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Hector Ulysses Henthorn

Hector Ulysses Henthorn

Birth: 13 OCT 1869, Pleasant Hill,Cass, MO
Death: 27 JAN 1964, Ventura,Ventura, CA
Burial: 29 JAN 1964, 2 PLAC Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo, CA, Arroyo Grande

Problem: How is the middle name spelled: Ulyses, Ulysess, Ulysses? The Family Bible of Hector and Ann lists his name as: Uleses H. Henthorn. His wife's Certificate of Death, which listed him as the informant listed the name as: Hector Ulysis Henthorn. Census records at the Dickinson County, KS Historical Society show the middle name as: Ulysses.

The Obituary Record prepared by Ted Mayr Funeral Home listed the name as: Hector Ulysess Henthorn.

Census: 1875, in Dickinson Co., KS, Center Twp., 2-2, age 6, m., Mo. (Hector)
1880, in Dickinson Co., KS, Center Twp., 20, age 10, m., Mo. (Ulysses H.)
1885, in Dickinson Co., KS, Center Twp., 10-4, age 15, m., Mo.

(Source: Register of Marriage - Dickinson County, KS, page 99) Records license No. 266 issued 10 Aug 1892 to Hector Henthorn, of Detroit, Kansas, Farmer, age 22, white, born in Mo. U.S.A. whose father was Saul (sic) Henthorn and whose mother was Sarah Z. (sic) Crumb with the groom being married for the 1st time. The bride was Alice Parks of Sutphens Mills, age 17, white, born in Kansas whose parents were Joseph Parks and Jennie Salsbury. The bride was being married for the 1st time. The wedding took place at Detroit, Kansas on 14 Aug 1892.

Marriage License. No 266, issued 10 Aug 1892 authorizes the marriage of: Hector U. Henthorn of Detroit, Kansas aged 22 years and Alice Parks of Sutphens Mills, Kansas aged 17 years to marry. The marriage license was afterwards return to the Probate Judge on the 26th of Augus 1892 with the certification of marriage by L.E. Steigelman, Justice of the Peace that on 14 Aug 1892 at Detroit, Dickinson Co., KS that he married Hector U. Henthorn and Alice Parks. (Note: In the 2 places where the middle initial of Hector appears it is not clear that the initial is a "U.", REH)

"They all (Henthorns and Parks) lived in Kansas. Daddy and Mother went to Okeene, OK soon after being married. There Daddy bought a 160 acre farm for $50 from a man who had been in "The Run" during the opening of the Cherokee Strip (Indian) for settlement. For some reason after making the "run" and staking out the claim - the man didn't want the farm. We 4 kids were born there - but we moved to Texas when I was 4 - and on to Calif. when I was 11 and here we are still." (Quote from letter to Gary Henthorn family from his Aunt Mae (Henthorn) Orr, 11 Nov 1982.)

LAND: Lawton Public Library
Okla Tract Books, Roll 4, Vol. 13, p. 59, Blaine Co.; Sect S.E., Sect 15, T19N R10W, 160 acres; purchase money 14.80; Hector U. Henthorn; Date of Sale 13 May 1892; Rect # 7651 K, FC 4736, 28 May 1901.

Census: 1900, in Blaine Co., OK, Cimarron Twp.; Roll 1335, T-623, dwelling 148, family 148; Sheet 7,, ED 11, page 91

  • Henthorn, Hector U., head, white, m., age 30, b. Oct 1869, farmer
  • married 8 years, b. MO, f.b. IN, m.b. IN
  • Henthorn, Alice, wife, f. age 25, b. May 1875, b. KS, f.b. OH, m.b. MO
  • Henthorn, Rolload W., son, white, m. age 5, b. Aug 1894, OK
  • Henthorn, Ellie/Elbie L., son, white, m. age 3, b. Sep 1896, OK
  • Henthorn, Floyd, son, white, m. age 6/12, b. Nov 1899, OK

The United States of America: Homestead Certificate No. 4736, Application 7651}

To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting:
Whereas There has been deposited in the GENERAL LAND OFFICE of the United States a CERTIFICATE OF THE REGISTER OF THE LAND OFFICE at Kingfisher, Oklahoma, whereby it appears that, pursuant to the Act of Congress approved 20th May, 1862, "To secure Homesteads to Actual Settlers on the Public Domain," and the acts supplemental thereto, the claim of Hector U. Henthorn has been established and duly consummated, in conformity to law, for the South East quarter of Section fifteen in Township nineteen North of Range ten West of Indian Meridian in Oklahoma, containing one hundred and sixty acres according to the OFFICIAL PLAT of the Survey of the said Land, returned to the GENERAL LAND OFFICE by the SURVEYOR GENERAL:

