Monday, July 1, 2013

Updates to HenthornFamily Wiki

Yesterday I added additional links to the Collateral Families page of HenthornFamily Wiki.  I added links to information about the Yoho family.
  • There are links to Yoho pages I shared on this blog. 
  • There is a link to an Ahnentafel report for researcher, T. Vernon Anderson and a link to his extensive collection of descendant charts. 
  • There is a link to the webpages of researcher, Tim Yoho. 
  • There is a link to the webpages of researcher, Billy Lee Yoho. There is another link to a piece that Billy Lee Yoho wrote about deceased researcher, Denver Clayton Yoho.
I hope you've discovered the Wiki and that you are finding it useful. I like that it allows me to present links to the available information in a more organized way. Your comments are welcome. Do you know that you can also make additions and corrections to the Wiki? I don't think anyone has done this yet.

Dick Henthorn
1 July 2013

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