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Jane (Henthorn) Yoho

Birth: Jane Henthorn, Batch #: 8606401, Sheet #: 48, Source Call #: 1396167

LEGAL_MATTER: Jane Henthorn, age 8, William A., age 10, and Daniel, age 4 were put under the guardianship of William C. Walton at the June 1832 term of court at Monroe Co., OH.

RELATIONSHIP: Jane Henthorn had an illegitimate daughter, Margaret Adaline Henthorn, before she married Jeremiah Yoho. She was the 2nd wife of Jeremiah Yoho.

Notice of Partition:

NOTICE OF PARTITION: Eli Baldwin and Anne, his wife vs. Joseph Henthorn, Elizabeth Henthorne, Andrew Henthorne, Margaret Ullom, Phebe Henthorne, Mary Clark and Daniel Clark, her husband, Jane Henthorne, and Daniel Henthorne. The defendant Jane Henthorne who is a resident of the State of Virginia will take notice that the petitioner Eli Baldwin and Ann, his wife, on the 13th day of January, 1848, filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe Co., Ohio their petition in which they as heirs of Adam Henthorne deceased, ask for partition of real estate therein described as land of which the said Adam Henthorne died seized. Petition for hearing will be at the June term, 1848 of said court.
(Source: Spirit of Democracy, 10 Jun 1848, from Fedorchak, Vol. IV, p. 42)

Jeremiah and Jane Yoho

Jane Yoho came into an inheritance about the time she married Jeremiah Yoho. With her money and their hard work and good management they became well off. They owned much hill land and rented large acreages of Ohio River bottom land and raised corn on it. The grandfather of Denver Yoho, Charles Yoho, said his father had as many as 40 one horse cultivators plowing corn in one field and when they finished the field they started again. This was in Mason county, WV. Later he rented a large field in Gallia county, OH. They also had coal mines and a large freighting business. For several years there was a Yoho, OH postoffice on their property.

Jane outlived Jerry and the real estate went to Adaline when Jane died. I doubt if there was much money to be inherited. Adaline married John Swindler. Denver Yoho's two oldest aunts and his father thought well of the Swindlers. His grandmother named two of her daughters, Vesta and Nellie, which were the names of two of the Swindler girls also. Denver wasn't sure if they were named for the Swindler girls or whether Vesta and Nellie were popular names at the time.

NO_ISSUE: Jeremiah and Jane Yoho had no children of their union.
(Source: Jeremiah and Jane Yoho, account of Denver Yoho furnished to REH)

Problem: Did she die on 7 Aug 1903, in Gallia Co., OH or 17 Aug 1903, in Gallia, OH?

Jane Yoho, born in Monroe Co., OH, died on 7 Aug 1903 at the age of 78 years, 24 days in Gallia Co., OH of Flux.

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