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Israel M. Cloud

CONFLICT-BIRTH: Was he born in DE or MD?

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Ordained as a Methodist minister in 1847 by Bishop James.

OCCUPATION-CHURCH_AFFILIATION: Carpenter and builder; local minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

RESIDENCES: Franklin and Perry Co., OH

MARRIAGE: Israel Cloud married 2nd, Mary Lakin, who was a granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Lakin, one of the pioneers of Methodism. They were married by the Rev. Danl Rickets.

MARRIAGE: Israel Cloud & Elizabeth Henthorn married April 16th 1816. Marriage performed by Charles Waddle.

MARRIAGE: Israel Cloud and Mary Lakin were married on the 7th of Febuary 1846 by Rev Danl Rickets
(Source: Israel Cloud Family Bible, from the Cloud Family Journal, Vol. XV, No. 3 - furnished by J.W. Cloud)

"The Cloud Family," by Thomas Maxwell Potts (1911-1912), p. 92 says of Israel Cloud: Early in life he went to the state of Ohio and settled in the neighborhood of Urbana and Somerset [Probably Urbana, Champaign Co., and Somerset, Perry Co., OH]. He was a carpenter and builder by occupation and also a local minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, having been ordained by Bishop James in 1847. He held various offices in the counties of Franklin and Perry, such as Justice of the Peace., etc.

He first married Elizabeth Henthorn in 1816 of whom he wrote, "She early sought her maker and was happy in her God." They had ten children, of whom four grew to maturity and two married. In 1893 all were deceased.

Some time after the death of his first wife he married (1846) Mary Lakin, a granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Lake one of the pioneers of Methodism. In 1893 she was still living, still active and in good health physically and mentally, then at the age of 80 years. She wrote of Isreal Cloud, "He was one of the best and most upright of men that ever lived." He was quiet in his ways, gentle almost to the appearance of timidity in his manner. His brother used to say, "He was afraid to eat cherries for fear the stones would choke him." He was firm in priciple and made religion the great business of life.
(Source: Cloud Family Journal, Vol. XV, No. 3 - furnished by J.W. Cloud)

DEATH: Cloud, Israel M., white, married, d. 18 Feb 1874, age 79 yrs., 1 mo., 15 days. Place of death: Money Creek Twp., Perry Co., OH. Place of birth: Delaware
(Source: From early probate and court records beginning 1867 extracted by the Perry Co., OH Genealogical Society, 1986 - found in Cloud Family Journal, Vol. XIV, No. 3 - furnished by J.W. Cloud)

BIBLE: Israel Cloud Family Bible
This old Bible, with cover and many pages missing is currently in the possession of Frank Cloud of Butler, PA, brother of researcher Claire Cloud of Cleveland Heights, OH.

  • Rev. Robt. Cloud was born Augt 21st 1755 & died June 5th 1833, age 78 yrs.
  • Rachel Matson, wife of Rev. R. Cloud died Apr 30th 1837 near the age of her Husband
  • Israel Cloud, was born Jany 3d 1795 [Note: identified on another page as, son of Robt Cloud]
  • Elizabeth Henthorn, wife of I. Cloud was born Feb 17th 1797 & died July 20th 1844 Aged 47 yrs. 5 mo 3 ds
  • Mary Lakin 2d wife was born Nov 17th 1810
  • John Henthorn died Sept 1st 1814 Aged 44 yrs
  • Delila wife of J. Henthorn died July 19th 1831
  • J.M.H. Cloud was born Jany 18th 1818
  • Jane Sturgeon wife of J.M.R. Cloud was born Dec 24th 1824 & died Augt 27th 1853 Age 28 yrs 9 mo 3 ds
  • E.J. Lott 2d wife was born Dec 5th 1824 & died Jany 10th 1858 age 34 yrs 2 mo & 5 ds
  • J.M.H. Cloud & Jane Sturgeon was married Mar 6th 1845
  • E.J. Lott was married Feb 11th 1854
  • J.M.H. Cloud & Susan [Ohara] Richards was Married July 22 1858
  • [Susan] born Oct 13th 1832

