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Daniel Kyger

Daniel KYGER
Born - Abt 1762
Died - 27 Apr 1849 Georgetown, Vermilion, IL
Bur. - Apr 1849 Mc Kendree Twp., Vermilion, IL, Mc Kendree Cemetery

MARRIAGE: Daniel Kiger and Ann Henthorn were married on 9 Feb 1796 in Monongalia Co., VA. Marriage solemnized by James Fleming. [Note: That the surname was spelled, Kiger, on this document. REH]
(Source: List obtained in April 1997 by Monongalia County Clerk, Morgantown, WV 26505 - furnished by Diane Wilson)

Problem: Henthorn/Bell gives the marriage date as: 9 Feb 1796. The marriage is recorded in Monongalia, WV. Others list 2 Sep 1796, which seems to be in error. Probably cause by reading or writing the date 2/9/1796 as 9/2/1796.

12 Feb 1798. James Henthorn, of Mason, KY, by John Henthorn, his attorney in fact, to Daniel Kiger. Cites a 1 Oct 1796 power of attorney authorizing John to sell 1000 acres in Monongalia, now Harrison Co. [WV], on a right hand branch of Big Sandy, adjoining Samuel Lleuellen. Tract patented to Samuel Hanway, 20 Jun 1787, and sold by him to Christian Wireman, 9 Aug 1790; sold by Wireman to James Henthorn, 17 August 1790. Consideration: $1500. Signed: John Henthorn. Witnesses: none. Acknowledged in court. No delivery shown. Recorded: Old Series 1:353-354.

[Note: John Henthorn, brother of James Henthorn, had died in Apr 1786 so John Henthorn, the person holding the Power of Attorney, was probably the son of the desceased John, his son John Henthorn. REH]
(Source: Monongalia County (West) Virginia Deedbook Records 1784-1810 (Old Series Volumes 1-4) by Rick Toothman, Heritage Books, Inc., p. 47)

... September Court 1800 ordered that James Tibs, John Ramsey, Nicholas Vandevort and Daniel Kyger be appointed to view and lay out a road from Ice's Ferry to Samuel Hanway's Mill the nearest and best way and report to next Court to meet the first Saturday in next month. The court goes on to say that they accomplished that task and it is entered in the court record October 1880.
[Note: It is not known if this is the Daniel Kyger that married Ann Henthorn. REH]
(Source: unknown, furnished by Nancy Fratt to Joan Young of NJ who in turned passed the item to Kay Bolls, who shared)

Problem: Some give the surname as: Kyger and others as: Kiger.

LAND: The first school in Salem Twp., Monroe Co., OH was built in 1815 on land of Daniel Kyger, about 2 1/2 miles up Sun Fish Creek.
(Source: Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio, published at Mount Vernon, OH in 1898)

Census: 1820, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp.
Daniel Kyger
00-10, 2; 10-16, 2; 16-18, O; 18-26, 1; 26-45, 0; 45&up, 1
00-10, 2; 10-16, 1; 16-26, 2; 26-45, 1; 45&up, 0
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

Census: 1830, in Monroe Co., OH, Salem Twp.
Daniel Kiger
00-05, 0; 05-10, 0; 10-15, 1; 15-20, 0; 20-30, 3; 30-40, 0;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 0; 60-70, 1; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
00-05, 1; 05-10, 1; 10-15, 0; 15-20, 2; 20-30, 1; 30-40, 1;
40-50, 0; 50-60, 1; 60-70, 0; 70-80, 0; 80-90, 0; 90-100, 0; 100&up, 0
(Source: The Federal Census Monroe County, Ohio 1820-1830-1840 - Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)

LAND: Monroe County Ohio Deed Book E, page 147. Daniel Kyger to John Henthorn, 1830, 47 acres on Ohio River. Wit: Rich Kirkpatrick, John Jerrott Henthorn
(Furnished by Betty Cronin)

LAND: Daniel Kyger Sells Land to Adam Henthorn

Adam Henthorn bought land from Daniel Kyger. Daniel was the husband of Ann Henthorn, daughter of James, the second. Adam died without receiving a deed for the property. The Deed Book was burned extensively when the court house in Woodsfield, OH burned in 1868. The following extract was copied from the burned volume by, Leila Francy of Toronto, OH.

Deed Records, Deed Book C., Monroe Co., OH. "28 Mar 1818 Acknowledged 23rd day of .... 1832.

Daniel Kyger of Monroe Co., OH to Adam Henthorn, then of said Co. and State, but since deceased ... which the said Adam Henthorn agreed by a certain article between the two parties, on the date aforesaid ... to said Daniel Kyger, which said sum when so paid was to be for said purchase and the said Daniel Kyger covenanted him, Adam Henthorn now deceased on said payment to make said Henthorn a good and sufficient deed for the promises which afterward to witt; said Adam Henthorn did ... on the 18th day depart this life without obtaining or receiving the deed so stipulated ... lawful issue and heirs; Elizabeth Henthorn, Margaret Henthorn who is intermarried with one Joseph Ollum, Joseph Henthorn ...[M]ary Henthorn who is intermarried with one Daniel Clark, ...orn, Ann Henthorn, Daniel Henthorn, Jane Henthorn and Andrew Henthorn, children and heirs as aforesaid this indenture between. All of Monroe Co. W. Part N.E. Sec. ... Signed; Daniel Kyger
Ann (X) Kyger Recorded 1832"
[Note: It is not clear whether the surname was spelled, Henthorn or Henthorne in this document. The Adam Henthorn referred to here is the spouse of Nancy Hood. REH] (Source: Delbert Henthorn, also Fedorchak, Vol. XII, page 72)
Also indexed in "Gateway to the West - Vol. 2" by Ruth Bower and Anita Short, page 175.

LAND: Deed Records - Book C (burned records) - Page 321 indicates that: Daniel Kyger and Anne, his wife of Monroe Co. to Mary Durkee 10-19-1832.

LAND: Deed Records - Book C - Page 357 indicates that: Daniel Kyger and Ann, his wife to Sebastian Baury - Oct. 19, 18_2, SE 1/2 of S.36, T.2, R.3.
(Source: Fedorchak, Vol. XII, p. 66)

LAND: Deed Records - Book C - Page 380 & 384 indicates that: Daniel Kyger and Ann, his wife of Monroe Co., to Henry Koch, Oct. 19, 1832.
(Source: Fedorchak, Vol. XII, p. 67)

COURT: William C. Walton, husband of Synda (Sidna) Kyger, was named as the guardian, in place of Daniel Kyger, of the minor children of Adam Henthorn, in 1833. Adam's son, Andrew Henthorn, also chose him as guardian.

They moved to Vermilion Co., IL between 1833 and 1835, as evidenced by a deed record from the Monroe Co., Recorder's office: Book #1, page 213.

"Whereas, on the 15th of March, 1833 by deed of that date, Daniel Kigger of the County of Monroe and State of Ohio but now of the County of Vermillion in the State of Illinois, did for and in consideration of $500.00 to him paid by John Henthorn ... fractional Section No 24, Twp. 2, Range 3 ... and whereas Ann Kigger wife of said Daniel who was at the time wife of him, and is still living and remains the wife of said Daniel, and hath not heretofore joined with said Daniel in the conveyance of the subscribed tract of land hereby... /s/ Ann Kigger, 29, July, 1835 - deposition taken at Vermillion Co., ILL." (The ... indicates burned portions of this deed record.)

RESIDENCES: They lived in Monroe Co., OH and Vermilion Co., IL.

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