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Conger, Job

Job Conger

PARENTS: The parents of Job Conger were, John Belconger and Sarah Cawood.

RELATIONSHIP: A descendant of Job Conger, Lt. Col. Everton J. Conger, was Aide to Lafayette C. Baker. Lafayette C. Baker was the Chief of the National Detective Police (NDP, i.e., secret service) at the time of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, May 1865.

SPOUSE: Mary (Pierce) Percy is also listed as a spouse in Ancestral File. Can this spouse be proven? What is the source citation? .

SPOUSE-QUESTION: Various records have stated that Job Conger was married first to Mary Percy or Pierce, as his wife, Keziah, was mentioned in his will. According to the evidence just found among an assortment of notes, your compiler [Maxine Leonard] is of the opinion, Job had but one wife.

From the "Hartford Times Queries," Hartford Times, Jan 23, 1854, Query B-5907, in part: "Job's wife was Mary Keziah, dau of Joseph (2) Thorp (Thomas 1) of Woodbridge. Deed of Zebulon (3) Thorp (Joseph-Thomas) Feb. 6, 1736 to Benjamin Thorp by Huder: (a schoolmaster of Woodbridge, N.J.). "Land belonging to the plantation that my father Joseph Thorp and my brother, Paul, sold to Job Conger Feb. 24, 1732, witnesses John Alston and Jonathan -----." (Sent by E.E.T.) (Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, 275 - Maxine Crowell Leonard) .

MILITARY: In 1715, Job Conger and his brother, Joseph, were Privates in Col. Thomas Farmer's New Jersey Militia Regiment, apparently at the time in the service of the Colony of New York.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, 275 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Job Conger Jr. removed to Albany County, New York; Enoch removed to Dutchess County, New York and on to Darby, VT; Moses remained in Woodbridge until 1771 when he offered his land for sale.
(Furnished by Harold Murton Hyde)

PROBATE: Job Conger's will, dated 30 Jan 1749 at Woodbridge, Rahway Neck, East Jersey, refers to himself as "Yoeman." (A freeholder; a gentleman farmer) .
To wife, Kezia, he left one half of his moveable estate. To his oldest son, Job, he left but ten pounds, as money to buy a plantation which had already been given him. The balance of his moveable estate he divided among his daughters, the married ones to have half as much as the single ones, they having had their marriage portions.

To his sons, Enoch and Moses, he left "my farm land in Woodbridge, Rahway Neck, where I now dwell," when they are 18, but they could not sell same until they were 30.

The Executors named were wife, Keziah, son Enoch, and friend William Moore; witnesses Job Pack, Benjamin Thorp and Thomas Chapman.

Will proved 17 Feb 1758.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 275 - Maxine Crowell Leonard) .

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