Thursday, December 30, 2010

GED-GEN: Family Tree Websites

"GED-GEN is a program that creates customized web pages. Use it to make your own family tree website. By publishing your genealogy on the Internet, you can easily share it with relatives and fellow researchers, who are often distant cousins."

Input to the program is a GEDCOM file created by your genealogy program. There are two versions of the GED-GEN program. One is a 30-day trial version of this shareware program. The other is the fully operational shareware version which costs $20.00.

Click on the Resources tab at the website and scroll down to find some sample websites created by several users of the program.

I haven't tried the program. I'm posting the link because it's another option that might be considered for sharing your genealogy. Keep in mind, of course, privacy issues before sharing anything on the Internet.

Mr. Dickie
30 Dec 2010

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