Monday, June 24, 2013

The Amos Tree - Revisited - (1st Installment)

The Amos Tree - Revisited - (1st Installment)

In 1959, Roy Lee and Norma (Latham) Henthorn of Bethany, Oklahoma published, - History and Descendants of Amos and Elizabeth (Sharp) Henthorn - 1816-1959 sometimes called The Amos Tree.

In March 2013 Mrs. Lola May (Ivy) Senatro sent me some sheets of genealogy information prepared by her deceased sister, Margaret Grace (Ivy) Barnes.  

I needed a project to help me learn more about using version 5 of RootsMagic which is the genealogy program I have installed on my laptop computer. I decided to create a new file for the information of Mrs. Barnes. As I became familiar with the data shared by the Ivy family I realized that Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Henthorn had shared information. I located my three-ring notebook with a paper copy of The Amos Tree. My review reminded me that although I'd keyed the information from The Amos Tree into a Personal Ancestral File (PAF) years ago I hadn't included all of the textual data. This realization inspired me to enlarge my RootsMagic project to include keying the data from The Amos Tree.

I'm planning to post several messages about my experiences with The Amos Tree project and the project to learn more about how to use RootsMagic version 5.

Dick Henthorn
24 June 2013

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