Sunday, December 5, 2010


Free family tree backup - BackupMyTree: "Preserve Your History for FREE

Fast, automatic backup and off-site storage for all of your family tree files. All of the popular family tree file formats are supported. Download your files at any time. FREE, simple, easy, safe & secure."

Mr. Dickie's Comment:
I'm not sure whether this is a good idea or not. This site, Backup My Tree, offers free storage for genealogy file backup. They say they will offer a more robust pay-for-use version later. I don't see the point of offering such a free service. (I also don't believe in the tooth fairy.) I wonder if there is any danger that they might later decide to publish or sell the data that they have been storing for free. While I like the idea of storing backup copies of my genealogy data on another computer I'm not certain that this is the way to go about it.

If anyone else knows anything about this service I'd like to hear your opinion.

Mr. Dickie
5 Dec 2010

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Thomas MacEntee said...

I think that the Backup My Tree site is legit and you should read the Terms of Use or Terms of Service agreement on the site.

As in any website where you enter personal information, we all have a duty to understand what the company is going to do with that info. Can such policies change? Certainly. But our credit card companies can also decide to see our info (and often do) but some of us still trust them and use their services.

The Internet has always been a "proceed with caution" landscape with some personal responsibility involved. And it also is a place where folks have a right to let companies know when their privacy practices are not up to snuff.