Monday, June 24, 2013

Updates to HenthornFamily Wiki

Numbering Systems

I added two links to the Numbering Systems section on the first page of the HenthornFamily Wiki. One link points to the genealogy numbering systems page on Wikipedia and the other points to the Ahnentafel page on the Wiki itself.

Story by Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack

On the Stories page of the HenthornFamily Wiki I added a link to a 48-page PDF file written by Mrs. Mary Josephine (Henthorn) Bolerjack in October 2005, titled, The Irish & The Dutch.

During one of my many computer disasters this file was misplaced. Yesterday I found it on a thumb drive that I paid a computer shop to load with data from one of my failing laptops. I converted the file to PDF yesterday to get it ready for uploading today.

Have you considered writing stories or recollections about your family? I urge you to undertake the project. If you don't do it, who will?  If you are willing to share your stories on the Internet I will include a link on the HenthornFamily Wiki.

24 June 2013

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