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Henthorne Family - 2nd Installment (2 of 4)

Family Research in Monroe County ... by
Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak

HENTHORNE Family - 2nd Installment.
Thursday, November 26, 1970

Mrs. Grace SCHAFER asked me to write about the HENTHORNE Family in this column and lent me her notebook of information, so this is an attempt to get a family chart started. I notice that the HENTHORNE family had a reunion near Beallsville in August, so if there is a Family historian connected with that group, perhaps he (or she) can correct some of these assumptions.

The names of the children of James HENTHORNE; the Original Clarington Settler, are available in Hardesty's History, and based on the limited information available to me at this point, I would say that the birth dates for them probably were: James, Jr. born circa 1771; John, born in 1772; Henry, born in 1775; Ann, who married Daniel KIGER, born in 1776; Mary, who married Thomas KIRKPATRICK, born in 1778; Adam, born in 1780; and William, born in 1782. Those dates may not be correct, so don't quote me as the authority, I am merely trying to start a Henthorne Family Chart, and as more information is collected, perhaps some of these children will have to be changed around somewhat.

James, Jr. - according to Hardesty's History, he married Nancy BOWEN. I think he moved to Illinois. He is the ancestor of Mrs. Copus of Wisconsin and she is attempting to work out his line.

John, born in 1772 - he married Mary Eleanor JARRETT in Monroe Co. and then left this area between 1807 and 1810 as he is listed in the Monongalia Co. Va. census in 1810. He purchased land in Monongalia Co. in 1814, and when he sold it in Aug. of 1832 (see Monongalia Co. Deed Book 11, Old Series, page 461) the deed states: "John Henthorn and Mary Eleanor, his wife, of Monroe Co., State of Ohio, ... 30 acres, part of a 250 acre tract of land patented to Thomas & Richard Evans,

(Note: There seems to be a type setting problem at this point. The previous paragraph doesn't seem to have an end and the following text seems to be on a different subject)

(The next seems to be a continuation about John and Mary Eleanor HENTHORNE, stating that, "They are buried ... ".) on the HARTER Cemetery in Hannibal, and the tombstones show that John died July 23, 1846, aged 74 years and Mary HENTHORNE died June 21, 1867, aged 79 years. Their children were
(1) William and James, twins, born Jan. 11, 1806;
(2) John Jarrett HENTHORNE, born May 25, 1807 and married Persia M. DURKEE, July 20, 1830;
(3) Thomas J. HENTHORN, born Feb. 25, 1809;
(4) Nimrod Evans HENTHORNE, a physician at Clarington and Baresville (Hannibal) born Mar. 9, 1811;
(5) Ann HENTHORNE, born Sept. 7, 1813;
(6) Matilda HENTHORN, born Mar. 19, 1815, married Abraham KYGER;
(7) Adam HENTHORN, born Sept. 10, 1819 and married Cassandra, he was a stone mason by trade, and his children were: William, b. 1840; Alonzo, b. 1842; Nimrod, b. 1843; Charles, b. 1845; Mary, b. 1847 and Martha, b. 1850;
(8) Mary E. HENTHORN, born Sep. 11, 1821.

Mrs. SCHAFER is descended through #4, Nimrod Evans. Nimrod married Nancy Graves DURKEE or DIERKES, a sister of the Persia who married his brother, John. They were children of Benjamin DURKEE an 1812 soldier. They had three sons who served in the Civil War - James B., who died in service; Deming O'Connor HENTHORNE, Co. E. 116th Ohio Inf. and John Wesley HENTHORNE, who served in Co. H. 77th Ohio Inf. John Wesley HENTHORNE married Mary Jane RUSH and they were Mrs. SCHAFER'S ancestors.

Mrs. SCHAFER also had access to Dr. Nimrod's account book, and some of the items noted in that book were as follows: "July 26, 1865 - Fleming Harrison returned home from the Union Army, 180th Reg. O.V.I. with an honorable discharge, therefore the above bill of $18.85 is settled in full."

The same type of entry was entered with the name of Benjamin Howell of the 180th Regiment. In Sept. of 1851, it was noted that he purchased one barrel of whiskey containing 41 gallons for the sum of $7.89, (probably for medicinal purposes). In 1875, he discounted the bill owed him by Joseph Hicks in the amount of $41.50 "in consequence of getting his house burned and losing all his household goods." Dr. Nimrod HENTHORN and his wife are both buried at the HARTER Cemetery in Hannibal (Nimrod, b. 1811, died Mar. 1, 1879 and Nancy b. April 4, 1817, died Oct 15, 1892).

Henry, born circa 1775 - according to information in Mrs. SCHAFER'S notebook, he died in 1843 in Monongalia Co., W. Va. He was a stone mason and in the War of 1812 and was married to Sarah RIDGEWAY, daughter of Lot RIDGEWAY and Catharine FRAZIER. Sarah was born May 30, 1781 in Berkeley Co., W. Va. and died Sept. 1, 1861 in Monongalia Co., W. Va. Their children were (1) Lot - 1803-1867, married Ann STEWART; (2) Nancy, born 1810, mar. Charles STEWART who was born 1794 and died 3-3-1868; (3) John W. HENTHORN, born circa 1807, mar. Malinda West; (4) Julia Ann, born 1816, mar. John EVERLY; (5) Mary born May 1817, died Nov. 30, 1894; mar. (1st) David DURBIN and (2nd) Mr. DONALDSON.

Ann, born about 1776 - married Daniel KIGER in Monongalia Co. W.
Va. She and her husband moved to Vermilion Co., Illinois between 1833 and 1835, as evidenced by this deed record from the Monroe Co. Recorder's office: Book #1, page 213 - "Whereas on the 15th of March 1833 by deed of that date Daniel KIGGER of the County of Monroe and State of Ohio but now of the County of Vermillion in the State of Illinois, did for and in consideration of $500.00 to him paid by John HENTHORN ... fractional Section No. 24; Twp. 2, Range 3 ... and whereas Ann KIGGER wife of said Daniel who was at the ... wife of him, and is still living and remains the wife of said Daniel, and hath not heretofore joined with said Daniel in the conveyance of the subscribed tract of land hereby ... /s/ Ann Kigger, 29, July 1835 - deposition taken at Vermillion Co., Ill." (... indicates burned portions of this deed record.) Additional information on Daniel and Ann KIGER can be found in this column under date of Feb. 12, 1970.

Mary, born circa 1776 - married Thomas KIRKPATRICK in Monongalia Co., Va. I have no more information on her at this time.

William, probably born about 1782 - his wife was supposed to have been Susanna PARROTT, however, it could be that her last name was JARRETT, in view of the fact that Wm.'s brother married a Mary JARRETT. Mrs. BOLERJACK of California was interested in lining up his descendants. His middle name may have been David, and some records indicate that he moved to Vermillion Co. Ind. about 1830 and died there in 1842.


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