Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tracing My Family Tree

Author unknown
Copied from The Genie,
Published by ARK-LA-TEX Genealogical Association
April 1977

I started out calmly tracing my tree
To find, if I could, the making of me.
And all that I had was a great grandfather's name
Not knowing his wife or from which way he came.
I chased him across a long line of states
And came up with pages and pages of dates.
When all put together it made me forlorn.
I'd proven poor great grandpa had never been born.

One day I was sure the truth I had found
Determined to turn this whole thing upside down
I looked up the records of one of Uncle John
But found the old man to be younger than son.
Then when my hopes were fast growing dim
I came across records that must have been him.

The facts I collected then made me quite sad
Dear old great grandfather was never a dad!
I think maybe someone is pulling my leg.
I'm not at all sure I wasn't hatched from an egg.
After hundreds of dollars I've spent on my tree
I can't help but wonder if I'm really me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Atkinson, Stephen A.

Yesterday I uploaded an article about Stephen A. Atkinson of Monroe County, Ohio that I extracted from page 31 of the 1882 Hardesty History of Monroe County, Ohio. This five-page PDF is available from my Box account. Access to my Box is by invitation only.

A copy of this document is also available on this blog. Use the search box in the side bar to search for "Stephen Atkinson."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Publications of H. Maxine (Crowell) Leonard

H. Maxine (Crowell) Leonard published The Conger Family of America (CFA) in two volumes about twenty years apart. She was also the editor / publisher of the newsletter Conger Confab. Copies of these genealogical publications are available at libraries in various parts of the country.

I compiled a list of the names of the libraries and the names of the donor of the book whenever I could obtain it. This list is available, in a PDF document, to Conger researchers, upon request.

If you can add information to the list your sharing would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Converting HTML to PDF

I'm trying to find an easy method of converting HTML files that I used to share on my AOL website to PDF files that I can share on my Box.net account.

Today I discovered that I can upload an HTML file to Google Docs and easily convert it to the Google Docs format. The converted file can then be downloaded from Google Docs to my computer in the PDF format.

As a test I created the PDF document, CFA.PDF and then uploaded it to the Conger folder in my Box account. I was able to retain bullet lists in the document with very little work on my part.

In the days ahead I'm looking forward to converting more of my HTML files.

Mr. Dickie
12 Sep 2010

Ask Me About Box.net

If you are interested in the same surnames as I am, ask me about Box.net.

If you wish you'd downloaded information that used to be on my AOL genealogy website, ask me about Box.net.

I am currently adding genealogy information to my Box.net account and sharing access with genealogy researchers who are well-known to me.

Mr. Dickie
12 Sep 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Box Net Notification Options

Box Net Notifications

People who accept my invitation to my Box.Net account may want to limit the number of notifications they receive. There are a number of options. Here's a summary of the options shared with us by my friend Diane.

Comments & Discussions:
Notify on every event
Notify on daily digest

Notify of 1st event only per login per day
Notify on daily digest

Notify on 1st event only per login per day
Notify in one daily digest

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Henthorns Rest

"Welcome to Henthorns Rest - Named for one of the first pieces of property bought by Henthorns in America."

Blog of Rodney D. Henthorn.