Now know ye, That there is, therefore, granted by the UNITED STATES unto said Hector U. Henthorn the tract of Land above described; To have and to hold the said tract of Land, with the appurtenances thereof, unto the said Hector U. Henthorn and his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony whereof I Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the seal of the GENERAL LAND OFFICE to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, the second day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and two, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-seventh.

s/T.M. McKean, Secretary
Recorded Oklahoma, Vol. 76, Page 234 s/C.M. Brush Recorder of the General
Land Office

Census: 1904, Blaine Co., OK School Census, Dist. #11, Solid Rock P.O., Okeene, 5 mi. east of Okeene

  • Henthorne, Rollin/Roland m. 10
  • Henthorne, Floyd m. 7
  • Henthorne, Elba m. 7

RESIDENCES: The family lived in or near Lipscomb, TX before they moved to California.

He went by the name, Heck. In 1914 he moved, with his family to California. They settled originally near Taft, CA. He worked in the oil fields as a carpenter. The derricks and engine sheds were made of wood.

Prior to 28 Jul 1952 Hector was living at: Route 1, Box 382; Arroyo Grande, CA. He changed his address to P.O. Box No. 302; Grove City, CA on his Farmer's Insurance Exchange Policy on 28 Jul 1952.

RESIDENCES: As of 1959, he was living in Ventura, CA.

Hector Ulyses Henthorn was a licensed minister of the United Brethren Church.
Source: License for Quarterly - Conference Preacher: This is to Certify That Rev. H.U. Henthorn is an approved preacher of the gospel of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, so long as his conduct and doctrine are conformable with the gospel of Christ as held by this church. Given at the Quarterly Conference held on Barr charge, this first day of March in the year of our Lord 1908. Subject to Renewal Annually. s/Chas. E. Heisel Presiding Elder (Note: there is a similar license issued at the Quarterly Conference held on Lipscomb the 3rd day of Oct 1910 s/C.A. Schlotterbeck Presiding Elder. REH)

Evening of Life
July 11, 1951, Tuesday eve at home
by H.U. Henthorn

Soon I shall stand on the bank of the river of life,
And can hear the boatsmans oar
And can see the gleam of that city so high
That stands on eternities shore

Soon I'll be at home in that city of gold
Where my friends have all gone, I'm told
Where Jesus now sits at the Fathers right hand
In that land where we never grow old

The victory's I win in this world filled with sin
With the pleasures and sorrows and cares
Will cause me to shine in that mansion above
That Jesus has gone to prepare

I'll fight a good fight. I'll finish my course
Ore life's rough rugged way
In the evening of life as the shadows grow dark
There is the dawn of eternities day.

Love of Jesus
by H. Henthorn

When in sin and sorrow roving
And I did not know his grace
Never knew how Jesus loved me
For I could not see his face

When I felt that sin and sorrow
Pressing down upon my soul
Then I cried, Oh Jesus save me
And his blood has made me whole.

Now I know how Jesus loves me
Why he gave his life for me
Why he suffered in the garden
Why he died on Calvary.

OBITUARY: Hector U. Henthorn
Grover City -- The Rev. Hector Ulysses Henthorn, 94, a minister of the United Brethren Church for 72 years, died Monday, 27 Jan 1964, in a Ventura hospital after a short illness.

A resident of Arroyo Grande, Rev. Henthorn was born Oct. 13, 1869, in Pleasant Hill, MO. He served as a minister in Texas, the San Joaquin Valley and South San Luis Obispo County.

He was the father-in-law of the Rev. William S. Orr, pastor of Arroyo Grande Presbyterian Church. He attended Arroyo Grande Presbyterian Church since 1930.

Rev. Henthorn is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Alice Orr of Arroyo Grande; two sons, F.J. and E.L. Henthorn, both of Ventura; five grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. today in the Mayr Funeral home, Ventura. Friends may call at the Grensted Funeral home from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. today, and from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Graveside services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday in Arroyo Grande District Cemetery. Rev. Orr and the Rev. Glenn Peters will officiate. Rolland Henthorn was soloist.
(Source: San Luis Obispo County, CA, Telegram-Tribune; 29 Jan 1964)
(Source: The Star-Free Press, Ventura, CA; 27 Jan 1964)

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