database tools tests.

After I ran the Database Tools for each file I backed up each RootsMagic file to a backup folder on my laptop hard drive..

Next, I copied all of the backups to a thumb drive that I use solely for genealogy backup.

I also have an external hard drive that I salvaged from a laptop that broke down. I copied the same files to a genealogy backup folder on this hard drive.

I have a paid subscription to cloud storage with the Box company. The final step in the backup process was to upload the nineteen files to my RootsMagic backup folder on Box.

The final result of my backup project is four sets of backup, one on my laptop, two external in my house, and one in the cloud.

I keep Notes in a Steno notebook. I created a page with a table that recorded the extent of my 24 May 2019 backups.

Dick Henthorn
24 May 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

French Morgan

French Morgan

PARENTS: Hezekiah Boyers Morgan and Manerva Jane Brunner
[Note: The mother's first name may have been, Minerva. REH]
(Source: FindAGrave)

BIRTH: 31 Aug 1880, at Palace Valley on the Buckhannon River, near Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV.

PARENTS: s/o Hezekiah Boyers Morgan and Minerva Jane (Bunner)
Information: Marla (McConnell) James Find A Grave contributor - 47003603
(Source: FindAGrave)

Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV;
Washington, DC at 2601 Brentwood Road, N.E.

MARRIAGE: 5 Sep 1906, Mary Geneva "Mattie" Pick

Norman D. Morgan, b. 1 Dec 1907
Arthur Raymond "Raymond" Morgan, b. 17 Apr 1913, d. 1928, buried, 1928 in Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV, Heavner Cemetery

In the Year Book Of Upshur County Historical Society, First Annual 1928, Buckhannon, WV, French Morgan is listed as a Charter Member, Upshur County Historical Society, also a Lorel N. Morgan was listed.
(Source: FindAGrave)

REFERENCE: “A History and Genealogy of the family of Col. Morgan Morgan, the first white settler of the State of West Virginia” — written by the other, non-Californian, French Morgan.
(Furnished by French Morgan of California, Aug 2007)

REFERENCE: RECOLLECTIONS OF BUCKHANNON, WEST VIRGINIA: 1888-1958, French Morgan. Edited by Upshur County Historical Society. 232 pages with index and photographs, Softbound. 2014.  $26.00
(Available from The Upshur County Historical Society as of May 2019)

REFERENCE: The History of West Virginia, Old and New, Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III, pg. 610.
[This is a French Morgan article.  See the record of Col. Morgan Morgan, born 1 Nov 1688 and died 17 Nov 1766 in this genealogy for the text to the entire article or use the URL below. Written by Richard E. Henthorn on 21 May 2019.]
URL: http://files.usgwarchives.net/wv/upshur/bios/morgan.txt?fbclid=IwAR05BG4FxRWsgLoavCxnDAr5pXAg06s5ZK4_1pqenAOp3PxSe-AxE0gW0q8
(Shared to Richard E. Henthorn by Chris Castle on Facebook, 22 May 2019)

RESIDENCES: Lived in Upshur Co., WV and Washington, DC
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

RESEARCHER: Member of the Upshur County Historical Society. He wrote a genealogy of the Morgan family and a history of Buckhannon, WV (see References above).  He was probably also responsible for the 1923 article in The History of West Virginia.
(Furnished by Richard E. Henthorn)

Mr. French Morgan was born at Palace Valley on Buckhannon River, near Buckhannon, August 31, 1880. He graduated from the Buckhannon High School in 1898, then taught school a year, and in 1901 entered West Virginia Conference Seminary at Buckhannon, graduating in the classical course in 1903, and completing the business course the following year.

In 1906 Mr. Morgan married Mary G. [Geneva "Mattie"], daughter of George W. and Hatie (Townsend) Pick [George William Pick and Harriett M. ["Hattie"] Townsend], of Buckhannon, and to this union have been born two sons, Norman D., born December 1, 1907, and Arthur Raymond, born April 17, 1913.

For about twelve years after leaving school he was associated with his father and brothers in operating a planing mill at Buckhannon. At the beginning of the World war he disposed of his interest in this enterprise, and, going to Washington, worked one year for the auditor of station accounts for the Southern Railroad. Since then he has been in the Government service as an employe of the general accounting office, Navy Department Division. His home in Washington [DC] is 2601 Brentwood Road, N. E.
(Source: The History of West Virginia, Old and New, Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III, pg. 610)

DEATH: 7 Apr 1973, unknown place

BURIAL: Apr 1973, Buckhannon, Upshur Co., WV, Heavner Cemetery

FINDAGRAVE: Memorial# 29997097

Posted 22 May 2019

Richard E. Henthorn