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Conger, Benjamin

Summary of Benjamin CONGER - 19 Jul 2010

Name: Benjamin CONGER
Sex: Male
Father: John BELCONGER (8 Sep 1633 - abt 27 Aug 1712)
Mother: Sarah CAWOOD (1660 - aft 1710)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1700 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Death abt 10 Mar 1762 (age 62) Morristown, Morris Co., NJ

1. Experience FOORD
Marriage abt 1728/29 (age 29) Morristown, Morris Co., NJ
Daniel CONGER (bet 1728 and 1730 - 1 May 1785)
Abigail CONGER (abt 1732 - 7 Dec 1810)
Benjamin CONGER (bet 1736 and 1738 - bef 1762)
David CONGER (abt 1738 - )
Noah CONGER (5 Mar 1743 - )
Enoch CONGER (10 Aug 1744 - 12 Dec 1801)
Lydia CONGER (17 Aug 1746 - 3 Oct 1823)
Elizabeth CONGER (bet 3 Mar 1751 and 1757 - )

Notes (Individual)
Benjamin Conger

PARENTS: The parents of Benjamin Conger were, John Belconger and Sarah Cawood.

Problem: Was the date of death, 10 Mar 1762 or as listed in Ancestral File, 19 Mar 1762?

Very little is known of the early life of Benjamin Conger. He was perhaps about twelve years old when his father, John Conger, died. He is mentioned in his father's will, and is given one-half of the farm home, but with the express provision that his brother, Joseph, was to have the use and improvement of Benjamin's portion for the ensuing ten years, when it would revert to Benjamin.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 34 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

Benjamin Conger's children, mentioned in his will in 1762, include among others: Daniel, Enoch, Sarah, Elizabeth and Lydia. In the case of Lydia, she was to be paid 50 pounds on her marriage day. If she were to die unmarried the 50 pounds would go the grandchildren, Sarah and Martha Goble, daughters of Simeon and Abigail (Conger) Goble; to Lydia, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Conger) Goble; to Zipporah and Abigail, the daughters of Daniel and Mary Conger.

Benjamin's will, dated at Morristown, was proved 10 Mar 1762. He described himself as Yoeman. To his wife, Experience, he left one third of the proceeds of his personal estate, and the use of the profits of one third of his real estate.

To his son, Daniel, he left the use of 10 acres at the east end of his plantation, adjoining Jonathan Wood. At Daniel's death it was to go to his son, Jonas. Another piece of land was given to Daniel for life, then to go to his son, Benjamin.

To Enoch he left wearing apparel and the rest of his real estate.

To daughters, Abigail and Elizabeth, 10 pounds each; to daughter, Lydia, unmarried, 50 pounds as mentioned.

Executors, son Enoch and friend, Jonathan Stiles. Witnesses: Samuel Oliver, John Primrose and Ezekiel Cheever.
(Source: The Conger Family of America, Vol. I, p. 34 - Maxine Crowell Leonard)

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