Sunday, January 20, 2013


My FreePages Project

I'm working on my RootsWeb FreePages account. 

1) accessed my FreePages using the RootsWeb editor
2) accessed the FreePages using FireFTP
3) in the Misc community (the default area) created sub-directories for "testing" "henthorn" and "graphics"
4) uploaded nine GIF files I used in my genealogy HTML to "graphics"
5) uploaded one HTML file to "testing"
6) created a folder structure on my computer for storing the components

I believe this completes all of the housekeeping steps that needed to be accomplished.

Next, I'll edit one of my old HTML files from the days when I had a genealogy website on AOL to get it ready for upload to FreePages.

My current plans are to grant access to anything I post on FreePages via the:
HenthornFamily Wiki
Further testing will be necessary to determine whether this will work or not.

Mr. Dickie
20 January 2013

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