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Conger, John (The Carver)

Summary of John CONGER - 2 Jul 2010

Name: John CONGER
Sex: Male

Individual Facts
Birth 8 Oct 1803 Norwich, New London, CT
Death 27 Jan 1869 (age 65)

1. Caroline B. MINGUS
Marriage 15 Aug 1837 (age 33) Norwich, New London, CT
Walter Mingus CONGER (5 Aug 1837 - )
Henry Clay CONGER (18 Nov 1839 - 26 Mar 1926)
Thomas M. CONGER (20 Oct 1841 - Jun 1842)
Mary Louise CONGER (8 Aug 1846 - 31 Jan 1859)

Notes (Individual)
General: John Conger

AKA-ERROR: CFA I, John Carver Conger; CFA II, p. 114, "where John was listed as "John Carver." His occupation was a "carver"." "had no middle name; "carver" was his profession as listed in city directories." (CFA II, p. 718)

QUESTION: Could this be the Conger who carved the fancy wooden platters which have been featured in the Conger Confab and elsewhere?


RESIDENCES: Greenwich Village, NY; 214 West Houston Street, New York City, NY

QUESTION-PARENTS: Who were the parents of John Carver Conger? Has he been linked to the family tree of John Belconger? This John Conger could have been the son of Joel Conger, b. 1770. However, Dixie L. Conger, 1910, said in a letter, "I once went to see the Conger of the old firm, LEWIS and CONGER, and was informed that he was of Jewish extraction."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 302 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

RESIDENCES: Greenwich Village, NY (CFA I, p. 498)

RECOLLECTIONS: John Conger's great grandson, Dunham Ford Conger, b. 1902, does not know much about the lineage. He knows that Lewis and Conger was a store in New York City for the "carriage trade." It was a beautiful store -- a cross between a hardware, jewelry, gift, etc. One entire section was called the "Sleep Shop" with everything pertaining to sleep. This was considered a place to go when visiting New York. John decided to keep his son, Henry Clay Conger, in the store and set up his other son, Walter Mingus Conger in the Tea Tray Manufacturing business in Newark, NJ.

Mrs. Dunham Ford Conger (Doris), wrote, "I still cannot reach the Lewises -- their phone was 'not in use' this summer, but apparently is now but no one answers. I do not believe that the Jewish part is correct for we would have heard some inkling from some relative through my early years in the family when they had bid gatherings. All were either Methodist or Presbyterians."
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 302 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Prepared by:
Richard E. Henthorn

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