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George Yoho

Name: George Yoho

Sex: Male

Father: Henry Yoho (25 JUL 1781-5 DEC 1862)

Mother: Annabelle Buchanan (23 NOV 1780-31 JAN 1873)

Individual Facts

Birth 21 DEC 1806 in Fish Ck, Ohio Co, VA

Death 17 AUG 1890 in Marshall Co, WV (age 83)

Burial in Antioch Cem, Proctor Dist, Wetzel Co, WV

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General: Farmer, lived near Lynn Camp, Marshall Co, WV. I don't believe George Yoho ever lived near Lynn Camp. In 1996 I visited Sullivan Yoho and he drove me to a point in a field behind his house on Rines Ridge. We could see George's land from that point. Sullivan owned the land until recently.

Deed from John Floyd, Esquire, Governor of Virginia to George Yoho, Jr

1 AUG 1830

Sixty three acres, situate Ohio County on the waters of Whetstone run and bounded as followeth, to wit: Beginning at a hickory and beech, corner to Archibald Woods on the top of Brushy ridge(this isn't the Brushy Ridge off Burch Ridge), thence with said Woods line W40 poles to a poplar; thence S51 E44 poles to two Maples on a point; thence N30 W30 poles to a Black oak on a point, thence S59 W72 poles to a hickory on a point; thence S39 W47 poles to a white walnut in said Woods line; and thence with the same S25 E28 poles to the beginning.

This was the original sheepskin deed, now in the possession of Sullivan Blair Yoho. Sullivan drove his pickup up a point above his house and pointed out where the land was. It was east of Sullivan's house, behind the house. I am not sure where the idea came from that George Yoho lived near Lynn Camp, but he was in Franklin District for every census living on his 63 acres of land. Sullivan owned the 63 acres plus additional acreage purchased by Henry Yoho, son of George. At one time the piece contained 355 acres. Sullivan sold the land in 1972. There now, 1996, is a sign on the lane leading to the land, labeled Yoho lane, on Rines Ridge. (TVA)

The above land was acquired as follows:

63 acres by George Yoho in 1830. Henry Yoho & Susan Elizabeth Kelley acquired the original 63 acres and purchased additional acres, making the total 279 acres. John Yoho, s/o Henry & Susan, & Kate Franklin had the land for some time, but never really owned the land. The land was then inherited by Blair, Floyd, & Georgie Yoho as the heirs of Kate Franklin Yoho. Blair Yoho purchased the shares of his siblings, Floyd & Georgie Yoho. Blair Yoho purchased an additional 90 acres and he also sold 14 acres, making the total 355 acres. Sullivan Yoho inherited the land from his father, John Yoho.

(Told to me by Sullivan Yoho in 1997. TVA)

In 1975 my brother, Tim, and I visited Antioch Cem. We found the tombstone for George Yoho face down and sunken in the ground. We spent quite a bit of time digging and working to be able to lift the stone. We didn't have any tools. When we were finally able to lift the stone, it was in excellent shape, in constrast to the stone for his wife, Rachel, which had been upright. I believe Rachel's stone was broken in half. Since that time someone has reset George's stone in a base. (TVA)

Prepared by:

T. Vernon Anderson


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