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Cloud, John Matson Hitt

John Matson Hitt Cloud

BIRTH: J.M.H. Cloud was born Jany 18th 1818
(Source: Israel Cloud Family Bible, from the Cloud Family Journal, Vol. XV, No. 3 - furnished by J.W. Cloud)

BIRTH: John Matson Hitt was Born Jany 18th 1818
(Source: Israel Cloud Family Bible, from the Cloud Family Journal, Vol. XV, No. 3 - furnished by J.W. Cloud)

AKA: J.M.H. Cloud

James Henthorn and the Letters of Rev. Daniel Hitt

James and Sarah Henthorn named one of their sons, Daniel Hitt Henthorn. His birth is mentioned in the 19 Mar 1802 letter from James to the Rev. Daniel Hitt. Daniel Hitt was a prominent Methodist minister, who served in area of MD, VA, PA, and possibly OH. James considered Rev. Hitt, his spiritual leader, as well as personal friend. As Rev. Hitt moved from one assignment to the next many of his former parishioners maintained contact with him through letters. James was one of those who wrote several letters. Other Henthorns and their relations and neighbors also wrote. Rev. Hitt kept these letters and when he died there were more than 335 of them in his files. The letters were found by the Hitt family. They have been transcribed from hand written letters to type written copies and indexed. The collection was donated to Ohio Wesleyan University, which is located at Delaware, Delaware Co., OH. At least 37 of the letters were written by the Henthorns and their relations. Of these, 17, were written by James Henthorn, including the last letter, No. 335.

In his letters James refers to his wife as, Sally.

The letters written by James to Rev. Hitt were dated: 12 Apr 1797 (from Fayette Co.); 3 Oct 1797; 13 Apr 1798; 7 Jan 1801; 13 Sep 1801; 25 Dec 1801 (near Union); 12 Feb 1802; 19 Mar 1802; 10 Jan 1803; 16 Mar 1803; 19 Jun 1803; 23 Sep 1804; 24 Mar 1805; 8 Jan 1806; 24 Feb 1806; 14 Sep 1806; 30 Nov 1806.

Methodist minister, Rev. James Quinn, another correspondent of Rev. Hitt, was the 1st cousin of James Henthorn.

Rev. Daniel Hitt, the son of Henry Hitt, was born in 1770 or 5 Apr 1768. He died unmarried in 1825, after becoming ill at the Greencastle, PA camp meeting. He died nearby in Washington Co., MD (others say in Fauquier Co.)at the home of his nephew, Samuel Hitt.

The lawyer, Tom Scott, wrote in his "Memoirs" about the Hitt family. He says of Daniel Hitt that, "he was tall and had good body proportions. He had light eyes, dark eyebrows, black curly hair, which he combed back and spread over his shoulders. His voice was soft, clear and capable of considerable extension. His articulation and emphasis were good. His dress was plain and neat, every part adjusted with scrupulous exactness. A pleasant smile played upon his countenance and his movements were naturally easy, graceful and dignified." Prof. Bell writes, "His regular appointments were: 1790 Lancaster, VA; 1791 Allegany, MD; Rockingham, VA; 1792 Ohio, PA; 1793 Pittsburgh, PA; 1794 Redstone, PA; 1795 Clarksburg, WV; 1796 Baltimore, MD; 1797 Fairfax, VA; Alexandria, VA; 1798-1801 Redstone, Elder; 1801-1805 Alexandria, Elder; 1805-1807 Baltimore, Elder." He may have also served for a time in Fredrick, MD.

RELATIONSHIP: Daniel Hitt Henthorn and John Matson Hitt Cloud were 1st cousins, 1 generation removed. Their common ancestor was John Henthorn, Jr., the grandfather of Daniel Hitt Henthorn. The paternal grandmother of John Matson Hitt Cloud was Rachel Matson.

MARRIAGE: J.M.H. Cloud & Jane Sturgeon was married Mar 6th 1845
MARRIAGE: J.M.H. Cloud and Jane Sturgeon was married on the 6th of March 1845
MARRIAGE: E.J. Lott was married Feb 11th 1854
MARRIAGE: J.M.H. Cloud & Susan [Ohara] Richards was Married July 22 1858 [Susan] born Oct 13th 1832
(Source: Israel Cloud Family Bible, from the Cloud Family Journal, Vol. XV, No. 3 - furnished by J.W. Cloud)

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