Thursday, January 31, 2013

John Henthorn Website


Yesterday I achieved a long-standing goal, going back many years. I uploaded, to my FreePages space, a small website that I create in 2006 using  Personal Ancestral File (PAF).  As of February 1st, 2013 this file will be available for viewing for the first time on the Internet.


The website is made up of approximately twenty HTML files, generated by PAF. This includes two sets of seven files each plus the graphic images for the navigation buttons and the cloud/sky page background.

Problems Encountered

I encountered three problems during the project yesterday. The Email address shown on the first page of the website was out-of-date. There was a one line Introduction at the top of the first page that needed to be brought up-to-date. And, the blue sky and cloud background for each page didn't work, even though the images of all of the buttons appeared. I discovered the name of the background file was listed as Clear Day Bkgrd.jpg in the HTML of each page. The uppercase letters in the file name caused the problem. Fortunately I am able to read some HTML code. After I identified and understood the problems I used the RootsWeb Online Editor, for the first time, to make the necessary modifications to the already uploaded files.

The Family

The website shares information about the family of John Henthorn and Frances Low. We believe that John Henthorn and his brother, James Henthorn, were the original Henthorns in the colonies, first being found in Maryland.

Link To The Website

The link to the website will be located on the Henthorn Family Websites page of the HenthornFamily Wiki. Here's the link in case you'd like to visit from this blog page.

Next Website Project

Now that I understand the process and steps involved in uploading an entire genealogy website I'm ready for another project. My current genealogy program is RootsMagic. This program also can create a website. I intended to upload a website created by this program and make it available in the same way. It may be of interest to some to compare the styles of the two websites.

Dick Henthorn
1 February 2013

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