Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wills and Other Court Documents

Wills and Other Court Documents

Today I uploaded a compilation of thirty-two wills and other court documents to my OtherHenthorn folder on my Box.net. This text file consists of thirty-seven pages of court documents concerning members of the Henthorn family created during the period of November 1736 through 13 Dec 1930.

At one time I planned to include all of this information in the front of a genealogy I was planning to produce. That plan never came to fruition. Using the Internet to share these documents is a much better way.

Access to my Box.net is by invitation only. There are several ways that I can grant access. I can grant access to a particular file or to a particular folder. Or, I can share a link to a file or folder via Email. To gain access you must be known to me and you must have shared information about where your genealogy interest lies. Some friends have already been granted Collaborator access to my Box. I believe they receive a notice from Box.net when I post something new.

Dick Henthorn
7 Dec 2010

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Pillar Rudy said...

I would like to see everything you have concerning the henthorne family. im researching my family and came across an old newspaper article on my cousins page about L.j. henthorne from iowa