Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Files In RootsMagic5

Project Update: I've completed moving and editing two more files.

Years ago I obtained some records from the LDS Ancestral File and loaded them into Personal Ancestral File (2.31).  I wanted to see how useful this information would be.  I was disappointed to discover that the quality of the work wasn't very good.  Too much time has passed to remember how much use I got out of the data. At any rate I still have the genealogy file, named Anstfile.  I'm reporting that I have successfully moved a copy of this file to RootsMagic5 on my laptop computer.  There are 498 individuals and 184 families in the file.

More significantly I'm reporting that another file, named Charts, has been moved to RootsMagic5 on the laptop.  This file consists of 6,227 individuals and 2,290 families.  I created this file from some of the information in the 1997 book, Ancestor Charts - Volume 2, published in 1997 by the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (MCCOGS).  I, along with a number of collaborators, submitted many of the charts in this book.  Other researchers, working on collateral lines, also submitted charts. The charts showed either four or five generations. It was often possible to link information from chart to chart. Once the charts were available in my genealogy program I could produce Ahnentafel charts of eight or nine generations in some cases.  That was the reason for creating the file, to show a broader picture of the family relationships. My file includes "Notes" from many sources which adds to the value of any reports prepared from this file.

Dick Henthorn
21 August 2013

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