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  • Elizabeth Jane was Born Apr 16th 1846)
  • Maria Theresa " " June 28th 1849)
  • Mary Victoria was born Feb 16 1851)
  • Israel Clark " " May 27th 1853)
  • Children of J.M.H.C. & Jane C)
  • Sarah Lanisa was born Jany 22d 1855
  • Asuba Rosilia " Nov 21st 1857
  • Mary Richards dau of John & Susan [Ohara]
  • was born Apr 29th 1854)
  • Emma L. Cloud was born June 27th 1862)
  • Frank Lincoln Cloud " Sept 29th 1866 )
  • John William Cloud " Sept 4th 1869 )
  • Children of J.M.H. Cloud & Susan )

  • Mary V. died May 26th 1857 agd 3 mo 4 ds
  • Jane wife of J.M.H. Cloud died Augt 27th 1863
  • Israel Clark died Augt 30th 1853, age 3 mo 3 ds
  • Sarah Louisa died Feb 15th 1855
  • Rachel A. born & died July 24th 1865

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  • Israel Cloud & Elizabeth Henthorn married April 16th 1816
  • Israel Cloud and Mary Lakin were married on the 7th of Febuary 1846 by Rev Danl Rickets
  • J.M.H. Cloud and Jane Sturgeon was married on the 6th of March 1845

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  • Rachel Cloud was Born & Died March 25th 1817
  • John Mason Hitt was Born Jany 18th 1818
  • Susan Delilah was Born Nov 9th 1819
  • Robert Wadle was Born July 26th 1821
  • Asuba Roselia was Born April 12th 1826
  • Isaac Cloud was Born July 14th 1829
  • Asbury Fletcher was Born Jany 14th 1832
  • one Born Dead May 21st 1834
  • Sarah Rose was Born July 21st 1835
  • Emeliza Cloud was Born Oct 28th 1837

[Note by Claire Cloud: Emeliza died 13 June 1852, age 14 yrs 7 mos 15 days]

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  • Isaac Cloud Departed this Life sept the 20th 1830 aged one year two months and six days
  • Robt Wadle Cloud Departed this Life Oct 1st 1830 aged Nine years two months and Five Days
  • Susan Delilah Cloud Departed this Life Jany the 27th 1831 aged Eleven years two months and seventeen Days
  • Sarah Rose Cloud Departed this life May 24th 1844 aged eight years ten months and three Days a child of affliction
  • Elizabeth Cloud consort of Isral Cloud Departed this life July 20th 1844 aged 47 years 5 months & 3 days - she lived a suffering life and Died a Happy Death - glory be to God
  • Rev Robt Cloud Departed this Life June 5th 1833 aged seventy seven years Nine Months and Fifteen Days
  • John Henthorn Departed this Life Sep 1st 1814 aged 44 years & some Months
  • Delilah Henthorn consort of John Henthorn Departed July 19th 1831 well advanced in years and strong in Faith
  • Rachel Cloud consort of Rev Robert Cloud Departed this life April 30(?)th 1837 very near the age of her companion at his Death. They Both Died in Lexington Kentucky Strong in the Faith giving glory to god
  • Asbury Fletcher Died May the 16th 1850 aged 18 years 4 months and 2 days

(Source: Cloud Family Journal, Vol. XV, No. 3 - furnished by J.W. Cloud)

REFERENCE: The Cloud Family Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the collection and preservation of inforamtion about the various branches of the Cloud Family, past and present. The files of the Association are organized to provide a clearing house for Cloud information and a major goal is to encourage people to share their family information with the Association and with others interested in the family. The CLOUD FAMILY JOURNAL (ISSN 0883-0940), generally published quarterly, is designed to make this information, along with data from family sources and public documents, available to interested persons. The first gathering of The Cloud Family Association was held in 1978 in Austin, TX. They hold an annual meeting on the last weekend in July, somewhere in the South. The membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June. Membership Secretary, Linda Boose, 508 Crestwood Dr., Eastland, TX 76448 (As of Feb 1997)

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