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Adam Henthorn

BIRTH: 1880 West Virginia census record for Daniel Henthorn, son of Adam, lists the birthplace of his mother and father as, PA PA.

QUESTION: Was the place of birth, MD, as listed by some, or PA as listed in the 1880 census record of son, Daniel?

LAND: Adam Henthorn bought land from Daniel Kyger. Daniel was the husband of Ann Henthorn, daughter of James, the second. Adam died without receiving a deed for the property. The Deed Book was burned extensively when the court house in Woodsfield, OH burned in 1868. The following extract was copied from the burned volume by, Leila Francy of Toronto, OH.

LAND: Deed Book C., Monroe Co., OH, pages 463-64.
"28 Mar 1818 Acknowledged 23rd day of .... 1832.
Daniel Kyger of Monroe Co., OH to Adam Henthorn, then of said Co. and State, but since deceased - - which the said Adam Henthorn agreed by a certain article of .... which said sum when paid was to be for said purchase and the said Daniel Kyger covenanted him, Adam Henthorn now deceased on said payment to make said Henthorn a good and sufficient deed for the promises which afterward to witt; said Adam Henthorn did ... on the 18th day depart this life without obtaining or receiving the deed so stipulated ... lawful issue and heirs; Elizabeth Henthorn, Margaret Henthorn who is intermarried with one Joseph Ollum, Joseph Henthorn ...[M]ary Henthorn who is intermarried with one Daniel Clark, ...orn, Ann Henthorn, Daniel Henthorn, Jane Henthorn and Andrew Henthorn, children and heirs as aforesaid this indenture between. All of Monroe Co. W. Part N.E. Sec. ... Signed; Daniel Kyger
Ann (X) Kyger Recorded 1832"
(Furnished by: Delbert Henthorn and Fedorchak, Vol. XII, page 72)

Census: 1830, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp. They had 8 children still at home.

RESIDENCES-CEMETERY: Adam and Nancy Henthorn lived in Monroe Co., OH and are
both buried in Rutter Cemetery, which is located west of Cameron, Monroe Co.,
OH on Route 78.

CEMETERY: Photograph of the tombstone at Rutter Cemetery reads: Adam Henthorn; Died; Aug. 12, 1830; Aged 49 yrs 7 Mo.
(Furnished by Delbert Henthorn)

BURIAL: Adam Henthorn lived to be 49 years of age. He is buried in SR 78, Sect. 36 of Rutter Cemetery. Died Aug 1830. (Betty Cronin, Denver Yoho and others)

Rutter Cemetery is located in Salem Township., Monroe Co., OH; Southeast 1/4 Section 36, Township 2, Range 3, 1873, .78 acres. South of State Route 78
[Note: This is between the small villages of Clarington and Cameron, OH. REH]
(Source: "Ohio Cemeteries," compiled by the Ohio Genealogical Society, copyright 1978 (Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 78-67919)

Records of the Court of Common Pleas - Monore County, OH, Journal 1, Page 306 -
June term, 1832 - June 25:

Upon application the court appoints Wm. C. Walton guardian of Anna Henthorne, aged 10 years on the 18 Feb 1832; Jane Henthorn, aged 8 years on the 14 July 1832; and Daniel Henthorne, aged 4 years on 18 Feb. 1832, Andrew Henthorn, age 16. Heirs of Adam Henthorn, decd. Bond of $600 given by Asail Booth, Daniel Kyger and Richard Cain, securities.

Records of the Court of Common Pleas - Monroe County, Ohio, Journal 2, page 10
- June term, 1833:

Upon application the court accepts the bond of David Sycks as security of Wm. C. Walton, as the guardian of the heirs of Adam Henthorne, who was appointed and chosen guardian of the several minor heirs of Adam Henthorne by order of the court at the June terms, 1832, in place of Daniel Kyger who is mentioned in said order of the security of said guardian.
(Source: C. Fedorchak, Vol. VIII, p. 10.)

After his death there were several suits over the estate, which apparently went on for many years. The suits are described in the notes of the some of the parties to the suits.

Adam Henthorne Article

Adam Henthorne, who lived in Salem Township, was another 1812 soldier in the Company of John Howell and his name appears on the muster roll from September 3, 1813 until January 3 and March 16, 1814. He was a son of the Rev. Soldier James Henthorne, [Note: This is not correct. He was a grandson of James Henthorn and son of Adam. REH] and died in August 1830, aged 49 years, so was born about 1781. He is buried in Rutter Cemetery in Salem Township, along Sunfish Creek. His wife was Nancy and she died in September, 1847, aged 61 years, and is buried in this same cemetery.

The court records in 1848 give the heirs of Adam Henthorne as: Eli Baldwin and Anne, his wife; Jane Henthorne, a resident of Virginia; Joseph Henthorne, Elizabeth Henthorne, Andrew Henthorne, Margaret Ullom, Phebe Henthorne; Daniel Henthorne, and Mary Clark and Daniel her husband. Mary Clark and Annie Baldwin are both buried in the Rut[t]er Cemetery too -- Mary Clark, consort of Daniel, died May 14, 1851, aged 46 years, 6 months and Annie Baldwin, wife of Eli died March, 1861, 39 years, 11 months and 2 days.
(Source: newspaper clipping, undated, supplied by Gordon Paul)

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