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George Washington Henthorne

Born - 2 Nov 1886 Tatumville, Saline, AR
Died - 1 Nov 1959 Benton, Saline, AR
Buried - Nov 1959 Benton, Saline, AR, Rosemont Cemetery

RESIDENCES: In 1912, he wrote a card to his mother, Mrs. N. Henthorn; Alexander; Box 90, RFD #1, Ark. He signed it: George, Mabelvale, Ark.

OCCUPATION: George Washington Henthorne worked for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) in Bauxite, AR for some 40 years. He said that Alcoa put the "e" on the end of his last name by mistake.

DEATH: He was 73 years old when he died of a stroke.

The following information was obtained from, "The Henthorn History,” Compiled by Delbert Henthorn 1972-1992. The years reflect the period of time that Delbert worked on his project. Delbert states, "These names and dates are not verified. They are recorded in an old Henthorn Bible belonging to the late George W. Henthorn of Bentonville, Arkansas. This Bible has an 1816 copyright book and the names were copied into it."

  • Sylvester Henthorn, born 20 Dec 1424, "He is now in captivity." {Delbert's comment: This probably means that he was a prisoner of war. No indication of locality given.}
  • Silas Henthorn, born Oct. 1546
  • 1796 - Isaac Henthorn was a witness at a wedding at Oldcastle, Carlow Monthly Meeting, Carlow Co., North Ireland
  • 1797 - Isaac Henthorn married Mabel Wildman. Excerpt from marriage license 282 C. Page 12, Kilmore Diocese, County Armagh, North Ireland.

[Note: Who was this George W. Henthorn? Whose Bible was this? Where did George W. Henthorn get it? And, who was George W. Henthorn? Who has this Bible now?]

As of 2 Feb 1994, the number of records in the Henthorn/Bolerjack file stood at 25,484. There were only 2 persons in the file who were good candidates to be the, George W. Henthorn who owned this Bible. One was George Washington Henthorn, son of Cyrus M. Henthorn, who was reportedly born in Arkansas. Very little else is known about him at this time. The more likely candidate was, George Washington Henthorne, b. 2 Nov 1886. He lived, worked and died (d. 1 Nov 1959) at Benton, Saline Co. Arkansas, the son of Nathaniel Henthorne and Nancy Maholey Glover. Benton and Bentonville Arkansas are not the same place. Benton is located in the middle of the state, just to the southwest of Little Rock. While Bentonville is located in the northwest corner of the state, directly north of Fayetteville.

How did these entries happen to be in this Bible? Did George W. Henthorn or one of his ancestors do genealogy? If so, then maybe these are just the notes of someone who collects every piece of Henthorn information they can find. Or, are they a record of some of the ancestors of George W. Henthorn? If that is the case, why isn't there more information, about wives and children?

Many people doing Henthorn research have claimed that they came from County Armagh, North Ireland. But, this is the first time anyone has documented any written record of this in the United States. But, the latest dates shown in the Bible entries is 1796-1797. We know that James and John Henthorn were in PA in before 1730, 67 years before Isaac Henthorn married Mabel Wildman. So, why would George W. Henthorne, a descendant of James, or George W. Henthorn, a descendant of John, have these entries in his Bible? Comment written by REH.

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