Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conger, Samuel Hayes

Samuel Hayes Conger

It appears that the first Conger family genealogist was Samuel Hayes Conger, born on 10 Dec 1796 at Newark, NJ. Records reveal, "An attempt being made in 1845 to utilize the old burying ground in Newark, by appropriating it to other purposes, Mr. Conger's interest in the remains of his ancestors therein deposited, led him to take an active part in the opposition to the so-called improvements; and extended researches into the genealogies of the families interested were the result.

"He became a member of the New Jersey Historical Society in May 1848, and was appointed librarian in 1852, an office for which his tastes rendered him particularly well qualified. The genealogies which he contributed to the volume issued by that society in 1866, in commemoration of the bi-centennial celebration of the settlement of Newark, added material to its interest; and he also took an active part in editing the town records published by that society in 1864." He wrote many articles in the "Newark Daily Advertiser."

Although Samuel Conger spent a good deal of time recording his ancestry, there is no record of posterity. There is no record in the Conger files of his son, Henry, born 15 Aug 1835 and died 21 Feb 1904.

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