Monday, February 4, 2013

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John Henthorn (Hinthorn) & Margaret Downard

On 4 February 2013 I added a link to a RootsMagic website I created for John Henthorn and Margaret Downard. Descendants in this family all spelled the surname, Hinthorn(e). Living descendants live in McLean county, Illinois, around Independence, KS and on the west coast.

This RootsMagic website consists of 1166 files. The source file resides on my old desktop computer which has some issues. After the website was created I used the freeware program, 7-Zip, to compress the files into one Zipped file. I used my Gmail account to send this file to myself, thus in effect, moving the website components from the old computer to my laptop computer. I unzipped the compressed file onto the laptop and checked to determine whether I could open the website.

The RootsWeb Editor was used to create a folder for johnhinthorn on my FreePages account. Then I used the FireFTP application of Firefox to execute the batch upload of the 1166 files to the new folder.

The link to the website is on the Henthorn Family Websites page of the HenthornFamily Wiki.  

This project has been on my To-Do List for several years. In order to achieve this goal many components had to be in place and I needed to understand and master how to use various software tools.

If you'd like to go directly to the website, rather than visiting the Wiki, here's the link.

Dick Henthorn
\4 February 2013

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