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Wright, Reuben

Summary of Reuben WRIGHT - 18 Jul 2010

Name: Reuben WRIGHT
Sex: Male
Father: Reuben WRIGHT (26 May 1733 - 16 Sep 1807)
Mother: Hannah GRAVES (1733 - )

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1765 Northfield, , MD
Death abt 1827 (age 62) Monroe Co., OH

1. Mary E. CONGER
Marriage abt 1791 (age 26) Morris Twp., Washington Co., PA
Elizabeth WRIGHT (18 Dec 1799 - )
David WRIGHT (1794 - )
Nancy WRIGHT (abt 1796 - )
Gershom WRIGHT (abt 1797 - )
Mary WRIGHT (abt 1801 - )
Catherine WRIGHT (abt 1803 - )
Hannah Jane WRIGHT (bet 1804 and 1807 - aft 1880)
Reuben WRIGHT (abt 1805 - )
John Conger WRIGHT (16 May 1811 - 14 Jul 1890)

Notes (Individual)
Reuben Wright

PARENTS: Reuben Wright and Hannah Graves

Problem: Was he born Abt. 1765 or Abt. 1771? Robert Guilinger believes the date should be Abt. 1765 or earlier, based on the fact that he was listed "as age 45 & up" in the 1810 Greene Co., PA census. He also points out that his son, John C. Wright lists the birth place of his father and MD and of his mother as NJ in the 1880 census of Appanoose Co., IA. Dortha Walters lists, b. 1771 at Northfield, Maine. She did not list a source for this information.

Problem: Was his first name, Reuben or Ruben? Robert Guilinger states that Reuben is the most common usage.


MARRIAGE: Abt. 1791, in Morris Twp., Washington Co., PA

CHILDREN: Reuben and Mary Wright had 9 children over a 20 year period.

RESIDENCES: Abt. 1796 in Morris Twp., Greene Co., PA

COMMENT: Sometimes there is confusion about where events took place, before and after 1795, in Greene and Washington counties in Pennsylvania. Greene Co., PA was formed by splitting Washington Co., PA in two in 1795. The county seat of Greene county is Waynesburg and of Washington county it is Washington.
(Furnished by Robert Guilinger)

Census: 1800, in Greene Co., PA, Morris Twp.
(Furnished by Tom Stevens)

Census: 1810, in Greene Co., PA, Morris Twp.
Reuben Wright, listed as age 45 & up
1 female, listed as age 26-44
1 male 0-9; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 16-25; 1 male 45 & up
1 female 0-9; 1 female 10-15; 1 female 16-25; 1 female 26-44
(Furnished by Delma Bayley; 3223 So. 296th Place; Auburn, WA 98001, in 1992 to Joyce Posey)

EMIGRATION: The family moved to Ohio about 6 weeks after the birth of John C. Wright on 16 May 1811

RESIDENCES: Abt. 1812 in Monroe Co., OH, Adams Twp.
(Furnished by Tom Stevens and others)

CHILDREN: Children according to Tom Stevens were: Elizabeth, David, Nancy, Gersham, Catherine, Mary, Reuben, Hannah, John C.

The rolling hills of Green County, PA, were a stopping point for Reuben Wright. There he met and married Mary Conger, the Conger family having arrived in Washington County/Greene County in 1790, led by Elias D. Conger his wife and 5 children who were accompanied by: David Conger, Jr., his wife and 1 child; Mary E. Conger the sister of Elias and David; and their mother, Mary (Darby) Green Conger.

They lived in Morris Township. Several of their children were born in Green County, including my great-great-great-grandfather, John C. Wright, who was their ninth child, born 16 May 1811.

A frontiersman, Reuben Wright seemed to have an urge to move on. The family probably boarded a flatboat and went down the river to Marietta. From there, they traveled north over hilly terrain, squatting in Monroe County, Adams Township in 1812. It is not clear if all nine children accompanied them. Elizabeth, the oldest may have been out of the home by then, as well as David, the second child. The only record we have is that of John.

We speculate that Reuben squatted in Monroe County, which he could legally do in those days, for there seemed to be an adequate amount of government land available. ...
(Source: Monroe County Ohio Families, p. 317, submitted by Eric A. Stevens, with modifications to the first paragraph made by Robert Guilinger for REH)

COMMENT-DEATH: It has been reported by some that a Reuben Wright died in 1845 at Wayne Twp., Warren Co., OH. According to researcher Joyce Posey that Rubin Wright was a negro with 22 people living in the househould. She believes that Reuben Wright who married Mary Conger died in Monroe Co., OH.

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Cheryl W said...

I am researching Wrights in Monroe Co Ohio around 1830. Does anyone know if the Gershom & John Wright in Adams township, Monroe Co on the 1830 census are Reuben Wright's sons? My GGGG Grandfather Thomas Wright (parents unknown)lives near them in 1830 and I am trying to determine if there is some connection.