Thursday, January 31, 2013


On the Stories page of HenthornFamily Wiki I posted a 50-page PDF document titled, A Collection of Documents about Members of the Conger Family, compiled by Richard E. Henthorn and Robert Guilinger.

I apologize for the fact that a blank page appears in the document. This was probably caused by the program I was using to generate the PDF.

I'm gathering GIF images that I used years ago on some of my webpages. I renamed some of them to group similar buttons in sets. Some of the images have already been uploaded to my RootsWeb Freepages space and you will see them on pages I have been sharing on the Wiki. (I used one of those images on this page.)

For years I've wanted to upload a set of webpages created by one of my genealogy programs to a website to learn more about the steps in that process. I now have the tools in place to carry out this project. I located a set of PAF pages suitable for the experiment. I'll make this my next combined Freepages and HenthornFamily Wiki project.

31 January 2013

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