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Henthorne Family - 3rd Installment (3 of 4)

Family Research in Monroe County ... by
Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak

HENTHORNE Family - 3rd Installment.
Thursday, December 3, 1970

If all of the pieces of information you have fit the family puzzle you really have it made, but generally that is not the case. There are generally leftovers, and that is the case with these HENTHORNES in Monroe Co.

The first question is, "Who is the Adam HENTHORNE who is buried in the Rutter Cemetery near Cameron?" Mrs. SCHAFER is of the opinion that he was a brother of James, the Original Clarington Settler, but I don't think she had documentary proof of this statement. Obviously, he was not the son of James, the O.C.S. as that Adam is the one buried at the HARTER Cemetery.

The Adam HENTHORNE buried in the RUTTER Cemetery died August, 1830, aged 49 years, therefore born about 1781. His wife was named Nancy and she was appointed as the administrator of his estate at the May term of court, 1835. She died in Sept. 1847 and I think the tombstone shows "aged 61" but it is badly eroded. It too, is in RUTTER Cemetery. After her death, one of the heirs sued the others for partition of property in an action filed January 13, 1848, so their heirs can be proved by this suit: Eli BALDWIN and Anne, his wife vs. heirs of Adam HENTHORNE deceased, i.e. Joseph HENTHORNE, Andrew HENTHORNE, Margaret ULLOM (she was the widow of Joseph), Phebe HENTHORNE, Mary CLARK and Daniel CLARK her husband, Jane HENTHORNE a resident of the State of Virginia and Daniel HENTHORNE.

Again to try to find out when this Adam and Nancy HENTHORNE were married, we have to first find out the ages of their children. Annie BALDWIN, wife of Eli and Mary CLARK, consort of Daniel, are also buried in the RUTTER Cemetery, so it was easy enough to get dates for them. Ann died March 1861, aged 39 years, 11 months, 2 days, and Mary CLARK died May 14, 1851, aged 46 years, 6 months. Therefore, Mary was born about 1805 and Anne about 1821 so they could have been the eldest or the youngest children, and now it seems safe to assume that Adam and Nancy were married at least by 1805.

The court records also show that another suit for partition of this property as filed in 1936 by Andrew HENTHORNE by his next friend, William Walton (see my book, Vol. VII, page 49) which indicates that Andrew was a minor in 1836. It indicates the property was S.36, T.2, R.3. By 1850, I think he is the one listed as Family #34 in Salem Township. This suit lists the same heirs and it dragged on until 1852, when the only Margaret was named as Margaret CAMPBELL and James her husband, so she must have married James CAMPBELL between January 13, 1848 and July 21, 1852. Instead of Mary CLARK (who we know died in 1851, from the information on her tombstone) this suit in 1852 names her husband, Daniel, and her children as defendants. The children were Hannibal CLARK; Angeline CLARK; Franklin CLARK; Amanda CLARK; Caroline CLARK; Nancy CLARK; Mary Clark; and Julius CLARK. (However, the 1850 census shows this last named person to be Julia, a female.) An added defendant in the suit of 1852 was an Elizabeth HENTHORNE, who was not named in the prior one.

Also buried in the RUTTER Cemetery is an Ephraim HENTHORNE, who died May 29, 1821, aged 35 years, and Elizabeth, daughter of Ephraim HENTHORNE, who died February 10, 1847. The Adam buried here was born circa 1781, and this Ephraim was born about 1786, so it seems that they were of the same generation - where they brothers or cousins?

Another suit for partition in the records of the Monroe Co. Court of Common Pleas concerns the heirs of William HENTHORNE, who died prior to August 27, 1851, the date that suit was advertised in this paper. Petition for Partition: John HENTHORNE and wife vs. Adam HENTHORNE, Eli HENTHORNE, James HENTHORNE, Nathan HENTHORNE, John HENTHORNE, William HICKMAN, and Matilda, his wife, Peter STEWART and Martha, his wife, James STEWART, Fanny STEWART, Daniel STEWART, Nathan STEWART, John STEWART, Peter STEWART, Jr., Ellen STEWART and Alexander STEWART, minor heirs of Elizabeth STEWART, deceased and Fanny HENTHORNE, widow of Wm. HENTHORNE, lately deceased.

This particular William may have been the son of a James HENTHORNE, and grandson of Susannah HENTHORNE, who left a will in Ohio Co., Virginia dated February 2, 1799. That William was supposed to have been married to a lady named Fanny. See next week's issue for the will of Susannah HENTHORNE. This particular William could also be the son of James, the Original Clarington Settler, but then you have to discount the information in the 2nd installment (of this series of articles) as it shows James' son, William, as marrying a lady named Susannah, and that he moved to Illinois about 1830.


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