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Hugh Jackson, Jr. & Elizabeth Hayes

Birth: 19 JUN 1744 , Fremanagh, , Ireland
Death: 1 MAY 1812 , Fayette, PA
Burial: MAY 1812 Searights, Fayette, PA, Grace Episcopal

Hugh Jackson, Jr. was one of five children born to Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. as listed in his father's Will filed at Annapolis, MD in Book TS I, p. 130.

He was born on June 19, 1744 and died on May 1, 1812 as determined from the inscription on his tombstone located in the Grace Episcopal Church cemetery, Searights, PA. It is not known where he was born, but it was probably Ireland in that his older brother, Robert, was born there. This parents did not come to the colonies until about 1750 according to notes found in the original folder of Albert G. Macdonald.

About 1760 the parents were living in the area around Frederick (Frederick Town), Maryland as the "Calendar of Maryland State Papers," also known as "The Black Book #1," reflects on page 141, that Hugh Jackson (Sr.) and his son, Robert Jackson (Sr.) were among the numerous petitioners to Governor Horatio Sharpe. Hugh Jr. was too young to be a signer. In the same book, on page 194, it shows that Hugh Jackson Senior and Junior and others were petitioners in 1766 to Governor Sharpe regarding the issuing of bills to pay creditors.

Hugh Jackson, Jr. married Elizabeth Hayes about 1770 as their first child, Mary, was born in 1771. Hugh and his bride lived in the Fayette County, PA area as "The Ten Mile Country and It's Pioneer Families," shows the tax assessment list for 1772 for Springhill Township, Bedford County, PA. It further states that Springhill Township included part of the present Fayette County area lying south of Redstone Creek to the mouth of Jacob's Creek. This tax list is also shown in the Pennsylvania Archives, Series III, Vol XXII and in Veech's "Monongahela of Old." The Pennsylvania Archives, Series III, Vol XXII, page 450 lists for the year 1783 the inhabitants of Manallen [sic] Township, Westmoreland County. This lists, Hugh Jackson (Jr.). On page 556 is listed Hugh Jackson under the Return for Fayette County, Menallen Township. (Fayette County was created from Westmoreland County in September 1783.)

When Hugh Jackson Jr. went to Menallen Township, he settled on Dunlap Creek. The Land Grant map for Menallen Township shows the original patents to land. This map reflects that a warrant dated November 7, 1785 was given to Hugh Jackson for 273 acres and allowances. A patent was granted on May 7, 1788 and the tract was known as "Dauphin," and is recorded in Patent Book 13, p. 128. I obtained a copy of the map at Uniontown, PA. It is also available at the Department of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, PA.

Hugh and his wife, Elizabeth, continued to live in Menallen Township during their lifetime. They had a large family of at least 11 children. The administration of his estate is filed in the Orphan Court Records at Uniontown, PA, in Volume I. Since he did not leave a Will, a petition was entered by his son, Henry. The petition, filed on page 120 of Volume I, reflects the following heirs: wife, Elizabeth; Children: Mary, Robert, Margaret, David, Ann, Henry, Elizabeth, Sarah, Phebe and Rachel. There is also mentioned the five children of a daughter, Rebecca (Jackson) Poland, namely: Ann, John, Elizabeth, Samuel and David. (Rebecca had died before 1812.)

It is interesting to note that sons, Robert and David, married sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth Fuller and that two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, married brothers, Daniel and Stacy Rogers.

Hugh Jackson Jr. and Elizabeth Jackson are both buried in the Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery on U.S. Route 40 about 3 miles south of Searights, PA. In 1969 Albert G. Macdonald went to this cemetery and found that the church building had been completely removed and its location was marked by a brick altar with a brass plate bearing the inscription:

  • "Grace Episcopal Church
  • Log Church on this site used before 1793
  • Brick Church erected 1840 used until 1939
  • This altar erected 1965 as a memorial to those whose faith
  • built the church and cemetery"

This property was originally owned by Robert Jackson Sr., a brother of Hugh Jackson Jr. The property consisted of 3/4 acres of the original land grant. It was inherited by Robert Jackson Jr. In 1838, Robert Jackson Jr. and his wife, Margaret (Henthorn) Jackson deeded the property to the Trustees of the church.
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)

CEMETERY: Tombstone inscription found at the Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery at Searights, Fayette Co., PA. Hugh Jackson; May 1, 1812; Age 67 yrs. 10 mo. 12 da.
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)


Elizabeth Hayes
Birth: ABT 1752, New Garden Twp., Chester,PA
Death: 1 JAN 1829, , Fayette, PA
Burial: JAN 1829, Searights, Fayette, PA, Grace Episcopal

Elizabeth Jackson, the wife of Hugh Jackson, Jr. was born in 1752 according to the original folder of Albert G. Macdonald. This was confirmed by the date and inscription on her tombstone.

According to Cousin Jessie Hamilton it was concluded by her sister, Helen Williams, that Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry and Ann (Strode) Hayes and that she was born in New Garden Township, Chester County, PA. Her reference was page 52 of "The Hayes Family," by Royal S. Hayes. Albert Macdonald located this book at the Library of Congress.

Mr. Macdonald also located "The Proceedings of the Bi-Centennial of Henry Hayes, 1906" and searched New Garden and other Quaker Meeting records. These records show that, Elizabeth was the second child born to Henry and Ann Hayes who were married September 17, 1748 at New Garden. It is logical that Elizabeth could have been born in 1752 but no date is given in any of the records. "The Hayes Family," page 52 reflects that Margaret Hayes, born about 1726, and a sister of Henry, married Jeremiah Starr in 1746 and married again in 1769 to John Jackson. Because we know that Hugh's wife was Elizabeth, I believe the reference is in error. Also I doubt that Elizabeth Hayes married Hugh. The above books reflect that Ann Hayes died in 1766 at Wilmington, Del., and Henry remarried in 1768 and lived in Darby, PA. Elizabeth probably continued to live with her father until she married and there seems to be no logical reason why either she should go to Fayette County or why Hugh would go to Chester County to meet and marry.

[Note: It is not clear what point Mr. Macdonald was trying to make in this paragraph. REH]
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)

CEMETERY: Tombstone inscription found at the Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery at Searights, Fayette Co., PA. Elizabeth Jackson; Jan 1 1829; age 7_
(Source: Descendants of Hugh and Mary Jackson, Sr. and Related Families, Albert
G. Macdonald)

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