Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Conger, Ivan Albert

Ivan Albert Conger

Ivan Albert Conger wrote on 23 Aug 1969:
I was the one who gathered all the information for the first copy of our Conger History -- Descendants of Job A. Conger. It was published in March of 1959 after about two years of gathering information. Some of the chapters were written by members of that particular branch and then I put them all together and had them published. Seven of us advanced the money for printing and then we got our money back as they were sold. We still have approximately 30 copies left and with the proceeds from these we plan on getting a family tree made up for distribution.

Genealogy is very interesting and can also be very nerve - racking, due to the many sources of information and the many different dates for one single part. I enjoy it very much but do not have much time for it. I am especially interested because I now am the president of our Shiawasse County Historical Society. This all ties very closely with genealogy. I think it is just wonderful that there have been so many members of the family over the years who have had so much of an interest in getting this information all put together."

On 28 October 1970 he reported that, the descendants of Job Conger and Harriet Jewell met at his house in June for the 8th year in a row. He wrote, "The first year (1963) we had not been 20 people present -- an increase of 8 over 1962. We had 76 this year, an increase of 20 over last year. I had put in a swimming pool. We had many new ones for the first time and many who hadn't been to a reunion for a good many years. I was just overjoyed! They all love to come her to our home. We have a large back yard and plenty of shade. Have a park right behind me if some want to go play there. Everyone really has a ball and says, 'they didn't know what they were missing but will be back again.' Each year they vote to come back without even asking if they can. They just insist! We love it even if it is a lot of work. Besides, with results like that -- 20 to 76 -- how could we ever think of refusing?"

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